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The Waterfront, Barton under Needwood

Much has changed since my last review of this large marina-side pub. As always my main consideration is the beer and the previously mentioned Blythe brewery products are long gone so no cheap ales in fact beer is all priced at around £4 per pint, rather a lot even for somewhere like this. Now I don't object to paying top whack for an excellent product but as time has gone by the beer range has diminished. cracking beers like Purity Gold and St. Austell Proper Job have been replaced by bland Greene King products and beers from the Marston's stable amomg others. in short it is no longer a beer haven. Add to this the fact that live music has gone and food prices have risen disproportionately I would now hesitate to give it my recommendation.

5 May 2019 12:47

Brendon Arms, Bude

As part of our holiday in March we visited this large, old establishment. The rooms are brightly lit and a TV showing sport in the drinking area feels a bit intrusive. However The St Austell Tribute and the guest ale, (St. Austell Harlequin), were in great condition but a tad expensive I thought. The food is very goodand reasonably priced; both the lady wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals in the spacious restaurant. Nice place.

24 Mar 2019 10:03

The Bencoolen Inn, Bude

The lady wife and I visited this place while on holiday early in the year. As GrahamH says the painting and narrative on the walls are worth seeing. The pub itself is popular with locals and can get noisy when the pool table, TV and jukebox are in action. Never-the-less the bar staff are friendly and we never felt uncomfortable. We ate there one night and the bar food was nothing to write home about but was okay. However the beer is, IMHO, quite wonderful, St. Austell Proper Job.....gravity dispense! For this reason alone I would recommend visiting but with the shipwreck associations it is definitely worth dropping by.

24 Mar 2019 09:54

The Barrel at Bude, Bude

This micro-pub is housed in an old, building with three small drinking areas. You are requested to switch your mobile phone off or turn down the sound whilst in there or be prepared to pay a fine to charity, (although when we called in a couple of regulars were using their phones). The beer is sourced locally, from Driftwood Spars when we were there, and, for the lady wife, they also sold vino. Plenty of people there on a Monday evening, the place was humming with conversation and a guy was spinning vinyl on an old record player. The opening hours are rather odd and if you are planning to visit you need to check them. So, good beer, friendly locals and all in all a splendid venture.

24 Mar 2019 08:58

The Whippet Inn, Lichfield

An update to my comments of four years ago. This micropub has changed hands but the quality of the beer, the friendly bar staff and the rather crowded nature of the place haven't changed. Still a reliable drinking hole.

11 Feb 2018 18:35

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

If you wish to sit and contemplate the meaning of life over a pint with no hustle or bustle to distract your meditations, give this place a miss. Lively and busy at almost any time it is the opposite of a quiet country pub. There are compensations though, a dozen or so handpumps serving mostly small breweries' products including some brewed on the premises, being one. It is a draught beer heaven. Beautifully refurbished and in a perfect position to suit travelling pilgrims. I can't fault it.

11 Feb 2018 18:21

Best Western The Bell, Driffield

Despite having six handpumps there was no draught beer available when we stayed here. Don't they employ a bar manager, and if they do what the hell was he playing at? Awful.

10 Feb 2018 14:09

The Butchers Dog, Driffield

We drank at this micropub at lunchtime and later on the same day whilst visiting relations. I was surprised to see that it only got a rating of 6.8. What more could you ask for? It is everything a micropub should be. It sells five different styles of beer from five handpumps, all of which were in excellent condition when we visited. There are no pool tables, giant TV screens or piped music, (unlike most of the pubs in Driffield), the only sound being the buzz of people conversing. The staff and regulars were friendly without being intrusive and we really enjoyed it. The only reason I haven't given it ten out of ten is that my pedantic lady wife got hot under the collar by the lack of an apostrophe in 'Butchers'!

10 Feb 2018 14:06

The Adam and Eve, Homerton

Pleasant but rather dark pub that I presume has been refurbished. Staff were very friendly and the beer, I drank the Hackney Brewery offering, was splendid. We had just enough light to eat by and the food was okay without being anything special. Not really my sort of place but fine for an occasional visit.

28 Aug 2016 11:54

The Jackdaw Stump, Homerton

Hipster bar. Decent pint. Very pricey.

28 Aug 2016 11:48

The Crown Inn, Penzance

Great little boozer mostly frequented by locals which can be a good sign. They had a good range of the excellent Cornish Crown beers on when the wife and I visited. I did feel the beer was, perhaps, a little too warm but the flavour was fine. An unusal pub in a town where most inns tend to be eateries.

27 Aug 2016 16:25

The Yacht Inn, Penzance

I liked this thirties architectural gem.
Good points:The Proper Job by St. Austell was superb, well kept and seved. Food was very good and promptly served.
Weaker points: Very noisy when busy, dining area is a bit basic.
Overall though it gets my vote as one of the top three or four pubs in Penzance.

27 Aug 2016 16:17

The Turks Head, Penzance

A great place to drink and eat. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Food is spot on and the beer is top notch. Worth trying a pint of Turk's Head Ale brewed by Sharps in Cornwall, so much better than the now doomed Doom Bar which I believe is brewed in Burton upon Trent.

27 Aug 2016 16:11

The Dolphin, Penzance

Revisited after several years. Oh dear. As mentioned the bar was filled with smoke from the 'sizzling' dishes and the smell of fried food, not necessarily what you want when going for a beer. What really shocked me was the price of a drink, okay, so its in a popular seaside town but even given this it was very expensive compared to other pubs nearby and the pint of Tribute could best be described as very ordinary. This pub has sold its soul to the diners leaving the drinkers short changed.

