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The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Realalerules1983 - You simpleton! My review said JonCressy at the start, not sure where your confusion has arisen from!

19 Jul 2012 13:47

The Man and Scythe Inn, Bolton

I would agree with you on the historical connections Paul154, but they dont even seem to bother with this since the sad loss of the Landlord, John Jewitt.

Very expensive for Bolton(3.50 for Guinness), and they have now stopped doing food at lunchtime.

That said, I still do like it on a Satuday afternoon, can get very busy in the evening

19 Jul 2012 12:45

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

JonCressy - Im not sure what your point is to be honest. Your first review said the food was veggie rubbish, your second said it was quite good.

Nobody on here is treating you like the Antichrist, but expecting pork and lamb in a veggie pub is plaint daft!

That said, the landlord is a bit of a loon! I havnt met the landlady so cant comment.

19 Jul 2012 12:20

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

JonCressy, what are you on?! The Globe is an excellant vegan pub, and serves tasty meals and ales. I understand if you dont like vegi versions, but dont complain when a vegan pub doesnt sell meat!

17 Jul 2012 12:43

The Angel Inn, Leeds

Visited this pub yesterday with my brother, like some of the other reviewers found it by accident (we wernt really looking for it either!) Bit scruffier than other Smiths houses Ive been in, but just as cheap, especially for Leeds. Upstairs lounge bar was a bit quiet and boring, but that could have been because we had listed to the locals shouting and balling for a couple of hours! 7 out of 10 for me

15 Jul 2012 22:51

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