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Comments by reesyboy3

Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

Im not a fan, it's like the bigger and more exclusive version of a Chicago Rock Cafe. Using the novelty of musical memorabilia to lure people into what is an expensive and naff chain bar. Cocktails are ok but again... expensive.

31 Jan 2008 23:08

Bar 38, Manchester

Ive only been here drunk. It is expensive and sells generic drinks. Top floor is quiet and the bottom is like a nightclub.The Decor and the building are quite modern. The toilets are dingy and smelly and have a strange unisex washing area.

31 Jan 2008 23:03

All Bar One, Manchester

Expensive and dull. As stated below typical chain bar. Rude Doormen. I was told i could not sit outside with my beer in a glass, but a group of people with champagne in a bucket can...explain that?

31 Jan 2008 22:58

The Helter Skelter, Frodsham

Great beer selection and well served. Good restaurant too. This little pub is laden with beer memorabilia. All real ale lovers should go.

31 Jan 2008 22:55

The Cholmondeley Arms, Frodsham

I like this pub, it has a nice landlady (or it did when i last went) and it is quite cosy. Unfortunatly it does attract chav's and people who are game for a fight. It usually has sky sports on the tv and the place is laden with boxing memorabilia. It also has a good kareoke night.

31 Jan 2008 22:53

Moon On The Square, Northampton

The pub that most of Northampton has been to at some time or other. Good selection of booze. But cask ales always seem to be an issue. The tag always faces forward but they never have what they display. Maybe i'm just unlucky but every time i go they're near the end of the keg or they have to swap them over, which is a slow process. I actually like the odd deviants who hang aroung the entrance, they're entertaining.

31 Jan 2008 22:44

Sir Pickering Phipps, Northampton

It's basically a bog-standard sports pub, showing sky sports all day. Generic drinks selection. Very busy and uncomfortable at the weekend. Ok for a quiet drink and meet up in the week.

31 Jan 2008 22:36

The Rat and Parrot, Northampton

It's been the old bank now for a a few years. When i last went the beer tasted ok. but it is a bit pricey and quite a trashy place. Even if your the only person in the pub (which is most of the week) you can wait ages for a drink If you've ever been to the Kareoke night you will find it an eye opener. Most of the people who are singing are nearly unconcious on the floor.

31 Jan 2008 22:34

The Racehorse, Northampton

Great pub, good beer selection. Good mix of people. Whenever im in Northampton i pay a visit. A bit stuffy and squashed at the weekends, then again where isn't?

31 Jan 2008 22:29

The Penny Whistle, Northampton

I would always go here as a student to meet my mates. It's a very student driven club with it's so called yellow card offers. Which on production of your yellow card will allow you to buy your drink at an acceptable price. If you don't have one the drink prices are a little steep. The atmosphere is good and the music tends to be alternative. I find the bar staff to be a bit full of themselves, often ignoring you if you are not a regular. The draught beer isn't good.

31 Jan 2008 22:25

NB's, Northampton

2 words: Weird and Trashy. This place has had so many name changes i lose count. Tabasco Jazz, Dedcadence, NB's. I used to go here frequently as a student on mondays for BOGOF, even though i wasn't a big fan. Music is Cheesy/RnB. Drinks are borderline pricey and the beer is poor. The bar is split into 3 rooms, one is only opened at the weekends which is like a dancefloor. the other two are the main bar and a cocktail bar. This place is weird because it has a plastic styled gothic decor and toilet cubicles that are made of battered wood. If your lucky you will see them on their hinges. Apart from all that i still like this place. In the summer it has a fancy heated beer garden with bar and barbeque.

31 Jan 2008 22:20

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

This is the best pub i have ever visited for sheer choice of Beer. Great selection and well served beers. Many imported beers with original glasses. Good pub for meeting with friends and relaxing. If you want cheap vodka pops and tacky pop music this ISNT the place for you. Very odd how this great pub selling interesting beers faces the vast Carlsberg brewery.

31 Jan 2008 22:11

Mailcoach, Northampton

Nice bar, reasonable drinks selection. Tends to be frequented by people who have been to Derngate theatre. It has changed greatly since the refurb and now seems to attract a more exclusive crowd with more "exclusive" prices.

31 Jan 2008 22:06

East Gate, Northampton

Good drinks selection, nice for a quiet daytime drink and very lively drink at the weekend. Booze is cheap, but this makes it very busy on weekend nights and you can find yourself waiting up to 20 mins for a drink!

31 Jan 2008 22:03

Goose, Northampton

Like Wetherspoons, only when i last went i couldn't go in because i was wearing trainers. No trainers? The Goose are going down the stupid dress code route like many naff nightclub chains, except they're a normal pub.

31 Jan 2008 21:12

Fiddlers, Northampton

An Irish theme bar simply because it sells guinness. However it's a nice enough place, with a good atmosphere and a well poured pint. It has a jukebox too.

31 Jan 2008 21:08

The Charles Bradlaugh, Northampton

Great pub, great music, great atmosphere but expensive drinks.

31 Jan 2008 21:06

The Fish, Northampton

Used to go here regularly. It had a good selection of ales and good service. Since it got taken over a few years ago it has been changed to another modern pub with bland decor and no character. The beer selection has dwindled too.

31 Jan 2008 21:04

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