27 Aug 2016 16:06

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

This was the main place we headed for during our holiday. Much has been said already about the maritime interior and the collection of seafaring memorabilia so instead I shall stick to the quality of the beer and also the food. Eating out here was a really good experience, okay, so you had to wait a little while for the food to arrive but when it is as good as this was you really don't mind. Average main costs about £12. Rick Stein eat your heart out. I have to admit I only drank one beer, St Austell Proper Job. This is a fine drink, (best in the country IMHO), and was beautifully kept and served. The place does get rather busy particularly in the holiday season so if you intend eating I suggest booking a table.

27 Aug 2016 15:56

The Abbey, Derby

Free beer... well almost. The price of the Sam Smiths OBB is ridiculously cheap. I ordered two pints and pulled out a fiver and two pound coins, it came as a complete shock to the system to find I only needed the note and got handed one pound forty change! The place itself is dark and atmospheric as it was once an abbey. The landlord was friendly and efficient and the food looked to be decent. The Old Brewery Bitter was fine although one of our party tried the wheat beer and felt the need to empty the majority of it into a large planter containing a bush. The pub's situation is very pleasant on a summer's day being only a stone's throw from the river Derwent, part of a world heritage site.

27 Sep 2015 21:26

The Hand and Heart, Nottingham

Interesting place with a good selection of beers. The rear of the pub is actually a cavern though it smelled as if the drains were backing up when the Jolly Boys Drinking Society paid a visit, (or perhaps it was one of our members). Never-the-less a fine establishment.

1 Jan 2015 12:27

Canal House, Nottingham

If you are a visitor to Nottingham then I reckon this pub should be on your itinerary purely as it is unique in that a branch of the canal runs through the middle of it. The beer ain't bad but rather pricey although small local breweries are well represented. I would probably give the food a miss as it was poor value in my view. The other problem is that the toilets are on the upper floors which involves several flights of stairs to get to them. I recommend starting out five minutes before you need to, to ensure dry underwear. overall thne worth a visit for a pint but there are many better pubs in the city.

1 Jan 2015 12:21

The Trent Valley, Lichfield

Has deceased and is now a nursery!

1 Jan 2015 12:11

The Samuels, Lichfield

Was awful, closed down, was sold to Joules, was refurbished and renamed The Angel, (which I think was the original name of the pub), now splendid apart from being rather busy at times.

1 Jan 2015 12:07

The Borough Arms, Burton upon Trent

This is a bold venture, The Borough Arms. Normally I'd be all for a micro-pub in Burton selling a variety of small brewery's products but in this case there are a couple of caveats. Firstly IMHO the condition of the beer can be variable. sometimes it is quite good but there are too many times when it is sub-standard, whether this is due to the beer being put on too early or simply poor cellarmanship I wouldn't like to say but it definitely lacks consistency. My other bugbear is that for a microp-pub the place is too large by half and it often feels echoey and empty and is too brightly lit to engender any atmosphere. This is a great shame as the concept of such a pub is splendid but for the time being I shall visit only occasionally.

31 Dec 2014 20:59

The Whippet Inn, Lichfield

This micro-pub serves a well kept selection of changing ales and has a pleasant atmosphere. The wedge shape of the building is, however, not ideal and the bar can get quite crowded at times since it is also on the way to the toilet. On a personal note I'd like the lighting toned down but this does not in any way detract from the quality of the beer and the cheery landlord. Worth a visit.

31 Dec 2014 20:46

Seven Stars, Rugby

A lovely looking pub from the outside and surprisingly large within. The Seven Stars has it all, a good selection of well kept beer, friendly staff and locals and toothsome pork pies. Our small party, The Jolly Boys Drinking Soc. ended our short tour of Rugby here and, apart from one who nodded off, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. we will definitely be returning.

31 Dec 2014 20:37

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

I can't add much to previous comments about this excellent pub in the centre of Rugby. The Jolly Boys Drinking Soc. called in and thoroughly enjoyed our visit helped by the top notch beer, the reasonably priced eats and some fascinating breweriana. The landlord was friendly and made us welcome, what more could one want?

31 Dec 2014 20:30

The Alexandra Arms, Rugby

A great little pub selling a variety of beautifully served draught beers. Sadly there were no Atomic beers on when I called in with the Jolly Boys Drinking Society but we were taken with the choice of ales and the atmosphere. We were made to feel most welcome and would thoroughly recommend the place to all thirsty travellers.

31 Dec 2014 20:23

The Shoulder of Mutton, Barton under Needwood

This pub is becoming, perhaps, a bit too much like a restaurant but having eaten there in the evening and had the Sunday carvery the food is very good and the service excellent. However since the new owners took over the beer is now the best kept and served in the village IMHO. The Purity Mad Goose is just about the best I have had all year. For anyone seeking a pub with a pleasant atmosphere with great eats and spot beer, currently, this place should be a no-brainer.

30 Nov 2014 12:46

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

After a disappointing visit to the town's museum, (which is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to visit), I persuaded the the lady wife that finding this pub might prevent our day out from being a total disaster and, joy of joys it did! From the outside it is an unassuming building but inside it is full of fascinating brewriana and a thousand times more interesting than the so-called museum. The service was friendly and with fourteen handpumps, each serving a small brewery's product, we were spoiled for choice. The beer was excellent and although we only had time for one we would love to go back. Well done The Malt Shovel, at least one place Northampton can be proud of.

