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Hoopers, Camberwell

WHAT???????? No post's since 4/09??!!
The bloke is such a self-serving, self-publicist that I cant he hasnt posted several himself. Must have been taken off.

He's a rude little swine I can tell you!

26 Oct 2010 18:35

The Bull, Horton Kirby

Put quite simply - this is the best pub in he entire universe!!!!!!!!!!!
The essence of a community pub. Garrat is the ideal landlord in every sense (15 should do mate). Cloe the ideal pub dog (I despide all and any staffie's / bull-type terier's but she's so soft and gorgeous). Just try to fault this place. Never a bad pint. Would move from 99.9 to 100% if all glasses were jug's. Range, quality of beer abso superb!!!! Now the new 'Kent Brewery' on too. I live by Crystal Palace and I go to the Bull as often as poss! [Chequers in Farningham Village and The Bridges down the road form the Bull make very good stopovers to the Bull. Nose-bag is great. Its all great.

26 Oct 2010 18:31

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

Visited upon recomendation on Sat 21 March. I adore 1930's pubs and was not dissapointed. Great deco era fireplace. Wooden wall pannelling. Obviously not 100% original: wouldnt make the National or Regional Inventory of pubs with historic interiors (if you into old OLD pubs - read these books and 'Licensed to Sell'). Beer wise: Not a bad Bass but the Brakespears Bitter was really, really good and at 2.80 at todays prices. If you visit and think the same - tell the govna. At least that way the bar mngr will get a good rap (as they say in the U.S.). An average of 20 people split between two bars between 8 and 12 pm.

30 Mar 2009 18:32

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

The new (last 1.5 years) / current landlady (forgotten her name) keeps the beers great. She the one running the place out of the present guys under Terry's ownership (wouldnt know him if I met him). The fella there, John is a largerite and seems to just take a back seat. The two youngs lads probably are too but its still a great gaff. The new murals are fab and unique. Same old crowd, same juke box. Much much better lighting in the place now (you can actually see if the darts are being thrown now and the players can see the board). They've been toying with the concept of reupholstering the bench seats but it may not be worth it - they've about 2-3 years on the lease I've heard with all the re-dev going on to the rear. Thus and as I've said before - if you're one of these Greater London based so called 'real ale fanatics' who "havent got around to getting here as yet / oh it's just too far away" (pathetic) - you lot use the place before it does get shut down for good!

16 Feb 2009 09:22

The Two Doves, Bromley

Only been here/ther twice. Once in the very pleasant rear conservatory which is full of ambient light, the 2nd last October in the unbelievably long rear garden which as a previouys report says is very well tended. Supping the very well tended Sharps Cornish Coaster (9/10) under the gazebo on a really hot (for time of year) lazy Sunday afternoon was so good! I just cant understand why the bar lady (mousy blonde one) was so unfriendly and inhospitable!!! As per that pubspy bloke in the news shopper papar, this place is reknown for mistrusting (and utterly miserable) locals. That bar woman was horrible! Otherwise well worth a visit - only just off the main road. (Stick the Youngs crap).

16 Feb 2009 08:39

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

To reiterare - its a real locals/and non local for that matter, and ale GEM!

10 Jun 2008 19:07

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Never knew this was here until a mate suggested it at the Sweeps on the Monday. Wow! I'm London based - suffice it to say - I'll be back! Soon! Even bought the t-shirt. Guy who served me was great (tall, short gelled hair). What a beer range, what cellar quality. What a fantastically great historic building. Tucked away where you'd have to know it (or be given three completely different sets of directions by locals). Who can blame em. Warewolf & Vixen morris in the pub were just right for the place (I love the biker/pagan type of places)and the beer of the same name was fantastic. A gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Jun 2008 19:06

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Yes - well done Dave et all. One of my fave two out of, say 10 or so of Londons' core ale pubs. Last week went to drop something off and move to the Sultan (10 mins trott between them for those not been)when Dave decided to put on White Horse 'Saracen' IPA @ c3.4%! Uhm, well, the night was written off history and twas overhung next day. Oh my god what a pint. That folks is the Traf. Thats why they're SW Ldn POTY. GO!!!!!!!!

