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Comments by Quercusman

The Crown Inn, Frome

Brian, the new landlord, has skilfully revived this lovely little pub as a hub of the local community without damaging its traditional character. The decor seems little changed since the 1950's, and the menu extends to a pickled egg in a bag of crisps. But if you want a welcoming, unpretentious place for conversation, pub games, good beer (Bass plus a guest) and a sense of community, look no further. A real public house, and an unspoiled gem.

18 Jan 2015 12:57

The Dove Inn, Corton

Gosh - has someone spent money on this place! And what a waste! The countryside may be unspoiled but the "sympathetic modernising" has created a monstrosity far removed from any notion of "village pub". The pretentious menu may suit some people, but after a good walk on the Wiltshire downs this was a big disappointment. The beer was indifferent and there was nowhere comfortable to sit. For posh-car owners only.

18 Jan 2015 12:48

The New Inn, Hurstpierpoint

Tarted up again, and another step away from being a local public house. Beer acceptable but no longer a place to dawdle away an hour or two with good conversation or a good book. Too Islington, too unfriendly.

22 Jul 2013 21:23

The Crabshell Inn, Kingsbridge

The Crabshell's new owners (of 2 years) have done a superb job of improving standards whilst retaining the laid back atmosphere which both locals and visitors both enjoy. Four real ales, including the superb St Austell's Proper Job, and a good menu including freshly made pizzas from a traditional oven. There are few more attractive places in England to enjoy a pint than sitting overlooking the unspoiled estuary. Only criticism - London prices.

12 May 2013 22:26

The Cock Inn, Headley

Once, this was a friendly country pub where walkers in the spectacular surrounding countryside could get a decent pint in a traditional setting. Tragically, it underwent a revamp of staggering tastelessness (pink neon, shiny wallpaper, fairy lights). My recent visit was a huge disappointment. An uninspired choice of beers - indifferently-kept Youngs Ordinary and Fullers LP - a menu with an absurdly long list of over-priced and unhealthy foods, and sullen service. Maybe you'll have a better experience.

12 May 2013 22:19

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