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The George, Croydon

The George haS NOW GONE FROM BAD TO WORSE,THE ONLY BEERS WORTH DRINKING ( A TAD MORe EXPENSIVE THAN THE USUAl dross) SUCH As Burning Sky Aurora and plateau are no longer order and the back bar has a certificate stating that a minimum of one Oakham beer will be on at all times but this is a 'spoons and so without saying it is not honoured.

27 Sep 2019 20:11

The George, Croydon

A new manager and within weeks the standards at this pub have dropped beyond belief! The back bar seems to be closed at most times, the beer quality has sunk.Not worth my time now.

10 Aug 2019 20:10

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Now under new management, look out for excellent beers that are unusual for 'spoons pubs.

10 Jun 2019 17:06

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

A wonderful old fashioned pub not far from the train station,nine real ales that are well chosen,I wish this was my local.

15 Apr 2019 20:14

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Sadly the couple who have managed this pub are now off to pastures new.Under their stewardship the pub has won Time Out's Pub of the Year Award plus one or two less prestigious CAMRA awards. The pub has a Beer Festival on the weekend starting Friday the 26th April 2019 a relief manager will be running it. This has been the best pub In South London for sometime now and with pubs such as the Blythe Hill Tavern,Albion,Kingston,Antelope, Surbiton and the Ivy House,Nunhead, that is a real accolade.10/10.

15 Apr 2019 20:08

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Well above average 'spoons and well worth a visit.

14 Apr 2019 17:10

The Antelope, Surbiton

The same owners as the Albion,a first class pub with ten handpumps for beer and five for cider,the brewery in the back yard has gone,they now brew in Esher. The service was of the cannot be asked variety but that is the only quibble.

14 Apr 2019 17:08

The Albion, Kingston Upon Thames

This is everything a pub should be and more, ten handpumps for real ale,five handpumps for cider,very cheap lunchtime food midweek.The pub has a back garden and work is ongoing on the nearly complete gin distillery. The beer is a tad pricey but this is off set by a buy nine get one card system.The pub has a very nice bright and airy decor.All of this groups pubs are excellent. No regular beers , the ten rotate and hundreds of breweries have been represented. Two handpumps normally have their own beers .10/10.

14 Apr 2019 16:59

Cobbetts, Dorking

This highly discerning Off licence has raised the bar once again and now offers Doom Bar firkins at £136 each.This is highly dangerous the rush of beer drinkers flocking there must be overwhelming * double cough*. Perhaps this explains why the place is empty whenever I pass by.6/10 as a rating is very odd,friends and relations no doubt.

19 Feb 2019 19:39

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

They are holding a Meet The Brewer Evening on 21st November at 6:30p.m. The Invited brewers are from Bedlam Brewery from Plumpton Green, East Sussex.The Cask beers at the Huxley are currently £2.15 a pint !

5 Nov 2018 21:19

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

A very smart Marston's pub near to the Old Fort. The place is really good,decent food, polite staff. The only obvious draw back is that only Marston companies beers are served.

26 Oct 2018 18:13

The Penny Farthing, Crayford

An excellent Micro-Pub,the couple who run it are clearly past masters at running a pub and do all the right things with ease,the beers on offer were from far afield and not just the locale stuff,well done! 9/10.

22 Oct 2018 14:37

The Hackney Carriage, Sidcup

Well what a shock the 2.7 rating was very misleading! A superb micro-pub,far too crowded but that Is down to their success .Clearly a well chosen site, they are clever enough to have non Locale beers,everyone wants something a little different.9/10.

22 Oct 2018 14:30

The Door Hinge, Welling

I really liked the Door Hinge,it has a lot In common with " The Iceman cometh",with no effort you can Imagine the same blokes sitting In the same seats for years to come.Without the guvnor it would be easy to fall asleep but the banter keeps coming most of it from Max Miller's joke book circa 1940.A limited range of cask unless the local football club are playing a home fixture.9/10.

22 Oct 2018 14:22

The Evening Star, Brighton

On my visit a week ago I ordered a pint of Hophead and the ugly cow behind the bar told me that I shouldn't be drinking it,the new craft beers ( y'know the gunk with shit In it) were the way to go .Now call me old fashioned but In days of yore the customer....sorry client was always right ,It must be nice to know at Partridge Green that your Iconic flagship beer is treated like a turd in a swimming pool by the people you employ, what a mess of a boozer. The levels of cleanliness were none too clever either!1/10

4 Sep 2018 08:22

William Stanley, South Norwood

A wonderful Antic pub serving the best hand-picked real ales,the bare brick walls are not to everyone's taste.Their own brewery beers (Volden) have improved considerably and thankfully the rubbish brewed by Clarence and Fredericks can be forgotten.9/10.

27 May 2018 11:19

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

This has always been a good pub,sadly opening at 3P.M. limits my attendance,due to the Beer Festival they opened earlier yesterday.Around twenty real ales were on offer ,some on gravity (stillage) and six on handpump,given the fact that it is Spring golden/pale ales were to the fore.I tried three beers and all were in very good condition,£4.30 seemed a little steep.

27 May 2018 11:10

Pursuit of Hoppiness, Bridport

Micro pubs are usually thought of as pubs filling a previous shop space and whilst devoid of other entertainments a warm chatty welcome is encountered,well not so here,non regulars are treated as suspect aliens who doubtlessly have a bomb in their rucksack.Prices are as high as they possibly could be,the Tiger,Woodman, etc are cheaper.In a town blessed with great proper pubs this place is an irrelevance at best and an irritation at worst.

1 Mar 2018 17:20

The Watchmakers Arms, Hove

I am not a fan of the micro pub format, they have no comfort,history,ambience or room to stretch out . They pay very low rates,low overheads and Usually do not make enough to pay V.A.T. and yet price the beers over the average for pubs In their area!!! The Watchmaker's is typical of the genre but they try to smile.I've seen enough now to not bother with them,give me a proper pub any day.

26 Feb 2018 17:31

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

Thoroughly enjoyed my last visit,the only pub in Lewes that seems to stock ales from further afield,Bristol Beer Factory, Liverpool Organic etc.

12 Feb 2018 17:57

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

This pub is very near perfection,service, beer,food are all great,perhaps the tearful Brighton fans who come In about 17:20 on a Saturday are a let down,all three of 'em,I always ask them the score. Lewes has several great pubs and this just pips it as the best.

12 Feb 2018 17:53

The Ship Inn, Weybourne

Very poor service, are there any regulars waiting to be served before I have to serve a holidaymaker attitude.I would suggest bypassing this gastro mess.1/10.

11 Feb 2018 16:12

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

The ship is just a few steps away from the bustling main Road,It is a no frills Palmer pub with a warm welcome. A pool table in the basement which leads to a small tabled patio.It is usually quiet which can be a relief as Lyme can be sardine packed on a sunny Summer's day.

11 Feb 2018 15:58

The White Lion, Warlingham

A decent pub with well kept beer.The range of beers is far too static,same old same old.The service is erratic. The garden is very nice ,decent large cover for smokers outside when It rains. The food seems to be good and reasonable value. All in all a cut above the average pub.

13 Sep 2017 20:00

The Star Inn, Bath

A tip top pub on Camra''s National Inventory,this was the best pub that we visited In Bath.

8 Sep 2017 17:49

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

brilliant pub, however, it has become a tourist magnet. Queues to the bar, but still worth it. Service excellent & beer in tip top conition ,Coition? I never knew it was a brothel!! Shocked.

15 Aug 2017 17:58

The Hope, Carshalton

I haven't been in the Dog and Bull for at least two years and i had a swifty in the Oval in June that hardly makes me a Croydon drunk!I have been to the Sultan for instance sixteen times since the start of June, I certainly do not frequent Croydon's pubs much at all!

2 Aug 2017 12:05

The Hope, Carshalton

I couldn't quite catch that could we have it a third time.At least we know the pie topping was Welded on.You always get an ancient old fart on here who keeps his finger on the button for multiple postings....we have a winner.

31 Jul 2017 18:01

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

In a few weeks time the Dog &Bull will have competition with a Micro pub opening In Surrey Street.

25 Jul 2017 14:40

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

Green Devil (Oakham) IPA ,two from Surrey Hills, Sambrook's Lavender Hill and By the Horn's Diamond Geezer. all at £2.45. The beers today were in tip top form. This pub has a very nice garden segregated for smokers and non smokers. Only a rating 0f 5.1 doesn't reflect the major effort that the current manager is putting in.

23 Jul 2017 20:29

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

The best 'spoons i've found other than the George Croydon,A decent range of ales,the service is rather random and none to speedy.

21 Jul 2017 19:00

Cobbetts, Dorking

This "alternative venue" is an off licence, only a Martian would think that an off licence is anything different! it does a range of bottled beers and one or two on stillage. it is not exactly first date material! Only worthwhile for elderly CAMRA types who want to boast that they had a warm bottle of Crudginton's old hot water bottle at 24.3% that costs two mortgages.So therefore It is invariably empty like the returned bottles.1/10.

21 Jul 2017 18:56

The Hope, Carshalton

Can anyone interpret that last mess of a post,the Rosetta Stone was easy by comparison.I think he /she was pie-eyed in charge of a keyboard.

14 Jul 2017 18:11

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

The pint of Blonde Witch (Moorhouses ) that I drank last week was extremely good.The garden is probably the best In Central Croydon.9/10.

3 Jul 2017 17:46

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

This is a gastro pub,make no mistake that the food is the paramount concern,the service can be slow.The decor is much better than under the previous management and so is the garden which was used as a dog toilet and not frequently cleared up! On entering you would not expect a beer of excellent quality and you would be wrong! The beer is excellent ,a cider from Lilley's , London Pride and three revolving guest ales from South-East England breweries,triple FFF, Hop Back,Sambrooks, Surrey Hills,Dark Star etc. if you want a pub crawl the nearby Cricketers serves a range of beers Including those from Wimbledon Brewery.

28 Jun 2017 20:01

The Farriers Arms, St Albans

The landlord was a self important little twit, the service was beyond rude. I have to ask why if you hate your job that much do you inflict yourself on the public? The beer was not particularly good for the area.

12 Jun 2017 15:59

Cobbetts, Dorking

The Know-it-all attitude turns customers away,Dorking is very poor for choice and as i don't drink at home this tiny excuse for an off licence doesn't improve matters.

28 May 2017 14:57

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

A very small traditional pub with a good ambience,the beer is reliably well kept. The food is rolls and Mr.Barrick's Pork Pies and not all of the range contains pork! The Service is polite but can be slow as the barperson is on their own and has several tasks, food preparation,changing barrels etc.I have used this pub on and off for a very long time.Thankfully it now opens during the day. 9/10

26 May 2017 08:14

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

A very well run pub,on the Cobb so prices are very high.

14 May 2017 17:46

The Market House, Bridport

A coffee shop with snacky bits that oddly has a set of handpumps. Grossly overpriced and couldn't careless service by untrained staff.

14 May 2017 17:44

The Earl of Eldon, South Croydon

Now a former pub.

3 May 2017 20:33

Radius Arms, Whyteleafe

Easily Britain's most uncomfortable pub, it was put together on a budget that clearly wasn't used.Several levels below spartan.

10 Apr 2017 10:38

The Maypole, Cambridge

Easily the best real ale pub in Cambridge. Seventeen handpumps,excellent service.The Crafty Ales were very good.Hard to find very tucked away.

7 Apr 2017 21:30

The Free Press, Cambridge

An Ancient pub which would be very good if the service was up to scratch but sadly they leave a soppy kid behind the bar who wants to be elsewhere doing something other than serve.Low rating.

7 Apr 2017 21:28

The Geldart, Cambridge

this is one of those very few pubs that feel good on entering and just gets better.We felt so at home here that simple things like trains etc.were completley forgotten. As the previous poster points out seven real ales and most were interesting. The plan now is to go again.

7 Apr 2017 21:26

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

in many ways this pub is the pick of the Craft bars.The beer is always in good nick,the bar staff are very pleasant and it is by far the most pubby of its group.It is still wildly expensive but offset by the use of lined glasses.Remember to look up at the glass ceiling covering the entire pub for the cost of a pint the bar staff will tell you its history. It is a little bit quieter than the nearby Craft at Covent Garden which is usually rammed.

27 Mar 2017 18:58

The Hope, Carshalton

Slowly some of the early problems with this pub have been sorted, they now serve two cheap beers and the foul smell has gone. there are other problems arising though,the £100 parking fine for regulars who forget to mention their licence plate details when ordering their first drink.The manner in which customers are spoken to can leave a lot to be desired, I have heard it but personally I do nothing to irk the staff.The garden is quite nice though not up to the standards of the nearby Sun.The pork pie range should be kept in the fridge and not left to sweat and warm up on the bar. Overall,it is a decent pub but not good enough to win an award and not super,smashing great as the shareholders who get a dividend would like us to think.I prefer most of the Craft outlets and the Cask,The Crown &Anchor in Brixton, The Trafalgar at South Wimbledon and the Euston Tap all better on beer quality and the last one is better on price.The Sultan in South Wimbledon is also superior on beer quality and price.rating upped.

27 Mar 2017 17:42

The Punch Bowl, Warwick

If you ever visit Warwick this pub has the best beer In a town with some very decent pubs. As the previous reviewer said it is old school but better for it,various channels showing sport,a pool table and very busy.9/10

5 Mar 2017 10:00

The Old Post Office, Warwick

The prices are the same as any pub in Warwick £3.40.It is handily placed near the High Street,they do not sell food and encourage you to bring in your own.This Micro-pub is owned by a very florid chap called Tommy,so red in fact that I instantly thought of a blushing beetroot, I then made a mental note never to own a micro-pub as it clearly plays havoc with the old blood-pressure.Not as good as the Cape of Good Hope,Wild Boar or the nearby Punchbowl.

5 Mar 2017 09:57

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Tuna,That Steak on hot stones is repeating on you,three posts in two days saying the same thing,this pub resembles a museum ,i have got used to it,the beer is very expensive therefore a good place to hide away from the drunks of Croydon.

3 Mar 2017 13:46

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Even more glowing... the Sultan is the S.W. London P.O.T.Y. The five ales on the board have recently included Haka what the New Zealand rugby pre- match ceremony has to do with the Six Nations i'm not quite sure,anyway it is a great beer.A proper pub in every respect.

26 Feb 2017 09:36

The Mitre, Richmond

The dopey landlord/manager is on some sort of Basil Fawlty power trip,new rules every week and downright rudeness to the customers.It all seems a bit much for the little turd.If I was charging £4 a pint for very weak beer I think civility would be the order of the day,not here!

18 Feb 2017 19:28

The The Rail View, South Croydon

The Rail View became the View.The View was boarded up last week and will not rise phoenix like from the ashes.In several months time the local CAMRA Branch will show there true mettle and send a small footnote to the London Drinker and lament the Views passing by downing lots of ale in their bunker at the Hope Carshalton. Campaign my *rse!