16 Aug 2014 19:35

The Kings Arms Inn, Tedburn St Mary

Stayed here overnight on the way to Cornwall. Very welcoming and friendly. The room left a little to be desired but was still good value and, after all, we were only sleeping there as the pub provided great food and great entertainment. Maybe we dropped lucky but the Beatles tribute band that were playing were amazing and we stayed till the very end. Next morning the breakfast though served a little later than normal, (nine-o-clock), was superb and provided nourishment for the rest of the day! Beer was nothing special but acceptable enough. Would recommend this place to anyone who wants a stop-over or just a good meal.

27 Jul 2014 12:43

The Blue Peter, Polperro

I can't believe that this great pub in a fabulous setting only gets a rating of around 7. The owners are most welcoming, cheerfully greeting everybody who walks in, dispensing bonhomie to all and sundry. Beerwise I can't fault the place, well kept and served and a great range. This is a cracking pub that deserves its success.

27 Jul 2014 12:33

The Globe, East Looe

This place looked okay but, as a visitor, I am sensitive to the fact that I am intruding into somebody's local so I am always careful to be polite and not stand at the bar waving a tenner at the staff. Sadly this was necessary here or I would never have been served. I guess I should have left which was probably what they wanted but I managed, at length, to obtain a pint and a half for myself and the wife and decided to sit outside in the late evening sun. This was not a pleasant experience, We both felt unwelcome and uncomfortable. There were several dogs running around and making a nuisance of themselves whilst the owners showed no concern whatsoever.
We were glad to drink up and go across the river to The Jolly Sailor, a proper pub where we were made most welcome.

27 Jul 2014 12:26

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

Pubs in East Looe tend to be a bit visitor oriented but, thankfully, over the river in West Looe is The Jolly Sailor, the antidote to wide screen TVs and pub food. Tourists are made welcome but this is primarily a locals' pub and all the better for it. It is an old building as the beams attest and has real atmosphere. The beers are well kept and served by friendly bar staff. St. Austell Proper Job and Tribute are alongside Dartmoor Jail Ale and Doom Bar. I drank the Proper Job and found it excellent. I can't praise this pub too highly, we went in on our first night in West Looe and kept returning each evening for the rest of our holiday. The owners can be proud of managing to keep this place as a proper, traditional pub in a seaside location.

27 Jul 2014 12:14

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

This ancient, multi-roomed pub near the cathedral always has several draught beers available including the Dolphin 1530 AD brewed by Nottingham brewery which is served straight from the cask and is very pleasant. For summer drinking there is a large outdoor area and there is live music at weekends. The food is good value. Although this place wouldn't be among my first choices in a city with so many excellent pubs but it is certainly worth a visit!

25 Jan 2014 17:41

The Golden Eagle, Derby

Visited this pub on a day out in Derby as apparently it is now the outlet for the Titan brewery. Inside was clean and pleasant and the barman was friendly. The Titan beers were well kept and served and came in dimpled mugs. This is in the midst of student-land but as it was one in the afternoon on December 30th none of Derby's finest were in evidence. I can't say what evenings are like. Never-the-less it is another reasonable alehouse to add to the growing number of excellent watering holes in this fine city.

25 Jan 2014 17:23

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

The penultimate stop on our lightning tour of some of Sheffield's pubs. This one was chosen, not for its looks or atmosphere but for its range of beers and I'll admit they were pretty impressive. Service was swift and the Blue Bee Bitter that I had was splendid. As a pub it is typically city-centre being large and open plan and not really anything to write home about architecturally, but for the dedicated drinker a must visit. The growlers (pork pies) were pretty good too!

19 Sep 2012 21:03

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

On a recent day out in Sheffield this was one of our ports of call and it was well worth the tram ride to it. The brewery has apparently been recently renamed Woodstreet but I guess the beers are just as good as they ever were and the Woodstreet Pale was just about the best beer I drank all day. The hotel provides pleasant surroundings and prices are cheap! Recommended.

19 Sep 2012 20:48

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

This place should be closed down as once you get in you lose all sense and reason and can easily miss your train. The beers are, IMHO, marvellous but a warning, go steady on the Jaipur or you might lose the use of your arms, legs and voice as my dear friend Pearl did after having a few. Seriously though, this is exactly how a modern pub should be and when visiting Sheffield by train, as we were, it takes real will power to get away from here to other drinking establishments.

19 Sep 2012 20:36

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

What, another great pub so close to the Kelham Island Tavern? Difficult to believe but it's true. A crowd of us visited at lunchtime and were pretty impressed. The beer is cheap as is the food and the place is friendly. The Pale Rider was on top form and I shall definitely visit again.

19 Sep 2012 20:26

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Just great. Everything you could want in a proper pub, superb beer, friendly and knowledgeable staff, honest grub reasonably priced and a terrific atmosphere. I'm thinking of moving house to be nearby!!

19 Sep 2012 20:20

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

Fabulous historic pub with wonderful interior. Beer, IMHO, is generally fine with some pints being excellent and others only so-so.

19 Sep 2012 20:14

The Old Silk Mill, Derby

Decent enough drinking shop with a wide range of beers. It is, as one other reviewer mentioned, a bit cavernous with the seating around the perimeter. When it's busy it fills up and you don't really notice this but when it's empty, as it was when I dropped in, one feels very exposed. This wasn't helped by the rather overbearing landlord who decided to tell me how my beer will cost me a small fortune in a year's time and how he was getting out of the business. As there was nobody else in the place I rapidly drank my Ossett Silver King and headed for the Exeter arms. I noticed on leaving that the pub was up for let.

