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Comments by hillsidepaul

Farmers Arms, St Davids

Best pub in St David's, but that's not saying much.

13 Aug 2013 22:19

The Grove Hotel, St Davids

Hotel looks ok but the bar is rather sterile and corporate.

13 Aug 2013 22:18

The Park Inn, Mumbles

Remains the best pub inn Mumbles, a proper local

13 Aug 2013 22:15

The Pilot, Mumbles

Friendly pub with a very impressive range of Gower beers.

13 Aug 2013 22:13

The Junction Inn, St Denys

Now open, 8 real ales and a complete restoration. Good to have it back

10 Sep 2012 20:00

The Junction Inn, St Denys

Reopening 18:00 Fri 7th September. Completely renovated and with a much larger range of beers.

23 Aug 2012 20:40

The South Western, St Denys

Well kept beer with a reasonable range tending towards the stronger end. Friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere.

But and it's a big but a transparent desire to rip the customer off. The cheapest beer costs 3.50 a pint! One of The beers (swift One) is avalable half a mile away in the Guide Dog for 2.80.

London prices for a pub that takes its customers and their wallets for mugs.

8 Apr 2012 14:12

The Dolphin, St Denys

Continuing to improve. Friendly with an increasing range of beers.

8 Apr 2012 13:59

The Junction Inn, St Denys

I am told the pub will reopen but it will take awhile as listed building consent is required for the work that needs to be done.

Hopefully sometime later in the summer.

15 Mar 2012 15:04

The Red Lion, Swanage

Still the best pub in Swanage. The beer range is probably the biggest in Swanage but still a bit "tame", the real reason to drink here is the extensive range of draught ciders, the best for miles around.

A proper pub.

29 Jun 2011 16:40

The Masons Arms, Warminster

Visited on bank holiday Monday afternoon with 9 other people all looking for food. The Landlady was very friendly and helpful, we thought we would want sandwiches until we saw the pie menu. Really good short crust pastry pies. Top class.

I drank the Plain Ales Innspiration which was in very good condition. Finished off by getting 4 pints of real cider to take out for 8 quid.

If i lived in Warminster I would visit this pub a lot.

31 May 2011 19:00

The Dolphin, St Denys

Sadly now closed.

29 May 2011 15:00

The Speaker, Westminster

Nice pub, friendly and a good range of beer.

29 May 2011 14:59

Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

best pub in central Newport, yes I know but it's an accolade of sorts.

18 Apr 2011 14:23

Grofield Inn, Abergavenny

Rather bright but clean and friendly with some good real ale.

18 Apr 2011 14:09

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

A proper Pub (OK it's a Hotel, but you know what I mean) with a top class range of beer served in pristine condition.

22 Feb 2011 19:21

The Bridge, Topsham

Thank god they operate 1914 opening hours, otherwise I would never leave. Beer, conversation and a fire, works for me.

22 Feb 2011 19:10

The Junction Inn, St Denys

Forget the Greene King sign, I had a top class pint of mild (greene King) very good Brains Bitter (Brains) and an splendid pint of Yorkshire terrier (York). I could also have had Timothy Taylors Landlord AND the full range of Greene King beers.

The Licensee's tell me they are going to have even more freedom to source real ales outside of the Green King stable, good news, an already very good pub has just got better.

29 Jan 2011 15:40

Kings Arms, Abergavenny

The brewery tap for the Tudor brewery with three real ales named after local mountains. A very old pub with a large function room/cellar used for various events.

Good food,good beer and a nice old pub. Only complaint, a very obtrusive and totally unnecessary television in the main bar. TURN IT OFF.

26 Aug 2010 18:47

Y Cantreff Inn, Abergavenny

Well kept pint of Rhymney bitter, but oh dear, this is a pub that someone has clearly spent money on renovating in order to destroy any atmosphere. It's like it was planned by someone who has heard of pubs but has never been in one.

Stark white tiles behind the bar match stark white walls and office style blinds on the windows. If somebody was to get rid of these "improvements" then this pub might have a chance.

25 Aug 2010 12:08

Hen and Chickens, Abergevenny

nice pub that had a renovation a few years ago (original features removed to be replaced with "olde" to make it more "authentic"), has anyone ever known this to work, EVER.

Having said that it is a friendly pleaseant pub serving well kept Brains beers and good pub food.

25 Aug 2010 11:52

The Bridgend Inn, Govilon

friendly local with a couple of well kept real ales. Food served and a real fire.

24 Aug 2010 19:05

The Royal Oak, Borough

Still top class.

11 Jun 2010 17:20

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Continues to set the real ale standard for the rest of the City.

7 Apr 2010 19:51

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Can,t say better than the last review, spot on!

7 Apr 2010 19:50

The Whalebone, Hull

Worth finding. good atmosphere and best beer in Hull.

7 Apr 2010 19:47

The Red Lion, Swanage

Great range of cider and real ale. A proper pub not just a summer tourist trap like most in Swanage.

7 Apr 2010 19:45

Station Hotel, Abergavenny

Friendly local with the best kept real ales in town.

7 Apr 2010 19:40

The Junction, Baildon

OMG I have died and gone to beery heaven.

7 Apr 2010 19:38

The Junction Inn, St Denys

Top class local, a listed victorian pub (still got a bar billiards table), good pub food and a friendly atmosphere.

In the Good Beer Guide because the beer is kept in very good condition. Yes it is Greene King Who are notorious for only ever producing mid-brown low hopped beers but the difference here is that the licencees are continually pushing GK on their guest beer policy. So as well as the full GK range (including the rarely avalable mild) the often have beers like Brains best, Timothy Taylors Landlord and Okells bitter.

This part of Southampton is well served for good real ale pubs and in my opinion the Junction is top of the tree.

7 Apr 2010 19:36

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