15 Feb 2017 20:33

The Royal Oak, Worthing

For sale, a sign outside says .Wealdman -Well done! Sherlock! We must get you to solve our other cold cases.No flies on this boy are there.

14 Feb 2017 21:08

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Wealdman, Never behind a BAT before-Boycott,Root, Cook? What the fcek is that about and who made him EMPY? Emetic? Humpy? upset,sexually aroused? A foreign language? Has seen better times-so have your shite posts,it has to be said.

14 Feb 2017 21:05

The Craft Beer Co, Brixton

This is an awkward bar to evaluate,usually they stock wonderful real ales but the seating is as uncomfortable as you could Imagine.It is located just off Brixton Market, I guess it is a Marmite pub,you either love it or hate it. I am not madly keen as it is way too expensive.

31 Jan 2017 11:19

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

The management currently running the Sultan are doing a great job after something of a hiatus. The beer Is cheap,try Monday or Wednesday between 6p.m. and 9p.m. The food is usually a selection of soup and sandwiches at knock-down prices.The pub has a nice garden,a conservatory but probably best of all it is a "proper pub" with a wonderful welcoming crowd of regulars. On my last visit they had five ales from Hop Back including Winter Lightning and Entire stout, and Citra also Elderquad from Downton. The beer is always very close to perfect. Probably the best pub In London.

31 Jan 2017 11:11

Royal Oak, Dorchester

A superior 'spoons,very clean,good service.

22 Jan 2017 11:31

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

This pub is vastly underestimated, a warm welcome,very high standards of beer quality and choice.A Kerrang pub most evenings. A lovely place where the temptation is to sit on a sofa and not move for the rest of the day.With the nearby Globe Hotel the best pubs in Weymouth.

22 Jan 2017 11:24

The Boot, Weymouth

A few years ago before Marston's bought Ringwood I wanted to retire and live as near as possible but whilst a good pub it has lost the spark it once had,everything seems to be a shadow of where the pub once was ,beer-not quite as good. Service-not as good. Friendly locals full of good advice-gone.Still well above average.7/10.

22 Jan 2017 11:19

The Dolphin, Weymouth

The Dolphin had a new landlord in 2015,he has made a big difference,now a pub to seek out rather than avoid.

22 Jan 2017 11:15

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

Oakham, Sambrooks,Twickenham and Dark Star are on frequently. The Citra from Oakham was exceptional today. They are holding two Meet the Brewer evenings on the 2/02/2017 and the 9/02/2017.

12 Jan 2017 16:49

The Mitre, Richmond

A few tired beers today,a back water pub which carries too many beers on handpump.

31 Dec 2016 19:08

The George, Croydon

Sadly the upstairs bar has suffered from very poor service of late particularly when there are just one or two customers.The staff relate how good their night out was etc.This is exacerbated by the spot the manager competition-do they have one? If so when will he surface? Am I that Interested to find out? No!I think finding another pub and paying a trifling twenty pence extra is the best option that way my drink will be served the same day that I order it! 2/10.

13 Dec 2016 11:16

The Junction, Redhill

Closed - on Sundays... They saw you coming and don't suffer fools,a good move on their part.

13 Nov 2016 16:31

The Stoke, Guildford

Another stupid post by Daftbollocks. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

28 Oct 2016 09:52

Euston Tap, Euston

A very unusual pub, a gatehouse it Is rather cramped Inside a few chairs and tables allow for outside over spill. As it Is just outside Euston train Station it has various football supporters and commuters gauging their train's departure time with how many pints can be consumed.This is not the pub to over Imbibe the stairs are treacherous and the toilet arrangements are poor. The beer quality and price are good but this is not a comfortable pub to settle in.

27 Oct 2016 18:43

The Olde England, Northampton

A really weird micro-pub. The front door is a typical shop door,downstairs are a few tables and chairs,the next landing has a hatch for service,they have fifteen beers and a decent number of ciders. You then go up a flight of stairs ,it is done up as a baronial feasting hall, by this time you expect to see HenryVIII throwing chicken bones on the floor.The view upstairs looks straight down on the Kettering Road and the flotilla of buses that pass by ( so many!).The only downside and this is my palate all the beers are gravity dispense and are unagitated,I love my pint to be agitated preferably through a handpump.8/10.

26 Oct 2016 19:32

The Pomfret Arms, Northampton

This pub is very open ! It has an on site Brewery doing a great job called Cotton End.They sell other beers,a super little garden.On the downside rubbish music was blaring out of a speaker.8/10.

26 Oct 2016 19:25

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

This pub has it all,very nice locals,A wide choice of great beer in very good condition,decent cheap bar snacks,hygiene rating of 5 and a beer festival on the 4-6 November featuring every available Oakham Ale! 9/10

26 Oct 2016 19:22

The Lamplighter, Northampton

We visited on Saturday the beers we tried were in tip top condition,a little pricey for the area and the pints are very carefully not top up.A bare board basic pub but it was very clean.7/10.

26 Oct 2016 19:19

The Hope, Carshalton

Last weekend I encountered the real thing,A real community local that has been a pub for over a century with locals who do not have to look over their shoulder in fear that they might upset the over zealous amateur bar staff or invoke a fine for parking in the pub that they call their local.They are never treated like second class citizens merely because they chose not to be a shareholder.The pub was the Queens Head in Gosport going there exposed the artificiality/pretentiousness that exists in the Hope. It was only concerned with Real ale no Key Keg no Craft no tins just handpumps pouring real ale at the right temperature not creating a bubble fountain as the staff do In the Hope,what a pleasant experience.

14 Oct 2016 20:57

Queens Hotel, Gosport

An old traditional pub with a shrewd beer selection policy no Key Keg no Craft just handpumped real ale at its best,a real community pub with no gimmicks no eye spy £100 parking fines.The locals were friendly and helped us with excellent advice on the latest news on Oakleaf Brewery R.I.P. The ferry was all of three minutes getting here. 10/10 without hesitation. This pub usually has Castle Rock Harvest Pale Ale the replacement was Anarchy Brewery Citra in good nick.

14 Oct 2016 20:46

Scarlett Arms, Walliswood

Yes of course I have. A huge fireplace decorated with dried flowers in the summertime when I was last there.

12 Oct 2016 11:37

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

This pub is a major step up from the average 'spoons. It is named after the telegraph operator who was on board the Titanic (a local park also bears his name). The beers are carefully chosen and the regulars are listened to hence the Langham beers and Exmoor Beast.As you walk through this very long pub you may notice that it is decorated as a Liner. It is also light bright and convivial,on my last visit there was a seperate children's eating area.all in all a nice contrast to the Star and Red Lion.

12 Oct 2016 11:34

The Cage Wine Bar, Reigate

Coma status being normal for you so no problem.

12 Oct 2016 11:26

The Hope, Carshalton

................K0536006 Is clearly out to show us the good manners and type of drinkers that use the Hope, his word power is so limited that he resorts to F*** off. I don't have to comment beyond that we have found a sub species driven by Ignorance,stupidity and bigotry and they drink here.He doesn't deny shareholder status.

10 Oct 2016 19:09

Piries Bar, Horsham

Excellent beers in great condition,Plataeu,Greenestreate High Weald.A small pub with good service which is found down a small alley.

2 Oct 2016 09:50

The Hope, Carshalton

So that's how to get all the awards, coerce the customers not to criticise the pub in anyway. 6857, do the staff wear black and strut around a bit?I think it is time to contact CAMRA at St.Albans H.Q. and let them know exactly how strong this Community feeling goes.The draconian parking fine of £100 is not in the spirit of a convivial community pub,the company Parking Eye at least is honest enough to have a name reminiscent of 1984 (George Orwell).

24 Sep 2016 12:01

The Hope, Carshalton

Some of the shareholders are really worried some of the pro claims here are sheer farce,nothing is perfect everything needs to improve to keep pace with consumer tastes and the competition this out break of claims of "perfection" sounds creepy rather like a religious sect.

13 Sep 2016 21:07

The Antelope, Surbiton

A very well run Beer Festival this weekend,covers covering most of the courtyard,a decent selection of ales,quick service by polite staff. The beer was £4 a pint whatever the gravity and the pub has a bonus card,so many stamps and you get a free pint.I wish this pub with the Big Smoke Brewery were my local.9/10. The antidote to the Lamb nearby.

11 Sep 2016 20:51

The Lamb, Surbiton

I have to say this place really did not do it for me I like quirky but not dirty and sticky.I also like Kevin the teenager to stop picking his nose and show a flicker of good manners. Jabba The Hutt apparently is the landlord as seems intent on being a lardy arse and just sit there doing sweet f*** all.The beer was pretty bad and at £4 dear for drinking in a dump.0/10.

11 Sep 2016 20:47

The Hope, Carshalton

The most perfect pub at a £100 a fine for a regular to park his car it must be sheer heaven on earth.What a good lot of share holders barely ever a dividend and blind faith a fool and their money are soon parted and they seem a bit short changed over the Trafalgar!

6 Sep 2016 14:24

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

A community pub that fufills many functions, varying music nights, kiddies storytime every Saturday lunchtime ,quizzes etc.The last poster was very unlucky to come across just one real ale! That is perhaps the trouble with posting however honest a poster is you only see a snapshot of that pub at that time and that can be awfully misleading,clearly the visit wasn't at a weekend.This pub is a phoenix from the ashes when comparing it to the past incarnations.A spotlessly clean pub with a lovely garden.Possibly a second try on a weekend might transform your opinion.9/10.

4 Sep 2016 18:47

The Hope, Carshalton

6857, This cannot be true the Hope so I'm regularly Informed is a utopian pub that cannot possibly do any wrong.Is it possible that they would operate a wide boy style Parking scam ? Just like the warm beer bet your life. They also over charge by miles on the silly strong beers,recently £3 for a third of a pint for a Locale beer from Brodies.Obviously like the proverbial child I am the only one who sees what's going on, the King has no clothes on.I know that the Community hippies and anti 'spoons brigade will tell 6857 that he should happily pay his £100 fine as the Hope is always judged as right in all matters. Most Wetherspoons are cleaner,do not do cellophane wrapped food left out to get overly warm and charge reasonable prices and above all have a cooler in the cellar.

28 Aug 2016 16:35

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

croydonpeer comments that the Assembly Rooms is the busiest pub for 25 miles that covers all of Greater London! Too many sherberts for the little lad,don't lie in such a stupid fashion!

17 Aug 2016 17:58

Scarlett Arms, Walliswood

The loud landlady had a personality bypass -croydonpeer. Probably doesn't like loud mouthed idiots in her pub so like any sane person took exception to you.

17 Aug 2016 17:54

Raglan Arms, Rugby

An old fashioned pub with three separate rooms,Oakham seems to have a spot on the bar both beer and cider!

15 Aug 2016 16:15

Seven Stars, Rugby

A new landlord of eight weeks ,he is a very keen Rugby enthusiast and gave us a big welcome. Nine handpumps with a good variety of ales,an unmissable pub,a minute through the alley from the Alexandria.

15 Aug 2016 16:13

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

A nice pub it is an Island position,very small but perefextly formed,the service and regulars are superb but the beer was very thin for my taste.

15 Aug 2016 16:11

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

A nice pub it is an Island position,very small but perefextly formed,the service and regulars are superb but the beer was very thin for my taste.

15 Aug 2016 16:11

Cambridge Brew House, Cambridge

An American diner style with a Brewery that produces crap.We left and were desperate NOT to drink our beers.

29 Jul 2016 15:47

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

A very nice well run pub,it was slightly off putting to enter and look at large bank of coolers and not be able to see the bar (left? or right?) a decent selection of real ales and a pleasant garden.

29 Jul 2016 15:45

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

Probably way back in the mists of time another reviewer has mentioned that this pub is owned by the National Trust and with little reflection it is obvious that this pub clearly benefits.The priority is the upkeep of the beautiful building and its contents ,lots of pewter plate and mugs I recall.Much to my relief you pay no admission fee and cross the threshold for just the cost of a pint.If this isn't the best pub on BITE then it must be a pub i've never been to.

19 Jul 2016 20:06

Radius Arms, Whyteleafe

A wide variety of beers all on gravity dispense,there are handpumps but they are unused.

16 Jul 2016 10:43

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

A superb pub , a step down from the street level,a basic pub with good beer and that is meant in the nicest sense. A good selection of local ales.The back room has a modern colour scheme which is slightly out of kilter,an older style ,perhaps just bare wood is more in keeping.a nice outside area at the back,our last call as it is fairly near to the Train Station.

10 Jul 2016 17:44

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

A very expensive Fullers pub hard by the Cathedral.A CAMRA discount is given on presentation of a CAMRA card.This has recently won the G.P.G. Town Pub of the Year.

10 Jul 2016 17:40

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

I'm unconvinced by this pub,we tried many of the beers but none were up to scratch,the food on offer was very poor and under cooked. Why have eight crap beers? Just sell four well kept ales 1/10.

10 Jul 2016 17:37

The Black Boy, Winchester

After a nice walk along the River Itchen we had a pint here,this place would keep Tim Wonnacott out of mischief for hours,so much bric-a-brac to look at Giraffes necks,Elephant feet,whole seagull (no the menu is a tad boring),medicine cabinets books etc.It is worth a visit to Winchester just to see this pub,it is close to the Cathedral.The beer was very good.

10 Jul 2016 17:34

Alfies, Winchester

After reading the earlier reviews I entered Alfies with a lot of trepidation but was surprised to find a busy,friendly pub with four local real ales in decent nick,the service was good,the locals were friendly,an old fella with a British Legion badge came in and within a few minutes he was sitting with about eight students having a good chat,obviosly a local character. 8/10.

10 Jul 2016 17:28

The Sun, Redhill

The majority of people realise that Wetherspoons outlets vary greatly,sadly the Sun is a prime example of how not to run a pub, the customers are the type that are generally found in a park with a tin in their hand, strangely Redhill has an awful lot of this type. The Garland which is nearby has a far better customer base creating a pleasant atmosphere and is well supported even though there is a huge price differential. Constuctively the Sun needs to get their staff to work in a proper manner, they are a slovenly disaffected crew. The service is dead slow and random, their scintillating social life dominates their conversation and time.The bar is smothered in beer and is as good as superglued. The real ale that I bought but did not finish was Grainstore Gold, normally a very decent pint but served in foul condition.The range of ales was particularly poor, much better Breweries locally are available,Langhams, Dark Star, Dorking etc.The overall impression that I gained was that no one in the pubs heirarchy can be bothered to improve the place even in the smallest way.Perhaps the Area Manager or the Manager should visit the Garland and experience how a pub SHOULD be run.Very rarely does a pub earn a zero but there is no light in the bleak Sun. 0/10.
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slerpy - 23 Aug 2011 07:4 Still the same,a dump.

6 Jul 2016 10:31

Clapton Hart, Clapton

A very highly over rated at a mark of 4,service is so slow you should order your beer a day in advance,a decent garden which is very rare for the area.

