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The Bay Horse, Wakefield

I'm a little late posting this as we went on Father's Day, but here I am now because we've been there today. Dad could have the battered fish he likes so much which isn't on Sunday's menu, which is a plus. And after a lovely meal they helped us get dad down the ramp in his wheelchair. Kind customer service like this deserves recognition. Well done to all the staff at The Bay Horse and a BIG thank you!
PS The Lamb was gorgeous today, we'll be coming again!

14 Jul 2013 17:22

The Boltmakers Arms, Keighley

Smashing place. Best Timmys for many a mile + wacky pop memorabilia in the back room.

1 Jun 2012 09:32

Woolly Sheep Inn, Skipton

Some friends don't rate this place, but I quite liked it. Good Timmy Taylors beer, but like alot of pubs in Skipton - TOO expensive

1 Jun 2012 09:28

The Narrow Boat, Skipton

Very nice pub - worth searching out. Bear in mind, though, the place ain't cheap!

1 Jun 2012 09:25

The Waggon and Horses, York

Because of the odd spelling of "waggon", I'm sure some visitors to York miss this place - but well worth finding. Excellent atmosphere and great beer.

1 Jun 2012 08:42

The Swan, York

Excellent pub, with good beers - the Slip just up the road is good too. Slightly out of town, but well worth the trip

1 Jun 2012 08:34

The Slip Inn, York

Out of the way pub, but well worth the trip. Good beer, and a nice outdoor area for a sunny day. Two minutes from the Swan - a great double act!

1 Jun 2012 08:31

The Phoenix, York

A little gem. Lovely decor, and excellent beer.

1 Jun 2012 08:27

The Ackhorne, York

Well worth seeking out (look for the small sign at the end of the road). Nice place with good beer and friendly staff.

1 Jun 2012 08:23

The Three Legged Mare, York

A Quality pub. Excellent atmosphere, great choice of beer. What more do you need?

1 Jun 2012 08:20

The Maltings, York

If you like to be badmouthed by officious bar staff, this is the place for you. In a city full of friendly pubs selling decent beer, the Maltings is definitely the one to avoid. Last went on race day, so Bouncers were on the door, but the only trouble being caused was by the jumped up idiots behind the bar. They DO NOT deserve our trade.

1 Jun 2012 08:13

The White Swan Hotel, Middlestown

Closed down. Due to be refurbished, but not as a pub.

Little Bull across the road has very nice beer and cider.

27 Apr 2011 00:48

The Little Bull, Middlestown

Recently reopened (by Mel who used to manage the Brewer's Pride) with lots of real ale. Bob's White Lion is now regular, and in fine form, as well as Ossett stuff. Excelsior was on at the weekend. Four real pumps at the mo, and Mel intends to install some more. Addlestones Cider should be on soon. Lot's of music being planned too. Well worth a trip

9 Aug 2010 12:34

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