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Rafters, Bradford

Is open. Had one handpump, a very decent Old Speckled Hen. Probably the best it has been for over a decade.

29 Sep 2009 22:48

The Grey Horse, Birchencliffe

I arrived at a wedding at the hotel up the road 90 minutes early. Rather than drink keg at London prices I walked back down to this pub, that I noticed when passing.

So glad I did. Brilliant. A local's local, but friendly, with 4 real ales (including Bass, Landlord and a Jennings) and two large pens in the garden. One with guinea fowl, and the other with ferrets.

The pint I had was cracking, and the ferret pen was one of the most enjoyable things I have watched in a pub for a long time. If I was a Buddhist I know I would not come back as a higher being, but I would not mind coming back as a ferret at this pub. They have hammocks, ramps and a marvelous set of drainpipes. They were having so much fun I could not count them. I guess 5.

Top boozer

8 Sep 2009 00:27

Rose & Crown, Ilkley

It was shut for a while but now reopened under new managership. No real ale, so not my kind of pub, but that sets it apart from most of the rest of Ilkley's boozers.

4 Sep 2009 11:16

The City Vaults, Bradford

I have now realised this is not the goth cellar, that is the ugly Exchange over the pavement. This is a decent independent boozer that used to be a Mansfield pub, and a bank before that; although it has no vaults.

This is now, in my opinion, the best boozer in the very centre of Bradford. Handpulled beer is not expensive and very well kept.

13 Aug 2009 22:49

The New House At Home, Bradford

Shut. A sign asks tenants to apply. Expect it to be yet another a take-away soon.

13 Aug 2009 10:21

The Fox and Pheasant, Bradford

Dead, shut and gone. Now a shop

13 Aug 2009 10:20

The Brown Cow Inn, Bradford

Sam Smiths, so very cheap, but no real ale, but the customers are real old West Riding.

13 Aug 2009 10:20

The Midland Hotel, Ilkley

Well, it's now cleaner than it's been for a decade or more; the kitchen is being sorted and they will be serving food soon; the is a lot of work going on in the cellar and they are aiming for Cask Marque; and they intend having more real ales.

18 Jul 2009 17:35

Upper George, Wibsey

Straightforward boozer with Tetleys on handpump. Definitely a child friendly pub from what I saw today, but if your children talk like they have been to stage school and their parents cars are worth more than a house in Wibsey, then your family are probably best going elsewhere.

16 Jul 2009 00:57

The Woodman, Bradford

Called in for the first time in years and was very impressed. Easily the best pub on, or off, Manchester Road now.

Tetleys, John Smiths, Copper Dragon and Summer Wine(?) on handpump.

I guess the landlady served us. She knew about beer and was lovely, if she had asked me to contribute to a good cause I would have emptied my pockets without a second's thought, and would give more than I could afford even when sober.

16 Jul 2009 00:50

Grapes, Pease Pottage

I have not been myself, but I am reliably informed that this is now a house. I hope the new owners fails to meet their mortgage and get thrown into the street, bag and baggage, after their Range Rover and Porsche have been towed away.

24 Jun 2009 00:37

The Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller, Wakefield

Been away so just seen the reply from Sharp. Fair enough, but if you open funny hours, and 4 o'clock in the afternoon is a very funny hour to open, and do not say so on your door your are going to really annoy people who have walked far, crossed busy roads, and had to ask in shops about where you actually are, only to find you locked up with nothing to say whenyou will open.

Any other idiot running a pub who thinks what I am saying is wrong needs a plan B for their career. Living on a reputation is fine, but good will is easily lost by thoughtlessness.

24 Jun 2009 00:27

The Midland Hotel, Ilkley

A new couple have just taken over. Enterprise Inns have run this potential gem almost into the ground but with its position, two bars, good smoking area, large carpark, and historic fixtures and fittings it still could easily be the best pub in Ilkley.

It needs a good clean and then some t.l.c, but even that will take a while thanks to Enterprise. After that they can think about what to change and what to try.

There have been 3 real ales, including Landlord, for a while. That makes it the third biggest choice in Ilkley town centre!

22 Jun 2009 10:53

The Snowdrop, Lewes

I came here of a morning to research the record avalanche the pub was named after. I was still locked and I set off back down the road. I passed a bloke carrying a pack of paper towels, I asked him if he knew when the pub would be open, and he said

"When I open it!"

He let me in and I waited until he set things out and pulled the beer through. A really nice bloke and very good beer. He does pizzas and will be trying other food and bands, but is clearly having to work hard to stand still.

This is a gem of a boozer, with good beer, character and a goldfish pond outside. I would urge people to give it a go, especially those who've not been for an age.

