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Church Hotel, Manchester

ive been to pubs all over britain and beyond and this is the worse place the worse experience iv had in 35 yrs is this place for real? how its still open is anybodys didt stsrt off right well when the 4 handpumps were redundant and the excuse of who i presume was the landylady didnt even know what cask ale was. she screamed and balled at us like a mad banshee when we tried to take our drinks outside for a bit of fresh air to escape from the putrid smell and over loud trash that was been played on the music system. the upholstery was disgusting you dare not sit down one seat in the pool room looked like someone had pissed on it. in a day and age when pubs are closing at the drop of a hat it amazes me how this shitole survives, or is there a reason for that ? the clientele look like they have walked in straight from the shameless set. coundt wait to get out then we went to the kings head for a decent pint in more comfortable atmosphere

29 Sep 2014 12:43

Kings Head Hotel, Droylsden

stopped by for a drink on the way to the football a droylsden fc and the good thing is the pub is next to the ground, decent ale from holts i had a pint of holts bitter also on was holts mild and ipa. it was quite busy as they have sky sports. also if you are going to the game next door and you like real ale it might well be a good idea to stay in here right up till kick off as the club house has no cask

29 Sep 2014 11:53

The Pot Still, Glasgow

got to be the best pub in glasgow. 4 real ales, all locally sourced. very friendly staff who are passionate about the pub and the products they sell, only a few minutes walk from central station this has to be the destination bar for lovers of good beer and of course whiskey, where there are more than 300 to choose from.

18 Apr 2012 15:53

The Crescent Hotel, Ilkley

the new crescent is a lot better now. up to 8 real ales.including local ilkley and copper dragon brewery.the food menu is very imaganative and reasonably priced , the staff have allways been cheerfull even coming to your table and asking if you would like more drinks. there are 2 large screens showing all major sporting events, and there is also seating outside. all in all i think this is now the best venue in ilkley , a town now blessed with numurous pubs selling good quality real ales from local brewers

7 Dec 2011 10:29

The Station Inn, Whitby

you can not fault the station for the quality and choice of beer one small gripe though all beers were over £3 a pint. but i tasted the best camerons strongarm ive ever had.

7 Sep 2011 15:22

The Shambles, Whitby

well after making 3 more visits in the last couple of days i can now confirm this is the best pub in whitby. for a lot of good reasons, the quality of the beer each pint superb . the choice of the ales, including 1 from the cropton brewery 2 from copper dragon,+at least 6more.the friendliness of the staff, the good sized and reasonable priced food. and of course the location and the view.

7 Sep 2011 15:18

The Big Angel, Whitby

this shitehole is now boarded up. its about time too it attracted all the low life and cretins from teeside. i must say though the premises are in a great location and it would be a shame if it was not kept as a pub

7 Sep 2011 15:09

The Crown Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

cant understand a previous reveiw about surley staff. when i asked if we could stay in our motorhome while using it as a support vehicle for some people that were doing the 3 peaks, they were very accomodating . the beer which had 3 different offerings from theakstons were very good .the menu looked intresting.and the ale was a damm side cheaper than in the pubdown the road

28 Aug 2011 10:36

The Golden Lion Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

good real ale selection .taylors landlord , black sheep, and thwaites origanal all perfect. serverd by friendly staff. the pub has 3 rooms a lounge where there is a tv. a tap. and a largr restraunt / function room. this is a good area for walking and they let you leave your car in the car park all day for £2 this is considerbly cheaper than the public car park. what isnt cheap is the price of the beer. £3.40 a pint. is bordering on extortionate, up the road in the crown a pint of theakstons was a quid cheaper.

28 Aug 2011 10:27

The Devonshire Arms, Cracoe

well after waiting at the bar for ten minutes and me been the only person waiting i eventually got serverd a nice pint of marstons, the barmaid said thats£2.70 please, so she looked a bit confused when i gave her £2.80, youve given me 10p too much . i said i havnt but the beer tax has gone up since i walked in , she didnt see the funny side, and i was told to drink up and leave.