5 Jun 2016 12:38

The Railway Tavern Ale House, Dalston

I agree with the previous poster. A very nice local feel during the day and I thought the beers were reasonably priced for the area. The pub has a few bits of Railway memrobilia such as suit cases!

5 Jun 2016 12:35

The White Hart, Headington

An Everard's pub that's allowed guest ales,we arrived whilst a Beer Festival was on,the Festival required tokens and was easily the most expensive pub of the day.The beer selection was very good and the garden was very charming with a mini penny farthing and a newly planted flamingo tree.

22 May 2016 19:55

Masons Arms, Headington

The Masons is a small village that is a suburb of Oxford.The pub is a time capsule with a brewery in the Old Bogs (that's the name of the Brewery).One of their own beers was on plus Rebellion,Hophead etc. Unanimously voted the pub of the day.

22 May 2016 19:51

The Chequers Inn, Oxford

The Celt Experience Galaxy was the pick of the beers,flash your CAMRA card for a 20% discoun,t which made the beer £3.26 each over the four pints bought,a good atmosphere and a wide range of age groups.Heraldic badges adorn the walls where we sat.

22 May 2016 19:48

The Gardener's Arms, Oxford

I really did not like this pub at all. very poor service from a goth type who was devoid of any civility or manners. The menu was very expensive for basic vegetarian food that I could produce at home for a few pence! Poorest pub on what was an extensive pub crawl.

22 May 2016 19:44

The Rose and Crown PH, Oxford

Superb old pub,well worth the journey out of central Oxford,we tried two very nice beers,Shotover Scholar and one from the Shakespeare Brewery.

22 May 2016 19:40

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

The last pub on our crawl due to the closeness of the Train Station.All ten handpumps on A Golden ale from Navigation was my choice.A friendly pub on the corner owned I believe by the White Horse Brewery,many of their beers were on.

22 May 2016 19:38

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

A scruffy pub that has many different beers and ciders,far too many to keep in good condition, my first pint was cloudy ,vinegary and clearly undrinkable after drawing this to the attention of the server two others behind the bar chipped in wondering how much I knew about Cronx beers,well I've tried enough and I can walk to the brewery from home. I offered to buy all three a pint of this if they would drink the lot,this was refused -i cannot imagine why. If you have to bother with this pub the emphasis is on high gravity beers and ciders. It just has to be a zero.

3 Apr 2016 14:50

The Aleksander, East Twickenham

The Alexsander is a largish bright and airy gastro pub mainly populated by mums showing off their little miracle and rescued dog. Decent outside seating area with a picket fence.The ales were £4 a pint and Doom Bar seems to be a permanency but wait why is this pub worth going to then? Well from a beer bores stand point the saving grace are the other two ales on -Plateau (Burning Sky) and Citra (those nice people from just south of Peterborough). The condition of the beer caused no adverse comment. A very hard pub to score,perhaps a 7/10.

3 Apr 2016 14:39

The Mitre, Richmond

The Mitre is in a quiet part of North Sheen opposite a row of well kept Alm's Houses. It is a former Young's house,I remember it from many years ago from completing the 135 tour. They seem to be doing all the right things here,well selected ales including Marble's Lagonda etc Outside, it was a sunny day lots of street furniture. The only really silly thing was their Toasties Menu they list pepper,salt, tomato ketchup,brown sauce etc as menu items what is wrong with these people they are condiments and even in a 'spoons are brought out as part of the meal and without doubt expected to make an appearance,this looked so crass I was speechless,even as I type this i'm wondering wether I dreamt it.

3 Apr 2016 14:30

The Hope, Carshalton

A great beer festival last weekend if you support Alcoholics Anonymous,you guessed it NO BEER,someone chipped in well,they are a victim of their own success,NO not really they have been running a pub for sometime now and should be capable of judging how much ale will be required,very poor and rather stupid to turn away trade.The resemblance to an Old Folks Home is quite striking,a 60 inch waist and a walking stick or two seem to be compulsory. I'm sure we will hear from the next door neighbour some silly excuse such as the barrels got blown away in the storm.It is not just the meals that have gone to pot.0/10

31 Mar 2016 17:35

Cobbetts, Dorking

Phrenology waste of time.

31 Mar 2016 17:23

The Ship, Croydon

Now open lunchtimes, no one has noticed but truly it is.

31 Mar 2016 17:20

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

I met a chap recently who is hoping to buy the Claret, he is a long time customer and his intention is to keep things as they are,an admirable sentiment,he seems very enthusiastic and I was pleased with what I heard.There is a lot of competition starting in Croydon both Dark Star and Craft&Co. are opening within two or three months, Dark Star in Surrey St. and Craft&Co. at East Croydon. Every real ale pub in Croydon will have to seriously "UP" their game to see off these two!

31 Mar 2016 17:17

The George, Brighton

A large pub re-christened the Prince George, possibly in an effort to steal some trade from the Prince Albert which is in the same road but in every respect a far superior pub. Lots of food was being moved around and anyone not eating was not particularly welcome.The beer was West End prices and about average. Not in the GBG and probably never will be,other than the Albert try the Laines Brewery just around the corner.

8 Mar 2016 12:17

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Years ago a visit to Brighton was incomplete without a visit to the Kemptown Brewery (yes, here) but the tubby Goth woman and her girlfriend were at awful pains to fill a glass,the beer was reasonably good. The pub looked like a steam clean is several years overdue.

8 Mar 2016 12:11

The Craft Beer Co., Brighton

My first beer was so end of barrel that the bar staff should have known,the stench was more than enough,the second was vinegary in the extreme so therefore undrinkable. Nothing like any other Craft pub,just six handpumps and happy to sail along with only four on a Saturday late afternoon,someone of authority needs to give this place a thorough shake.

8 Mar 2016 12:08

The Evening Star, Brighton

Somewhat over rated good perhaps but certainly not great.Two of our crowd tried the Thornbridge Kipling it was awful,far too cold and I suspect that it had been forgotten somewhere and was close or over date, fortunately me Hophead was good..Cleanliness doesn't seemto be a priority of any kind,the toilets are awfully shabby and whiff the nasty acrid smell of urine.

6 Mar 2016 19:51

The Prince Albert, Brighton

A superb pub, as you approach look out for the Rock Star mural on the wall,I thought for a second and then realised that of the many faces they were all dead,it is very well drawn indeed.On entering the pub becomes a series of small rooms with no disernible theme just a mish mash of odd items. The beer selection was very good and the quality was excellent,we did not know this at the time aswe had several pubs to go but this was "Pub of the Day" by a large margin. The pub has Sky T.V.9/10

6 Mar 2016 19:46

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

A new manager in place here, i've known him a long time,he will improve this pub and introduce the best available ales,already Jaipur and JHB are on the bar. Every facet of the Julian Huxley will benefit. Good news!

24 Feb 2016 20:44

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Ten handpumps serving a wide range of Interesting ales.At typical Antic prices. The service is quick and friendly.

9 Feb 2016 21:00

The Capitol, Forest Hill

A wonderful conversion of a cinema into a pub. The beer is poor and the food is frightful.

9 Feb 2016 20:58

Sylvan Post, Forest Hill

I may have been unlucky but the beer quality has never been good on my visits. It resembles a 1970's Post Office museum inside and outside.

9 Feb 2016 20:56

All Inn One, Forest Hill

An ordinary pub to look at but the beer is always on top form,Tiny Rebel and Gypsy Hill breweries seem to be a priority plus Deuchars. The spotlessness is striking.

9 Feb 2016 20:54

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

A lovely old pub which is genuinely Irish ,full of sporting memorabilia.Three distinct bars and a pleasant garden. They have quite rightly won many awards for their beer and cider.As well as quality ales a warm welcome is always given.Slightly more big and medium brewery beers on the bar than I would like but I must admit that is a minor quibble.9/10.

9 Feb 2016 20:50

Cobbetts, Dorking

I've never seen anything like seven real ales on in Cobbetts,you are clearly an idiot who counts the Key Keg shite as Real Ale,the truth is in the word keg.The place is a tiny little shop without any trade to speak of so how the ---- can the beer be any good there simply isn't the TURNOVER,if they did have seven barrels conditioning naturally the beer would be vinegary for lack of sales, Tony34081 -village idiot of Dorking .

2 Feb 2016 08:31

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

The street outside will probably look very familiar as it Is used in so many T.V. period dramas such as Call the Midwife etc etc. The Pub is somewhat gentrified,the beer range seems to be LocaLEs ,Hop Stuff,Wimbledon for example. A fairly small place with an attractive back bar used as a restaurant.Press cuttings ,photos of some of the actors/production staff adorn the walls relating to the streets role in various dramas, look at the period window frames of the houses,they look like bits from orange boxes and infer post war make do and mend.

21 Jan 2016 20:36

The George, Croydon

Yesterday the back bar had two Triple fff beers and three from Ascot-Alley Cat,Penguin Porter and single hop. The front bar was a Twickenham tied house.Apparently next week is a London battle of the beers and then a delivery of Thornbridge ales is due.

21 Jan 2016 20:28

Cobbetts, Dorking

A beer bottle shop with space for a dozen people of ordinary build, it is not particularly good and cannot be graded as a pub. The overall score on BITE at the moment is 5.7 that clearly indicates how ordinary it is. Move on nothing to see or bother with.

10 Jan 2016 15:12

Crown and Anchor, Brixton

A couple of years ago this pub was in the GBG and doing well,slowly but at an increasing pace it has gone downhill on every front, the new staff are ghastly and slow, the beer selection aims at novelty not popular demand,the toilet access is awkward. Just to underline how matters stand they take an overwhelming pride in the side road which has a few tables. Not only did the C&A not get into the guide it was ninth on the back up pubs for S.W. London! That says it all. I expect a far worse outcome when the next GBG selection takes place. To compare this to a Wetherspoons is insulting to the 'spoons pubs they usually get most things right.

10 Jan 2016 13:07

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

A dedicated real ale house, a sort of early micro-pub, it is at the end of a row of shops.Cheekily near Harvey's Brewery An oldies pub,many different beers flow through not just locales,quite tight for space you have to climb over people to get to the toilet, toilet strategy helps, especially if there is a darts match.The side door helps if your claustrophobic. Probably the fourth best pub in Lewes ,very marginally behind the Elly,Brewers and Snowdrop but the standard overall is so high.8/10.

3 Dec 2015 21:36

The Black Horse Inn, Lewes

Our first pub of the day was the Black Horse, one of our party only revived from the uphill climb after a lively pint of Plateau.If you like old style pubs with lots of wood than this is for you.The B.H. just oozes with pub games including Toad in the hole which was present in every pub we visited. Seven handpumps , three were Greene King beers and the other four were Locales.8/10

2 Dec 2015 18:49

The Elephant and Castle, Lewes

There are five very good Free Houses in the town,the Elly is probably the best. Just north of the CastleIt has an excellent selection of real ales,an interesting menu,the pub is vibrant,the service friendly and fast.9/10.

2 Dec 2015 18:44

The Taproom, Islington

Well,I visited about six months ago and it had potential but a lot of areas to polish up on, Hey Presto! One shiny new manager, knowledgable,keen, allied to a work ethic and we have a great watering hole with a choice of both craft and cask. For the bargain hunters all real ales are £3.20 from Sun-Thurs.There's an awful lot of competition in Islington but this is the place at least as long as the manger stays.9/10.

21 Nov 2015 20:46

The Hope, Carshalton

The beers are always on the warm side. The Pub is a haven for those ekeing out that last bit of pension before the next payment,anyone under 85 years of age is looked at as if to say "Your definitely in the wrong pub", this makes for an uneasy atmosphere The two house beers are very uninspiring. Any criticisms are met by the fact that they are only amateurs-that is painfully obvious.The nearby Sun does better food, better beer and has a warm friendly greeting why bother visiting this mess.3/10.

4 Oct 2015 21:01

The Bulls Head, Reigate

here's a little chap called Charlie who drinks here - and loves to hear himself heard.
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croydonpeer He probably has something relevant to say unlike you.

4 Oct 2015 20:49

Cobbetts, Dorking

Disaffected staff give all kinds of sorry stories as to why they have no real ale on or only one on offer, I would make a guess that this place isn't open in a years time.The Waitrose just behind are doing similar bottles at a third of the price.The rating is 5.4 very low but flattering for a place so badly managed.2/10.

18 Aug 2015 12:31

Cobbetts, Dorking

The front of the offy is full of silly priced bottles,the counter area has a couple of firkins,you can buy a pint to drink on the premises but it is actually a kitchen with cups etc. the residue of last nights washing -up,who would want to drink in such an enviroment???? The local Council need to take another look I know planning laws have relaxed but hygiene should count for something. 2/10

12 Jul 2015 20:19

The George, Croydon

I'm pleased to hear that three Dark Star's made an appearance, if you read the post carefully I clearly didn't say that they were NEVER on I said the appearance of these breweries ales was rarer,which is true even the chap who orders the stuff has the cojones to admit that!

19 May 2015 19:55

The George, Croydon

Dark Star,Oakham,Tillingbourne and Surrey Hills beers are now a rare sight in the George,they are trialing every cheap beer that you can imagine,thankfully I can be in the Cask at Pimlico or any other equivalent pub near a major station in an extra 10-15 minutes. So the experiment of putting on decent beers in this 'spoons has come to an end.

17 May 2015 20:46

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

A bit cheeky on the pricing,George Osborne takes a penny off, the Cask put twenty on,decent beer at far lower prices elsewhere.6/10.

8 Apr 2015 19:51

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

We had heard a lot of good things about this pub,on the outside it looks rather old and neglected, the inside more of the same.We ordered three different ales and everyone was cloudy, they did have a wheat beer but we didn't order it. Showing the barman what he had served up he said that perhaps it was meant to be cloudy! What? All of them ??? A clear case of a pub going to pot after making a name for itself. The pub seemed rather dirty inside with a stuffed(taxidermy) Heron over the door( it look in poor comdition), I wouldn't eat in a place like this, very pleased to leave and won't bother in future.0/10

1 Mar 2015 16:21

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

A typical Craft &Co. pub, loads of beer dispensers,handpumps and the other tap kind. The service was quick and friendly, i seem to remember lined glasses and fairly expensive prices.This pub has an upstairs, it is rather small.My beer was the Vic's Secret Hophead from Dark Star featuring Australian hops, a nice twist on Hophead. Roughly ten real ales available and the pub was reasonably full.8/10

27 Jan 2015 11:26

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Speeding thru' London to get a train my connections connected better than I thought, not enough time for the Cask &Kitchen + walk, just enough for a pint here, my good fortune held a lovely pint of Brewster's Decadence, only draw back was footie fans from several different games converging, just time for a very swift half Of Elland 1812. Slightly dearer than most 'spoony outlets but well worth it.8/10.

19 Jan 2015 19:18

London Beer Dispensary, Brockley

An amazing ,refreshing pub as the previous contributor says - It has no bar,the service is wonderful, the lack of a bar strongly contributes to that. Ales from many different breweries may be on not just Late Knights. I recently visited with three others and they were in awe and thought that this was one of the best pubs in London, The Nearby Blythe Hill is very different indeed but visit both and experience two contrasting styles and two great pubs.10/10.