20 Jun 2009 11:40

The Charcoal Burner, Crawley

It is not that bad a pub. One of the better ones in the town in fact! The London pride is always good, and the Harvey's is a good as Harvey's can be. It can feel like a local's pub for local people, but that's what locals all used to be like, and having two bars means you at least have a choice of surroundings and customers.

20 Jun 2009 11:32

The Cross Keys Inn, Skipton

I was looking for a venue for a Curry & Kipling Night on 6th July, and this place was strongly recommended by customers in another pub.

It's a big, low and old pub, with a large car park and a characterful, though oddly shaped, function room. The only real ale is Tetley's and that's fine. I think they also have keg trophy, which I've not seen for ages.

I have not tried the food yet, but it has been recommended by people I talked in the rest of Skipton.

I liked Caroline's style and booked the event. I'll post about this place afterwards.

20 Jun 2009 11:25

The Holmbush Inn, Faygate

Well, it's been a year. Only a few bluebells were out, though lots of primroses and violets. This pub is as good as ever.

1 Apr 2009 22:37

The Railway, Crawley

I have seen some good bands in her recently, and the staff are fair and quick. There is no real ale, but they do sell a range of bottled beers from smaller breweries, so not a complete desert.

26 Mar 2009 20:46

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

It is so heart warming when something you love becomes even better. The place now looks clean, smells far better, there are more beers, and I think they are sold in a better state, though the fact I usually visit for one week a year makes that a judgment of limited worth. What I am certain of though is the new couple are really friendly and keen. Power to their elbow, and to those helping them flourish.

Oh, and the hidden pool room will be a function room soon.

14 Mar 2009 23:30

The Queens Head, Icklesham

The beer was good, my liver and bacon was good, and my brother rated the curry one of the best he had had.

14 Mar 2009 23:23

The Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller, Wakefield

I walked well out of my way to have a drink here after a morning meeting but it was shut. Like other pubs in Wakefield, this one, it seems, only opens Friday in the week, but I only found that out by asking in the nearby music shop! There is nothing to say a boozer should open every day, but if it doesn't, but does not say so on the door, it is being run by an idiot.

12 Feb 2009 17:02

The Malt Shovel Hotel, Baildon

Seemed fine. The handpulled bitter was good, though very cold. The Hay's mosaic in the entrance is a rarity.

4 Jan 2009 20:21

The Bulls Head Inn, Baildon

Small. plain and pleasant boozer; which had Tetleys and well kept Jennings on handpump.

4 Jan 2009 20:18

The Plough, Three Bridges

Watney's tied House!!? Are the deliveries by Sentinel Steam Lorry and does a pint cost two shillings? Next you'll be telling us smoking is only allowed in the tap room.

1 Jan 2009 22:11

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

I have been very impressed with the way the company, manager and staff have addressed the detail issues since they opened. The opening of a gents made the biggest difference, but simple good manners have smoothed most of the irritating corners and this is now, probably, the best station bar in London. I can find cheaper close by, but I am tight and have had reasons to wander about near by. £3.05 for Sharps' Doom Bar is high for me, but below average for this kind of place; and the stuff are still good; probably better than Geronimo Inns realise.

27 Oct 2008 19:05

The Bull's Head, Chichester

I was very impressed with this place. The ales drop out of barrels on the bar back, and were all very good. I had a good chat with the staff, and learnt a bit about poker, which they seem to take very seriously. Will vist again.

7 Sep 2008 21:40

Grapes, Pease Pottage

Went in today to be told it would be shut down next week, and the brewery are not saying what will happen to it. That means it will be a house. It will be a shameful loss if this place goes forever.

22 Aug 2008 21:54

The Black Castle, Arno's Vale

It is black because it was built from brass slag, in the 1760' as a folly.

10 Aug 2008 17:57

The Red Lion Inn, Hambleton

It's Sam Smith's, it's cheaper than chips, and there is no real ale; and it looks like it is falling down. It also has a collection of senile delinquent ex-pitmen that open a window on history that that tall bloke on the telly with the fingers and the deep breaths never could.

3 Jul 2008 23:11

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

It is, by far and away, the most middle class pub in Bradford. The beer is always a credit to the cellarman, and the staff are good.

The extension is open, but the bar is the same, and just as clean, so you would not notice a difference, until you go looking for the toilets: which are now upstairs, and which don't smell, yet.

It is, like the class that use it, friendly to casual visitors of the correct kind. Having said all that it is also the most cliquish pubs I know.

3 Jul 2008 23:01

The Fighting Cock, Bradford

I think all of the places around the Fighting Cock that employed people who would have a pint after work have gone the way of flint knappers and efficient local government; but there were still plenty in today, and there were free bread and dripping (with a salt pot) and all the beers I had were as good as pub could make them.

