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Bar Txt, Croydon

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Just an update on the status of this place.

It had been well and truly closed up for long over a year but happily reopened a few months ago. Its now called 'The Joker' and is an 'off-shoot' of the pub in Brighton of the same name.

I haven't been in yet, but whenever I go by it looks pretty popular.

I'm having a dry-ish January but will go in soon and post a proper review; I can only score it '1' as I haven't been inside. In the meantime, its good to see a long closed pub come back from what appeared to be permanent loss.
on_the_brightside - 9 Jan 2020 12:51
Brilliant place. A friend of mine recommended Bar Txt as he had been there for a friends 30th birthday party. I can't believe the porn star martinis. They are the best I have ever tasted. Fantastic array of spirits too and great atmosphere. It's a real find and worth the taxi fare from East Croydon station.
Sunbeam27 - 23 Jan 2014 20:28
Visited this bar a few times over 2 years. The only good thing about this bar is the resident DJ who seems to battling against the odds to keep the customers happy. Slow service and over priced drinks.
slinkyjo - 17 Jun 2013 16:20
really rubbish place with poor service and really expensive drinks. always seems empty and the staff are cold and miserable. plenty of other good places to go in the same area so no need to ever go here. when served by the manager, he made offensive comments about other customers (all two of them)
gas86 - 7 Sep 2012 23:17
Refused service for no reason whatsoever, management refused to speak to us despite our repeated, polite requests, very empty, staff rude, asking us to leave as soon as arriving with absolutely no reason or explanation whatsoever (except “maybe you’re underage” “no, here’s my ID” “oh”). Awful.
helensheps - 9 Feb 2012 22:14
It seems as though the younger contingent that used to go to the the Swan and Sugarloaf have moved down here for the weekends.
FlashGordon - 16 Oct 2010 22:47
An empty feeling space, at least earlier in the evening, but the cocktail happy hour is good value and the caipriniahs we had were fantastic!
alexi - 14 Jul 2010 17:30
Had my birthday party at this place a few weeks. £40.00 deposit, reserved me an area with seating and tables for me and 15 mates, when I got there it was roped off with balloons and that, great djs who played really good music, and the cocktails were wikid, the bar man done this flaming one which went down well. got me started anyway. Been going since.
Compared to what used to be there it's ten folds better. Like what Tigers used to be like before the kiddies nights

honeymonster1983 - 17 Apr 2010 01:12
At last, a decent place to drink in Croydon
elwood22 - 6 Apr 2010 21:25
Got invited to my mate's party last week and used BITE to find the directions. Was a bit put off by some of the reviews but had to comment after my visit. I had one of the BEST nights ever! :-)
Music was absolutely fantastic and me and my mates had a brilliant time. Sorry to the barman that we kept pestering - but he didn't seem to mind!!
The whole atmosphere was great. Roll on next week. We'll definitely be back.
tanya382636 - 6 Apr 2010 20:13
Very disappointed! Went there for a mid week drink, the bar was empty without atmosphere and what really annoyed me was the price of the drinks £5.10 for a small white wine! I wouldn't mind if I was in Covent Garden or even central croydon, but this is South Croydon! When I double checked the price with the less than enthusiastic bar staff, I just got the reply, Yes we are expensive.

I would definitely avoid, not good for a quiet drink as you need to re mortgage to buy a round, and certainly not atmospheric enough for a good night out!
jojo8010 - 10 Mar 2010 23:25
Boring. Pricey. Bland.
They are trying to make it "up market" but it never will be. I heard someone discussing the "no trainers" policy with the owner and was told "just because." It was pointed out ot her that "travellers" who are more often associated with trouble than people wearing trainers always wear shoes. The owner is fine with this... strange! The price of all drinks are too high.
Consignetti - 20 Dec 2009 13:24
Inoffensive bar. Reminds me of Ikea, if that's your thing. Open late at weekends. Try the Treehouse over the road.
tenebris - 4 Feb 2009 05:06
All the points made by pintpuller are valid - it is very clean, and they'll sell you nice clean cold lager in the right glass. If that's what you like, then fine - I prefer real ale, which is not available.
Pubs have to change to adapt to the times, but there is nothing wrong with nostalgia.
It's just another bar selling lager - not very exciting.
redjim73 - 31 Dec 2008 19:34
I visited this place the other night for the first time since the change - wow, what a difference!