[When you have a dangerous mate living just round the corner from a 'dangerous'ly good pub with very friendly and intersting banter, surroundings like this, beer like that, no tacky plastic gaming machines, desperate juke box, prattish 16 year olds, etc etc - well, but the bare essentials of a trad community pub - yeah you can end up being unwell the next day]. Let the brainless chavs have their pubs and we'll have ours. Yes, being a 1st class ale place you will find the occasional, uhm...'interesting' died-in-the-wool, dirty shirted Camra bod but dont worry, were not all like thatin Camra! (Sorry Geoff, if you wont print it, then I'll say it elsewhere). 20/10!!

3 Jun 2008 19:21

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Last two visits - very bad beer quality - or is the Palmers supposed to be old tasting. I'll wager its not. Good to see it though - where else?? No, needs a quality check (Sat 31/05)& I dont mean cask marque! Derrick (correct?) a nice guy though. Right next to tram and bus - easy to get to.

3 Jun 2008 19:03

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

As I say to folk: the Wen' is 'MECCA'!!!!!!!!

Again - so called ale fans within the Gtr London area with the old "oh its sooooo far" (they happily go 100's of miles to other parts of the country for a good pub mind!) - very few times have I been to the Wen without meeting folk from Hampshire, Lincolnshire - even heard about guys from the US of A! Again: "off the beaten track". NO IT BLOODYWELL ISNT - IT IS LITERALLY 4.75 MINS WALK FROM CITY RD (OLD STREET END)I've just timed it! Transport galore.
Yeah, the carpet is like a skating rink now, not sure why they keep it (anyone who remembers Terry the small grey dulux terrier (R.I.P) well, he was actually white!!! Come onn Steve/Will/etc - get the damn hoover out! Its like the gothic horror show). Loos stink here too from outside! But otherwise - MECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Jun 2008 19:00

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

30/05/08 app. 21:45: The usual 4 out of 6 pumps on. One finnished. 2 nelson - 1 light, 1 dark (mild) / 1 Oakleaf. Well I love it here. The new W'wich dockyard murals are really good and add a nice dimension. The pumps were polished up beautifull and its much cleaner than of yore (& dare I say it beers better). Nice family who run it - sterling job. Long term future uncertain - SO USE IT!!!!!! Nice to still see former govna's Dave & Jackie on occasions. Can look intimidating to some, esp in light that essentially the place hasnt changed since 60's (?) but I tell you, one of the friendliest pubs I frequent.

3 Jun 2008 18:40

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

Just shows you the sort of money folk have /earn - not one mentions beer prices, unless former posts have. Late May: 3.15 for a Summer! Not been here since two Byrns nights ago (another chapter - do they still do it?). Now been taken over by a bunch of paper-grabbing la-di-da's (yuppies in the 80's). All trying to be upper middle class - some of them are. I mean the owners/staff. I'm so (sooo) surprised it aint all gastro wood now. Glad too - maybe their not that bad. 3.15 for Summer though? I'll continue down the Sultan thanks all the same! I will not even pay those prices pro-rata (halfs).Hate that kind of greed! Sheer utter greed!!!!!

3 Jun 2008 18:32

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Can one of you not say anything about the beer/s???
Not managed to get to one of their festivals - do they still have them?? Do tell. Oh I love this - feels like power.

3 Jun 2008 18:25

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

What - you mean there were punters?? Wow! Needs it. He's been trying for over a year now. Very nice place. Its just that a lot of folk just dont want to go. With me its his prices but with others, who often earn so much more....well... dont know. LISTEN: IT IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT HARD TO FIND!! Again, use a street map. Literally 5 mins walk from Dog Kennel Hill opp Sainsburys mega store. I've heard so many London people saying can't can't can't about this place....just be honest - if you dont want to go - DONT!

3 Jun 2008 18:24

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Aargghh - dont wish to steal the limelight but meant to say: in all the pubs I go to and have been - you would not believe the banter in this place (even if you can't understand all of it - sorry Chris). Seriously, its second to none. By the way, if you play flute, penny-whistle, fiddle, bodhran, spoons, squeezebox etc - join in the T'ursday session! Never see accoustic guitar!!

