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Terrace, York

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It's a sports bar and for that it is OK, if you go in looking for anything else you are likely to be disappointed. It has had a pretty average pint of Black Sheep on the last few times I've been in.
rememberbass - 4 Oct 2011 20:11
Went here to watch the Hungarian Grand Prix. They had No sound on! We dared ask for sound and were basically asked to leave by an obnoxious ginger haired bloke who said he was the owner. We are F1 fans in our fifties just looking to sit down and watch the race with a few drinks. We did find a nice pub not far from here and they put the race on one of the TV's especially for us. This place needs to be avoided at all costs.
stevemartin - 2 Aug 2011 21:42
Does what it says on the tin! Its a sports bar. Multiple screens including sky 3D. Visited a few times whilst in York but only to watch sport. In its defence it did sell real ale which was ok when I visited. Didn't try the food as seemed slightly overpriced plus non of the locals seemed to be eating. One night they had a very poor band on whom played half a set then downed tools when their friends arrived never to return to play!! If the bar paid the band to play then they should have insisted that they played. If it was just the owner / manager indulging his sons little band project then it should not have been advertised as live music. Would visit again but only to watch sport, nothing to mark it out for its drinking pleasure.
FloridaM - 2 Jan 2011 03:59
Great pub for sports fans, 2 different football games on at the same time, as well as rugby. Good atmosphere and decent food & drink
anfield95 - 18 Nov 2010 16:28
I have only been in once since rebranding as "The Terrace" and was pleasantly surprised. A selection of real ale and plenty of fizzy stuff as well. Plenty of tv's to watch the sport, but a little too many chavs put me off making a return in a hurry.
MountainMan - 8 Apr 2008 17:23
I live miles away from York in another part of the country and visited this pub on a day out. I ate good food, drank good beer, watched good sport and didn't get thrown out or see anyone thrown out! Atmosphere was great expecially during the football match. The pub was full to capacity with people having to be turned away and yet you claim its unpopular? Friendly quick service from the staff including the ginger bloke who I took to be the landlord although he was not wearing glasses. A big thumbs up from me and next time I am in York I will certainly be calling here again.
angmini - 19 Feb 2008 13:10
I have written a review of this pub and DO NOT KNOW THE LANDLORD!! As it has been suggested by another reviewer. I make no apology for my good review... I could not fault the pub, beer or food... maybe the bitter people writing are from pubs in direct competition with this one. Are the other pubs in the area struggling so much they can't handle a bit of healthy competition so need to slag it off to attempt to stop people going. And yes it was a Saturday when I was in and I am definately not a chav!!! Funny that you should get football fans in a sports bar, although running illegal channels... really? Can you substantiate theses claims. Some people need to get a life and not be so bitter.
JulesAB - 19 Feb 2008 13:05
hmmmmmmmmmm. Over the space of a year a series of reviews all saying how bad the Terrace is. To be fair can't disagree with any of it. Then, FIVE (count them !!!!) reviews in the space of a couple of days all saying how great it is! 10 out of 10 and all that. As If! Call me sceptical, but seeing as all these people have only made one comment ever makes me highly suspicious that all the recent reviews are actually THE PUB OWNERS heehee!
OK so quick lowdown on the Terrace - quite probably the worst pub in York. Beer is pricey and poor. Food is barely edible. Bar Staff are usually friendly. Landlord is obnoxious and rude. Usually dead in the week but rammed with Chavs on a Saturday because they show illegal Sports on some arabic TV channel. But without doubt the worst is the security staff. When I was there saw 4 students on table next to me. Now I'm not the biggest student fan, but one of them told the girl collecting the glasses that his pint was off (he'd not managed to drink more than a sip). Within 5 minutes all 4 had been thrown out. No apology, nothing. The weirdest part is that they weren't causing any sort of trouble at all, yet on the sectino next to them was a load of football hooligans shouting, swearing and generally being rowdy and intimidating. What did the wonderful bouncers do about them? nothing.
Yorks overflowing with great pubs, with something to suit everyone no matter what you're after. The Terrace (and I mean the Terrace of 2008) is a pub to avoid at all costs!

So, just to clear things up -
chris5 - 15 Feb 2008 01:10
Best pub in York Centre to watch live sport on the many screens around the pub & a good atmosphere when a big event is on, football, boxing etc. The ginger bloke with glasses is a massive Sheffield United fan and will offer 1/2 price drinks to anyone who can show they are a Blades season ticket holder !
Penguin_Biggles - 5 Feb 2008 16:47
Mixture of reviews here folks, we stopped in this pub last month for an evening during our visit from the US and we found this place quiet welcoming (even the bouncer guy on the door), it was a busy place and refering to the previous reviews - the ginger guy with specs must of cleaned his pipes as the beer was great.