It’s called Bar Txt now.

The place is cool, clean and comfortable. A huge range of drinks and all beers served really cold, each in the correct branded glasses.

Great music and a fun crowd – you’re made to feel really welcome by the friendly staff, and the service is great.

The food is good too - I had a great homemade burger & I saw people tucking into huge sharing platters - there was a nachos plate & a seafood one.

I really don't understand the "nostalgia" for Bar R. When I dropped in there in May, the place was almost empty and it was really dirty - my newspaper stuck to the table!

The staff weren't very interested or smart - one loser had a tee shirt with "I'd shag me" on it - real class!

The "cheap Thai food" was cheap for a reason - much better food up the road in a proper Thai restaurant.

This is a HUGE improvement on the old place

pintpuller - 30 Nov 2008 13:35
What happened? This used to be a great place to get some Thai food and enjoy a bit of footy. It has new owners, and is now just another soulless bar. When I asked what had happened to the former landlord, I was met with snooty guffaws from a woman wearing too much make-up.
No proper beer either.
redjim73 - 2 Oct 2008 15:57
No Thais, No Football, No Quiz, No Atmosphere. What's happened?
jody_drink_too_much - 24 Sep 2008 00:16
Recently heavily refurbished, now called Bar TxT.

Mainly female staff, very stylish place with cocktails and a good range of lagers.

Sadly only bitter is Sam Smith's Smooth (sigh).

They have just started food, but I haven't tried it.

Local celebs spotted include Mark Butcher & Faithless.
bitterguzzler - 11 Sep 2008 10:10
Magnificent Thai food. The best pub quiz in Croydon. Good bar atmosphere at weekends. Recommended if you are on a big night out.
redjim73 - 17 Apr 2008 09:52
Dear ''screentrader'', darragh, darragh's friend,

Welcome to the area.

There is no need to apologise to me. But if you have a complaint, it would be extremely constructive to report it to the management directly, rather than hiding behind a keyboard.

First of all, The Tree House restaurant was an excellent choice. It is one of the best restaurants in sunny South Croydon.

Although, I am sure you will agree it was not Bar R's fault that you had to leave the Tree House restaurant to get the service you desired.

Regarding insults, reading my previous post, I can't see a reference to being gay/homosexuality. A Freudian slip, perhaps? I have pasted a dictionary definition of Anal below to help you.

If you would like to meet, without malice, I am only too happy to discuss your annoyances.


Kindest Regards,


Home > Library > Science > Science Dictionary anal personality (ayn-l)

A popular term for “anal retentive personality,” a personality marked by excessive orderliness, extreme meticulousness, and often suspicion and reserve. According to psychoanalysis, an anal personality is formed in early childhood as a result of efforts to control bowel movements. (See anal stage, genital stage, and oral stage; compare oral personality.)

amos - 29 Nov 2007 17:27

Sorry, but I have to agree with Darragh! I am new to the area and went to this establishment last weekend! I had started in the pub (or is it a bar - not being in "the trade" I could be tongue lashed for not knowing!) opposite Bar R and it was lovely, although packed, hence I popped over to Bar R. I have to admit that the staff are not that good - if they were any more horizontal they would fall down! As for the hand dryer - its not so much that, its the fact that the toilets just aren't nice! I know it stinks of judging a book by its cover, but it always turns me against an establishment if the toilets aren't clean and nice - makes me wonder what else is not being looked after!

Its a shame that you are not taking the constructive criticism seriously, but rather personally - this is what this site is for after all, to offer truthful feedback! Don't bring it down to personal insults - calling someone anal or gay is quite offensive and not at all constructive....
screentrader - 27 Nov 2007 18:03
Re: Darragh

A joke of a pub? That's because it's a you know the difference?