25 Apr 2011 12:23

The Old Well, Barnard Castle

got to agrre with the last post, we walked into 2 other pubs on sunday afternoon and they had no real at all. then we went to the old well , and i was pleased we did , 5 real ales courage timmy taylors and 3 guests which were from the county durham / nyorks area. the pub itself is a bit deceptive from the street because it looks like a 2 room place but it is very large it consists of 2 bar areas a dining room a consevatory and a fuction room. and a lovely beer garden,which is a suntrap as we found out . if you are reading this review this week they are holding a beer festival at the/wend

19 Apr 2011 08:48

New Delight Inn, Blackshaw

the beer range in such a rermote location has to be aplauded ,there was 4 real ales on 2 from the bridestones well as a good selection of continetal lagers. it was fairly busy on a late sunday afternoon, and after a pretty srtrenues walk it was nice to relax with a locally brewed pint. i also noticed behind the car park there was a area for camping. pubs in remote areas are struggeling at these times so it was good to see the new delight bucking the trend.

4 Apr 2011 09:28

Walters Bar, Hull

must be the best pub in hull for a range of real ciders and ale. a modern feel to this pub with plush black sofas low lighting and upbeat tunes.but the draw must be for the drinks 10 handpumps good selection of foreign beers , and spirits i went to walters on the strength of the reviews on this site whilst waiting in hull to catch the ferry to belgium... nearly missed the boat i had to be dragged out

26 Mar 2011 10:06

Strickland Arms, Kendal

we make this a destination venue, for the beer and the food never fails on quality and choice on both. my hotpot on sunday was the best ive had and the choice of local real ales was well chosen with a blonde a bitter and a stout all featured. well deserves the awards it has won, may it continue to thrive in these difficult times in this trade

11 Mar 2011 20:52

The Palatine, Morecambe

this must be the best pub on morecambe promanade by a fast incoming tide.{that a take on a country mile} but then again it hasnt much competition,with the dreadfull kings almost next door, owned by the lancaster brewery it showcases the full range of thier brews .i sampled a blonde and a red and they were both spot on. it is a one room pub but the way its been layed out with dark wood furniture makes it feel very airy and continental , one of the tables over looks the bay . there is food available in a sorrt of build your own meal tapas sort of way. although we didnt eat plenty around us were. worth mentioning also was the friendly barman who was passionate about his work and the company he works for

10 Mar 2011 09:18

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

on my last 2 visits to the flagship of the leeds brewery there own beers have tasted of gnats piss, the tables never seem to be cleared the food is overpriced. and the toilets are filthy , this said the folk who drink in there let them get away with it. ....tut go down the steps to the scarbourgh taps where the leeds brewery beers are well kept and cheaper

3 Mar 2011 23:09

Edwards Bar, Leeds

the picture house which was formally a edwards must be one of the best changed bars in leeds,6 real ales on my last visit including a superb everads tiger. in a area thats got 3 jd wetherspoond within its vicinity the picture house is way above the best in the area

3 Mar 2011 23:02

Plough, Sheffield

i go walking with a group and we always end for a social drink before the coach picks us up. well i wish every pub at the end of the walk was like the plough. great location good range of local real ales.lovely food. passionate landlord freindly bar staff, and £2 a pint. the ales are mostly from the nearby bradfield brewery which you can see from the front door bradfield blonde,plough, furrow, and brown cow were all on offer along with a beer from the thorne brewery near doncaster. also there was a proper cider. the best thing though was the cost .two quid a pint makes it cheaper than wetherspoons.i didnt eat but a friend did and there was no complaints about his plaice and chips.full range of roasts available on this sunday. the pub is serverd by a bus that connects with the hillsbourgh interchange . i will be going again very does the advert go...carlsberg dont do pubs but if they did it would be the plough.