21 May 2008 22:35

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

I guess that it is where it is because it is the site of the old Shires Bar.

I loved the temporary Baby Betjeman and the way it was run, and liked the staff. I do not know about this one though. The beer is very good, but expensive. The toilets are a joke, and I do not believe planning permission restricted them. Some of the details, like the bar and bar stool height seemed to be to discourage casual drinking (the price does that).

On the other hand the staff are still good and it is quiet because it is a little out of the way. I strongly recommend that you try it yourself.

14 May 2008 11:05

Prince Of Wales, Leeds

The news is that this place is glosing very soon; with no new owner in prospect. Both a shame and a disgrace.

8 May 2008 16:41

The Black Bull, Haworth

This pub used to look like it had been painted with nicotine, sold grim Whitbreads, and had noting bar a friendly barmaid going for it. I is a massive improvement on what it was. It is not perfect, but the handpulled is good and seeing it is at the top of a 1 in 2 hill it is worth a chance after the climb.

6 May 2008 22:17

The Red Pig, Keighley

I used to be a regular, but in the llast deade I remember going in once. Two women claimed to remember me, and one of them insisted on triming my moustache; it were a bloody good trim and all, and the beer is good.

6 May 2008 22:11

The Mannville Arms, Bradford

Micheal has got the place going nicely. I have seen some cracking bands recently, and the beer has been good. As long as Mick LISTENS TO HIS DOCTOR, this pub is set fair to be one of the best in Bradford. Anyone who goes in could do with asking if he is looking after himself, because if the selfish vine drinks himself to death this place will stand empty until doomsday.

5 May 2008 01:46

Delius, Bradford

Just got back from a really good night here and in the Mannville. I have grown to love this pub. Judge it against a pub in a city with money and hope and it would be coal dust character: warm but dusty. In bradford it is a diamond.

5 May 2008 01:39

The Baby Betjeman, Kings Cross

The main bar is now open. It could not be less like the old Shires bar if it had been turned into a disco. To be truthful I would not step inside this kind of shiny steel place, but having enjoyed the outside bar so much I had to try the inside one. Very much a food pub but the handpulled ale was very good. Finding the unisex toilet however is a nightmare. I recommend this pub, but it has some strange ideas.

30 Apr 2008 00:01

The Harp, Covent Garden

Good staff and atmosphere, and excellent beer. It is narrow and busy though. there will be times when you simply cannot get in.
The climb to the gents will burn hundreds of calories, and you should hope you don't meet a fat bloke on your way up, because you'll have to back down.

27 Apr 2008 21:06

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

A splendid pub named after a Duke who was in charge of the money for the War of the Spanish Succession. He got rich enough to be made Duke in 1719, even though Parliament later discovered there was over 3 million quid missing from the money paid out, the Duke was not punished . Thank heavens things are not like that today!

27 Apr 2008 21:00

The Sekforde Arms, Clerkenwell

It is a small pub with fish who think themselves bigger than the pond, espeicially at the shallow end of the bar..

I asked about hire fee for the not special upstairs room for a possible show, and the landlord/manger quoted me a price that would have made me laugh if I was not a good actor; and would have made me cry 10 years ago.

The beer is as good as 'Youngs' brewed by Charlie Wells gets, and the barman from Gdansk is very good. IClerkenwell was always a bit radical and a bit seedy, I hope this boozer stays much the same; and with london property being this year's avocado bathroom suite, it just might.

17 Apr 2008 23:56

The Rose and Crown, Burwash

It is a very good pub, but strictly speaking it is not 'the only pub in Burwash'. I would say the best, but if you lived in a desperately poor inner city area the Bull, and even the Bell, would stand out as beacons; and if you ever had to dice with death by walking to the station in the publess village of Etchingham you would wish you were carrying a few more pints from any of Burwash's boozers.

16 Apr 2008 00:10

The Norfolk Arms, Roffey

I think it is better, and friendlier, than it was. Beer was fine. It is probably just too big for its own good, but at least that means there is room around the pool table.

7 Apr 2008 23:03

The Holmbush Inn, Faygate

Good boozer. The landlord Martin is from Plymouth. I only visit once a year when I pop in at the start of a walk to Horsham to see the bluebells (and visit the Frog and Nightgown). When I went in last week Martin said "It's not a year already! is it?"

beer is fine. My pub diet is beer and crisps, but I have never heard anyone complain about the food.

If you are not in a rush, and are flush, ask if the chainsaw wood carver is still working on the other side of the railway station. He's good, much cheaper than Damian Hurst and does not pay other to do his carving.