NewEngland - 29 Jan 2008 06:34
Very hospitable, on our 1st visit to York, modern clean bar with lots of big screens for watching sport, friendly staff, good beer & burgers. We had a smashing time here..........
Lefty - 27 Jan 2008 22:42
Don't know why people are complaining about this pub. I have been in three times recently (2008). Pub really good, atmosphere great, ginger guy with glasses was very pleasant and polite. My male friends liked the beer and I liked the G&T. Service was excellent, staff friendly, food very good and no one was thrown out. Ignore the bad comments and look for yourself.
ksh - 27 Jan 2008 20:02
Just read all the other reviews of this pub... can't understand them. Been in a few times and met said ginger bloke with glasses, seems like a decent bloke to me. There was no bother whilst I was there and no problem with the food I had. Why does everyone want this pub to fail? Those comments are obviously not about the Terrace as it is now. It's 2008, still open and a very good pub in my opinion with excellent food. I'll be back.
Brunone - 26 Jan 2008 11:12
Very welcoming pub, Football coverage was excellent - even if Newcastle got beaten that day!! Don't think there is anywhere you can't see a screen! Food excellent, cider absolutely brilliant. Definately well worth a visit. Really can't understand previous comments.
JulesAB - 26 Jan 2008 10:24
absolutely agree 100% with KaraB - have been in there a number of times over the past year, and with the exception of one visit I've seen someone thrown out each time even though they weren't causing trouble. Case in point - a couple were sat next to us, they went to the bar to complain that the food was still frozen in the middle. Were they offered a refund? nope! The bouncer came over and told them to get out because they were causing trouble!! Dreadful place, it seems all the staff are graduates of the Basil Fawlty school of Customer Relations. without doubt the worst pub in York - and expensive too. Avoid at all costs!
eatyork - 4 Jan 2008 15:04
Had the unfortunate experience of visiting this pub at the weekend, we were a party of 12 women aged between 35 and 45, spent approx 250, to cut a long story short we were sat around 2 tables chatting, waiting for the food we had paid for and having a laugh when the ginger bloke with the glasses (apparently the owner) came to the quietest of us and said if she didnt stop "screeching" we would have to leave the pub, the bouncer then came over and told us we would be put on the pubwatch and not allowed in anywhere else in York! One of the party is a Landlady and had a quiet word with the ginger bloke to establish what the problem was, he alledged our friend had abused one of the bar staff, this member of the party hadnt even been near the bar, he had however despite this "abuse" allowed us to have a further round of drinks and order food, why would you do that if someone was causing trouble??

Would avoid this pub at all costs.
KaraB - 10 Dec 2007 10:58
This is the worst bar ive ever visited, the beer was foul and i doubt the ginger bloke ever cleans his pipes, the decor was tacky, food was cold when we got it. we werent so bothered and didnt kick up a fuss, but when we finnished our drinks, immediately the ginger bloke with glasesses asked if we wanted another drink, we said wed wait as we were pretty full, and he told us to leave!!!! never experienced that, it wasnt even full aswell
KnutShackleford - 3 Dec 2007 17:13
Claims to be 'York's Only Sports Lounge' - not so sure about that claim, though ... I'm currently debating whether or not to open a book on how long this place lasts before it is shutdown/refurbished/renamed again.
deepwater - 3 Mar 2007 21:15
Closed, refurbed, re-opened with a different name... Anybody seeing a pattern repeating itself...
This place is now called the Terrace. I wonder whether it'll have anymore success this time.
alistair_cross - 25 Feb 2007 09:31
Has now been reopened and still looks as empty as it did before. Go figure ...
deepwater - 15 Oct 2006 12:12
Being re-opened by a ginger bloke with glasses.
anonymous - 1 Oct 2006 20:34
This place has closed down. Obviously comments below, and feelings were pretty widely held, and the place didn't survive. I wonder what the next remodelling will bring...
alistair_cross - 10 May 2006 11:56
I have to agree with the points below. I have been in a couple of times, but only because it is near where I live, and I was interested in trying it out. It looks pleasant enought, has a very standard range of drinks, and is very much trying to be a trendy bar. It pretty much fails, while it has the prices and appearance, it doesn't have the clientle, or the atmosphere of a more exclusive place. Unimpressive all over is all I can say.
alistair_cross - 31 Jan 2006 00:17
Never visited the pub in its previous guise.I've been in a lot of bars like this throughout the country.Its been refurbed for the early 20's pre club crowd.This usual appears popular for a couple of months-but unless its in the right location or has a great selling point-ie top music-then it dies.C'est la vie.
EdgarBriggsMI5 - 7 Jan 2006 15:44
A very bad move to refurb this and go for the trendy crowd, it's in the wrong place for that clientele. Used to be The Northern Wall and had a lot of regulars, not all of them nice, but it was a proftable pub, now you never see anyone in it after 9:00 midweek and weekends it's usually shut by half ten.
A very bad idea that sums up why the owners ( the Exhibition Group) are now bankrupt, they lost touch with the punters.
daveleetravis - 8 Nov 2005 21:42

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