19 Sep 2012 20:10

Mr Grundys Tavern, Derby

Called in late on a Thursday night with the lady wife after watching Derbyshire Falcons. Needless to say we were pretty cold and looking forward to a decent pint having eschewed the over-priced fizz at the Racecourse Ground. The place was pretty empty and the bar person was a little tardy in getting up out of his seat to serve us. We bought pints of Mr.Grundy's Golden Dawn which was pleasant enough but lacked a little bite. The doors to the place were flung wide open and it felt a bit parky but maybe this was just the after effects of an evening spent viewing cricket. The decor is fascinating, from a collection of hats to photo's of movie stars there is plenty to look at including a red telephone box. Well worth a second visit.

19 Sep 2012 19:56

Five Lamps, Derby

A largish one-room bar with an impressive array of handpumps on the counter. The beers have always been in tip-top condition whenever I have called in. The pub is quite geared towards food and the seating areas tend to reflect this but unlike some places I have been, the dining is not particularly intrusive and to be honest the food looks pretty good. The problem for beer drinkers in Derby is that one is spoiled for choice and with this pub being a little way from the city centre you might not get this far out but I would recommend that you make the effort and you can reward yourself with a pint of Peak brewery's Chatsworth Gold!

19 Sep 2012 19:40

Wellington Hotel, Boscastle

To be honest this place would not be my first port of call but my family needed a meal and we certainly were not going back to the Cobweb. Actually the food was rather good if a little pricey but what's a few quid between friends? The beer was of average quality, Sharp's and Skinners Spriggan were both a little tired. Sadly for him my son volunteered to buy a round and found himself almost fifteen quid worse off, however this was mostly his fault as he insisted on having Kopparberg Swedish Cider, a hefty 4.50 a pint! He'll grow up and drink draught beer one day.

3 Aug 2012 19:19

The Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

I am in a quandary over this place. On one hand the pub itself is quirky, dark and full of bric-a-brac and has a reasonable atmosphere. The beers are well kept and not ridiculously priced. I had Tintagel brewery's Harbour Special and very nice it was too. On the other hand my family decided to eat and the presentation and quality of the grub was awful, particularly as it cost us over fifty pounds. On the whole I'd say if its food your after make the trek up the hill to the Napoleon Inn but if you just want a snifter this place is okay.

3 Aug 2012 19:10

Napoleon Inn, Boscastle

Back in Cornwall again for a family holiday and a new record; a beer in my hand within half an hour of arrival! This particular beer was served up at the Napoleon Inn and the lady wife and I sat in the sunny beer garden overlooking what would be a lovely view if not for the house opposite. The service was friendly and the locals pleasant and chatty. We booked a table for the evening and were not disappointed, the food was terrific and reasonably priced. in fact we kept going back and always enjoyed the experience although on one night I would have preferred not to have a live singer taking up most of the bar with her organ. This is,however, a minor complaint. Dartmoor, Tribute and HSD were served straight from the cask and in decent condition.

3 Aug 2012 19:02

The Brewery Tap, Derby

The Royal Standard, as it used to be called, has had a makeover and is now light and airy. Personally I don't care much for the modern styling and the open plan nature of the place makes it noisy and echoey at busy times. However, the staff are very friendly and polite and the quality of the beer is extremely good. Quite a good idea, if you are uncertain which of Derby Brewery's products to order, is the 'rack of beer' which consists of a wooden tray with six compartments, five of which hold nips (1/3 of a pint) of ale, the remaining one being filled with cheese cubes. Triple Hop or Business As Usual are my personal favourites.
All of which brings me to this question, is there anywhere better to drink draught beer than Derby? Well maybe, but it ranks pretty highly I reckon.

8 Feb 2012 18:16

The Exeter Arms, Derby

I am generally a traditionalist where pubs are concerned, Australian bars or white-walled, minimalist wine bars are an anathema to me, so whenever I visit Derby I seek out places like the wonderful Exeter Arms. I admit it's not somewhere one might go to pick up young ladies nor are there giant screens showing Manchester United and loud throbbing music. In contrast, this is a lovely old-fashioned city pub with a myriad of small nooks and crannies, it is welcoming and comfortable like a favourite pair of slippers, people in here will happily chat to you and when you have to go for a comfort break the loos are spotlessly clean. The beers, from the Dancing Duck brewery, are immaculately kept and one pint is never enough. I just can't sing this place's praises too highly. If all of this sounds like your sort of pub then I urge you to seek it out. You won't regret it.

8 Feb 2012 17:47

The Middle Bell, Barton under Needwood

Re-vamped and re-opened in mid December, the Middle Bell is now an up-market pub/restaurant. I am led to believe by my reliable sources that the term 'nouvelle cuisine' would be an apt description of the artfully served, jus drizzled menu, so if you are fancying a blow-out I probably wouldn't bother dining here. On the other hand the bar is, at present busy and lively and serves a reasonably priced pint of Tim Taylor's Landlord. A caveat though, if possible I persuade the lady wife to drink beer rather than the wine which seems hideously expensive at 6 a glass!