7 Apr 2008 22:59

The Frog And Nightgown, Faygate

The pub is owned by Jim, WWII halifax pilot, but his charming wife runs it as he is losing mobility. I love this place so much but normally only manage to visit once a year after a walk through the bluebells from Faygate station.
Please visit soon. Tempus mori. Once it is gone you will never see its like again (and if the dog persuades you to kick a ball for him in the garden you will have to kick it back, as his job is to run around it, not pick it up)..

7 Apr 2008 22:50

The White Hart, Crawley

Was persuaded to give this place another go by my brother. I should not have listened. Even if you like Harveys, and I never have, you surely have to admit what they serve in here is not good. Even the Green King IPA, a usually sour and weak beer, in the Shades is better!

The evening was rounded off nicely by two old blokes at the end of the bar telling me so aggressively why the landlord was a **** that I thought they were going to start on me.

7 Apr 2008 22:40

The Gardeners Arms, Little Horton

Shut and totally aboandoned.

22 Mar 2008 23:15

The Goldsborough, Bradford

Boarded up. Have heard nothing as to its future, but of the 19 boarded up pubs in Bradford that I have drank in not one has reopened as a pub. In fact only two ever reopened as anything. The rest are empty and derelict or knocked down and turned into waste ground.

20 Mar 2008 20:59

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Looking at all the comments this seems like a typically badly managed Spirit Group pub, and I normally urge people who have suffered bad service to complain to the company, but I have to comment on what doctordupree says.

If your brother is too proud to draw attention to his gloucoma I find it morally reprehensible for you to do so here. It is of no relevance. It is also a fact that no reason ever has to be given for refusal to serve anyone in a pub. No one has a right to be served, end of.

19 Mar 2008 11:05

The Kings Arms, York

If it was not for the lack of handpulled beer, and mad Sam Smiths seem to decide which pubs will not have real ale at random, I would rate this place very highly. Cosy and can be full of passing trade, but also has a lot of loyal locals.

2 Mar 2008 14:55

The Ackhorne, York

I thought there would be big changes after the mad, egg pickling landlord left, but I am glad to say it does not seem to have changed much and has many plus points. I do have to comment on the beer price though. £2.50 plus for weak bitter is London prices. There are places, the Golden Ball for instance, close by which are 20p or more a pint cheaper.

2 Mar 2008 14:15

The Golden Ball, York

Well away from the chock-fulla-tourists centre but well worth seeking out. The pickled eggs are made by the landlady and the best `I have had, even better than the those made by the the last landlord at the Ackhorne. Welcome faultless and beer very good and a lot cheaper than the Ackhorne.

2 Mar 2008 14:11

The Blue Bell, York

It's all good. Have been visiting York to drink good beer for nearly thirty years, yet last week was my first visit to the Blue bell. I am disgusted with myself for missing it for so long. The visit was particularly welll punctuated by Dot the fine barmaid.

2 Mar 2008 14:01

The Railway, Blackheath

Having visited I have to say I liked it, even though the 'design' annoys me. You are clearly not meant to stand at the bar, so it is not easy for me to stick to it like a limpet, slowly sip my pint and talk: but I manage it. I even managed to sell a book to the best looking barmaid, and they are all a picture.

The beer is expensive, but is well kept. I think the big problem is that they sell everything a middle class woman might want, so there are too many choices and many of them involve the staff in complicated work in a bar area that is not that easy to work in.

24 Feb 2008 11:31

The Mannville Arms, Bradford

Now the Mannville, and after a little time find its beer legs the new owner seems to have sorted the handpulled beer. I had a couple of pints of very good Pride of Pendle; there was also Theakston's XB and a couple of others. It also has regular live music. I urge people to give it a go. Bradford has lost too many decent boozers that did music, we need to help this one.

24 Feb 2008 11:00

The Old Barge, Hertford

I am gibbo2837, and so is my wife!

24 Feb 2008 10:47

The Cotton Tree, Winewall

Called in on a Sunday afternoon. Beer was very good, saw no food, and lots of locals including a lot of young families There was a civilized and relaxed atmosphere. It is alright wittering about not looking 'olde' but the inside feels and looks like most real local pubs looked like 40 years ago, not like some made up marketing lie about what pubs looked like 400 years ago.

18 Feb 2008 11:13

The Bricklayers Arms, Fitzrovia

The truth about Sam Smith's is that the chairman is a nutter, and when he is gone I will miss him and his pubs that have all jumped out of a Tardis from when Doctor Who started, because despite making more money than any other pub company the cappuccino swillers that 'manage' pub companies now will kill this one.

On the other hand I think it is mad, even for Sam Smiths, to have no handpumps in so many central London pubs. The Crown on New Oxford St had a complete referb 2 years ago and got not real ale despite the manager asking.

