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Dover Castle, Borough

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In all fairness I don't know what has been done with this pub . 4 years ago it could arguably be in top ten worse pubs in London but have been in there 10-20 times in last year and there is a really good vibe in there . Long gone are the dodgy regulars and terrible tension in the air . There is always a good atmosphere and never any trouble inside . The management and bar staff are extremely friendly and helpful and has a decent beer selection although no real ale . It has a big student vibe which I know can be off putting to some people and can get quite busy at night hence it's late liscence . If u like sport they have a good crowd in for football , cricket , golf , American football etc . If your young and like to party u should definitely have a look .
Gazzaeire - 12 Dec 2013 03:31
Despite the exterior, not really a pub Ė a single large room with sofas around the wall. Young studenty/backpacking clientele. Live music with an open mic.
mozzzzzz - 25 Nov 2011 10:49
I must say this pub has been transformed since my last visit. I recently moved back into the area and as the pub has come under new management it has transformed. The bar staff are friendly and up for chatting to the customers, and it has a varied range of customers, more students and young professionals. The new owner has done his best to turn this place around and it is now a pleasant place to go for a drink in the evening.
socialSue - 3 Jan 2011 16:21
A genuinely unpleasant pub. It seems to rely on having the latest licence in the area and a dribble of punters from the hostel upstairs (I would feel for anyone who was unfortunate enough to have this place as their first taste of British hospitality). The locals verge on being openly threatening to outsiders and the last two times I have been in here (admittedly both post 1am at the weekend) there has been a fight. Beer selection is extremely poor too, the best bet being bottled Tyskie. Avoid at all costs unless you REALLY want one more beer and even then, keep your wits about you.
Pentargo - 4 Feb 2010 18:05
I left this pub after standing at the bar being ignored by the barmaid for a couple of minutes.

Staropramen, Hoegarden and a limited standard draught selection is available and there is a plasma screen and pool table. I didnít spot any sport ads and the music was playing through some cheap tinny speakers giving this place a feel of a Student Union bar rather than a pub.

A half arsed attempt at running a pub and Iíll not be encouraging them by visiting again.
Strongers - 9 Dec 2009 10:36
Me and a mate ducked in here to escape the rain en route to the Royal Oak, which as Murgatroyd below states is absolutely superb. We entered, soggy and annoyed, into what a small one-room boozer with no ale - not a good start. We got some rather intense looks from the clearly more regular patrons so had little hesitation in necking our Staropramens and departing. One to avoid even if its chucking it down outside.
ChrisP87 - 13 Nov 2009 11:47
It's a strange place this - from the outside it looks like a pub but inside - well that's a different thing altogether. The single room is fairly spartanly furnished with the main seating being provided by a number of sofas in one corner. I don't like sitting on sofas in pubs so it didn't really work for me. The bar (I shall call it that rather than a pub) is dominated by a pool table just inside the main door.

The clientele are interesting to say the least - quite a lot of body art and piercing on display. There is a hostel in the upper floors of the building and perhaps this provides some of its client base.

There is no beer on pump and no reason for the discerning pub goer to visit this establishment particularly as the magnificent Royal Oak is 2 minuteswalk away.
murgatroyd - 18 Oct 2009 11:06
Hard to recommend other than the late licence. Why don't more "normal" pubs have them? No proper beer, some decidedly dodgy (borderline psychopathic) types in on the weekend, avoid except for a quick late pint during the week.
konarob - 26 May 2009 12:07
Used to be good this place, you know when Billy used to drink in there. He once had a jumper on the same colour as the toilet walls.

Since been ruined by rude Polish barstaff
Maggie8 - 11 Aug 2008 18:43
Can be ok, frequented by some rather dubious locals with a propensity for doing coke and causing trouble.. so it can be rather rowdy in the evenings.

the bar staff have no real control of the place and it tends to be dominated by the aforementioned.

maybe time the Southwark police paid a little more attention to the Dover Castle to reduce its apparent apathy towards controlled substances

as of April 2008
bob_gunning - 8 Apr 2008 15:01
Strange place, with late licence. As said no ale, and considering some of the fantastic pubs in the surrounding area, it's hard to recommend beyond itís late licence.
anonymous - 30 Jun 2006 19:59
yeah the main advantage of this pub is its late hours
open until 1am on sun-wed and 2am thurs-sat
pool table tends to dominate the gaff
draught beer in my opinion is watered down
stick to bottles
mind u you will prob be smashed going in anyway, so wouldnt really notice.
crowd from all walks of life
not bad for a late one
just keep yourself to yourself
not a great selection of beers
ale drinkers (dont even bother) there aint any on tap
anonymous - 23 Feb 2006 20:41
in there on a regular bar staff are a good laugh, music ain't bad and the late night drinking is a right touch. have spent many a night and day in there killing pool and getting plastered. this pub would suit all types.
rowley - 20 Sep 2005 12:35
one of the only places in the area to have a late licence during the week - no need to wolf your drinks down at 10.45pm. I've had some great nights in here, where the atmoshere has been kicking. My only reservation is some of the doorman, who think they're doing you a massive favour by letting you in. I've actually been refused entry (god knows why). However, that didn't stop me going back there.
cider_murray - 23 Jul 2005 23:12
Could be a great place for a night out, even though it's small ... late hours made it seem like a great local spot for finishing up, good staff too, but the clientelle ruin it. Been 3 times and each time it's been crowded with pushy, abusive, ignorant w***ers. Real shame.
DaveK - 17 Jun 2005 13:08
as a gay man i think its a great place to pick up young guys i love it!
anonymous - 6 Sep 2004 18:22
Hell in a white, faux leather handbag - tried to avail of the late night drinking facilities there on a saturday night and was (literally) driven out by the body odour. full marks to the staff though, who are friendly despite their Dantesque journey through the evening.
orla - 5 Aug 2004 14:40
really good night on a wednesday, 2 djs, good music, friendly crowd
Well worth a visit.
paul - 16 Feb 2004 11:36

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