9 Jan 2012 15:57

The Waterfront, Barton under Needwood

Ahh, the reflection of swaying lamps in the marina, the gentle lapping of the water, barges bobbing gently on the swell and the sussurus of traffic on the nearby A38, make sitting outside The Waterfront on a balmy summer evening very pleasant. In the winter, when sitting outside isn't an option and inside is often crowded, the experience is not quite so enjoyable. This is not helped by the major irritation of chairs placed along the length of the serving area that provide seating for bar-flies and an obstruction for those waving their tenners to attract attention. The service can be very slow and tedious, however, once served by the ever-changing array of youthful bar staff, the beer choice and quality is pretty good and reasonably priced, (unlike the food). The Barton Pale Ale and the Marina Bitter are locally brewed by Blythe and are priced very competitively alongside other interesting guest ales. The place is probably best described as a restaurant that serves beer rather than a pub that serves food and to be honest, I don't think it has any character but....and it's a big but, if you are looking for somewhere in the area to get a decent pint that isn't Marston's, then you've found it.

9 Jan 2012 15:40

The Craster Arms, Beadnell Bay

This pub is basically a large eatery, although there is nothing wrong with this. We ate there and the food was okay but what impressed me was a marquee outside selling lots of small breweries' real ales at very reasonable prices. My lady wife got a bit irritated with me constantly going for another beer throughout our meal but I wasn't going to miss out on the likes of Maxim Lambton Pale Ale and High House Farm Auld Hemp. Splendid effort chaps!!

21 Aug 2011 20:55

The Olde Ship Hotel, Seahouses

A few years ago I visited this place and was massively impressed with the range of beers, (mostly small local breweries), and the atmosphere. When I went back this year I was rather disappointed to find the beers were now mostly national offerings, e.g. Old Speckled Hen and that what had been a convivial if somewhat busy atmosphere was that of an outback Australian lager joint, loud and coarse. Maybe I just picked a bad night but I can't say I felt comfortable in there. However, the beer was fine although not a particularly inspiring selection.

21 Aug 2011 20:44

Grey's Inn, Embleton

Found this place on holiday when searching for somewhere to eat. The beers were from small northern breweries and served in tip-top condition. The food was exceptionally good with the steak pie being, "the best I've ever had", to quote my lady wife. We booked in for later in the week, and were not the only ones to do this. Our first impressions were confirmed and surpassed. This time I drank Allendale Pale Ale which was perfect. The owners are making a real effort to build a reputation for for good pub grub and fine ales, and deserve to succeed.

21 Aug 2011 20:29

Earl of Lichfield Arms, Lichfield

The previous reviewer is spot on, this is just another boring Marston's /Banks's outlet. It used to be a fine establishment bakc in the day but now has little to recommend it. Sad really.

11 Jan 2011 17:41

The Buck, Lichfield

Gone forever. Another pub that Banks'/Marston's couldn't keep going. Why not sell it as a going concern to a brewery that could make it profitable?

11 Jan 2011 17:36

The Royal Oak Inn, Saundersfoot

Nice place, reasonable beer but staff were, to use a previous reviewers post, indifferent.

18 Aug 2010 14:14

The Old Chemist Inn, Saundersfoot

After scratting around the area for somewhere decent to drink while on holiday I came across this place. The pub is on two levels, (I think), the lower being a beer garden that has access to the beach the upper level a small but lively bar that got pretty busy at times. Beer was good without being outstanding with Felinfoel well represented. The juke box was superb and the clientele friendly, food looked pretty good too although I didn't try it. Overall a good find.

18 Aug 2010 14:10

The Flowerpot, Derby

When in Derby I always make time for a beer or two at this marvellous , slightly out of town pub. The interior is clean and spacious and the bar is crammed with handpumps serving mostly small, local breweries products, The beer produced in-house is simply gorgeous; it would be hard to find better even in somewhere so endowed with boozers as Derby. I recommend the Headless KSA. Light and golden with a wonderful hoppy flavour, love at first swig! The staff are both courteous and friendly and I really cannot recommend the place highly enough. However,if you find it not to your liking, you can always pop down the road to the Australian bar for some tasteless fizz.

10 Jul 2010 16:24

Marquis of Cornwallis, Bloomsbury

Good pub, had some excellent Harvey's Sussex Bitter at a reasonable price. The food was pretty good too. Went in here two nights running and found it to be friendly, lively and busy with a wide range of youngish clientele. Well worth finding.
By the way, it is called the Marquis Cornwallis, no 'of' anywhere in sight.

28 Apr 2010 21:02

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Visited at lunchtime and the place was busy. it was a pleasant day though and most punters sat at the tables outside which was fortunate because it meant that the lady wife and I could have a good look round. This is a pub like no other. The interior is all covered in marble and has friezes of monks, doing whatever monks do, on the upper part of the walls. I had a first rate pint of Sharp's Doom Bar at a very reasonable price, in fact it was cheaper than my local! Thoroughly recommended.

28 Apr 2010 20:55

The Horse and Jockey, Lichfield

Just up the road from the Queen's Head this refurbished Banks' pub should provide some real competition as it sells most of its beers at a considerably cheaper price and as a free house it supplies a range that is largely focussed on the products of local breweries. The staff are friendly, efficient and welcoming. The old two-room pub, (where the bar was like somewhere in the wild west), has been converted into a single drinking area with a central bar. The only minus point for me was the TV screens around the place, silently showing soap operas etc. As no-one was really watching them I felt they were an unecessary intrusion, but this is a minor carp about a serious contender in the real ale pub stakes.

