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The White Lion, Barthomley

Just as the others have said. Lovely little village pub with good beer. I went for the Mansfield and very plaesant it was too.

10 Aug 2009 14:35

The Crown Inn, Wrinehill

Lovely country pub serving excellent beer and food. Friendly staff but the manager seemed a bit of a nob. Quite old fashioned even to the point of last orders at 10.30pm on Sunday night.

13 Jul 2009 10:32

Min y Mor, Barmouth

You will find this is where the most excellent Abbotts ale is served in the whole of Wales. Lovely sea view too.

9 Jul 2009 15:00

Lion Hotel, Barmouth

Thankful that they show the rugby on sky but only if there is no football. Had to leave a pint because it was disgusting. Got up to get another drink and lost my chair! I blame the pub for forcing me to drink cider because the beer was not nice. Apart from that no complaints!

26 Jun 2009 15:54

The Lodge Inn, Alsager

Alright I suppose but beer wasnt up to much though I did only sample the 1. Bit bare somehow but seemed to liven up a little as time went on.

26 Jun 2009 15:50

The Last Inn, Barmouth

I go here regularly but only once Ive forgotten how awful the beer is in between times. Tal y Don is much better for beer but look for the hidden gem called the Min y Mor.

25 Jun 2009 11:35

The Boat and Horses, Newcastle under Lyme

Excellent and friendly watering hole serving the finest of Abbots plus Bass and always a guest ale. Cask Marque pub that Ive never had a poor pint in. Very sports orientated with sky matches on. Food is cheap and delicious. In fact I cant think of a bad thing to say so Im going back there later on again!

25 Jun 2009 11:20

The Kings Head Inn, Carlisle

Old fashioned sort of pub with nice beer. Couldnt understand a word of what the barman was saying due to him being foreign. Wife said he was from Geordie Land apparently.

15 Jun 2009 14:02

Woodrow Wilsons, Carlisle

Ok I suppose. Nice choice of beers but a bit scutty and in need of a clean. (Im not really sure what scutty means either but it sounds right)

15 Jun 2009 13:59

The Boardroom, Carlisle

Pleasant pub with friendly staff and real ale. Hot day so we went to the beer garden and it was the size of a telephone box. However very nice pub all the same.

15 Jun 2009 13:57

The Full Moon, Newcastle under Lyme

Got anything to say about this pub? Yes, its shut.

12 Jun 2009 09:04

The Railway Club, Stretford

The club now costs 2 to join but the beer is very cheap. Unfortunately it is also keg rubbish beer. Sport on tv meant the place was packed. It is more of a social club than a pub and the food was okay as long as you wanted a pie. Handy for Old Trafford but wouldnt return.

8 Jun 2009 09:17

The Orange Tree, Altrincham

Excellent pub in which I spent most of Saturday. Friendly staff and really good real ales. Lots of sport on the various flat screens. The food looked good but they stopped serving it by the time we were hungry. However whilst we were having a few beers a curry house somehow magically appeared next door to the place. Very handy too so we went and ate before returning again.

8 Jun 2009 09:11

The Greyhound Inn, Newcastle Under Lyme

A pleasant pub with a nice selection of beers. Food is a bit limited but fine if you like pork pie! They also do take away barrels so you can drink their beer out of hours too.

3 Jun 2009 14:56

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