10 Feb 2008 01:08

The Baby Betjeman, Kings Cross

I like this place a lot. You can stand, drink and watch the activity; which is mostly thousands taking photo of the statue. Food seems fine, staff are good, and it has the only London pub I can remember with gravity dispensed beer for decades. I hope they keep a small outside bar when they move inside in April.

7 Feb 2008 09:36

The New Beehive Inn, Bradford

Selling a 'choice' of beer without labeling what the beers are is surely illegal for all sorts of reasons? If it is not illegal it is utterly unprofessional.

8 Jan 2008 18:50

The City Vaults, Bradford

This is now one of central Bradford's oldest established pubs. It is a goth cellar that would make goths proud, if goths ever showed an emotion other than misery. I cannot remember seeing handpulled beer for years, but the house doubles are cheap enough to drown misery whilst waiting for a bus, or happiness.

8 Jan 2008 18:37

The Downsman, Southgate

I was growing to really like this pub and tried to pop in every time I was in Crawley. It is a bit rough and Spirit, the owners, need to fix the roof and give it a good clean; and there are only usually two handpulled beers, but those are well kept and I normally manage to chat to someone.

I went in 23rd Dec. It was busy I had been there about an our when I got called a northern c+++ . Now talking to locals is always a risk, but I went to school near here here and the bloke who abused and his mate me had been shouting f's all night; and there had been a young girl wandering around as well. I looked at the manageress. She did nothing. I walked out.

2 Jan 2008 14:17

Goffs Manor, Southgate

Hall & Woodhouse pub. It is a half timbered building that was a house, owned by Peter Vaugan (Grotty of Porridge) until 2000. `It is a food led pub but it is friendly and sells well kept beer beer.

22 Dec 2007 21:51

The Lord Clyde Inn, Bradford

I went in 7.30 of a Monday evening. There were 7 - 12 blokes in whilst I was there, a lot for a Monday. It was 'home games night'. If you understand that and play one of the games then you will enjoy this pub. If you don't then you may want to bob in for a look, but the handpulled 'Tetleys'is just about drinkable and if you you try and make conversation you'll just get blokes talking about you in a loud voice.

8 Oct 2007 22:11

The Red Cow, Peckham

Much less interesting than witless anonymous posters though.

24 Sep 2007 00:29

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

I have to agree with the below comments, and point out, again, that pub reviews are the only place people can talk about BITE, which is stupid and wasteful. There should be a message board s to allow the people who make it work, ie us posters, a chance to discus and air views about how it works and give us a better sense of ownership.

I am also dubious about anonymous posters, but dafter than that is the fact that all a poster's reviews are displayed with a click on their name but the is no ranks given. I know some people are snooty about messageboard ranks but just having a number after a name shows everyone how much you've contributed.

21 Sep 2007 11:08

The Corn Dolly, Bradford

The station it is up from Is Forster Square, up the side of the retail park carpark and up the hill. Bradford has two stations, the other is the Interchange about 10 mins walk if you know where you are going.

17 Sep 2007 17:56

Phoenix, Gorslas

We had Brains bitter which was as good as it gets, at £2, and rump steak, salad and chips at £6.95. We could not have room for it all, and we were hungry. I had exactly the same meal last year in a Kensington restaurant famous for quality, which offer a 'cheap' lunchtime menu. It cost about 5 times more, the steak was smaller and not as good, and there was not enough salad to feed a hamster. I cannot remember giving a ten before but the on top of it all the staff were friendly, so all my buttons were pressed.

28 Aug 2007 19:23

The Mannville Arms, Bradford

Soon to change back to the Mannville, with a policy of good, cheap real ale and live music. Presses most of my buttons, especially as there is hardly any live music venues left in Bradford

27 Aug 2007 16:38

The Admiral Lord Rodney, Colne

He's done wonders in a very short time. The hanging baskets are full of flowers and there's food, I think Thursday to Sunday. It must also be one of the dog friendliest pubs I have ever been to. It seems to be the rule in Colne that you have to walk your dog via the Lord Rodney.

23 Aug 2007 21:49

The Swan, West Green

The real ale is simply not good enough for the price charged, still. I like the character of, and in, this pub but if you are here for a long session, and have any money left, then you may want to pop into the 24 hour ASDA down the road to buy something to take the taste away, and something else to settle your stomach.

17 Aug 2007 22:50

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

If you post under a name viewers can check your other posts. Someone who's posted just once and says something bad probably bares a grudge, if it praises the pub it is obvious the owner or manager. Anonymous posts cannot be trusted, and a string of them saying the same thing suggests one person too lazy to make some names up.

14 Aug 2007 23:56

McGlynns, Kings Cross

This is now my pub of choice when I've time before my train. Well kept Courage (ie Charlie Wells) Best and Directors, and it does food, although I never tried any.