25 Apr 2010 16:32

Duke of York, Lichfield

I have visited this old Davenport's pub several times now and feel I can safely say that the place is in good hands. The range of beers is eclectic and they are all in good nick. The bar is spacious and simply kitted out, the lounge is somewhat more cramped, particularly on a Saturday night but this doesn't matter much as the beer is splendido. Pay it visit, you will find it rewarding.

25 Apr 2010 16:13

George and Dragon, Lichfield

I like this small pub on the edge of town and despite, what I think is, a rather unsympathetic refurbishment it remains a decent sort of place to spend an hour or two. Friendly service and well kept beer. My only carp is that as a Marstons house guest beers have gone out of the window and only beers from the Marston's portfolio are now offered rather than genuine guests.

17 Dec 2009 17:08

George IV, Lichfield

New management are trying to restore some semblance of a real pub by offering a genuine guest beer, usually Tim Taylor's Landlord although they have had the ordinary bitter, which I believe is difficult to find outside of Yorkshire, The long and short of it is that the beer is good and well served but the place lacks atmosphere and the clientele tend to have a drink and move on elsewhere.

17 Dec 2009 17:00

The Queens Head, Lichfield

I am afraid to say that IHMO this pub is letting things slide. On three separate visits recently the beer quality was average, in one case very poor and the bar was understaffed leading to fairly long waits to get served. In the past the landlord would not have served other than top notch beer and taken off sale anything that did not come up to scratch. The present management seem to be unconcerned that Lichfields premier beershop is going down the pan.

23 Aug 2009 10:52

The Tarka Inn, Heanton

Basically this is a restaurant and, I might add, not a bad one. On an extremely busy evening the food was of good quality and the staff worked very hard to make sure nobody was waiting for too long, so I will award top marks for that. Unfortunately I was not impressed with it as a pub. Although they were advertising Sharp's Doom Bar and had a handpump clip to that effect I was told that they didn't have any draught beer on. This is simply poor management and thus my rating for this aspect has lowered the overall score. However it is probably worth a punt if you are in the area and hungry.

4 Aug 2009 19:29

Rolle Quay Inn, Barnstaple

Ok, this place might not be to everyone's taste but IMHO it ticks all the important boxes. We called in for a meal there whilst on holiday and kept going back. The beer was wonderfully kept and served and the St. Austell Tribute was the best I've tasted anywhere. The locals, (and it is a locals' pub), were friendly without being intrusive and the food was home cooked, ample and most importantly tasted great. The juke box has some great sounds on it too. Yes, the bar can get a bit lively and the decor is a little dated but these are minor carps. This pub is just brilliant and if I lived in Barnstaple I would make it my local.

4 Aug 2009 19:17

Prince Alfred, Burton-Upon-Trent

I am pleased, (and relieved), to be able to say I have now revisited this excellent establishment and can report that it is still an antidote to all those Australian Bars and theme pubs. It focuses on what pubs should do first and foremost, that is serve a cracking good pint. This it does, selling almost the whole range of Burton Bridge beers as well as an interesting guest ale. The owners are friendly as are the locals. So if you are a nineteen year old lout who wants to drink fifteen pints of lager and then regurgitate the contents whilst having a fight I would humbly suggest you visit the Engine in town and leave this gem to those who prefer a more relaxed pint.

24 May 2009 19:54

Devonshire Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

I have tried the Devvie many times and have enjoyed the excellent beer served there but have never found myself wanting to stay for more than a couple of pints. I can't put my finger on why. Maybe its the atmosphere or perhaps because the Coopers' is just around the corner! Never-the-less I would recommend it.

23 Apr 2009 17:05

The Shoulder Of Mutton, Lichfield

Currently closed as are a lot of pubs.

23 Apr 2009 16:44

The Queens Head, Lichfield

Two and half years on from my last review of this pub things have changed on the beer front and not for the better. Marston's products, (Ringwood, Jenning's, Brakspear), are gradually replacing genuine guest ales and although Tim Taylor's Landlord is still permanently on sale the pub has lost some of it's charm for me. Still good but no longer excellent.

23 Apr 2009 16:42

The Duke of Wellington, Lichfield

This is primarily a 'community pub' and whenever I have been the place is full of locals all enjoying themselves. The landlady and her bar staff are friendly and efficient and the place has a good atmosphere. Although there is a room at the rear the drinking area is an odd shape and gets rather crowded, (I recommend using the side entrance rather than jostling drinkers by using the front door). The beer range is varied and usually includes some from small local breweries. Needless to say it is kept in excellent condition. I can definitely recommend Burn's Night when free haggis and neeps are dished out to all and sundry.

23 Apr 2009 16:26

Duke of York, Lichfield

R.I.P once a great Davenport's house now up for sale.

22 Sep 2008 16:12

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

An update as my earlier comment is two years old. The Tower brewed Thomas Salt's bitter is no longer a regular beer but the pub continues to serve a wide variety of ales with small local breweries well represented.

22 Sep 2008 15:50

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Splendid refuge from the plastic keg palaces that masquerade as pubs. I drank the Bass, (from the cask), and also the St. Austell Tribute both of which were pretty good in this wonderful old place. On the Saturday evening when I visited there was a varied, friendly and lively clientele but not a sign of trouble. I can thoroughly recommend it!

14 Aug 2008 16:51

The Galleon Inn, Fowey

Not really my type of place but served a cracking pint of Sharp's Doom Bar which I drank sitting outside overlooking the river.

