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Fountain, Twickenham

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A Beefeater, not a pub. The only ale was London Pride and even that was off. At least it has wi-fi.
rainlight - 22 Aug 2016 09:25
Disgusting place. No character, rude staff and rubbish beer.
nickthefish - 9 Mar 2013 08:36
Love this place - eat here at least once a week. Prices are reasonable, food is good, service excellent- particularly Richard (front of house manager and Jenny - "our waitress"
lezlih - 22 Sep 2011 13:52
ivor beer
service 1/10
house keeping 1/10
value for money 8/10
hospitality 1/10
just had a refit so this is what brought me back into the area for reviews, toilets still dirty staff rude, certain amount of drug elements
needs a full time bar supervisr to run bar like a pub, if it looses its commitment to its locals it could find its self in a battle to keep lodge open
ivorbeer - 17 Jul 2011 15:25
ambience 2
house keeping 1
service 1
value for money 8
being local to this pub i am disapointed that they put no hard work into the bar which is filthy, the staff has no enthusiasm, and care less about the custom they have. There is never any sign of the management team, to counter act these problems and as for the general manager who is he i have heard of people using this pub for three years and have never seen him
A more detailed review has been sent to there head office
ivorbeer - 2 Oct 2010 20:03
Simply awful.
TheWickerMan - 19 Jun 2010 16:00
The decor is appalling. the toilets disgusting and what ever you do....Do NOT have the fish.
billyvonne - 17 Jun 2010 10:19
Much better now. I'm almost certain this is down to new managment (tallchap), than just the new decor. Good facilities, nice garden out back (not award winning, but clean and green). Kid friendly, my one year old loves the tomato pasta, whilst I like the t-bone. Frankly this gives The Grill Room in Twickenham a run for it's money in steak terms. can;t remeber what the bitter offering was but the lager I was drinking was ok.

xgc505m - 3 May 2009 20:52
Went back in here after a very very long absence - I hated it before, but to be fair it has improved, and although not necessarily a pub I would go out of my way to visit, I feel it is fair I should give it some praise for the improvement.
TheGP - 26 May 2008 20:27
So much nicer than before, even the staff look happier! Not sure what impact the new hotel behind will have, but sure to busy on rugby days.
I don't expect too much from a steakhouse, but the food is actually about the same standard as TGI Friday's.
Downside, once all the cash was spent on the bar, there was only enough left for a re-grout and a splash of emulsion in the toilets.
I give it a good effort 7.0
detoretox - 19 Mar 2008 16:09
Wow!!! What a transformation. The pub looks fantastic. Friendly staff, willing to help, great food and a warm cosy atmosphere, what more could you want?
hampton12 - 17 Dec 2007 00:51
This pub has taken on a very victorian attitude about it's staff, no wonder they all look p...ed off.
i took my step daughter there for a Christmas drink with her mother & grandma,she happens to work in the bar twice a week this was her day off.
After being refused a drink i was told staff are not allowed to drink in the bar even if it is there day off, the so called manager who happens to walk around with a drink in her hand came over and told her she should not stay, i at that point Tackled the manager over this saying this is a family pub and i am in here with my family and it's a stupid rule, her reply was they know the rules and i could bar you arguing with me.
I have been drinking in the fountain since the sixty's
and this is the worst it's ever been.

photogh - 27 Dec 2006 18:28
Best thing about this pub is the stunning view, a cross roads.
KingRaama - 5 Oct 2006 15:35
Went to the fountain last week, and dont think the previous posted comments are a true reflection of this pub. The pub is attached to a massive restaurant and had the best steak i have ever, ever had in there. all of our meals were cooked perfectly, the staff were really friendly and efficiant and had a thoroughly nice evening with my friends. I have been in the pub before, mid week granted, but didnt find the types of people others are describing!!??

my friends and i will definately be returning to the fountain, and just wanted to post this comment - and give some credit where its due. if you want a brilliant steak, at a very reasonable price, then go to the fountain restaurant and give it a might be surprised at what you find!

well done to the guys at the fountain, will be booking again soon! :-)
sallyanne123 - 22 Aug 2006 12:50
the majority of these are correct, full of no hoper chav scum and junkies. If you're looking for a family venue look elsewhere.If you are unfortunate enought o eat there don't even think of complaining to the troll like thunder footed manager, any comment that is not a praise is automatically given a hostile view and makes you feel like a matador on the recieving end of a very large angry bull! Crap management (except the guys) and poorly trained staff. Would not visit again, still having nightmares.
winer - 1 Jun 2006 15:01
The equivalent of borstal except it's probably more violent.