3 Jun 2008 18:18

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

As a very semi-regular(!)I'd say don't listen to all the "hard to find" tosh. Use a damn road map-not rocket science. Literally 5 mins walk from Eveyln St, up Watergate St - directly opp D'ford Hi St. There - made it easy for ya! Always three rotating guests - always VERY good. Recent managmental parting of ways, owners now again at the helm. Its a community and an ale pub. Clean and well lit. Regulars vary greatly in type. Like any pub - you get to know folk, folk talk / folk vary. Not too many football wanters and those that are here are not idiotts. Can be like a damn morgue on occasions though, gets really frighteningly quiet. Sunday eves busy on quizz night. Nice courtyard in summer. Ale wise - one of Londons very best mate! Occasional surprises here. the D&G (Charlies), like the Wen, the Traf, Roses, the Blythe Hill Tav, the Sultan etc - getting to know these people and they're lives and sharing the banter: I'll tell you, theres noting better in all the world!

3 Jun 2008 18:13

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Absolutely! I've been going for...what...2.5 - 3 years or so. Spent 1/2 of that trying to get the rest of our tribe (SelCamra) there. I do Geoff - live locally that is! Year well done guys. Always a Westerham on - ALWAYS in top form (told W'ham never to stop the supply chain here). Lovely old 3 barred, dark wood walled, cosy, interesting ex courgae pub ran by a team of exceptionally friendly Irish gents - the old way! Lovely guys (even Chris!!). Big garden too! Slap on the S Circular/Stanstead Rd literally 5 mins west of Catford. Long may they rein. (thursday night is fiddles night! Not stupid prices!!

3 Jun 2008 18:01

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

For gods sake - that (better omit name - the main bar female). Whats her problem?? I go all the way from Catford as regularly as poss. as the beers great and I love the trad'ness/30's exterior etc. Never once upset her: Never spilt my drink, or anyone elses, never sworn, never fallen over, made any derogatory comments about anyone there, stolen anything, broken anything. Just because she misheard me when I (politely) requested a 'half'! Am phoning Hopback about this. ThereS a 60-odd old mental health case who sports Wimbledon FC livery gets there - was making a lot of noise at the time. Real, real nutter! Still, DONT be put off - its a great pub. Downton beers always, out of London prices and 10 mins trot from the Traf(algar Tavern - currently S.W.Londons' Poty (pub o' the year). R.I.P Dougal (since expired dulux dog). Loo's VERY stinky - post tobbacco, horrible! Do get to the Traf also!!!!!! Both on Northern Line.

3 Jun 2008 17:52

The Mansion House, Kennington

Phoned Oakham a few months back to confirm this was in their hands. Indeed a director of theirs has it. E-mailed him last week. Not heard but Lambeths' plannig Website states "Application Withdrawn"! It was supposed to be opening late '07. TBC! we've an Admans pub (well bar - Tower Bridge Rd-South), a Hopback pub (Sultan, South Wimbledon), a Harveys in the Royal Oak (Tabbard St. SE1) and a former Nethergate (Black Bull, Whitechappel Hi St) thats now an Indian but still selling Nethergate. How great to have an Oakham it would be!

3 Jun 2008 17:40

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

In a nutshell - this pub is MECCA - at least in London anyway! Even though I've given 9/10 as its only failing is the loo's (have to be told about the ladies)& the dirt(inch thick on the tv etc. Having said that, its part the the charm in an odd sort of way. Who agrees?). Been in here & spoken with folk who have come from Wales for a day just to be here. Only just found out that the wee fella who keeps his 1000 racing bike inside is Irish. Could never understand him! Someone in my branch who is one of these been into ale since the 1700's (b.c.)will think nothing of training it up to Newcastle and beyond for fantastic ale pubs, and I can imagine they are great, but she's never been to the Wen', untill I dragged her along last November! Even then she aint been back. Couldn't believe they've 9 handpumps, but I have told her umpteen times! Always a real cider too! There a sort of 'air' of familiarity here that never leaves the place, even after an absence of 12 months. As if its been like this since 1920! 'Special'!