2 Mar 2011 08:30

The Royal Shepherd Inn, Skipton

always found the beer in here best in skipton, always 3 copper dragon and 1 guest . friendly bar staff , good food menu , small beer garden right next to the canal which comes into its own on a nice summers day.lovely place i go to every time i visit skipton.

21 Feb 2011 10:50

Nosh Brasserie and Bar, Skipton

went for sunday lunch ,after two previous good meals this was a bit of a let down . the place was freezing .the food was well below average ,it was expensive i mean 11.95 for a lambuger with a bit of feta and a few home cooked chips and 11 quid for only what can be described as a mixed meat stew in a red runny gravy , i ordered a pint of black sheep bitter but was brought a bottle of copper dragon golden pippen which was too cold and got no explanation what had happened to the black sheep. but the biggest shock was when the bill came and they charged £3.75 for the beer. including a starter of whitebait the bill came to £33 , expenive for what we had ,the only saving grace is that i whippd out my high life diners card and got £11 knocked off. the place was quite and it no wonder why.shame really,cause previous visits had been a lot better. nosh needs to raise the bar because there are a lot of other establishments in skipton aiming for the same market and one only has to look at what happened to canalside

21 Feb 2011 10:40

The Fighting Cock, Bradford

easily bradfords best real ale house. every visit the beer has been in tip top form, also a good selection of real ciders and perry.ok ther are no creature comforts and the food menu is limited but if your looking for good quality ales, regulary changing guests from all corners of britain.the fighting cock has to be a destination venue.. oh and by the way if you are hungry and want a indian turn left out of the door walk to the top of the street turn left again to the punjab grill house.easily the best pub and indian,within 500yds of each other.....bliss

25 Jan 2011 09:24

The Old Scalby Mills, Scarborough

wow ; great views great beer great food and friendly staff. this was my 3rd visit to the scalby mills and it has impressed on each occasion.on my last ,on new years day me and my partner dodged the waves on a walk from the north bay car park along the prom for lunch.first a few beers whilst taking in the view over north bay to the imposing castle.brews from copper dragon, wold top, and captain cook,whose endeavour 4.3% was pick of the day. i ordered fish and chips, and my partner a steak sandwich. the fish was more like a whale. so we left full up and ready for the walk back.and looking foreward to my next visit ps this establishment hasnt got to be confused with the dreadfull scalby manor nearby..

15 Jan 2011 09:41

The British Lion, Folkestone

on a snowy cold thursday night. what better is there than a real coal fire and a pint of real ale?. well at the british lion you get both. intresting choice of beer in guiseley i was suprised to see a wharfebank and a saltaire brewerys beer both brewed 3 miles from where i live yet 260 miles from home. any way the abbotts was on top form, i noticed the menu sourced all it food locally,and there was fresh folkestone crab {not frozen}although it would have been that nite oh and thanks to the folk who roasted the chestnuts on the fire, they were superb

8 Dec 2010 10:35

The Brotherswater Inn, Hartsop

stayed on the campsite this weekend. went in for a drink on fri and sat night , on both evenings the 4 handpulled ales were on good form. jennings ale barngates gold, hobgobblin and the local tirrel acadamy.the place was very busy with people who were staying in the hotel ,campsite or the bunkhouse barn all talking about thier days walk. the food looked good although we didnt eat . i would deffintly would recomend a visit . i suppose the biggest attraction is the view from the rear beer garden stunning to say the least

17 Oct 2010 22:22

The Shambles, Whitby

i notice the station has won another camra pub of the season award, and rightly so. but they may wish to take a small look over their shoulder, because the shambles is on the up.i didnt put on a review after my first visit but i feel obliged after yesterdays afernoon delight. well on a hot sunny day the shambles was heaving ,was it for the harbourside location the friendly barstaff the good choice of reasonably priced food, the free sunday papers or and the big or the choice and quality of the real ale on offer ,i could just manage to count the number of handpumps on both hands , ther were 3 theakstons 2 copper dragon, 2 wold top, 1 york plus the usual n/yorks suspect john smiths.the barman told me the ale changes on a quick basis. so i go for all the reasons.the only downside is they let people smoke on the balcony overlooking the harbour,shame this is my only gripe. it will not suprise me if the camra award makes its way to the other side of the esk in the very near future

6 Sep 2010 12:34

Farmers Arms, Ulverston

it would also help if i reviewed the right pub. we were in fact in the farmers in ulverston market place.