13 Jan 2015 18:38

The Old Fountain, Old Street

A superb pub,parts of which are old and some are made to look old,a better pub than the Craft &co. outlets which is high praise Craft &Co. springs to mind as like the Old Fountain ten handpumps and several keg beers are dispensed. The pub is perfectly clean and the service is knowledgeable and polite. I had a perfect Marble ale called Pint,some of the others went for Oakham's Citra , the Marble was a bit better on the day,it was very hard to leave this pub. Very handy for Moorfields Hospital i'm told.10/10.

11 Jan 2015 19:34

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

An exceptionally good ale exhibition pub, the beer is the star and are kept really well.Ten handpumps with a carefully considered choice. The pub is ultra clean,slightly soulless.This is so much better than the Hope at Carshalton (a few dodgy warm ales,untidy and nowhere near as clean.9/10

28 Dec 2014 17:09

The George, Croydon

The Jaipur has,after a very long absence returned, it is not the stuff of legend it once was but it is still a decent pint at £3.15.

12 Dec 2014 19:34

The Goldsmiths, Penge

The Goldsmiths opened for a few days and -you've guessed it,closed again. a leaky roof.

30 Nov 2014 13:12

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

MillHouse (sic), I think the reason that the Sussex had so few beers on when I visited was the fact that the Twickenham Beer Festival was on and they possibly thought that it result in a loss of trade. My view that the Sussex is tatty was my opinion and I understand that some people live in a pig sty. As for your mathematical equation on the cost of a pint it ONLY works out IF a customer returns and drinks nine pints,I probably won't. It could well be the best pub in the area but I haven't visited all of them,have you?

23 Nov 2014 17:21

The George, Croydon

Jaipur is listed in the 2015 GBG, anyone traveling a long way will find it is no longer available. Lots of London Pride, Doom Bar and Broadside, Abbot on both bars and Greene King IPA.

23 Nov 2014 14:18

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

A newish manager with a work ethic, a clean up and a new toilet with blade style hand dryer have added up to an impovement, the range of ever changing ales at slightly below average price has always been the pubs strength.Unfortunately many long years ago it was opened as Jesters wine bar and it looks far more wine bar than a traditional pub.The Claret is full if a major sporting event is on T.V. they have two and if An International Rugby match clashes with( lets say) Final Score both are shown. Like a few other pubs a sample jar of the beer "on" is tied to the handpump, so that customers can see the colour and type of ale easily, this saves time and solves at least one F.A.Q.9/10.

12 Nov 2014 15:42

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

The staff here strut around a treat customers with contempt, a very hard thing to show so much chutzpah when your on £6.50 an hour! I only visit for a quick coffee the beer is s***.

6 Nov 2014 15:26

The Capitol, Forest Hill

A strong contender for the best 'spoons in South London,superb interior.

3 Nov 2014 14:15

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

This small Irish pub(not themed,genuine) extends a warm welcome to all,it is clad in old dark mahogany style wood( a lovely worn patina) throughout.The beers on yesterday were a 6% from Bee Brewery ,Sheffield,A Locale, Courage B.B. and Hophead. From the handpumps clips that decorate the walls and ceilings it is fairly obvious thar many different breweries beers are sold, not least of which are the Dark Star monthly specials. The walls have Guinness and horse racing memorabilia. Not the right time of year but I espied a decent garden. A strong contender for the best pub in South London.A pub like this is so much nicer than a pop up pub .10/10

29 Oct 2014 11:02

All Inn One, Forest Hill

The weaker guest ales are £3.80 a pint which is dearer than the other pubs in the area.They had Sky T.V. on last Saturday.There are four GBG entries for Forest Hill and each pub has certain merits,the All in One is rather plain internally after the delights of the Sylvan Post and the Capitol but in ale quality terms it is probably leading the pack tho' not by much. 7/10.

24 Oct 2014 20:35

The Goldsmiths, Penge

This is not a review-this is clarification only. The Goldsmiths is closed at the moment the Antic group have bought it and plan to re-open. The Antic group do Gastro food but usually have a decent choice of micro brewery real ales, the Wallington Arms is an exception.I really like Antic's styling of pubs and this is welcome news.

24 Oct 2014 20:28

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

A decent pub with six real ales and six ciders. I expected more real ales. The sevice was excellent, the beer was very good,we were handed a reward card,buy nine get one free. The pub is tatty at the edges and the photos that i've seen are misleading. An easy 8/10 with potential, i'm just a bit miffed over just six beers.

23 Oct 2014 20:01

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Unlike the above photo the EDT is now a vibrant purple colour. I was very happy to visit during yesterday's Beer Festival , another three gravity beers were on offer.I had a Gipsy Hill beer which was very good. The EDT is a typical Antic pub,they are hip and try really hard to be super cool( which defeats the object)take us as you find us we throw odd cushions all over the place! The traffic is usually heavy outside ,when I spotted a 176 there was enough time to drain my pint and run the 100Metres to the bus stop, that is quite handy!

19 Oct 2014 19:50

The Ivy House, Nunhead

Lezford has already posted my thoughts on the Ivy House, A wide choice of ales,not everyone was a winner, the bar staff were somewhat inept, the building/interior was breathtakingly stunning. The potential of this pub in any other location would be really fantastic.The stage/wooden panneling, musical heritage would make any pub lover speechless, the place needs urgent financial support( the toilets are a disgrace), the whole place needs an update and a pub manager with the connections/ability to maximise the music/stage and community possibilities.A phoenix from the ashes,I love the pub but with any project there is more to do.7/10 at the moment, I fully expect a 9/10 soon.

18 Oct 2014 19:53

The George, Croydon

Most of the handpumps are now fitted with sparklers this is causing a longer wait at the bar and the staff are having difficulty in providing a pint with 95% liquid,the request for a top up is not always met with the courtesy that is expected , this is in part due to the rapid staff turnover here.

10 Oct 2014 19:40

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Very worried about this pub, I had a shocking pint ,completely vinegar, they obliged me by sniffing it and replacing it but unlike Ken( who was dedicated to stocking a wide variety of real ales at their best) the idiots LEFT the beer on SALE !!! Astounded, I won't be back.This pub will be unrecognisable within eighteeen months if it follows that kind of policy.2/10 from 10/10.

10 Oct 2014 19:28

Tiger Inn, Bridport

Easily the best pub in Bridport, Graham has a lovely sense of humour and runs a lovely pub,lots of teams playing various sports. When I was there a couple of weeks ago Boltmakers came on as a replacement for a Mansfield ale. Three regular ales and three guests, they could be anything.Sky T.V. and two smashing gardens, I watched parts of the last home Ashes on the giant Garden T.V.10/10.

6 Oct 2014 20:43

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

The "Traf" has improved internally it is now clean bright and open lunchtimes( well done Dave the Wibbas Down enjoyed the extra trade) , If you want a KeyKeg fizzy drink at £6.00 this is where you can be ripped off. I bought a pint of Ol'Blue Eyes and it was vinegary and very cloudy but after a minute or two the Gnome behind the bar changed it and replaced it with another beer from the same Brewery(By The Horns) called Mick the Miller(also cloudy). Fortunately the ethos here is to serve ales from other parts of the country ( not just Locales). The Downton Quadhop was in good nick but why replicate the beers that are served at the nearby Sultan? Are they anti-choice or aggressively attempting a war with them? Most odd, at the very least a lack of thought! An improvement on the Hope but that was probably due to the pronounced lack of customers (only one other when we entered). A wide selection ? Well three or four real ales were on in truth! 6/10.

6 Oct 2014 18:44

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

The "Traf" has improved internally it is now clean bright and open lunchtimes( well done Dave the Wibbas Down enjoyed the extra trade) , If you want a KeyKeg fizzy drink at £6.00 this is where you can be riped off. I bought a pint of Ol'Blue Eyes and it was vinegary and very cloudy but after a minute or two the Gnome behind the bar changed it and replaced it with another beer from the same Brewery(By The Horns) called Mick the Miller(also cloudy). Fortunately the ethos here is to serve ales from other parts of the country ( not just Locales). The Downton Quadhop was in good nick but why replicate the beers that are served at the nearby Sultan? Are they anti-choice or aggressively attempting a war with them? Most odd, at the very least a lack of thought! An improvement on the Hope but that was probably due to the pronounced lack of customers (only one other when we entered). A wide section ? Well three or four real ales were on in truth!

5 Oct 2014 09:00

The Ropemakers, Bridport

This town centre pub is full of sporting/music themed memorabilia, it is an extremely deep pub,Tardis-like in fact,eventually it leads out to a patio garden. It has a "proper pub" feel about the place. It is a Palmers tied and seems to stock every available real ale that the brew, Palmers have come around to seasonal ales rather late in the day.Now that the Nelson is so poor this is a good place to drink Palmers.......if you want to!

22 Sep 2014 17:21

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Gamboozler-The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. - Winston Churchill. I love the derision of smaller people who cannot express themselves in a sensible form, its applause from the imbecilic, they are the majority,sadly.

5 Jul 2014 20:36

The Coach and Horses, Dersingham

A very nice pub,four beers on hanpump,a very dodgy pool table that looks like it was rescued from a skip. The pub has two bars the public having darts as well as the aforementioned completely knackered pool table. The service is friendly enough, i've been in enough Norfolk pubs to doubt that this is truly the pick of the bunch.Another CAMRA Branch making rather odd decisions.Worth a 7/10.

29 Jun 2014 17:29

The Bulls Head, Croydon

A few weeks ago the Bull's Head had a small beer festival, they had a couple of ales from Fyne Brewery,the Jarl was outstanding, the second and third pint were equally good and I believe the beers were £3.00. A nice quiet pub with decent locals.8/10. The perspex bike shed makes me laugh,i don't know why, something to do with school perhaps.

3 Jun 2014 19:58

Milan Bar, Croydon

A very dark pub/bar , the journey to the bar is made far more exciting than necessary by crutches, zimmer frames,shopping trolleys etc. Scattered around to snare the unwary thus increasing the need for crutches etc. The fact that the toilets are on the same level probably accounts for the popularity of this place with people less mobile, the proximity of the Central Post Office adds to the appeal.If only 'spoons did bingo books the clientele would be completely at home.

3 Jun 2014 11:36

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

A legal measure of 95% plus head would be an improvement. The service is cheerless. An extended Dabners look likely.Badly run pubs close.

3 Jun 2014 11:26

The First and Last, Penzance

Well, the news that this small pub which is full of character and characters is open again fills my heart with joy! To be on holiday and find the pub shut when I tried to re-visit was hard to take. Penzance and its people are very hard to match, there are a few excellent pubs there and this is an important one.10/10.

22 May 2014 19:56

The Gweek Inn, Gweek

I've stayed in the village of Gweek and visited the pub several times in both the Black Swan and Gweek Inn incarnations,the pub has always been much better than average on any criteria, food, real ale,service etc. A warm welcome is always assured. Gweek is probably best known as the home of the National Seal Sanctuary, the pub is a short walk away, my best encounters with seals have been on a boat hire from Morston point in Norfolk but the Seal Sanctuary acts as a seal hospital and deserves any support that people can give.

22 May 2014 19:49

The Green Dragon, Croydon

There was an awful period for this pub during the change of management but that has now finished. The new Manager is now running the pub well ,a recent Brewers pump takeover and very nice staff add up to this being the best pub in the town centre. Beer wise you will NOT find beers from the big brewers.Other pubs have London Pride, Adnams Broadside,Sharp's Doom Bar, Abbot Ale ( the widespread national beers which are sold on the back of massive advertising).So nice to have a choice.

4 May 2014 08:46

The New Prince, Surbiton

Hardly a review, Tradervic,try going along and buy a pint, instead of using BITE as a facebook page.

24 Feb 2014 18:50

The Glamorgan, Croydon

I've checked the hygiene food rating,that alone scares the living daylights out of me, I wonder if pubs with a low rating do any better when it comes to glass cleaning and line cleaning? Probably not methinks.

24 Feb 2014 18:47

The Green Dragon, Croydon

After a pub crawl around Croydon today the outright winner was the.......Green Dragon three Dark Star beers including Bock the monthly special for February ( 5.6% brewed in collaboration with Saltaire Brewery), plus Hophead and Critical Mass. A new guvnor in place. It makes a pleasant change to go to a pub that is relatively unfettered in the beers it can choose. The Service is swift and polite.

15 Feb 2014 21:00

The Shakespeare, Victoria

Ignore the post below, it is B.I.T.E.'s WHINGER at WORK .A full time Wayne Kerr.

31 Jan 2014 08:18

The George, Croydon

For a short period of time last year the range of ales was very narrow but thankfully the new lady manager is putting on a much wider range. The back bar is more comfortable simply due to one table being removed this has given a tad more space to the other tables and you can move your chair back without sending someone on the table behind into orbit.The serice is usually swift and the staff are welcoming, so leave your misplaced anti 'spoons bias at the door and enjoy probably the best range of ales in South London.

28 Jan 2014 21:00

The Ship, Croydon

I think it is worth pointing out that Mon-Sat the Ship opens at 5:00 P.M. On my last visit the typical Marstons range of real ales, hence the lack of urgency on my part to make a return visit.

28 Jan 2014 20:47

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Well, Masterpint47, if you miss the clientele that much you can always find them in the Milan Bar. After due consideration i've not been to too many pubs where the object has been to remain stone cold sober, perhaps they drank a half more than you.Also it seems slightly odd that you post about the SoF over six months after it closed. Nostalgia?

28 Jan 2014 20:43

The Hurtwood Inn, Peaslake

croydonpeer, at it again -being down right rude to other posters and pretending to be knowledgeable,a silly troll with no positive in put.

15 Dec 2013 10:29

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

croydonpeer, Diaper envy! Ask nicely she might change yours!

14 Dec 2013 12:18

The Sun, Redhill

Leasehold or Freehold both cost money, 'spoons either pay rent or borrow to buy the premises. Croydonpeer , "someting" do you mean Sompting near Littlehampton or something else? I have noticed that you only post after school or during the school holidays.

14 Dec 2013 11:59

The George, Croydon

The George have had ales from Twickenham, Portobello, Triple fff,Tillingbourne, Surrey Hills, Sambrooks,Kissingate, Oakham, Dark Star and Thornbridge on recently. The staff are without exception polite,swift and unusually dedicated. It is probably better to put any ill conceived anti-'spoons prejudice to one side as this is an exceptional pub by any measure.