4 Aug 2007 21:49

The Queen Otowd Thack, South Milford

Quite hard to find, the main road is Low Street and High St is off it, and closed by the pub due to a flood related big hole, July 07.
It is a building of character, but without any of the thatch it was named for. Real beer is John Smiths and Black Sheep. Food looks very good and done with care, but the price reflects that. It is also shut on weekday lunchtimes, although that may change.

21 Jul 2007 09:08

The Black Bull, South Milford

The most 'local' of the three South Milford boozers and in some ways the most friendly. They'll talk to anyone and if you go more than twice they;ll probably start taking the micky if you seem able to give it back.
The handpulled beer was John Smiths and tetleys, but very recently they had Timmy Taylors Golden best as well. Food has just been introduced as well.

21 Jul 2007 08:58

The Raggalds Country Inn, Queensbury

Very much an eating house now, although the handpulled Timmy Tatlors we had vwas very good, and on a day when it is not raining, snowing or blowing a gale (at least 3 days every year) it is really nice to sit outside to take in the views.

19 Jul 2007 21:29

The Ackhorne, York

So has the landlord who made pickled eggs gone then? His chili eggs will be sadly missed, although his green mint sauce ones will not be, especially as he refused to make any new chili ones until all the old ones, including the green ones, were sold.

12 Jul 2007 17:53

The Furnace Inn, Bradford

This is a hidden gem of an old fashioned Tetley boozer. The whole area is a mixture of industry and dereliction, and the pub is not even in the local Yellow Pages, but when I called in off a lunch time it was reasonably busy, with a whole range of characters calling in.

There is only handpulled Tetley's but that's first quality, and 5 different lagers. The barmaid (Elaine I think) is a gem. The beef and onion sandwich she made me was wonderful, and was only £1.20!
Cannot say what the place is like in the evenings, but worth seeking out.

10 Jul 2007 16:02

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

The lease is for sale (July 07). There is no price given. We have to hope it will stay a pub, but it is a pub from another time and another world; with its counter so small on one can fit behind it to serve and they have to open the cellar door to get to the till!

9 Jul 2007 09:52

The Iron Duke, Mayfair

This is at least the third time in a fortnight this pub has appeared on random pub of the day! That is not random!! Because there is no discussion board about the BITE site I have to post this here, even though it is nothing to do with the pub.

7 Jul 2007 13:03

The Mill Lane, Bradford

4th July 07. Called in just because i was passing. This has always been a drinking place on the margins, it used to be a RAFA club.

Today was the first day open for a new couple. She is nice and he is obsessive about his beer. Whoo-Hoo! There are so few good real ale pubs in Bradford that everyone who drinks it should try and help this one survive. They only had Cooper Dragon on, but that was fine. They are doing sandwiches and will be doing dinners soon.

4 Jul 2007 22:17

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

I cannot believe the Station Tavern, at the other end of platform 1, is not in BITE (and I cannot find a way of adding it). The Head of Steam is better than most station pubs, but apart from doing 'fancy' food and trying to impress more than the Station Tavern, it is a poor second in Huddersfield Staion pubs league. The Tavern has friendlier staff and customers, is quieter, yet manages to have a large range of much better kept beer.

1 Jul 2007 17:15

The White Hart, New Cross

Lease is for sale. The ad makes fascinating reading baring in mind what's said below. Asking price is £425k, £5.500/week takings, 100 percent wet sales. That seems a high price for the claimed sales. They must reckon massive potential, but who'll risk that kind of money on a sump pub? Where's the nearest Weatherspoons?

1 Jul 2007 09:39

The Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton

Lease is up for sale. Have to hope it is bought by someone who does not want to change too much.

1 Jul 2007 09:22

The Poet Bar, Liverpool St

The lease is for sale, late June 07. 75k and free of tie. Makes you wonder why there was so little real ale if free of tie.

30 Jun 2007 14:11

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Really high quality real ale and because it does not do food it was quiet on the lunchtime I was in compared to the Mason Arms just up the road. Very good pub but the prices are very high, even by central London pub standards.

20 Jun 2007 12:39

The Railway, Blackheath

The below from jane23 and scottie26 are the only posts either have ever made on B.I.T.E. and the only two positive recent posts about this pub. Anyone else suspious?

20 Jun 2007 10:59

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

The Bedford, a pub for people too cowardly to say who they are? 9 out of the last 10 posts are by anonymous, and they are all positive. It gives a very bad impression.

20 Jun 2007 10:39

The George, London Bridge

Last time I went me and my mate ended up standing on the deserted balcony outside the locked dining area, probably the best place to stand and good for (hem-hem) 'people' watching. . The beer and staff are both poor though. The Old Kings Head has much the same beers and is better in every way apart from courtyard.

