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The Pheasant, Reading

Wot a change in this tiny pub, local guy taken over as landlord and has really cleaned the place up and made it an enjoyable venue once more. I had stopped using the place at one stage but now perhaps the best boozer in Reading. More good news is that Anita & Joyce are once more behind the bar, the bad news so is Tracey, but we can't have it all. Well done Delvin , keep the pub afloat.

8 Mar 2013 11:03

The Gateway, Reading

I agree with Readingchap, the Landlord is igorant and should move on.

15 Nov 2012 17:40

The Downgate, Hungerford

Went today for first time, and what a pleasant surprise, a little gem. Good food and excellent beer, will visit again when in the area.

1 Jun 2012 18:21

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

Not much of a pub in the traditional sense, however quite comfortable. Doom Bar very average and over priced.

26 Jan 2012 19:19

The Duke of Cumberland, Henley

Look if your interests don't include eating and beautiful scenic gardens then it would pointless visiting here, if however you are then this pub is a must

14 Jul 2011 20:06

The Butler, Reading

I agree with pubinspectors took an absolute age to get served. Shame, it could be really good pub.

7 Jun 2011 16:05

The Black Horse, Reading

Beautiful and homely, give it a try if you can find it.

7 Jun 2011 16:00

The Back of Beyond, Reading

Not the of pubs, staff or customers. Look elsewhere when in this area

5 Jun 2011 08:23

The Allied Arms, Reading

Good pub really but far to expensive

30 Nov 2010 17:08

The Pheasant, Reading

New people running this now after what can only be said too be one of the very worst bar mangers (woman) I have ever come across. Very friendly now with excellent service behind the bar. Hope the new management does well

31 Oct 2010 22:20

Eastern Pearl, Reading

I like the people that run this pub, although as already mentioned it is really a oriental restaurant not a pub.

31 Oct 2010 22:14

The Bugle, Reading

Same old crowd been coming over the years, really puts me off. Avoid

31 Oct 2010 22:11

The Royal Albion, Reading

Landlord and Landlady try hard. The pub is always clean and well presented, good on them. But it's customers lowers the pubs standards making it a place not to go

9 Feb 2010 11:01

The Pond House, Reading

In all honesty i was surprised by how i liked this pub being in a drug user part of town. It is a very large pub with several beers on tap including two real ales. Quite nice in all

9 Feb 2010 10:56

The Hope Tap, Reading

Probably the best spoons in town but that does not say much. Beer choice good but not always up to scratch. Not bad food if you like eating among down n outs.

2 Feb 2010 05:24

The Rose and Thistle, Reading

Smart and clean inside with plenty of room and good seating. Advertises food all day but not the case when I popped in. Good beer at reasonable price.

2 Feb 2010 05:17

Nags Head, Reading

Great pub with good beer and friendly staff. Pity about the pub bores though.

23 Jan 2010 08:31

The Maidens, Reading

Nothing good to say here I'm afraid, stay out if your over 18

23 Jan 2010 08:24

The Pheasant, Reading

Does not sell real ale but a superb pint of Guinness can be had. Very tiny but well worth a look if in this part of town. Interesting regulars during weekday afternoons and friendly. I like this pub but landlord please clean toilets a more often.

23 Jan 2010 08:20

The Butler, Reading

Excellent beer, although well over priced, and nice setting with friendly regulars. What I object to however with this pub is the fact that wherever you may be located inside the two televisions constantly on dominate, showing rubbish with the bar staff sat watching it rather than serving. A great shame for this old and trad pub.

22 Jan 2010 10:33

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