6 Dec 2013 21:44

The Green Dragon, Croydon

For a few years the Green Dragon brought life to Croydon on Sunday with every handpump used and the sound of various jazz bands echoing down from upstairs.Sadly it now has the atmosphere of a morgue and today boasted two beers , both dark and very similar of gravity and drinkability to Bisto{ Tm registered }. If the present rate of decline continues ( six other customers at 14:00 hrs)The place will be boarded up within six months, if it is to be saved the next manager needs to swiftly put beers on that are new and worth drinking, Turners , Burning Sky, Isfield, Breweries from Sussex would be a starting point, others such as Cottage are very cheap but are unpleasant and will not sell to customers more than once, the same old story, ales selected well do better than picking the cheapest beers from the available list.Talk to the customers/listen to the customers act upon it and thrive.

3 Nov 2013 18:12

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

I noticed a few days ago that the satchets have been done away with and a condiment carrier comes out about six minutes after the food has been served, another 'spoons cock up! Yes the removal of satchets is a good thing, they create untold litter on the floor but the condiments should be delivered to the table first a few seconds prior to the meal. The coffee that I had was very good indeed,the beer was average at best, but in fairness I had just had a great pint of Citra from Hop Back Brewery in the Jolly Coopers beforehand.

30 Oct 2013 19:37

London and County, Eastbourne

I knew the idiots on here would get a little worked up, probate is not granted until it is cleared by HMRC , I thought that was common knowledge, alcohol is clearly rotting the brain tempest.

30 Oct 2013 18:03

London and County, Eastbourne

I'm not to old to enjoy my two recent inheritances,big houses in Dulwich go for decent money! Happy - Oh yes!!!!!

22 Oct 2013 19:36

The Irish Pub, Berlin

I could be tempted but on balance it probably doesn't stock real ale.

17 Oct 2013 20:29

Cricketers Arms, Ockley

Obviously you've met wealdman,the dirty mac is a give away.

17 Oct 2013 20:25

The Plough, Coldharbour

A few years ago I was a regular here drawn by the home brewed beers, for whatever reason this pub started to go downhill,the service was always slow. I hadn't visited the place for a while but from former greatness this pub is still traveling south.Still the Surrey Oaks was really great and I spent my money there.2/10 in fairness. The demand that tradervic mentions is only driven by this pub being isolated and close by Leith Hill, lots of people go to the Surrey Hills and the tower but very few make the journey to drink awful beer, i brew much better in my kitchen.

9 Oct 2013 17:46

The Dorothy Inn, Weymouth

This pub was quite good about eight years ago, now it is an object lesson in how not to run a pub. If you are in Weymouth the Globe, Boot, Duke of Cornwall are all decent free houses serving great beer. If you want a 'spoons the Swan is very good. The Duke of Cornwall and the Old Rooms Inn show sports on Sky.There is enough choice without having to resort to a dive like this.

6 Oct 2013 15:19

The Red Lion, Weymouth

scotty2007 has posted on BITE only three times,all three posts concern the Red Lion which he praises to the hilt and virtually no other poster has a good word to say about the place, he is the manager or a paid stooge, the consensus is clear that this pub has rude and unpleasant manager and is poorly rated. How childish and obvious can you get! I recently looked in the door on a nice sunny day and the place was empty, the public have voted with their feet.

6 Oct 2013 15:13

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

The beer in here on Saturday was so cold our teeth were on edge, a massive chill haze formed on my glass, I spoke to a regular customer who i've known for a long time and he was surprised as my beer came from a handpump on the middle bar usually the other bars have cr*p beer.0/10 and a nbss of one, I wondered why this pub was not in the GBG 2014 and that goes a long way to explaining matters.

22 Sep 2013 16:25

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Right ,firstly I reviewed this pub a year ago, I am NOT posting a review! This is for the beer lovers only - on the 20/21 st of September 2013 otherwise known as tomorrow and surprisingly the next day !!!! ( roll of drums), the Sultan has a beer Festival, every available Hop Back beer will be on ( if not go to Lyme Regis and tell Mr. Gilbert personally) and twenty two other beers ( I imagine a Downton or two will be in that number). A very nice Beer Festival if the sun is shining, as it is in the garden but that may well depend on the vagaries of the British weather.

19 Sep 2013 18:19

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Right ,firstly I reviewed this pub a year ago, I am NOT posting a review! This is for the beer lovers only - on the 20/21 st of September 2013 otherwise known as tomorrow and surprisingly the next day !!!! ( roll of drums), the Sultan has a beer Festival, every available Hop Back beer will be on ( if not go to Lyme Regis and tell Mr. Gilbert personally) and twenty two other beers ( I imagine a Downton or two will be in that number). A very nice Beer Festival if the sun is shining, as it is in the garden but that may well depend on the vagaries of the British weather.

19 Sep 2013 18:19

Beerwolf Books, Falmouth

I spotted this pub just up an alleyway in Falmouth main shopping centre and initially I did not know wether it was a bookshop/pub /restuarant but it is actually a mix of the first two, Falmouth seems to specialise in very quirky pubs, The Seven Stars and The Front spring readily to mind. Book shops are trying different things in order to promote themselves ( cheese and wines ,dating events) but this is really novel, an exceptional choice of five ales were available on my visit.

17 Sep 2013 19:59

The Sportsman, Seasalter

"I smell a rat" use deodorant then and do us all a big favour.

15 Sep 2013 14:30

The Sportsman, Seasalter

"I smell a rat" use deodorant then and do us all a big favour.

15 Sep 2013 14:29

Newton Arms, Croydon

Well, I went past the new front door ( central locking on, it is down town Croydon) and it looks very much like a tiny house, flats normally have a control panel full of buttons, I think.0/10, very easy to score.

13 Sep 2013 20:04

Foxley Hatch, Purley

A small Wetherspoons located on the one way system. This is a sleepy backwater 'spoons without atmosphere or any staff enthusiasm, looking at the customers it has a "gods waiting room" feel.Laughably it somehow got into the G.B.G. but thankfully it is not in the 2014 edition.My wife sometimes says Oh! lets walk to the Foxley.... my answer is I would rather walk off a short pier!

13 Sep 2013 19:50

The Tower, Redhill

They are just rude to you as they don't want riff raff in the pub, lowering the tone.

13 Sep 2013 19:35

William Stanley, South Norwood

This is a small 'spoons full of locals who are reasonably well behaved. The ale is surprisingly good, midweek about three ales are on weekend perhaps a couple more.When I visited the barmaid on duty was very crude to put it mildly( talking, no- shouting actually to a few locals). Match days it is very difficult to get served and plastic glasses were in operation when I last went on a Saturday match day.It is fairly common knowledge that 'spoons a few years ago were trying to off load the pub but obviously there were no takers.Nowadays there's not much choice in S.E.25 , you should find a decent pint here.

13 Sep 2013 17:27

The British Queen, Lower Willingdon

This pub is tucked away in a small parade of shops just north of Eastbourne, you would have to be a good walker as its very uphill and about four miles.The pub is the epitome of average, there are four handpumps but the selection on was from large family brewers Sheps, Harveys etc.5/10.

13 Sep 2013 17:16

The Anchor Inn, Ringmer

A very enticing villagepub on the village green, well, thats from the outside, on entering the modern decor is very jarring indeed, this place would be better served having an old fashioned pub interior. Please don't tell Beerwulf, he would have a hissy fit and burst into tears! Three real ales on including a micro in decent condition, but oh ! the decor! 4/10.

11 Sep 2013 14:56

The Green Dragon, Croydon

A large wedding cake of a building on the southern side of Croydon's Surrey Street market, rather grandly topped off with a cupola. Inside the pub is rather light and airy as the grey curled up post-it notes have thankfully been removed. I had a pint of Hophead in decent condition at £2.50, a few other ales were on.Surely Stongate Inns must now take the opportunity to refurbish the stairs and toilets they are bordering on dangerous! The pub has always had a lovely pubby feel about it.9/10.

10 Sep 2013 18:55

The Cock Inn, Ringmer

I'm certain that the Cock used to have a main road position,now it lays just off the road but in Winter/Autumn it can be seen from the road. We visited last week and found it to be outstandingly pretty, inside the usual pub/resteraunt balance was just in favour of the foodies. I ordered a pint of the local Hurst beer it was slightly worse than dreadful, I feared that the very young chap serving would argue the toss and give me the benefit of his six months drinking experience but no not a bit of it, he glanced ,sniffed ( damn vinegary stuff) and asked for my alternative choice ,Harvey's BB being the only other real ale so that was what I went for . A perfect pub for a date/ assignation, scenic, ultra smart and very quiet.9/10.A couple more beers if they had the trade would make it 10/10.

9 Sep 2013 19:03

London and County, Eastbourne

This pub is close to the station and that is its only merit, full of unpleasant old men who have found the cheapest pint in Eastbourne., the other 'spoons two minutes away is very good indeed but it is pricier.0/10.Yes, that poor!

3 Sep 2013 22:39

The Eagle, Eastbourne

Three ales on handpump, the Hylder blond was o.k. but a tad warm ,worth a visit but I would not hurry back, they offer 10p off on production of a valid CAMRA card ( other Eastbourne pubs have the same offer , the Dew Drop Inn, 15 yards away for one). The decor is that encountered in a gentlemans club, they have Sky Sports and two barmaids who are bored out of their minds, they try but the job is clearly not vocational, eating chocolate is more of a priority, and why not the place was completely devoid of customers.

3 Sep 2013 22:35

The Counting House, Eastbourne

An architechtural delight! Everything about the pub was very well done, it looks as though food would predominate but it doesn't the beer is taken seriously as testified by my lovely pint of Franklin's Citra. I will re-visit as soon as possible.If I found a gripe possibly a bit pricey but very worth it.

3 Sep 2013 22:28

The Laughing Fish, Isfield

I decided to visit this pub on the return journey from Eastbourne, I must admit that the tie to Greene King nearly put me off but the beer menu had three of theirs plus three local ales, namely Hylder Blond from Dark Star, a 1648 beer and the local Isfield Breweries Straw Blond, the Isfield ale beat the Hylder by a small margin. The pub is next to the Lavender Line ( steam railway) . It has a pleasant garden with apparatus for children, care is needed on entering the car park as children are running around enjoying themselves. The kitchen doesn't open on Sunday/Monday. An exceptionally pleasant interior and a warm welcome make this a truly wonderful pub.

3 Sep 2013 22:24

The Cricketers, Epsom

A lovely looking pub in a wonderful spot next to the pond and the large green.It has a nice patio area with decent garden furniture, the beer was too cold for real ale (I tend to like my ale very slightly colder than most) My pint of St.Austell Tribute was decent after ten minutes of warming up a bit.The pub is exceptionally clean throughout, this is a chain pub and lacks a genuine pubby atmosphere, the customers are mainly ladies who "do lunch".

28 Aug 2013 21:16

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

The Gardeners is a very small narrow pub located at the end of a row of shops, it is a bit like the broom cupboard of a large shop.On my latest visit not one of the beers I tried "hit the spot" , the list comprised of six beers all dark between 4.5% and .5%. So the choice of beer styles was limited, if a pub has six handpumps surely it is not too much to ask for a little variety, I decamped to the Snowdrop Inn and had a pint of Crouch Vale Summit.My high mark has therefore dropped a bit.

28 Aug 2013 21:05

The George, Croydon

Brewmason, Y E O V I L. perhaps your username should be INBRED from BRASTED.

24 Aug 2013 12:38

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

A little run down like many town pubs but the pub has a good atmosphere, six well chosen real ales in good nick usually local but Crouch Vales Summit and A Magic Rock ale were on on my visit. The large back room has a pool table, the service is swift and friendly, not much more could possibly be asked for.

24 Aug 2013 12:19

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

A little run down like many town pubs but the pub has a good atmosphere, six well chosen real ales in good nick usually local but Crouch Vales Summit and A Magic Rock ale were on on my visit. The large back room has a pool table, the service is swift and friendly, not much more could possibly be asked for.

24 Aug 2013 12:19

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Well, after your post ( as informative as ever) three down,after this four down, Percy, you are not a very sharp knife are you!Stick to inspecting the Ladies loos .

23 Aug 2013 12:37

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Well, after your post ( as informative as ever) three down,after this four down, Percy, you are not a very sharp knife are you!Stick to inspecting the Ladies loos .

23 Aug 2013 12:37

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Well, after your post ( as informative as ever) three down,after this four down, Percy, you are not a very sharp knife are you!Stick to inspecting the Ladies loos .

23 Aug 2013 12:37

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Well, after your post ( as informative as ever) three down,after this four down, Percy, you are not a very sharp knife are you!Stick to inspecting the Ladies loos .

23 Aug 2013 12:36

The Golden Lion, Croydon

Hmmm, I bet the prices had gone up!!!

22 Aug 2013 22:09

The Elephant and Castle, Lewes

An odd pub, young bar staff put the music on full pelt and the customers are without fail pretty ancient. the service was very good , the beers are HarveysBB and a guest ale. Worth a look but Lewes has so many decent pubs that this one could easily be missed.

22 Aug 2013 19:50

The Rising Sun, Epsom

A Young's house with Ordinary, Special, Tribute and Sambrook's Wandle ale. The accent is on upmarket food.The decor looks like an edwardian pub but is doubtlessly from a reclamation yard and is really well done. the service is crisp the pub is ultra clean and it has a decent garden. 9/10.

21 Aug 2013 22:22

The Rifleman Inn, Epsom

Exactly the sort of dive that tradervic would frequent, a pint of Greene King, ghastly!

16 Aug 2013 11:31

The George, Croydon

I think you have proven my purpose ,tradervic, you have read my post and found it worthy enough to make a comment. Perhaps you could try a positive post for once instead of being a silly troll but as you know F*** A** trolling is the zenith of your abilities.

16 Aug 2013 11:27

The Glamorgan, Croydon

I would say that people who use the pubs in the area would care, if you know nothing its best to keep quiet, try it Vic ,it will make you appear more intelligent, stick to the Sun and Redhill you fit in there!

16 Aug 2013 11:21

The George, Croydon

No news for ages and then like buses it appears over the horizon in pairs,The Manager of the Green Dragon buys a tenancy and the Manager of the George leaves, optimistically they will be replaced by others who are champing at the bit to make their mark, as always there is only so long that anyone can do a job and give it maximum enthusiasm, a lot to thank them for all in all.

12 Aug 2013 19:44

The Glamorgan, Croydon

Esther from the Green Dragon has moved to the Oval Tavern, probably the death knell that is needed to put this place out of its agonising existence, it simply will not have the ability to compete.

10 Aug 2013 17:52

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Yeovil isn't an old established family brewer re: Fullers, Batemans, St.Austell, it isn't a major international brewer, it brews for a limited number of pubs mainly in its own geographic area( listed on their website). So I class it as a Micro Brewer, the bigger Castle Rock calls themselves a micro brewery, As usual randolf who is seven comes on to BITE to troll during the school holidays when mummy is out,I suppose its better than a porn habit, so well done little chap!

1 Aug 2013 12:30

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

It demonstrates that we all make typos, my original point for posting was people will go to the Moon looking for "greenslade" when it is actually a Surrey Hills beer called Greensand IPA,for you not to understand this you must be a complete moron and that view is proven by your( ahem !) scrawls on this site.