6 Sep 2010 12:02

The Station, Guiseley

this pub has come on a bit over the last year thanx to the new management ,stocking a good selection of locally sourced real ales ,on my last visit ther were contributions from saltaire,leeds,and ilkley.only problem is as its always been with the station its the center of the local youth club

24 Jul 2010 11:43

The Chevin, Menston

small pub part of a small chain , never eaten here although its only a 10min walk from home but and this is the best but the views from the beer garden must be one of the best in britain you can see for miles and miles down the spectacular lower wharfe valley..

21 Jul 2010 19:45

The Board Inn, Whitby

just a quick post i go in here for the view,but now i go in for the real ale as well. a good selection and the 2 drinks i had deuchers ipa and theakstons op were both in tip top can really work up a thirst walking up and down those 199 steps so why dont you quench it while watcing the comings and goings in the harbour

17 Jul 2010 18:00

The Pier Inn, Whitby

ive spent a few quid in this pub in the past but they last had my money last year because on my visit this week i became the invisible man at the bar,after checking a group of youthes id i waited waited and was then ignored by the two bar staff,who served at least two people that walked in well after me..

17 Jul 2010 17:51

The Hart Inn, Sandsend

after a walk from staithes to sandsend on a hot july day,the first thing we wanted was a good beer and then a good lunch.the hart delivered on both. a good pint of black sheep ale and a refreshing shandy was followed by a excelent whiby crab sandwich and a creel scampi .the service was swift,and friendly.the bar isnt the largest but there is a beer garden overlooking the anyone walking the cleveland way. who loves real ale and good food must make this a destination stop....

17 Jul 2010 17:43

Junction Inn, Otley

went to the new wetherspoons opening.had one pint left and went to the juction fer the rest of the afternoon,nuff said

10 Jul 2010 13:30

The Timble Inn, Timble

lovely setting in the washburn valley for this recently reopened pub cum hotel. emphasis is on food which myself and my partner both enjoyed, my fish and chips were cooked to perfection .i think the fish is sourced from ramus seafood emp a well known retailer. the beer selection is not large but all beers tasted on my last 2 visits have been exceptional, these included beers from hambleton,theakstons, and copper dragon,there is a small beer garden to the rear which is great on these long lazy summer days, the owner is very friendly,and very enthusiastic.and at a time when rural pubs are finding it difficult it is refreshing to see someone giving it a go.lovely pub lovely food good real ale, and a fantastic area,no excuses then...

10 Jul 2010 13:24

The Watermill Inn, Ings

how dare somebody go into this pub and order a stronbow is quite beyond me..get some real ale you know you want

12 Jun 2010 10:08

The Dog and Gun Inn, Oxenhope

called in for a pint during a walk.around the stunning.area in which this pub is located. the bar staff were very friendly and polite , asking us if we were eating. shame then that we had a packed lunch cos the menu looked very intresting with a good choice for veggies, full range of timothy taylors beers, and this was my only let down the pint of tt bitter was not so good ..just passable.wish i had have a bit more time to try a few of the others cause sometimes its hard to judge by one drink..

18 May 2010 10:10

The Bay Horse, Oxenhope

re last review it was empty when i called in on sunday has a copper dragon logo on the frontage,but when i asked for a copper dragon beer the barmaid said they dont sell thier ales. tried something from the nearby cullingworth brewery and it tasted like gnats piss,only other choice was tetleys bitter needless to say i didnt stay long.and its no wonder why this place is empty

18 May 2010 10:00

The Riverhead Brewery Tap, Marsden

i find the riverhead brewerys beer very sweet the pint of march haigh i tried was like a sugar rush...2 friends and myself tried a few of the riverheads and ossetts range and strangley enough a pint of fullers london pride was voted best this all in the amusment of a chap keeling over at the bar through drink.tut...

