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Comments by Scotsaledrinker

The Old Red Lion, Kennington

Can't recommend this place highly enough. Great range of Ales, friendly Barstaff and a good mix of customers. With the Mansion House right next door things are looking up in Kenninton.

19 Dec 2013 13:05

The Mansion House, Kennington

Visited this pub a couple of weeks ago, I was very impressed by the large selection of Oakham Ales on offer, all in good condition and well served by the friendly barstaff. I recommend a visit if you are in the area.

19 Dec 2013 12:49

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

Drank in the Priory last night, not been in this place for a few years but it was just as good as I remembered from before, four real ales on including Dark Star American Pale Ale, which is a favourite of mine. Recommended if you are vin the area.

21 Aug 2013 12:13

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Nice little friendly Fullers pub, recommended.

7 Jul 2013 07:00

The Bulls Head, Croydon

Had a beer in this place yesterday. They had Courage Best and Doom Bar on both in good condition. if you are a Whisky drinker this is the place to go, I counted at least six malts above the bar.

7 Jul 2013 06:56

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Good range of ales in this pub, does lack a bit of atmosphere but is worth a visit if you are in the area.

23 Jun 2013 17:06

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Good range of ales in this pub, does lack a bit of atmosphere but is worth a visit if you are in the area.

23 Jun 2013 17:06

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

If you like Fullers ale then you can't go wrong with this place. Worth a visit.

23 Jun 2013 16:52

Yates's, Croydon

Last time I visited this place I was served my ale in a plastic glass, no thank you, won't be going back!

23 Jun 2013 16:48

The George, Croydon

It's a disgrace that Wetherspoons closed The Ship of Fools, hope they are looking to open another pub in the West Croydon area, the business is there for them. In the meantime The George is doing a great job of filling the void.

23 Jun 2013 16:43

The Edward Rayne, Raynes Park

Nice little Wetherspoons, has a family pub feel about it. Good range of ales too, a better than average JDW. Worth a visit.

23 Jun 2013 16:26

The Cavern, Raynes Park

Visited this pub last night, they had London Pride and Doom Bar both well kept. This is a music pub and they had a live band on, JP and the Crossroads, a blues band and very entertaining too, If you are in the area and enjoy an evening of live music give it a go.

23 Jun 2013 16:04

The Manor Bar & Grill, Tooting

Visited this pub at the weekend, they had two real ales on London Pride and UBU Purity, decent condition, £3.80 a pint. The food is good in here, the portions are huge. Worth a visit.

17 Jun 2013 16:11

The White Hart, Crystal Palace

Seems to have improved of late, it had 2 Dark Star ales on at the weekend, the last time I went in here all the real ale was off and that was in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday! If it keeps serving up good ales such as the Dark Star range the I'll be back for sure!

10 Jun 2013 11:03

Westow House, Crystal Palace

Good pub and right next to the Grape & Grain too! Fine selection of ale just like the G&G, both pubs seem to live off each other and long should it be that way!

10 Jun 2013 10:59

The Cock and Bull, Sutton

Always visit this pub when I'm in Sutton. You can't go wrong with Fullers pubs, always well run establishments with well kept ales. Recommended.

9 Jun 2013 11:40

The Sutton Arms, Sutton

I visited this last night and it was quiet for a Saturday night, it did have Old Speckled Hen on so it was worth going in as this is a favourite of mine. The pub has changed a lot since the last time I was in there, they've taken the TV's out I suppose this is to discourage groups of young lads coming in for the football and to encourage couples and women to come in and create a different atmosphere? They might have gone a bit too far in that direction, could have left the TV's in with the sound off as a half way house measure? Anyway the beer was nice and I'll go back when I'm in the area.

9 Jun 2013 11:35

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

A very good selection of real ale on in this pub but the bar staff on the evening I visited didn't have a clue about the condition you serve a pint up to a customer in, I ordered two pints of Jaipur and was then served up to glasses of what looked like vegetable soup, the barman then walked off to serve someone else, I got the attention of a barmaid showed her the pints and then had to explain they were off, she didn't seem to believe me and called the 'Team Leader' over who eventually agreed with me that they were off, he then proceeded to show the barmaid how to hang the 'line being cleaned' sign over the pump and then they both went off to get line cleaning kit, when they came back I had to interrupt the 'training session' to ask for replacement drinks. We ended up with a pint of Dark Star American Pale Ale which was actually very good. To be fair to this pub although it has a big selection of ales on it's not really a real ale drinkers place, It's more of a 'Saturday night out' on the way to the night club type of place. The afternoon would be the best time to visit this place if all you are after is a few ales and peace to drink them or go to the Grapes.

9 Jun 2013 11:20

The Grapes, Sutton

The better of the two Wetherspoons pubs on the High Street, A good selection of ales on, beer well kept, the bar staff were friendly and helpful. The customers were mainly 50 + . If all you want is a reasonably priced decent ale and peace to enjoy it then this is the place for you in the town centre in Sutton.

9 Jun 2013 10:42

The Robin Hood, Sutton

Good old fashioned Young's pub, bar staff wore shirts and ties, don't see that much anymore. Off the beaten track but worth a visit if you like Young's ales.

9 Jun 2013 10:32

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

A better than average Wetherspoons. It's a pub crawl in it's self at least 5 or 6 ales in the front bar, then move on to the middle bar for the strong ales and finish up at the Theatre end, night over! Good prices for a Wimbledon pub.

8 Jun 2013 18:57

The Gorringe Park, Tooting

I visited this pub recently it was serving McEwan's Major (ABV 4.4%), a blast from the past to see McEwan's on draft. Good little pub, it's been refurbished and is now a Charles Wells pub, it also has a cinema in the basement and a garden area at the back. Worth a visit.

8 Jun 2013 18:35

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

I was in this pub recently and there was four real ales on offer all at £3.50 a pint - London Pride, Courage Best, Wainwrights and Caledonian Golden XPA, a good range and all well kept. A nice big garden at the back of the place handy in the warm weather, recommended.

8 Jun 2013 17:34

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

I was in this pub last weekend and was very surprised to see St Mungo Lager, I've only ever seen it served in the Glasgow area before, recommended if you like German style beer. Good range of real ales too and friendly bar staff, right next to Kentish Town underground station, worth a visit.

8 Jun 2013 17:20

Rab Has, Glasgow

I was in this pub two weekends ago and although it didn't serve any traditional real ales it did serve the locally brewed St Mungo lager, this is well worth a try if you like German style beer. Brewdog Punk IPA was also available in bottles. A nice little off the main drag pub with a mixed group of customers, recommended.

8 Jun 2013 17:05

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

Very good sports venue. Does the full range of Brains beer and also a Brains dark stout which if you ever find yourself in this pub you should try.

5 May 2012 09:52

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

I remember this pub from a few years back, when it was the Sportsman and then Jack Beard, it was a terrible place but since it reopened as the Grape and Grain it has been the difference between night and day Everything about this pub is top quality, great range of ales, friendly staff, good customers and fantastic live music. Give it a visit.

28 Jan 2012 13:45

The George, Croydon

Well worth a visit, one of the better Wetherspoons. If you like Dark Star Ales then this is the place for you, the top bar often has four or five of them on at any one time.

28 Jan 2012 13:31

The Hope, Carshalton

Good well run pub. Fantastic range of real ales. Friendly, helpfull staff. Well worth a visit if you find yourself in Carshalton.

28 Jan 2012 13:17

The Castle, Tooting Broadway

Good decent old fashioned pub, friendly staff, good Youngs real ales, mixed group of customers, worth a visit if you are in Tooting.

10 Jan 2012 16:58

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