1 Aug 2013 10:13

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

This is rather a small old fashioned pub with a back room, it is much tidier than before,RSPB magazines and local papers are available to read. The welcome is friendly and the ale I had( A St.Austell seasonal golden ale) was£2.50, they tend to sell St.Austell, Yoevil and other micro Breweries ales.A locals mammoth drinking competition was going on on my visit, they were well oiled but noisy fun. I was going between various pubs to watch the Ashes cricket, surprisingly this pub has Sky Sports. The landlady recognised me from previous visits and had a chat.This pub is a refreshing change from the "big beer barns" that dominate Weymouth.I feel very comfortable in this pub it certainly has character and characters.I do know that regular live music is played until very late here.I would happily become a regular here. Sadly only one dog now.9/10.

31 Jul 2013 22:16

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Nuffsaid, flatened Is that similar to being flattened?

31 Jul 2013 17:54

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

BLACKGANDER, You posted on the 16April on the Red Cross Inn .....stategically......surely a spelling bee of your renown would use an "R" and it would then be.......stRategically.......wakey wakey!

31 Jul 2013 17:07

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

He is at his VERY best when he is ejecting an awkward customer, worth seeing, I hope he gets a full time managers job soon. He has been taught very well by Steve and will do a great job.He is temporarily back at the George( or was on Saturday when we had a chat).As for the too many ales, I agree, it is a policy of The George to have every handpump on,in the George the turnover makes it practical but going to a new pub trade needs building up. One of the jokes in the George is "have you seen an available soon sign" as it is very rarely seen.

31 Jul 2013 17:01

The Star, Dorking

Wealdman,His name is Al not All, you dopey ******* ! Read through your rubbish or better still don't post or get your carer to post on your behalf!

31 Jul 2013 15:01

The Red Deer, South Croydon

The local press claim that this will soon be a Morrison's quickie Mart, Stonecoats pleased he can get his meths locally.

30 Jul 2013 11:50

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

....Greensands,names after the famous ( perhaps not so) Greensands Way a footpath that extends from Haselmere, Surrey to Kent and is 108 miles long and noted for the attractive scenery en route. Personally I prefer the Greensands IPA to the other beers brewed by Ross who is very entertaining when he gives a Brewery tour. The Moon has done well since A manager from the George in Croydon took the reins.

30 Jul 2013 11:41

The Star Inn, Crowlas

I really enjoyed my visit here, the Potion number nine is better than ever, one of the locals told me how good it was before I produced my wallet. The service was really good, the locals were all very friendly and the pool table was just fifty pence. 9/10.

29 Jul 2013 21:21

The Front Bar, Falmouth

This pub is a cellar on the edge of Falmouth Harbour, they stock about ten ales(a beer festival every day!) at a time mostly on gravity the Porthleven from Skinners was top hole.They do not sell food and encourage you to bring in your own, the fish shop at the front( the front is at the back, confusing, just a bit) is the usual beneficiary as it does award winning fish and chips of an unbelievably good standard.The other drinkers were either students or pensioners, it was a lunchtime.Probably as important to real ale devotees in Cornwall as the Star Inn at Crowlas or the Blue Anchor at Helston.

29 Jul 2013 21:14

The Witchball, The Lizard

A smashing little pub with at least four beers, two from the local Chough Brewery and the beers were excellent. As the Lizard is a tourist infested area I expected the prices to be high,surprisingly they were very cheap not just the beer but the food also.This pub is a genuine freehouse, the service is polite and swift.I would happily stay close by and use this pub on a daily/twice daily basis. A faultless pub that deserves a very high rating. 9/10.Look out for the Chough Brewery glasses.

29 Jul 2013 21:03

Farmers Arms, Penzance

Well, after the poor reviews I must have found the pub at a good time, the locals were friendly. a barrel of Middle from Spingo was on the bar and a few decent beers on handpump in good condition.I handed the barman a pound too much the round was that cheap.A few seats outside, all in all the place was rather spartan, I enjoyed it and would revisit like a shot but not really the place for a first date or a wedding reception.Everyone one in the pub had a great laugh but it is unrepeatable!

22 Jul 2013 18:16

The Turks Head, Penzance

Allegedly this is the lodest pub in Penzance, well managed, possibly a bias to the "dry" side over "wet" sales. Four ales on from Skinners and St.Austell in excellent condition, I would prefer to have seen an ale from a Cornish micro Brewery ( there are more than enough to choose from) such as Chough Brewery who are brewing really fantastic beer on the Lizard peninsula. A Cask Marque accreditation in the window,as usual a good pointer.

22 Jul 2013 18:05

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

A tiny old fashioned back street boozer full of bric-a-brac. The pub has a small loyal following of regulars, seemingly ever changing guest ales which are gas assisted dispense. The youngish landlord drinks the beers. This pub is due east from the Crown down a small side street.

22 Jul 2013 17:59

The Crown Inn, Penzance

A home brew pub just north of the shopping arcade, an excellent little local with wooden floors and a friendly greeting that does various cheap food nights, the fish night was very good indeed at £6.00 a head ,the chef came out and was a young lady, a little surprised at how good her abilities were.A must do pub.9/10. The 1 hop 1 grain was top hole, a couple of the other ales were a bit on the ordinary side.

15 Jul 2013 19:55

The Dolphin, Penzance

A bit of a shock on entering they were meant to serve a sizzling platter and it looked like the whole place was on fire,I couldn't find the bar for smoke, my lad waited outside and took a minute or two to realise that it was just a case of over exuberant cooking! The beer was really good.

15 Jul 2013 19:49

The Mexico Inn, Penzance

Nothing wrong with this pub in any way whatsoever, a warm greeting, decent beer, very nice toilets( I checked that the wife was content with hers).A pool Table a new dart board and decent food at reasonable prices. In an out of the way area about a mile from Marazion and a mile on to Penzance, a decent stop pint on my pub crawl along the S.W. coastal path.

15 Jul 2013 19:44

Tremenheere, Penzance

Excellent service a decent range of beers,I only met friendly chatty people on my five visits, the service was a bit hit and miss,the manager needs a few older staff as team leaders to show the kids a bit of work ethic.

15 Jul 2013 19:39

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

This is the only pub i've been in that gives you sea sickness before drinking a pint, the facade was used for the film Treasure Island. The inside resembles a pirate galleon in every respect, my visit was on the 29th June and several men/women were dressed in fancy dress as it was the town's annual fete/parade and drunks littered Penzance but I must say that they all seemed to have had a great time and were very good natured.

15 Jul 2013 19:36

The Yacht Inn, Penzance

A stunning art deco facade. A decent drop of St.Austell Tribute and proper Job.The staff are untrained and bored witless, the potential for a great pub goes unrealised here, my son gave very high marks for the pork scratchings which were from the west Midlands.

15 Jul 2013 19:31

The First and Last, Penzance

....... whilst agreeing with ridleyman I must just add that there is a Christies for sale board outside, my last pint here was on Sunday the 30th June 2013. It was a locals pub dedicated to beer. Lets hope that someone fancies running the place.

15 Jul 2013 19:27

Five Lamps, Derby

Perhaps we will be able to read a review after the 4th July, remember anything other than a review grts on some people's WICK !

19 Jun 2013 18:57

The George, Croydon

A range of beers from the new Portobello Brewery have been on recently alongside Surrey Hills,Tillingbourne, Oakham ( Attilla etc) , Dark Star (Victorian Ruby Mild , Genesis etc) , Rudgate, Kelham , Thornbridge,By the Horns and the wonderful Croydon Cronx, their single hop which was brewed using galaxy hops was extremely good indeed.

16 Jun 2013 10:50

The Cricketers, Croydon

The vested interest is Enterprise Inns who may wish to take up your ill informed allegation as to the proper ownership/financial interest in the pub.I would await the postman with nervous trepidation ( that is if you have the ability to follow recent interesting court cases involving twitter).By the way i've drawn their attention to it and made my own objection.

14 Jun 2013 15:12

The Glamorgan, Croydon

Beerlover666 ,no trolling or abuse by me. I post you just follow in my slip stream , just saying the opposite to whatever I post. I visited the GLUMORGAN last week and it looks like things have got even worse, this vicinity could benefit from an half decent pub.Shame!

9 Jun 2013 18:27

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

The Spread Eagle regularly sells an ale from the local Cronx Brewery , on the bar is a list of their beers and they rotate frequently.Yesterday the new Single Hop( galaxy hopped ale) was on and extremly good it was too.They have several televisions showing various sports and have an outside drinking area( a chunk of pavement), Sadly the service/attitude leaves an awful lot to be desired and the food offering is mainly pies ,pies and pies( £9-£13), though being an Ale and Pie House you would expect a dedication to pies but perhaps without the obsession. 5/10.

9 Jun 2013 12:14

The Cricketers, Southampton

A basic town centre pub with two ciders and six varying real ales, the beer was in good condition, not up to the standard of the Wellington or the Waterloo ( both ten minutes west of here) but well worth a visit. Rather dark and on the small side and a "lived in " look.

29 May 2013 14:59

The Cricketers, Croydon

Today the Cricketers had a beer from Three Castles Brewery, Harvey's B.B. and two from Fyne ales Brewery namely Jarl and Avalanche, the last two were exceptional.

21 Mar 2013 17:02

The George, Croydon

I've just read Klingon1's post, having tried many Clarence and Fredericks ales I must say the vast majority have been undrinkable and none have been anywhere near decent. Thank God for Cronx !

20 Mar 2013 16:07

The George, Croydon

On Monday the 18th March 2013 Wetherspoons put the price of premium ales up by 40 pence, anticipating the budget. The budget CUT beer duty by 1pence and scrapped the beer duty escalator on beer( not wine or cider). After closing the highly profitable Ship Of Fools in anticipation of further riots that did not materialise I seriously worry about the judgment of this pub chain. Premium ales are now £2.65, Dark Star Imperial Russian Stout was on recently at £2.50 per half.

20 Mar 2013 16:02

The Hope, Carshalton

Anyone rereading my posts would readily accept that my choice NOT to entertain an exchange of views with posters who have less than twenty posts was in order to avoid wasting time on "put up" posters, i'e. friends and workers who are asked by a pub to say how great their pub is, as I had answered your previous post you were obviously excluded as my approach was Intended for FUTURE cases. I will refrain from calling you a DICKHEAD as you yourself established that several posts ago, the monotonous........" classic, classic" post concerning the Royal Standard was proof indeed ( Martin used to be rather fussy over the type of customer that he served, now that he is preoccupied with his Wandsworth enterprise things seem to be slipping) .

19 Jan 2013 10:18

The George, Croydon

By the Horns Brewery beers will soon be on here, The Bobby on the Wheat may cause a few questions as to why it is cloudy but wheat beers are. Also the Art of Darkness will be on soonish.

18 Jan 2013 15:07

The Hope, Carshalton

I never mentioned Hophead but IT has been on since the date mentioned, I knew like every TROLL that you would show yourself up and threaten violence. You have misquoted me so many times but that is what Trolls do so it was very much expected.

12 Jan 2013 13:55

The Hope, Carshalton

Moanetony, I did not say that you could be bought at all, please re-read, I used a question mark ( ?) . I will answer your question, In the early days of Sussana Godden . I thought the pub came a long way in a short space of time, she was slightly reserved/ shy with new customers but she had a nice way about her,I thought that the trajectory of the Pub would be upward, continuing to build on a decent start. For whatever reason she and Emma left. The atmosphere changed and it is now a place where people tend to stare at non -regulars, the pub does attract a certain type and Is not universally appealing. I also thought that a cooling system ( which is not needed except in very hot weather) would be an obvious step. The prices are rather on the high side In my opinion. If I am in Carshalton browsing the Antique shops I use the Sun which I slightly( prompt service, very expensive) prefer and have a pint in the Hope, as I have already said the stand out feature of the Hope is the beer selection. Clearly others think much more of the pub than I do, they are welcome to their opinion, as I am to mine. If I pop In this year( a few times) and things change I'll review again and tell it as I find it.

7 Jan 2013 17:48

The Hope, Carshalton

I'm expecting a glowing review from the Postman, Newspaper Boy, Binman and a few close relations now! Thanks for the laugh! I'll only respond to reviewers who have written twenty reviews or more In future , not to " put up" jobs by friends ,family, neighbours hangers-on etc.

7 Jan 2013 14:24

The Hope, Carshalton

Moaneytony, .....You are the next door Neighbour......., As the neighbour, I would like to point out the problem with the drains was more likely to have been the result of the 'old crew' sabotaging the drains when the pub changed hands.
I can only reinforce what many have people have said about the great turnaround the pub has acheived. The punters are extremely friendly and very welcoming, certainly not clique as seen in many pubs. The choice of ales is generally very good although it still baffles me why people would want to drink Hophead!!!
All things considered, the staff have done really well under difficult circumstances over the last 12 or so months. Apart from that Roly bloke who needs to get a shave and put a belt on.VERY neighbourly of you but obviously bias, are you bribed with free food like Nevits or free beer? We have now hit the bottom of the barrel ! That's the irony you wanted!

7 Jan 2013 13:36

The Hope, Carshalton

Steve 75. Ah ! We now have an Internet Troll. Your thoughtless and childish post Is not worthy of comment. .Your efforts are very poor Indeed, please try harder The Royal Standard deserves better than this mess..................................................................................................................A Croydon classic, in a classic Croydon location (underneath the flyover and adjacent a multi car park!)
Don't be put off though, it's a great backstreet local with relaible Fullers beers

7 Jan 2013 12:57

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

This ia a very special Wetherspoons indeed, a beautiful pub, built and decorated to resemble an Ocean liner ( Jack Phillips was the Wireless officer on the Titanic), very light bright and airy, extremely clean with great staff that are always pleasant and keen to help, today the lady who was being served before me was having trouble finding a place nearby, the lad who served her patiently explained where the place was and the best route.I had a truly great pint of Elland Brewery Eden a Blonde Citrus ale. The food was quick very hot and dirt cheap. Usually the best pubs get into the guide ( not always) this pub deserves a GBG place, probably the Star would be my other entry.

6 Jan 2013 20:04

The Hope, Carshalton

As usual Beerwulf does not let the facts get in the way of a chance to have a childish "dig" or three. I believe ticketing on the two days Involved is necessary, my point is that for SIXTY-SEVEN people to somehow fail to read the notices and turn up is absolutely jaw dropping! It is up to the keen amateurs that are trying to run this place to Investigate why and put a better system in place, better,larger signage, signage put up earlier and bar staff encouraged to Inform customers . I went to the Hope on eight occasions during 2012, for me it is an awkward journey but frequently enough that I'm allowed an opinion in a democratic country.The outstanding thing for me about the Hope is the well selected beer range, on the odd occasion the beer has been very good but the lack of a cooling system lets the place down in Summer and entering the pub I did find it a tad smelly on the right hand side. This pub has great potential but customers such as Beerwulf are a put off to most sane people. As a Married man ,I do look for a pub that my wife would enjoy, not a consideration for Beerwulf or ever likely to be. The London Pub of the Year is selected by less than 00.0001% . I do NOT live in Croydon ! I think most people other than the myopic would see that my posts are constructive criticism. I'm actually leaving for the Claret in Addiscombe,a pub that Beerwulf particularly dislikes and I rather like, we simply cannot all have the SAME taste, what a boring world that would be!

