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Comments by paulb

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

Nice pub, beer good. They do a carvery on Sundays......dont have it, the meal was luke warm, the veg had dried up and the Roast potatoes ran out, they said more was on the way but they arrived after we had eaten everything else

14 Sep 2010 11:41

Haworth Old Hall, Haworth

stayed here overnight, very friendly. good food and beer. nice old building

23 Aug 2010 12:19

Haworth Old Hall, Haworth

stayed here overnight, very friendly. good food and beer. nice old building

23 Aug 2010 12:19

The Barn Owl, Kingskerswell

Called in here on Sunday with friends from Scotland. Usual Badger beer on. Arrived about 14.00, ordered food about 14.30. Starters arrived quick enough but the 'messy garlic bread' was not at all messy and consisted of two small pieces of bread, not worth the money. We then waited for the main course....and waited...I went to see how long it would be....and we waited and waited..after about a hour we cancelled our order and left. The pub was not busy, no excuse for this appalling service.

21 Jul 2010 12:50

The Castle Tavern, Inverness

Great Pub, Good beer.

9 Mar 2010 09:42

The Boathouse Tavern and Grill, Dawlish Warren

All pubs should allow dogs..............its the children who should be banned. Parents just let them run riot. I agree this pub is not the best, I only call in if passing to see what beer is available, then I usually walk straight back out!

6 Jul 2009 17:24

The Old Fire House, Exeter

This place is never open. Called here 3 times (Including twice at Sat Luchtimes) and on every occasion it has been shut. Pick the time of your visit carefully

15 Dec 2008 09:41

The Tom Cobley, Spreyton

Called in last Sunday, bit late so only had time for a couple of pints......wonderful pub, very friendly staff and customers, will be back.

22 Jan 2008 21:21

Union Inn, Newton Abbot

very good town centre pub, had roast of the day, very good food and a good selection of beer.

29 Dec 2007 11:14

The Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren

Dont know whats going on here, visited this place a few times recently to find it shut!!! According to the Christmas leaflet it is supposed to be open every night in Nov/Dec til Midnight....its not!

3 Dec 2007 21:42

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Called in again last week. The beer choice had improved a lot compared to my last two visits, lets hope things keep getting better

3 Dec 2007 21:40

George's Meeting House, Exeter

Brought friends here last Thurs for the Curry Club. Tried to order at 17.45 only to be told they did not have any of the curry we all wanted. They only started serving at 15.00 so couldnt have run out. Really spoilt the evening

3 Dec 2007 21:38

The High Park, Bradley

Called in again this week. The place has gone downhill sisnce take over. No Hardy & Hansons beers on just Green King ales. Not worth visiting anymore unless you are driving past. Pity

25 Aug 2007 12:59

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Called In again at the end of July. Choice of beers was very poor by the usual standard. Only worth a visit if in the vicinity, dont go out of your way to visit. Lets hope it improves

18 Aug 2007 20:33

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

Called in last Sunday. What a wonderful day. A beer Fest was in progress, we sat in the garden and enjoyed the sun, beer and Morris dancers. More please !!

28 Apr 2007 07:34

The Sun Burnt Arms, Dawlish Warren

What an awful pub. Tatty, dirty and very run down

18 Feb 2007 19:52

The High Park, Bradley

Nothing wrong with the details. Still good pub but a bit worried what the furure holds now Greene King have taken it over

18 Dec 2006 19:59

The White Hart Hotel, Exeter

Nice old pub. Good chioce of beers

18 Dec 2006 19:55

The City Gate Hotel, Exeter

Not bad for a Youngs pub, very busy.

18 Dec 2006 19:54

George's Meeting House, Exeter

What a great place. Its an old chapel and it has retained some of its old charm. Food ok but the chips were luke warm, otherwise it would have scored 10

18 Dec 2006 19:52

The Well House, Exeter

Nice setting overlooking the Cathedral.4 hand pumps, good beer. Only downside was the music playing.

18 Dec 2006 19:50

The Ship, Exeter

Worst pub in exeter. Very smokey even though quiet when we called. Toilets are disgusting.

18 Dec 2006 19:48

The Old Fire House, Exeter

Strange small pub. 4 hand pumps

18 Dec 2006 19:46

The Imperial, Exeter

execellant pub....good beer, nice atmosphere, nice gardens. Would score 10 but scored lower due to no dogs policy

18 Dec 2006 19:44

The Lansdowne, Dawlish

I agree, good pub,good beer and Landlord very chatty. Only been there daytime so not witnessed any trouble

18 Dec 2006 19:41

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

visited the pub last week. Not as good as before, only 6 ales on !!

7 Nov 2006 22:28

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

Visited the pub again last week after reading what Philale said in Sept. Nice to be back, pub getting back to former glory thanks to new owners. Didnt see the garden but the inside of the pub is a lot neater and cleaner. Guest ales being kept on, But no food until the new year due to the state previous owners left the kitchen in. I will be back.

7 Nov 2006 22:26

The Walwyn Arms, Much Marcle

Nice pub. Food was really tasty. Beer ok. Worth a visit after a tour round the Westons cider place.

23 Sep 2006 07:26

The Ship At Cockwood, Cockwood

Nice pub. Beer good and food is 1st class.

9 Sep 2006 22:12

The Mount Pleasant Inn, Dawlish Warren

Still a good pub. Nice to see differant beers appearing.

9 Sep 2006 22:08

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

visited this pub again this week. What a change. The car park looks like a scrap yard,old car and old furniture all over the place. The garden was once a lovely place, now it is unkempt, and again it seems to be a dumping ground for old furniture. Beer ok. But food is below average. It's a shame it was a good place

9 Sep 2006 22:06

The High Park, Bradley

New, but old looking pub. Kimberley ales on offer, food good.

21 May 2005 20:55

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

Still love this pub. Telly still there, best to sit in the lounge. 1 Regular beer and 2 guest beers. Food not as good since new owners took over, otherwise it woulds score more.

21 May 2005 20:45

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