1 Aug 2008 16:52

Swan Hotel, Wadebridge

One can only speak as one finds, I ate here a couple of times and the food was well cooked and well presented. The beers were in satisfactory condition and the bar staff helpful and pleasant. Maybe it was because it was early evening or perhaps I just got lucky, but there was no evidence of the sort of despicable behaviour others have mentioned although there was a pathetic Karaoke evening about to take place. To be on the safe side I would only use this pub in the early evening.

1 Aug 2008 16:43

The Cornish Arms, St Merryn

Pleasant pub serving a good pint of St Austell ale. I did not try the food but it looked very good. The landlord and his staff were friendly as were the locals. It did have a rather loud disco on the night I visited and most people sat outside to avoid damaging their hearing. Far better than the Farmer's Arms and not as intimidating.

1 Aug 2008 16:32

The Farmers Arms, St Merryn

First things first, the beers from St Austell brewery were well kept and served, so credit where credit's due. However I have to concur with the previous reviewer in that I found the atmosphere somewhat intimidating, particularly on a Saturday night when the local 'yoof' culture was on show. Rowdy behaviour and loud swearing at the bar do not make good companions to a pint.

1 Aug 2008 16:24

Tredea Inn, Porthcothan

Sharp's Doom Bar, St. Austell Tribute and Skinner's Betty Stoggs Bitter are all available and kept to a high standard in this coastal pub. Although the interior may be a little utilitarian and geared towards food,(there is a large dining room), it is the view and the outdoor verandah and garden that really make this place. I visited several times as a tourist and was made to feel welcome by staff and locals. The food is excellent and reasonably priced. Watching sunset over Porthcothan bay with a pint of Doom Bar, it doesn't get much better! .

1 Aug 2008 16:16

The Red Lion, Barton under Needwood

This pub has recently been taken over by a new landlord and the beer is much improved since my earlier comment. Top marks for effort, shame about the Pedigree.

21 Jun 2008 19:58

The Wetmore Whistle, Burton-Upon-Trent

Only been in once but was most impressed with the quality and range of beers. The only minus is that it is a little off the beaten track for casual visitors, however it is well worth walking the extra yards to find.

21 Jun 2008 19:55

Elms Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Cracking drinking shop serving well kept beers, some from small independent breweries.

21 Jun 2008 19:49

The Gravity, Burton-Upon-Trent

No, just simply no.

2 Mar 2008 13:18

The Three Horseshoes, Barton under Needwood

This is potentially an excellent pub but for some reason it remains one of the less popular inns in the village. The bar is a simple and pleasant room, the lounge is an L shape and, I think, not particulalry cosy. The beer is generally well kept and served although it is a Marston's house and guest beers are from a carefully regulated list. The pub has had a succession of landlords,none of whom seem able to make it a real success, a pity as it is a nice little place.

2 Mar 2008 12:58

The Bay View Inn, Widemouth Bay

Great little pub, beautiful beer and beautiful views.

13 Sep 2007 19:01

The Fountain Head, Branscombe

I visited this splendid pub twice whilst on holiday this year. Once a forge, it is now both cosy and comfortable, and I would be interested to see what it is like in the depths of winter. The beers, from Branscombe Vale are kept in top notch condition. Getting there can be a test of your driving skills and parking tricky but it is well worth the effort.

13 Sep 2007 18:53

The Bentley Brook Inn, Fenny Bentley

The most important thing about this country pub is that it has it's own microbrewery, Leatherbritches whose beers are quite excellent. The pub itself is family friendly and the food is good but maybe a touch pricey. A cosy pub atmosphere is difficult to achieve in a rather large open plan bar, but on thw whole I'd give it the thumbs up.

28 Nov 2006 20:04

The Kings Head, Lichfield

This old boozer is a pleasant enough place to spend an hour or so drinking. Beer is well kept on the whole but you would be well advised to walk round the corner into Sandford Street and visit the Queens Head and find out what a pub should really be like!

28 Nov 2006 19:35

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Excellent two room pub with a good range of real ales, (up to six), all kept in tip top condition. There is also a wide range of continental bottled beer. Reasonably priced, basic but good food is available as are four twin bedded rooms in case one should require an overnight stop. Worth noting though, it does get very busy on Saturday lunchtimes when Derby county are at home.

1 Sep 2006 17:30

Ebrington Arms, Braunton

Old pub in quiet village. We dined there whilst on holiday and the food was very good. Exmoor Bitter is on tap and it was quite pleasant if a little warm.

27 Aug 2006 20:12

The Middle Bell, Barton under Needwood

Modernised pub in the centre of the village. Food is quite good but a little pricey. The furnishings are a bit modern for my taste, sofas in a pub? Sadly the beer is dire and therefore, if you are a serious drinker you will give this place a miss, on the other hand if you are a lover of supercooled lager or vodka shots maybe you will like it.

27 Aug 2006 20:06

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Cracking corner pub which was originally built to cater for the railway workers. It fell into disrepair until some bright spark had the idea of renovating it with a view to opening again. You can find pictures of the state that it was in on the walls. Now it is a popular alehouse come brewery. I thoroughly recommend a visit although car parking is tricky.

27 Aug 2006 19:58

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

This little gem of a pub is a has an array of local characters who make visitors, such as myself and the lady wife, feel very welcome. Several guest beers on tap all competently kept and served. We went back night after night.

27 Aug 2006 19:52

The Horse and Jockey, Freeford

Two room pub with large garden, beer includes the wonderful Tim Taylor's Landlord. Always friendly and welcoming whenever I have visited.