5 Jan 2013 11:08

The Hope, Carshalton

Beerwulf, You've taken an awful lot of time to answer what I haven't said. Re-read my post and come back with something ON TOPIC (We certainly have lost the bouncer). You would be better off hawking your silly books to anyone daft enough to buy one. Try to remember that other people are actually allowed a point of view. On my last visit the Hope clearly didn't have a cooling system (yes It was one of the hot days, we did not have many) and the beer was fairly poor. Sadly CAMRA does not open up the London Pub Of the Yea voting to the whole membership( Internet voting en masse) just twelve people judge the winner so the awarding of the London Pub of the Year means next to nothing. I will try the Hope again this year but it is not something that I particularly look forward to, a warm expensive pint In a pub with an atmosphere akin to a Nursing Home! 3/10.

4 Jan 2013 13:47

The Hope, Carshalton

So , now we have the answer, the Bouncer is not mentioned- expunged from events and sixty seven people turned up unaware of the Hope's policy! Inadequate signage without a doubt to cause chaos on such a scale - a lot of pubs would be happy with an attendance of sixty -seven - to actually turn away such a number beggars belief! I realize that it is a community pub bought and run on the lines of Dad's Army and the "we will all muck in approach" but this is poor even by the standards of such an amateur venture. Full marks to the D.P.S( I really don't know in pub terms what that acronym means). for his admission,my choice of acronym would be S.N.A F.U.

3 Jan 2013 21:45

The Hope, Carshalton

Well I have to say given the unfortunate circumstances of the Hope's Locals only policy and the resultant fact that Local01 clearly despite the wonderfully charming Bouncer , did not gain admission it is not surprising that-" he (Local01) does not describe much at all". The most he could have achieved would have been an architechtural critique of the outside.

1 Jan 2013 08:49

The Hope, Carshalton

Jack Entwhistle, I would say that you are a huge fan of the Hope not just a satisfied customer ,so far FOUR reviews and THREE concerning the Hope. Local01's views were his experience of how he was treated by the " decent chap", on the door. Sadly i'll have to wait a whole year to come along and be greeted by Britain's only "decent chap" bouncer. Surely even a toddler knows that the guys on the door are there to forcibly eject Intelopers and squash any trouble that might be brewing by being Intimidating. Thanks I enjoyed the laugh!

30 Dec 2012 10:21

The Hope, Carshalton

6857,The West Street group are lease holders. Punch will sell the Freehold sooner rather than later( they are actively selling pubs to the likes of Wells&Youngs and Fullers) and after the current lease has expired you might then be able to judge exactly how good or bad the amateurs are. Punch's disposal of pubs leads me to believe that events will unfold pretty quickly. If the asking price is anything like the asking price for the Jolly Coopers in Epsom it will be a bargain.

22 Dec 2012 11:27

The George, Croydon

Cronx Entire stout on yesterday, more Cronx ales to follow , Kipling is back( plus several Oakham ,and Dark Stars) and I'm reliably Informed that Thornbridge's January special will be on in.....................January.

19 Dec 2012 16:42

The Hope, Carshalton

Yes ! It certainly does seem to be up to date, useful if you have to endure a difficult journey to get there. A very useful tool when current.

17 Dec 2012 17:51

The Skylark, Croydon

On Thursday the Skylark had four Dark Star beers and a few others Including Cronx ( the local Brewery in Croydon ) Kotchin an exceptional wheat ale at 3.7%. The condition of the ales was also good, one small gripe is that the beers are more expensive than the George.

16 Dec 2012 13:58

The George, Croydon

On Saturday as I was leaving The George I noticed a couple of Handpump clips pasted onto the board , they were from Cronx Brewery so they will be on here shortly, Croydon's first Brewery for some time brew excellent beers, being in here will help the Brewery as the footfall through such a large pub will bring them to the attention of far more drinkers.

10 Dec 2012 09:31

The Rose and Crown, Halstead

The beer was very good,the Sunday lunch was keenly priced, huge and above all excellent, to be a little churlish a less static and more Imaginative beer choice would make this a regular haunt. They have a few quirky promotional ideas linked to football, so much off a pint per goal scored etc. Very handy for Polhill Garden Centre.

3 Dec 2012 18:31

The George, Croydon

The following will be on in The George over Christmas period and New Year alongside a few from the traditional Xmas list.

Brother Rabbit
Wild Swan
Black Harry
Lord Marples

Scarlet Macaw
Bishops Farewell
Black Hole Porter
Green Devil IPA
Winter Wraith (Oakademy of excellence beer)

Surrey Hills
Shere Drop
Albury Ruby

Winter Meltdown

Black Troll
Falls Gold
The Source

Extreme Stout
Black Cherry Mild
Smelter's Stout

Powerhouse Porter
Pumphouse Pale Ale

Exmoor Gold
Exmoor Xmas
Kelham Pale Rider
Abbot Reserve

I Imagine Klingon will concur with that lot !

3 Dec 2012 15:16

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Wetherspoons have a stupid Facebook site that specialises in trite answers so I thought i'd see how they come back on this one - How about opening a pub opposite West Croydon Station , a very busy area which is obviously short of pubs, a huge University teaching Hospital is just five minutes away, a no brainer.

1 Dec 2012 19:28

The Railway Inn, Docking

Drunken locals pub, A barman who clearly favours the Dole queue to working, The beer was less than average. AVOID !

1 Dec 2012 11:29

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Apparently 'spoons decided to ditch the Sof F after the riots and made an agreement with Sainsburys soon after. The thinking was that trade would drop off and more riots might possibly occur. The reality is that trade has gone up hugely, the new staff keep the beer ever so well and select the best ales that they can under 'spoons buying rules. Clearly they must be kicking themselves but most people would have arrived at the same conclusion. The local traders etc will grumble but As it is a Change of Use and no planning permission is required it is a "done deal".Croydon will lose a popular pub in an area that is very short of pubs and "gain " another supermarket In an area with more than enough already.

1 Dec 2012 09:46

Crown, Shirley

That last poster is on something. The Car park is £1.00 refundable on ANY purchase, the pub would have the world and his wife blocking the car park otherwise, it is a shame but it is probably the only solution.Downton's chocolate and Orange stout is to die for. Clearly should be in the guide but not many of the arthritic CAMRA gang get out of Central Croydon hence the Town Centre dominance in the GBG.

29 Nov 2012 17:02

The Sun, Redhill

Well, service here simply couldn't go down hill, It is one of the worst pubs i've ever been in and the staff exhude a complete don't give a XXXX attitude but when you look at some of the idiot posters on here who are regulars then perhaps its reputation as a place for dossers and ne'er do wells is justified.

29 Nov 2012 16:52

Wellesley, Waterloo

Got it, PUDendum ! That sums you up.

29 Nov 2012 13:16

The Bulls Head, Croydon

Oooh ! That rapier wit strikes again i'm cut to the quick , It must be the sheer erudition of your replies. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

28 Nov 2012 17:45

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Millionth pint of Palmer's IPA sold.

28 Nov 2012 16:01

The George, Croydon

The George had Rock Star on yesterday the collaborative beer brewed with Magic Rock, an American brown ale, extremely hoppy as anyone familiar with the two brewers involved would expect.

27 Nov 2012 11:15

The Bulls Head, Croydon

It is going great guns, Croydon CRAPPERS met there last week. Croydon Real ale Preservation Society. A decent pint of Cronx lurks within ( if your lucky).

26 Nov 2012 20:29

Wellesley, Waterloo

PUD sey Bear? PUDdy Cats? PUDdles in the Ladies Toilet? PUDatoes?

26 Nov 2012 10:06

Wellesley, Waterloo

Six weeks later, surely an awful long time in the Ladies Loo !

25 Nov 2012 15:05

The Hope, Carshalton

"Beercam" was FOUR days out of date on Saturday it is a complete misnomer, perhaps it should be rechristened an " old snapshot".

20 Nov 2012 09:30

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

The London Inn in Torquay is far better than the Ginger in Torquay where you need a Davy lamp strapped to your head to even find the bar !!!!

18 Nov 2012 17:21

The Kings Arms, Epsom

I went to the Kings Arms today knowing that Wells& Youngs had a Beer Festival on AND that the pub had had a refurbishment , A magnificent , sympathetic refurbishment that took my breath away, In over forty years of enjoying pubs I discovered the best refurbishment I've ever seen.

18 Nov 2012 17:18

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

A Change of Use notice has been posted on the lamp post outside, apparently the lease has been sold to Sainsburys. I enjoyed a lovely pint of Jaipur here today.

17 Nov 2012 18:49

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

All Wells and Youngs London pubs have a Beer Festival taking place which lasts until the end of November. Twenty well selected beers such as Dark Star Hophead and Purity Ubu etc . Wells have brewed their own ale for the Festival called Sundown (4.7% ?) . The Dog had four on when I visited , the handpumps for Festival ales are adorned with little brown tickets and an elastic band ( that will not be of any particular Interest to the Surrey Street Traders) . The beers are expensive but those that I drank were exceptionally well kept and the Dog is just the place to read a newspaper without fear of Interruption ( sunny days being an exception). Lastly, the barman was civil, speedy and alert, usually the staff here are immature and rude but I don't think that many people wish to work for a pittance.

6 Nov 2012 11:09

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

A better than average Wetherspoons with eighteen handpumps, we had the Sunday roast the only mistake was a distinct lack of gravy which was rectified by a full gravy boat appearing after a short wait. Beer wise I tried the Brewster's Andromeda which was excellent and the somewhat overpowering Heather Ale( An American guest Brewer's beer). Not good enough to stop my next pint from being GFB in the Sultan.

4 Nov 2012 19:48

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

I have been going in to the Claret once a week for the last few weeks and every pint i've had has been very good indeed, particularly the Derventio Brewery King Alfred 4.3% dark ale ( if memory serves me correctly). Beer Shop is my version of high praise ,it means a pub that is not concentrating on other issues such as gastro food, garden flower displays, rock bands etc. It puts the beer FIRST.

22 Oct 2012 20:57

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

On entering the Ellis looked like fairly a fsirly ordinary 'spoons but perhaps a tad darker than most, the centre piece is a very attractive brazier ( fire not Percy Sledges undergarment). The ales were excellent a good range at cheap prices, Hophead 1.99 and Westerham's Audit Ale at 2.30. I went on to the Twickenham Beer Festival and the local CAMRA guys were full of praise. A 2013 GBG entry.

21 Oct 2012 15:59

The Glamorgan, Croydon

A trip here last week was a major disappointment, poor service, an expensive pint of Harvey's ,not a particularly full pint EVEN after a request for a top up.One sign of a poor pub is a cut back in opening times compared to the norm. This place opens at 4p.m. on Saturdays and is shut on Sundays.

18 Oct 2012 12:53

The Red Deer, South Croydon

Stonecoat, Not nearly south enough. Sanderstead is publess.

15 Oct 2012 22:16

The George, Croydon

Percy Sledge, Did you enjoy your trip to the Ladies loo in the Wellesley ,Waterloo? You transvestite! Mind your nail varnish typing on BITE !

11 Oct 2012 17:20

Wellesley, Waterloo

A station PUD is that some type of dessert ? Another outstanding piece of brilliance from B.I.T.E..'s resident Idiot. ... clean loos... he obviosly uses the Ladies and Gents, hardly a surprise. Clearly an hermaphrodite.

10 Oct 2012 21:30

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

We went to the Beer Festival today and I was very pleased that the ales that we tried were the correct temperature, the staff were excellent, roughly half the beer list was available, mostly on stillage, the dark( mainly stronger) ales were on handpump, someone is thinking correctly as they last longer and the stillage can only remain in place for so long.On presentation of a valid CAMRA card the beers were 3.00 a pint.We moved on to the Westow House which is diagonally opposite which we slightly prefered. The Grape and Grain is a smart looking pub and has a table devoted to various publications but it does mimic a "gentlemans club " which is obviously not to everyone's taste.

6 Oct 2012 19:06

The Skylark, Croydon

A Meet the Brewer -Cronx Brewery is planned for the 28th October the Sunday of festivities along the retaurant quarter of Croydon,the time will be 2-4p.m.Cronx are proving to be successful appearing on pub barsthroughout Croydon and the surrounding area. The Standard was recently compared to Doom Bar, on colour that is correct but on viscosity and taste Standard is thicker and has a clean fruit edge. The Skylark tends to stock about three beers from Dark Star and the same from Adnams plus a beer from Cronx.

1 Oct 2012 17:43

The Railway Arms, Alton

A Triple fff Brewery owned pub, five of their beers on ,the ones I tried were as you would expect in supremely good condition, the pub itself was really basic and the service was just plain awful. This pub was a major disappointment.

30 Sep 2012 21:46

The Eight Bells, Alton

This pub has a particularly warm atmosphere and the locals are very friendly. Positioned opposite a large Church, it has no outside ,straight in the door from the pavement. I asked wether or not they allowed dogs( I had my neighbours Terrier) and was assured that dogs were welcome, four or five were already inside. Four ales,Ballard's Best Bitter, two from Bowman's Swift One and Nutz plus the dreaded Doom Bar. My two pints ( the Bowmans) were really good. Shelving around the pub has a collection of bottles and water jugs,seven bells hang from the ceiling in front of the bar. I would be very lucky to have this as a local.I'm looking forward to my next visit.

30 Sep 2012 21:39

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

I forgot to mention, they sell third of a pints, I have only seen this at CAMRA Festivals, a good idea as drinkers might like to drink all of their eight ales on offer.

28 Sep 2012 17:45

The Bulls Head, Croydon

The Bull's Head are holding a Beer Festival from the11/13th October2012( usually most will be on gravity dispense). I've never had anything other than a superb pint here. This pub demonstrates the strength of real ale pubs in Croydon in most other towns it would be a GBG regular entry, a selection of three or four ever changing ales, pleasant service and it is a nice community back street pub near the centre of Croydon, as my last post stated this is a good bet for a pint of Cronx Brewery ales.

27 Sep 2012 09:45

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

A good pub In with a wide range of Micro Brewery ales, the service is a little unwelcoming. Newspapers are provided. The ales are generally about 2.90, the outside is scruffy and gives the Impression of being closed down. Why Oh why do they stock bloody London Pride? It is available everywhere. 8/10, I would say 7 and a half if I could.

25 Sep 2012 19:53

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Another wonderful pub in Southampton, a decent community spirit and nice locals frequent the pub, Lisa the barmaid was excellent and clearly enjoyed her job. The Hop Back beers were on top form, a lovely conservatory and a tidy garden area with gravel and a few benches. Inside the pub is very clean Indeed. The Wellington is four minutes walk away and probably a similar distance to the Key and Anchor, probably one of the best three pubs so close together anywhere. 10/10, no other score would do.