3 May 2010 10:00

Charters Bar, Peterborough

got to say this was no dissapointment the ale range was fantastic the barstaff let my wife try a few tasters till she founnd one she liked.. and the story of how they got the barge under the bridge was told to me in great detaial ...

29 Apr 2010 14:46

The Lord Rodney, Keighley

cant understand the reviews on the top up policy i ordered a landlord and the nice girl who served me said ill just let it settle. and topped it up ..ok it was not the best pint of tt that ive drunk but not the worst ..i can also see why the pub does not go down well with the locals a real smart trendy place in the shitest dump of a town in west yorkshire..

20 Apr 2010 10:28

The Cricketers Arms, Keighley

worth tracking down this great 1 room backstreet gem .on my visit there were 2 moorhouses one called taster, it was7abv .and only served in a3quart glass.very tasted like a watered down barley wine much better was the rudgates . nice friendly staff. i also think it is a music venue. one downside on leaving there was a group of people supping a bottle of white lighting wrapped in a morrisons bag .....tut get yourselves in and try some real ale

20 Apr 2010 10:21

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

went sunday lunch very quiet but not dissapointed with the beer selection a range from leeds, marston moor , great heck, black sheep,york,brewerys tried a mild and it was v good friendly staff,right oppoite the minster , only moan the 2 pints i bought came to 20p short of £6 but i suppose you have to get that in a tourist hot spot.

19 Apr 2010 10:47

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

very pretentious very expensive very slow servivce and the drabist cold real ale ale of our w/end

9 Mar 2010 16:48

The Doric Tavern, Edinburgh

just read the last review and it was posted 2 years ago. well lets fast forward to 2010. clean and friendly. stewarts80= perfect. bellhaven bitter v good deuchers ipa average , steak and ale pie one of the best ive ever tasted.. and as for the service i enquired what cullen skink was and the chef even wrote down the recipe ...

9 Mar 2010 16:42

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

what a gem could say it but this is what a proper boozer should be 8 real ales and the pale that i tried from the orkney brewery was perfect. well worth the walk from grassmarket. and dare i say none of the rabble of the lager swillers in there on my 2 visits. just on the downside and i know its a capital city but £3.60 to £3.85 a pint is a bit steep

9 Mar 2010 16:34

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

well this is probably the best real ale pub in edinburgh . on our visit on a busy friday night there were about 10 real ales some from smaller scottish brewerys such as orkney as well as some of the more well known like harvistoun .,of which i tried a bitter and twisted. it was excellent, as was the caledonian sea dog . it was also good to note that all the caledonian beer was priced at £2.30 a pint .on the down side called in for lunch on saturday and paid £8.95 for haggis neaps and tatties i mean i could have put that together for a quid...tut...

9 Mar 2010 16:22

Duke of York Inn, Grindleton

went for sunday lunch and were welcomed by a very freindley member of the staff. only 2 cask ales on offer black sheep bitter and thwaites origanal which was well kept . we decided to go fo the 2 course sunday lunch and chose to sit in the old part of the pub as the newish part of the dining room was very busy ,.my fish soup with aioli and grated ceddar was different to say the least but the flavours partners starter of salmon fishcake was passable .. it was then that it started to go wrong. having waited almost 25mins the main courses arrived.nothing wrong with ny veal turkey and mushroom pie in fact it was very good but the monkfish in the taggetelle was so raw that the gills were still moving .it was taken away without complaint but no appology. but when it came back i had finished my meal/ such a shame because id looked forward to going here maybe a bad choice of food on a busy day