I actually feared for my life in this pub!
CheekyShepherd - 1 Jun 2006 14:56
Well, if the chavs werent in here you'd all moan about them blocking your double driveways on their push bikes. I am sure they're not too keen on people called Ed, Tom, Ben, Dougs and Will disapprovingly staring in their direction either. Yes, it isnt to my tastes either but beware of the Daily Mail-esque hysteria most people here are generating, it ISNT scary but it IS stultifyingly dull. The location is drab and it really isnt worth buying a drink here unless you need to turn off the A316 to use the toilet.
anonymous - 28 Mar 2006 17:46
Oh my dear lordy - went in 'La Fontain' for the first time in a long time the other evening for a post-workout, er, lemonade. I'm back in England for a while from Australia and this used to be the first pub on our weekly Friday boys night out years ago - good memories of this one. Maybe I should have been content just remembering.

Absolutely stunned by the wide selection of in-breeds, yobs and assorted scum on show. If you want to sit alone reading a paper over a quiet drink, DO NOT visit this place. Maybe they should change the sign outside to 'Twickenham Borstal'? Very young, unshaven, loud and aggressive oiks in baseball caps arm-wrestling and comparing jewellery, and that was just the girls. Also, what’s the point of a non-smoking section that’s comprised of three tables that are three feet away from the smoking section where Trace and Dazza are busy taking part in tonight’s world record attempt in the ‘Fastest smoked packet of twenty B&H’ category?? Meanwhile the sound of Gazza in the toilet on his third and final 'Biggest Grolly' attempt was a joy to behold. Finally, congratulations must go to the couple in the corner who participated in their own ‘Mixed boxing with obscene language’ event – what fun.

This place used to have a dress code and polite bouncers on the doors when I came back a couple of years ago, what happened? A real shame as this place is just about within staggering distance to home – never again I told myself. But here’s the thing; I did actually go back in the middle of the day the week after (after first cleverly checking if the place was yob-free by sneakily peeking through a side window!) and found myself in a completely different place; pleasant bar staff, decent Stella (with a teeny dash of lime - sorry) and an airy, non-threatening atmosphere. Come on management, I know I’m not the only one to say this, get a big broom and sweep all those *ossers out of there. If you’re tired of life, head down to The Fountain.
Mr_Floppy - 26 Mar 2006 22:29
chav central. avoid like the plague. unless you're a chav, in which case, this place is great, you'll love it! never eaten here so can't comment. surprisingly for such a hellhole, the barstaff are polite and friendly, thus earning the place 2/10.
swatto - 22 Jan 2006 15:49
Went in a couple of weeks ago for the 1st time since the refurb - probably won't be popping back to the bar for a while. Sorry, but the clientele leaves alot to be desired... Did manage to head upstairs for some food though, which I must say was really good. We chose from the grill menu, which is nothing less than good value and had a really pleasant dinner (good steaks!). Go for the food, but save your booze money for elsewhere.
pinot - 5 Dec 2005 16:08
This pub is ok for a lunchtime pint/food as long as you don't expect too much. Can be very quiet during the day and when it does get busy it usually means the chavs are in town (sorry but it's the truth). It's very handy though on hot days for a couple of beers in the spacious gardens. The trick with this pub is not to stay too long and it will server its purpose. Otherwise you may start to loathe it.
StGeorge - 11 Nov 2005 02:19
I completely disagree with the majority of the comments made on this page, although I will agree that the service in the restaurant area leaves alot to be desired. However to say that this is the 'rough or dodgy' end of Twickenham I find offensive. So what if we don't all live in nice posh houses, that doesn't mean that it's the 'rough' part of Twickenham!!