No management in sight? Open your eyes. One of the Thai kitchen staff (hints of racism, perhaps?) is a manager and, on the authority of the Police and Council, is a licence holder. I apologise if that doesn't suit your needs.

I'm sorry the hand-dryer wasn't working for you. Did you press the button? (think Zanussi).

On reading your comment I'm not describing you as anal, but on the expectation of visiting a bar, the first thing that comes to my mind is not wether the hand dryer will be you not think food/drink?

Regarding lack of atmosphere, by the tone of all your comments on this site I think it's a case of ''people in glass houses.....'' and maybe you should stick to Wetherspoons.

amos - 21 Nov 2007 16:00
a joke of a pub. no management in sight and when we visited it seemed to be jointly run by the thai kitchen staff and the cleaner! i assume the owner has employed a manager so maybe he or she should er manage.toilets were dirty and hand dryer not working. not what i expected on our visit and this rudderless excuse for a bar was completely devoid of atmosphere.if you can't run it properly then SELL IT.
darragh - 20 Nov 2007 15:57
Nice Thai food in a lovely setting. A poor selection of drink (with the exception of wine). A bit of a way out of the centre of town but well worth the journey.
Arnaud - 3 Sep 2007 18:04
This place was ok, we popped in for some food after Watford had stuffed Palace in the playoffs.

Food was very good, i'm a great fan of Thai food.

7 / 10
timbo_aswell - 19 May 2006 08:44
ok. laid back place. open late. no aggro.
palace4eva - 19 May 2006 01:55
Me and the girls went for a late night drink (costs five pounds to get in though which is a bit steep)but we had a reasonably good time. Comfy seats but be warned the service is very slow and the toilets are very poor. Would go back to try the advertised Thai food.
maryonthetown - 14 May 2006 10:22
I like it here and the food is good...weekend nights aren't the greatest but nice to go on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Thursday quiz night is fun...but makes me feel stupid
anonymous - 19 May 2005 10:46
Even though this bar is right down in South Croydon it is well worth walking past the other numerous bars on South End to find it. I agree with other comments that it is very friendly and the good service from experienced bar staff is always welcome. Food not the greatest but ample portions if you're, like me, on the large side. Late licence with a bizarre entrance policy, trivial pursuit anyone? Overall very good.
Kerry_Goody - 5 Apr 2005 10:47
my favourite pub , has been for years,probably thanks to amos and co.
pete starks - 5 Oct 2004 18:26
quirky type of bar and seems quite unique to croydon. Drinks not the cheapest but I suppose it keeps out the riff-raff. One complaint, it's too easy to get lost in the sea of sofa's and my husband complains when i get home four hours late.
Liz Nixon - 29 Sep 2004 06:46
Laid back feel to the place.
Good quiz nights. Decent enough food (if you want fantastic food go to a restaurant!). Drinks a little pricy. Nice place for an early evening drink (once the office workers have gone home).

Overall...gets a Boozywoozy thumbs up.
Boozywoozy - 3 Sep 2004 12:53
Great Thai food with nice friendly service. Some unusual wood furniture and comfy sofas. VH1 usually playing on projector. Too much football with sound too loud so that you can't hear yourself "drink" ( or eat) !! :0) Slightly unusual atmosphere, they've started doing gig/talent nights on Sundays which is good.
MICON - 1 Jul 2004 15:25
Rendezvous is a rare bar for Croydon, it has a friendly atmosphere with no "Chain Pub" feel to any part of it. The music on a Friday night is outstanding too, it makes a change to hear such soulful house music in Croydon instead of the usual RnB and Garage rubbish, but then again I am biased there.
Joe Brown - 28 May 2004 10:08
nice pub with good value Thai food. Not the best Thai but still good for the money. 2 courses for a fiver
ash - 18 Mar 2004 13:07

got anything to say about this pub?

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