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Comments by Red_Monkey

The Polar Bear, Leicester

had best times of my student life here! cant understand all the negative reviews!?!?! Its a student Pub after all, and a decent one at that! P*ss off back to Ur crusty 'traditional' pubs if thats what Your after!

25 Aug 2009 18:07

Jaceys Bar, Leicester

Used to go here years ago when I was studying!
Always loved the place as there was always some fantastic indie/grunge/rock music playing. It had quite a cool feel to it as well!
Was very sad to see the place go!

25 Aug 2009 17:14

Sawyers, Kettering

Brilliant Venue with some ace Live bands!

25 Aug 2009 16:43

The Old Market Inn, Kettering

Used to be a brilliant Rock pub! Dont think too much of it now to be honest!

25 Aug 2009 16:37

Peacock Inn, Kettering

I second that! The food is indeed revolting! God knows what processes are involved in 'cooking' it!

''Thats one hell of a sentence Ellies!'' Ha ha! love it!

25 Aug 2009 16:32

The Alexandra Arms, Kettering

I have to agree. The Alex is a traditional,cosy little pub with an impressive selection of ales and everyone is ever so friendly!
The wee dog freaks me out a little tho! ;-)

25 Aug 2009 16:30

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