The bar staff are friendly, and it's a lovely relaxed atmosphere with leather sofas and armchairs in the main bar area, and it caters for children which is always a bonus.

My theory is, if you don't like it, don't drink in it!! And stop moaning about it, the Fountain has changed in recent years, and in my opinion it has changed for the better. Full marks to the management!

Twickenhambloke - 23 Sep 2005 21:15
How unsurprised I was to read the comments about this place. What a shame about that family meal. But you can tell a mile off that this, a beefeater at the not so nice end of Twick, is going to be rough, and it is. They probably can't see the point in decent training or politeness because they're just there to serve Stella to football fans.

I went there in mid-bike ride in about 1998. have driven past it a million times since. If you're a decent considerate sort who likes old pubs with nice people in them... go somewhere else.

Return Of The Mac
anonymous - 20 Sep 2005 03:34
Hmmm, I've started going to the Fountain reguarly over the last couple of months and ive found it a resonably pleasant pub. Large gardens, decent prices, hot barmaids e.t.c.

I'll have to see what happens over the next couple of months and see if all the pikie scum are just on holiday.
sharpe - 30 Jun 2005 20:21
The last comment confirms that in over 2 years this place is still as bad as ever.
Attitude is - If you question us or complain, leave, you are in the wrong.
This pub is wrong wrong wrong.
TheGP - 17 Mar 2005 15:44
10 of us went visted this pub for a family occassion. Our table we given away to customers who were early and we were kept waiting 45 mins. Food wasn't cooked as requested and when we complained of being kept waiting and the quality of food (and then declined the offer of more meals) we were simply told to leave. When I complained by post I was told that due to the agressive behaviour of some of us (which was simply a lie) we are not welcome back. The floor was covered in food, the staff were rude and the whole establishment and management are totally unprofessional.
anonymous - 3 Mar 2005 11:29
Those last 3 comments sound suspiciously like staff praise - No one actually leaves genuine comments like that! I'd ignore them if I was you..

Annoys me intensely how this place has suddenly got delusions of grandeur - Especially comical juding what a dodgy boozer it has always been and the number of chavs hanging out in the bar area.
TheGP - 26 Nov 2004 15:56
The Fountain is a great place to meet friends. The staff are great, the atmosphere is lovely. The food is delicious. I would definately recommend this pub to everyone!
dinkydawny - 24 Nov 2004 23:34
The Pub has great food and really good staff. The service is friendly and informal. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere. A great place to meet friends and chill out.
john barnet - 20 Nov 2004 00:16
The resturant is a lovely place to take the family out. The bar is a really nice place to go out for a drink with friends, in the winter there's a lovely fire and the pub garden is great for those hot summer day. Recommented for anyone that wants a relaxed atmosphere and brillant staff!
katie - 19 Nov 2004 09:16
this pub if it can call its self that has no atmosphere, its always dead and the people that are in there are just losers! the management look at you like your scum. i'll never be going back there
James - 19 Nov 2004 09:08
The Fountain has always been a bit of a dive, but had a half decent restaurant to redeem it.

Recently though, it has had a refit, and delusions of grandeur - If you happen to stroll into the bar wearing trainers for instance, an overzealous bouncer will probably be on your case. Which is crazy for a crappy pub in the rough bit of Twickenham.
TheGP - 10 Aug 2004 11:51
We (Me+wife+baby) lunched here on a saturday afternoon.
The menu is incredibly restricted (only a small subset of the menu on the beefeater website, which is surprising for such a large venue) and the food is mediocre (oily chips, scrawny gammon steak, wierd nachos, ok salmon). Although there is a large rear garden with a kiddie play area, it's scruffy and ill-kept. This place is for oiks who don't taste their food.
Julian - 7 Aug 2004 20:43
Horrible place that has nothing to do with Twickenham really. On the (bad) edge of town. Thurrock comes to Middlesex. But no-one that goes there will read this. They'll be sitting in their track suits watching watching Sky TV and eating their crisps.
David - 18 May 2004 01:17

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