18 Jan 2010 12:38

Farmers Arms, Ulverston

where do i start after the disaster that was the bay horse at canal foot the farmers is the total opposite impossing establishment at the top of the market square the farmers ticked all the right boxes in a area dominated by hartleys -robinsons it was nice to see other brewerys ale on the 7 handpumps the place itself has a sort of wine bar look about it but dont let that put you off the young barman was very friendly and helpfull and just before we left some food was placed on the bar for all to try this must be one of the best pubs in ulverston although the sun inn and the laurel and hardy had been recomended to us both were closed on the tues afternoon

4 Nov 2009 21:19

Anglers Arms, Ulverston

on my visit on a sunday afternoon whilst on holiday 3 of us tied all 5 of the real ales on offer and there were no complaints the pub is in 2 parts a dining area and a a bit of a tap room with a pool table and a tv dart board ect allthough we did not eat the resteraunt looked very busy the pub is just across the road from the haverthwaite stem railway so if you dare try and cross it the anglers is well worth the wait

4 Nov 2009 21:06

The White Hart Inn, Bouth

stayed at the black beck campsite on a walking holiday with 2 mates last week and this was our local lucky us sunday night 6 real ales 2 from the nearby coniston brewery bluebirdxb and old man were both on form and between us we tried all one complaint was made about a pint of black sheep this was removed and replaced by a coniston stout called again on monday and ate there on wednesday the food was very good and a starter of spiced parsnip soup was top notch i can highly recomend this traditional southlakeland pub for both its ale and food i think the land lord shed a tear when we said we were moving on in the morning afer putting the best part of £100 in his coffers

4 Nov 2009 20:35

Bay Horse, Ulverston

what can i say after walking part ot the cumbria coast path myself and 2 mates called in last tuesday lunchtime the sorry fact is that when we were served all three hand pumps ale was off and i mean off and to make matters worse the young lady told us the barman doubles up as the chef and he didnt have time to change the barrels so we left thirsty walked up the canal towpath and enjoyed a very pleasent afternoon in the farmers

4 Nov 2009 20:20

Junction Inn, Otley

every visit is a pleasure this has to be along with the hunters at pool in wharfedale the best real ale pub in west yorkshire 3 permanant beers are complimented by at least 4 guests the landord is very knowlagable and passionate about his trade and while other pubs in otley are closing down this is packed to the rafters most nights and its easy to see why

24 Oct 2009 10:33

The Black Dog, Belmont

looking a bit run down a decent pint of holts bitter non the less such a shame because it has great potential looks like it could do with a makeover didnt try the food so cant comment but ther was only one group eating and it was 3pm on sunday afternoon so that should say something

6 Oct 2009 16:31

The Poole Arms, Poole

walked in with my wife and daughter [14yrs] got to the bar ready to order kids in ere now i thought a kid was a goat so i told the landlord this time to leave me thinks

7 Sep 2009 12:34

The Black Bear Hotel, Wareham

called in for lunch whilst on holiday last week did a lot of eating out and this was the top of the tree excelent from walking in to walking out a nice pint of ringwood old thumper was followed by a lovely meal a query on a type of fish on the specials board was expertly answerwed by the efficiant team of staff the lamb rump was cooked to perfection and my partners shellfish pasta was a heaving mussel and clam filled bowl and what a loveley hotel as well a large beer garden at the back was a nice way to end our visit with a good pint of ringwood badger

7 Sep 2009 12:27

The Watermill Inn, Ings

real ale and food heaven thats the best way to sum the watermill up its no wonder it has won camra awards each pint my friend and myself tried was well kept but it was the food that i will always remember this evening by i went with my family and amate mid june on a sunday night my wife had a seafood pasta and it was the best she had tasted my mate had a superb steak and ale pie that was deffinatly more dog than kennel if you know what i mean my daughters spag bol was kept to herself requests of can i try a bit resulted in no its all mine i well my lamb henry was so tender i gummed to death we also had 3 starters and the total bill excluding drinks was a reasonable £52 so if you are staying in the area or driving on to windemere it is well worth a stop

15 Aug 2009 17:00

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