19 Jun 2007 20:42

Woodies, New Malden

I doubt will be going to New Malden any time soon, but what eh hey! I like the idea of someone so enthusiastic about the beer they sell that they post a weekly list on a public forum. Trouble is that the lists make my eyses glaze over. They are way too long and they do not work. For 11th June there are 3 new and 3 next beers, fair enough; but listing 13 future beers is pointless. A single line naming breweries would do.

Better would be a a few lines with highlights and a link to a website.

19 Jun 2007 15:18

Bar Rocca, Crouch End

Did this place used to be called Dick's Bar in the 80's? A cocktail and real ale bar full of characters and fat dectectives from the police station across the road.

16 Jun 2007 14:30

Shepherds Arms, Colne

Clean, bright, big, loud and during the afternoon happy 'hour' Golden Best was £1.50 a pint! It is a Timmy Taylors managed house, and it will not suit many Camra traditionalists, and I can't stand big screen Sky, but it is a brave attempt by TT to broaden their appeal. They also do food but have heard no comments about it.

16 Jun 2007 10:21

Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, Headingley

This is a Market Town Tavern. All of the ones I have been in are intelligently run, friendly and with very high beer standards. This one is well up to the mark, but small, with more seats and the toilets up lots of stairs. Will be going again, but probably not at peak times.

15 Jun 2007 15:17

The Admiral Lord Rodney, Colne

The pub has been taken by Richard Stedman, author of the <i> Football and Real Ale Guides</i>. Visited on his 5th day open. The 4 beers were in top condition and it was very busy.

14 Jun 2007 09:50

The Cricketers Arms, Keighley

Now has a downstairs bar! Also a beer garden, with a shelter that turned out to be illegal to smoke in after they built it. I am waiting to see how many councils are taken to court for not putting up No smoking signs in bus shelters which have been made 'buildings' by by this botched and cretinous legislation.

14 Jun 2007 09:44

The Jubilee Oak, Crawley

Visited on a Saturday afternoon May 07 and it seems much improved. Quicker, cleaner and a good pint. Not convinced by the manager looking for an argument on here though! If you have a point to make you are better simply giving facts mate.

5 Jun 2007 20:53

Upper George, Wibsey

Ignore the below. I must have clicked back two pages. It was meant for a different pub in a different town!

5 Jun 2007 20:51

Upper George, Wibsey

Visited on a Saturday afternoon May 07 and it seems much improved. Quicker, cleaner and a good pint. Not convinced by the manager looking for an argument on here though! If you have a point to make you are better simply giving facts mate.

5 Jun 2007 20:49

The Peel Hotel, Bradford

Was closed in April 07, and it looked like forever.

5 Jun 2007 20:35

The Queen, Bradford

It looks horrible and hopeless, inside and out, but it is better than it looks and judging by the abysmal standards in the rest of the city centre the beer is better than you'd guess.

5 Jun 2007 20:29

The New Inn, Bradford

Closed and boarded upearly June 07

5 Jun 2007 20:24

The Venue, Bradford

Closed and boarded up

5 Jun 2007 20:23

Smugglers Den, Morecambe

If you are wondering why a seaside town has only two pubs listed it is because the name is spelled Morecambe, not Morecombe.

20 May 2007 16:55

Chieftain Hotel, Morecambe

If you are wondering why a seaside town has only two pubs listed it is because the name is spelled Morecambe, not Morecombe.

20 May 2007 16:55

The Admiral Lord Rodney, Colne

Bottom of a very steep valley and very isolated. I was alright going down, and expected to have beer boots on to help climb back up, but it was shut! There is a sign saying it opened at 12, but there was absolutely no sign of life by 12.15. Apparently Twaites do not own the pub now, Archers do, and that should be a unique selling point, and the big car park opposite means there is scope for lunch trade, but who the hell is going to visit twice if it's locked and lying?. There may have been a genuine reason for failure to open, but even then there should have been a scrawlled sign pinned to the door.

10 May 2007 10:38

The Dog and Gun Inn, Wibsey

This pub is set back from at the top of the long and steep St Enochs Road (itself an unsung engineering triumph).
I like this place It was a Tetley house and still feels the way good Tetley locals used to feel in the 70's; dark, low ceilinged, cosy and full of a range of locals of all types and ages . It has 3 or 4 cask ales, including Theakstons, John Smiths and a ever changing guest.

2 May 2007 17:46

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

I called in again in the first week of February (07). Every handpump had handwriten tasting notes on Cask Marque clip add-ons. I had had a pint of Youngs oridary a few hours before in Diamond Jacks, and tried one here. It was vile! Almost crystal clear, but tasing like a drain sump. I left a near full pint. I have not had a good pint here for over a year. I will not be going again until I read on here that the beer has become drinkable.