25 Sep 2007 19:46

The Doric Arch, Euston

Any Young Members fancy a social here? (I organise these you see).Contact the North London or SE London (or any other) branch/es.

25 Sep 2007 19:14

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Tobias has also bee on the receiving end then! You ale lovers - the Sultan & The Traf' are literally 10 minutes walk from each other and same from S. Wimbledon pipe Station (tube then!). Where else out of their native Sailisbury (Reading I believe) will you find a Hopback pub? Hey? The beer is to die for AND Downton from Sailisbury are deliver their stock as well!! AND Wednesday eve is cheap n cheerfull eve (spot the textbook Camra member!). Tell you what, some bloody funny stuff happens here if you look around, in particular some of the clientile. Great!The Old English Shheo dog cross is called Dylan.

25 Sep 2007 18:49

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Like the Dog & Bell in Deptford, the Traf is absolutely everything a local community pub should and used to be! If like me you abhore 'Gastro' then this is ya gaff. Very compact, friendly and proper. If like me you like ya Ales, they put on 5 is it or 6 constantly changing pumps. All those long time, so called ale fans in London who aint been (and the Traf aint new!)just because its "a long way" (don't get me started again - its very near the Northern Line so NO excuses)- you don't know what you're missing! Took my mate from the Midlands and you know what a wealth of old pubs they have up there. Loved it he did! In a word: GO! (Trad jazz Sundays if you like that - Old Brian would). Cant rate it fairly - only goes upto 10!

25 Sep 2007 18:40

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

People saying "bit off the beaten track" - help promote it, why don't you! It isn't! Just have to walk 5 minutes through residential streets, thats all. Anyway, to echo Camraboy, Thanks Jamie for the help at Catford. Keep it up. Mind you, are you accepting card payment yet? Food 4 thought when not busy? Wish I could afford to go - oh well, theres the Dog & Bell, I can afford that!

25 Sep 2007 18:30

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

If you like youre Real Ale - Adam has made this one of London's absolute best. It was great when Charlie & Eileen ran it then some say the beer went down but its been fantastic for ages, it realy has! Try the Alehouse series from Verulum. Served in tip-top form!
(Just did a lengthy piece that didnt get posted.Wasnt just about the beer either. Oh well.] Paul.

22 Sep 2007 13:41

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

[.....and 'Yes', Jools - we WERE drinking real beer.Schehalion is apparently technically classed as a "Real Lager" due to the bottom only fermentation but beeries drink it as Beer!!
Aint seen you lately!].

22 Sep 2007 13:36

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

Yes it is a bit run-down but, well, some pubs have that appeal. Dave runs it his way! 5 handpumps - he's actuallt a larger drinker himself. True!

18 Jun 2007 19:43

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

FYI: Roses (real name Prince Alfred) is, or at least should be a museum piece. Some reviewers have given it "old" ot "trad" -well, its a bit more special than that! I have seen photos (kept in the pub) taken in the late 60's and those who were there at the time will tell you - it aint changes a bit-literally!
Trouble is - its closing in a few weeks (posted: 18 June 2007)so go there while you can, as the likelyhood of it remaining as is, is pretty damn remote. And for you London-based ale fans who "have never got around to going there because you think its a bit tricky to get to" (dont get me started again on that one)WE HAVE WEEKENDS-its easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 Jun 2007 19:40

The Doric Arch, Euston

Isn't Becky, thats the new Becky, rather splendid what?

I have a complaint which I shall take to the trading standards commision. Wurzle took the piss out of my tank-top. I wish him an 'orrible new year! The bounder.

Review: Its one of Londinium's premier, thats premier real ale emporiums. Always guaranteed to see characters. Usualy a Gandalf the wizzard look-a-like. Staff are courtious and I can't spell to sacve my life! Aint she sweet!
Oh, the lock is off now!

Good luck W and all the wewy bestist 4 zero-five.

As a regular

30 Dec 2004 17:40

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