27 Aug 2006 19:46

The Shoulder Of Mutton, Lichfield

Large out of town eatery, but it has the redeeming feature of serving excellent ale. Tim Taylor's Landlord, Lichfield Brewery's latest offering and Adnams bitter. Can't say I like the decor, since when have pubs needed settees and chromium planters? On the whole though a pleasant roomy building with a large outdoor drinking space for those lovely summer evenings..haha.

27 Aug 2006 19:42

Lloyds No.1, Lichfield

Large city bar, no atmosphere, no decent ale. Punters are all gangly youths who drink the coldest lager available and then regurgitate it later and girls who are vacuous eye candy and wear very little. the antithesis of a good pub.

27 Aug 2006 19:37

The Queens Head, Lichfield

This old Lichfield pub got a facelift in the eighties and was one of a few that was set up as a Marston's Ale Shrine. They have all disappeared except this beauty. I shall do not want to echo other reviews so I will move on to the beer! Tim Taylor's Landlord, a prince among ales, is a regular as is Adnams Bitter, (a commoner), but there is always a selection of guest beers often including the Lichfield brewery's offerings. (Oh, and Marston's Pedigree should you wish to be reminded of what constitutes a poor product). The pub itself gets very busy and deserves to. Pay it a visit, you won't regret it.

27 Aug 2006 19:32

The Fountain, Lichfield

This is a good pub, tucked away on the outskirts of town.Worth a visit.

27 Aug 2006 19:24

Acorn Inn, Lichfield

I find myself in agreement with other reviewers. Huge Wetherspoon's outlet, cheap beer of good quality but no soul. Service slow to a snails pace and it does get ridiculously busy.

27 Aug 2006 19:22

Corner House, Burton-Upon-Trent

Large, modern out of town pub. Food is quite good, beer is not so good.

27 Aug 2006 19:19

Lord Burton, Burton-Upon-Trent

Vast, cavernous Wetherspoon's outlet. No soul but cheap beer in good condition.

27 Aug 2006 19:17

Prince Alfred, Burton-Upon-Trent

Owned by Burton Bridge brewery this pub is presently closed for renovation. It was certainly one of my favourites prior to this. I anxiously await the reopening.

27 Aug 2006 19:16

The Red Lion, Barton under Needwood of my acquaintances calls this the Star Wars bar on account of it's clientele although he continues to drink there. The one room pub has a sort of central bar and is well appointed. Sadly the only beers on offer are Marston's Pedigree, (bland and unappetising) and Bank's Original, (or mild as it used to be called). It seems that the idea of a guest ale has been forgotten. Pleasant and friendly but if you enjoy a good pint there are better places.

27 Aug 2006 19:13

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

This small terraced bulding, which is Grade 2 listed, is one of the best public houses I know of. The beer is Thomas Salt's Bitter which is a marvellously drinkable despite it's relatively low gravity and a host of eveer changing guests, all of which are seved in tip-top condition, some directly from the casks that stand on benching in the bar. There is no actual counter and bar staff and locals mix freely.In the larger 'lounge' you can still see the bell pushes on the walls that once brought a steward to your table to take your order. In one word, wonderful.

27 Aug 2006 19:07

The Burton Bridge Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

This is an excellent two room boozer on the old bridge that crosses the river Trent. The staff are friendly as are the locals. It is also the premises for the Burton Bridge brewery where a couple of former brewers from Bass,I believe, continue their trade as a small independent The bar is smallish and gets busy at times, the lounge is larger, more comfortable and non-smoking. The pub also has a skittle alley. The beer is first class. There are a number of different brews but the Burton Bridge bitter is a regular and has a rounded, slighty hoppy flavour. Others include the weaker but equally tasty, Golden Delicious or, if you want something stronger the Porter, brewed to an old recipe is a quality beer.The pub also serves a selection of home made fruit wines. A must if you are visiting the area and like a pint.

27 Aug 2006 19:00

The Shoulder of Mutton, Barton under Needwood

This is a very pleasant and friendly pub which serves very good food in a comfortable atmosphere. Sadly I cannot, in all honesty, recommend the beer. The Bass and Marstons are mediocre to say the least. Guest beer quality is patchy and they tend to be served too early for them to be at their best. However if you drop lucky they can be very good. You pays your money and takes your chances!

26 Aug 2006 19:47

Royal Oak, Barton Under Needwood

This is a wonderful example of everything a pub should be. It has a small, quarry tiled bar with wooden tables and benches and a slightly larger lounge. The landlady and her husband are doing a fine job of preserving this gem, although I would quibble with the presence of a wide screen TV but as this is hardly ever used except for major sporting events it is not intrusive. Marstons Pedigree and various guest beers,(usually two), are kept in superb conditionand served with a smile. If you are looking for thrills, then don't bother coming but if you are looking for an antidote to large, plastic, overcrowded city bars, it might just be the place

26 Aug 2006 19:39

The Hele Bay, Hele Bay

A good alehouse in what is, frankly, a bit of 'beer desert'. The landlord and staff and locals are very friendly and the food is good value for money. Myself the lady wife and the half pints spent a fortnight in Hele this year, (2006), and most evenings ended in the Hele Bay. The beers were Hopback Summer lightning which was kept in good condition, Courage Best Bitter which was surprisingly good for such a poor product and Morland's Old Speckled Hen which is not to my taste so I cannot comment on its condition.

26 Aug 2006 19:25

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