16 Feb 2007 21:14

The Goldsborough, Bradford

This place has had many different people running it over the last few years; ranging from the ok to the awful. It has also had to live in the shadow of the Corn Dolly, so no matter how good the beer is someone is bound to tell you it's better next door.

Went in 26th Jan. 06 in the afternoon. It a new couple. I think we were the first in, but the beer (Copper Dragon) was very good and very cheap. When a few more people had arrived they put free food out: cheese, and egg sanies: pork pies; and a big bowl of salad.

I hope the new folk make a go of this pub. It has been great in the past and could be again.

27 Jan 2007 21:40

The Cock and Bottle, Bradford

I was in just before Christmas and if it was shut it was a flipping good acid flashback, and I never took acid.

25 Jan 2007 20:25

The Biko Bar, Bradford

Now shut. I was at the Student Union meeting that renamed this place, just a quarter of a cnetury ago. The bar named after a man who was kiled has died. Steve who?

The bar behind the Uni Library is the only one open on this campus. It is cheap and does real ale.

25 Jan 2007 20:21

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

I have brought many friends here to show them the amazing carving, and I will again; but wish it was managed properly. It is not so much the dirty, which does not bother me, and the smells I could tolerate; but the quality of beer is bad, because it is not looked after properly. All of this, and the hit and miss attitude of the staff strongly suggests managers who just do not care

25 Jan 2007 16:30

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

In the later evening this place does not usually get busy until the shift finishes at the Cathedral. You get a fascinating mix of all sorts as well; from stockbrokers to crane drivers, and can learn a lot by listening to either; especially about the money to be made in the City by driving cranes. I have also learnt all about breeding huskies from an expert. and about the history of Heckmondwyke from the landlords.
The fragrant, peach complexioned Emma was there when I last visited.

25 Jan 2007 16:21

Macrory's, Great Horton

After almost a quarter of a century of serving crusties characters, and being crusty and full of character, MacRory's is no more. It is a real loss, but the cold reality of not having cash to improve finally caught up with it. I doubt we will ever see it's like again.

21 Nov 2006 12:45

The Melborn Hotel, Bradford

This unique pub has been sold and destroyed. It will be a eating place now.

3 Jul 2006 21:59

The Victoria Hotel, Great Harwood

Multi roomed Grade II listed Edwardian boozer with a wonderful tiled interior. Lots of very good beers and a star turn of a landlady called Jean.

16 Mar 2006 16:08

The Royal Hotel, Great Harwood

Multi beered and a brew pub, with the biggest tart of a pub cat I have come across. The Hyndburn Circular bus stops outside and will take you to Blackburn or Accrington via Livingstone Road.

16 Mar 2006 16:07

Peel Park Hotel, Accrington

At the top of a long, long street. Right next to Stanley’s old ground with lots of old photos of it. 6 beers, usually with a mild and only one bitter above 4.5%
David bought it 3 years ago when it was boarded up. He was really friendly.

16 Mar 2006 16:04

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

Almost at the end of Ullapool's harbour front road. It has one hand pulled ale and is narrow, so can get crowded near the bar. The pool table is popular.
This is the pub where the the already legendary Hayseed Dixie Loopallu festival was born.

27 Oct 2005 23:16

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

The first pub you pass if you drive in along Ullapool's sea wall. Small and full of character, and that's not just the Yorkshire landlord. Two hand pulled beers.

4 Oct 2005 14:23

The Broom Bar, Ullapool

Seen by some as the most 'local' of Ullapool's bars, but I reckon it's one of the friendliest, if you're not shy. It is also enough of a walk from the rest of Ullapool's boozers to keep it hidden from most casual visitors. There's no handpulled beer. The food has a good reputation.

4 Oct 2005 14:00

The White Hart, Crawley

Harvey's has never been a particularly good beer, and this place rarely sells even good Harvey's, although it is never cloudy. On the other hand it has character, and characters, the food is good, and the real ale in the rest of Crawley's town centre pubs range from the sour to the vile. How can a town the size of Crawley not have one pub in the centre selling consistantly good beer?

1 Sep 2005 10:59

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

A wonderful boozer. The haggis, taties and neeps were a culinary and artistic triumph, and cost just £3.50! They always have at least one veggie dish, more if you count fish, but it can sell out quickley. The serve food up to ten at night, but only if you find a table free. This makes a lot of sense. It is so small that if there are no tables free the staff will have no time to cook food. It is on a steep set of steps opposite the Market St entance of Waveley Station, on the Old Town side.

11 Aug 2005 14:02

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