25 Sep 2012 19:47

The Wellington Arms, Southampton

A lovely old pub, an architectural delight full of old features from I would guess Victorian times. A very good selection of eight real ales in great condition, I had a Black IPA from Tripe fff called Jabberwocky which was a sheer delight. I am really looking forward to going back very soon. Of the pubs in Southampton that i've visited..... and there are lots of tip top pubs there this is the pick. 10/10 seems mean I wish I could give a higher score.

25 Sep 2012 19:40

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

The bar staff here are not Interested in serving ,they believe that a customer is somone who Interupts their little chats. The Ale is chilled and gives real ale a bad name, if I want something frozen I would use Iceland( i'm given to understand that they specialise in freezer stuff). Clearly the Area Manager is not up to scratch otherwise this pub could not be run so badly.ZERO out of ten,the worst standard Wetherspoons that I've been in for over a decade.AVOID !

25 Sep 2012 19:32

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

A superb pub which can be hard to find on a first visit, yesterday the Beer Festival was excellent about twenty firkins in the garden,mainly beers with speciality flavours such as Saltaire Raspberry Blonde,Wolf Breweries Norfolk Lavender Honey and Nethergate Lemonhead ( enormously lemon flavoured). The Festival ales were all at 3.00. A BBQ was taking place with hotdogs at 2.50. The garden was pretty much full of drinkers as they had good luck with the weather.10/10 without a doubt. .....and open lunchtimes unlike the Trafalgar.

23 Sep 2012 16:37

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

A much wider selection of real ales of late, Red Squirrel Brewery, Thornbridge, Triple fff etc have been on . Improvements in decor continue to be made in what i'd call the Saloon Bar. the beer quality has always been very god.

19 Sep 2012 15:56

The Globe Inn, Wells next the Sea

This pub is in the Buttlands area of Wells so expect the "What would sir like?" ...etc. I paid 3.60 a pint for a very nice pint of Adnams Lighthouse, only Adnam's ales are ever on... but they change the offering ( Adnams now have a huge portfolio of good ales). Sitting outside looking at the large village green surrounded by Georgian houses... things could be worse.An overspill seating area is located in a courtyard to the right of the Globe. Worth a GBG entry if purely judged on ale quality ( which is how its meant to work).

17 Sep 2012 19:15

The Bowling Green Inn, Wells next the Sea

Not a pub that you feel comfortable in if you just want a pint, the pint I had was very good tho'. The place was heaving when I went and the staff could not handle the pace. A few quid cheaper than the upmarket Buttlands area pubs but not enough to entice me to try their food. The Bowling Green struck me as very peculiar because it is in many ways Well's most pubby looking pub inside and out but alas it has decided to be an eatery.5/10.

17 Sep 2012 19:04

The Edinburgh Inn, Wells Next The Sea

A rather thin long bar leading to two rooms on the left, the beer is good,the food was o.k. without being particularly good. The service was robotic and cheerless, tho' locals were greeted, perhaps a notice saying"No tourists" would be advisable. Overall i'll frequent the other pubs in Wells, the Edinburgh has lost its former GBG listing and I cannot see a return in the near future.3/10.

17 Sep 2012 18:58

The Stag, West Acre

A seriously good pub, hugely knowledgeable staff, a well selected range of beers in a quiet country location. Large portions of( cheap) homemade food caught our attention. I would be very happy to have this as my local,well worth seeking out. 10/10.

10 Sep 2012 21:07

The Jolly Sailors, Brancaster Staithe

The Jolly Sailors is skewed towards the dry side(food) rather than the wet but four ales Two purporting to be their own(brewed by Beeston Brewery i'm told) and an ale from Grain Brewery were very good indeed.A really clean pub handy for the nearby beach.8/10.

10 Sep 2012 21:03

The King's Arms, Blakeney

A very bland pub with reluctant service and a poor selection of Greene King ales and Wherry thrown in, such a nice area deserves a thriving vibrant top hole pub, this isn't it though. 3/10.

10 Sep 2012 20:58

The Chequers Inn, Binham

This is a micro Brewery pub ,the beer is better than average but the prices are very high indeed. A long thin bar with no stand out features 'cept the Brewery of course.

10 Sep 2012 20:56

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

I really dislike drinking in Hotel bars, this one lived up to the worst of its kind,sterile service,a fairly poor pint. Sea views and a few pleasant customers with dogs made our visit bearable. 3/10.

10 Sep 2012 20:54

The Lattice House, Kings Lynn

Even the most hardened 'spoons detractor would enjoy this pub and be very thankful that they did such a superb job on sympathetically caring for this old place. Not many beers on but the Newby Wyke pint that I had 6.5% was excellent at 1.99. The service was crisp, an elderly woman with a face like a cow's backside but you can't have it all.

10 Sep 2012 20:50

Windham Arms, Sheringham

An excellent pub six rotating guest beers, knowledgeable staff,a garden with sea views a pool table in the"public bar". A recent CAMRA winner of the Norwich and North Norfolk POTY, from my visit awarded on merit. The close opposite suffered the first German bomb of W.W.
One and is called Whitehall, most strange.

8 Sep 2012 20:10

Crown Hotel, Wells next the Sea

The Joe C's beers were very up and down,the service wasa bit too polite ,silly hotel attitude. The beer was 3.60 a pint and was the highest price in Wells equal with the Globe. As pretentious as the Royal Oak is basic.A very nice Georgian building it must be said. 6/10 NOT GBG material.

8 Sep 2012 20:04

The Golden Fleece, Wells next the Sea

I expected much worse from the reviews, I encountered three decent beers, a few drunks, very sharp service and a few friendly people. If your in Wells try it but not too late and be prepared for live or/and loud music. I would happily venture in at anytime.

8 Sep 2012 20:00

The Ark Royal, Wells next the Sea

A straight forward no nonsense boozer, very clean ,a reasonable pint but gas assisted. Sharp service, the prices are reasonable. A pool table and A large model of the Ark Royal help fill the pub with interest. No pub in Wells stand out as special and this does well on the basics, a good community feeling abounds.

8 Sep 2012 19:56

The Three Horseshoes, Warham

A superb pub in most respects, meals only( no sandwiches or rolls )and they are very good indeed, the gravity Wherry can be a little changeable.The Horshoes has hada major tidy up recently and more tables put in the third bar, I miss the old antique pieces that were formerly displayed but it has lost the jumble sales appearance it had. In my view one of the best pubs in the country. 10/10.

8 Sep 2012 19:50

The George, Croydon

The Meet the Brewer is indeed on the 25th October which is a Thursday.

7 Sep 2012 18:26

The Partridge, Partridge Green

....It might be boring but thats better than your constant trolling you moron.

28 Aug 2012 17:19

The George, Croydon

Sitting in the middle watching the enormous t.v. but using the bottom bar as the fantastic Oakham ales were on. Oakham Ales will be here for a" Meet the Brewer" on the 26th October, look out for the curries that evening, hopefully something special.

25 Aug 2012 11:43

The George, Croydon

The choice lookwd good yesterday with three Oakhan ales on, Jhb, Bishop's Farewell and Inferno, others to come on soon including Scarlet Macaw.

19 Aug 2012 12:22

The Woolpack, Banstead

Apparently the Woolpack has a beer festival on the weekend of the 24th (Friday start) September.

13 Aug 2012 20:21

The Bulls Head, Croydon

The Bull's Head are one of four pubs serving the new Cronx ales today Wednesday the 8/8/2012, the Brewers will attend at about 7p.m. for q&a and feedback. This pub always serves great ale,so an oppportunity to try the Cronx ales at their best.

8 Aug 2012 16:48

The Cricketers, Croydon

I was very surprised to find Beach Blonde from Sunny Republic Brewery on in here last week, an amazingly good golden ale, tastes of grapefuit and lychees.Sunny Republic Brewery recently started in Dorset as is available in about twenty pubs.

28 Jul 2012 12:57

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Bridport

As ever a basic pub that is dominated by traditional pub games ( datrs, pool etc.) In season the opening hours are really stupid, shutting in the afternoons.Not much trade here as people do not want to be moved on for their afternoon beer,so they go elsewhere, rather sad.

18 Jul 2012 16:06

The Hope and Anchor, Bridport

I reviewed this pub three years ago and know that the management has changed at least once since then. I only popped in as I went to the nearby Waitrose, on entering I was immeadiately struck by the cleanliness, bthe ales were more or less the same and I tried a half of Trelawny( St.Austell) which was excellent. The service was polite the Pool Table which cluttered the left hand side bar was pushed further away into a new side room. The idiotic trolls that inhabit bite will say that i'm inconsistent but there has been a genuine major change here.

18 Jul 2012 16:02

The Old Inn, Kilmington

A very nice pub indeed, probably more "dry" than "wet" though a drinker feels welcome. The local ale drinkers fill up the front bar and are most welcoming. The back bars are roomier and tends to be where tourists eat. The menu is probably two pounds more than average but that is to be fully expected in a thatched pub with well worn flagstone flooring. I thought on my visit how typical it wasof a Good Pub Guide entry and very top end for a G.B.G. entry. My bill was wriong purely by accident and the apologies were genuine. On the A35 and the first decent pub after leaving Dorset. A bit harsh but an 8/10.

18 Jul 2012 15:56

The Hulton Arms, Over Hulton

Just taken on by a Palace supporter, the pub has had a mixed time of it before.

15 Jul 2012 18:46

The Star, Godalming

Once again far too many beers from Greene King but the Summer Lightning( Hop Back Brewery) was very good, early lunchtime it was on gravity and it went on the handpump later in the session. My preference was for the later handpumped ale. All the pubs in Godalming were busy yesterday due to the Food Festival. Hogs Back Brewery had a stall in the High Street near the W.H. Smiths.

8 Jul 2012 14:16

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

Yesterday Godalming held a Food Festival, The Jack PhilLips was very crowded but the staff soldiered on doing there best and continuing to smile.Several good ales on including the Jaipur,the Jaipur handpump was pulled several more times than any other during my stay.

8 Jul 2012 14:11

The Boot, Weymouth

The Boot seemed as good as ever, the decorations seemed a little parred down, good regulars and a decent welcome. My Best Bitter was good but not overly spectacular. A Must do pub if anywhere near Weymouth, The Globe must also be visited.

7 Jul 2012 22:03

The Red Lion, Weymouth

Exceptionally POOR Manager and partner, they have no manners or service skills whatsoever.I hope their Area Manager reads this and takes action. I will contact the Pubco involved seeking an explanation. Are they secretly filmimg something akin to Fawlty Towers here??? Still a big fat Zero. The visitor centre opposite is closed and trade is poor, the little trade they might get is destroyed by the aforementioned morons, most strange indeed.

7 Jul 2012 21:59

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

I must admit that the beer is always decent, one regular ale and two ever changing ales on handpump. Always friendly enough but a certain " take us as you find us" attitude to cleanliness and clutter. Music is clearly the main draw here and some very late shifts indeed. I'm happy to be greeted by the elephantine dogs but I can imagine that they divide opinion, they are the landladies pride and joy. An ale for 2.60 is available.

7 Jul 2012 21:49

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

A really nice surprise! A very neat clean pub with a few decent regulars serving five ales(A Lyme Regis Town Mill Brewery ale was on ) on handpump in top class condition. A throw back to how pubs were and certainly should be,welcoming , gimmick free, clean, serving a well kept range of ales. I spied a games room off to the left hand side. The Globe and the Boot are worth a trip to Weymouth. The Duke of Corwnwall and perhaps the Red Lion are not as good but worth a try.

7 Jul 2012 21:42

Westow House, Crystal Palace

The choice of ales for the Festival was really great, the pick for me was the Magic Rock High Wire, an exceptionally hoppy 5.5%. Gret staff, big CAMRA member discount andvery pleasant surroundings, this pub is terrific.

20 Jun 2012 09:54

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

I tried the new Fuller's light blonde hoppy ale Wild River which takes its recipe from the American West Coast brewers, a really superb pint, nearly as good as the Magic Rock High Wire that i'd just tried, high praise indeed.

18 Jun 2012 10:15

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Large cricket pavilion like pub , light and airy,an impressive new wave Wetherspoons.The service was slightly worse than average, the beer selection was very poor most ales were either 2coming soon" or "had just gone off" ,the three left on werea couple of Adnams and the Caledonian Golden Sun, the latter being almost drinkable. The Food was an absolute disaster of monumental proportions, very slow to arrive,cold congealed, off colour dried out carrots, some parts of the meal not on the plate( a 'spoons favourite trick at the moment). I was told in comes in packs, I replied that the meal was badly cooked and food should be served in an edible condition. Enter this pub at your peril and do not just order because it is architectually pleasing to the eye.0/10 a complete disaster. How did it ever get to 4.3??? The mind boggles!!

11 Jun 2012 14:06

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

Popped in yesterday, four ales advertised outside ,two actually on both mid-dark ales, on enquiring two more were quickly added both dark ales, as I prefer golden ales I departed to the Assembly Rooms where three golden ales were on at 1.99. I am always looking to support the independent pubs but they in turn have to think about the type of ales they offer. Pubs that charge 3.15 a pint as this one does have to go the extra mile to justify the premium pricing. My generous rating has now been adjusted to an average 5/10.

5 Jun 2012 15:11

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Just superb, the flooring has to be sen to be believed,a clever selection of ales.

21 May 2012 21:49

The George, Croydon

My post that you so keenly quote was from 2008 only a complete and utter ignoramus would quote something as old as that. In 1936 the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich telling the nation that Adolf was a very good chap and would honour " Peace in our Time" three years later affairs had taken a different course. Please act your age and do not quote a post so many years later, a very babyish stunt. I actually expected more of a defence not a vindication of my initial suspicions.You will now have to justify exemplary.

26 Mar 2012 18:01

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Today the Assembly rooms had O'Hanlon's Flagship, one of the better offerings during the Beer Festival.

26 Mar 2012 17:29

Westow House, Crystal Palace

This Pub is part of the Antic group who plan to start brewing in ther future.The Pub itself is dark and cavernous with huge panoramic windows through which you can watch the bustle of the area.Yesterday their Beer Festival celebratd the installing of another three handpumps taking the count to eight.The beers were very well chosen, By the Horns, Kent Fyne (Jarl), Dark Star ( three including Rye and Juniper, Revelation and Golden Gate) and many more including Brews brewed by others with Antic pumpclip.This is an "In crowd" place with a laid back feel to it. Quirky huge lamps shades of differing size and type swing at unintended angles over the bar. A huge plasma screen with the most ornate of chandeliers sits in a corner, music is played but not to loudly, an eclectic mix from Paul Simon to the XX.The food looks fabulous and plentiful. For my taste this was far better than the Grape and Grain and I certainly did not expect that! I would say that this is easily one of the top three pubs in South London.10/10.

25 Mar 2012 10:11

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Dementer, you ignoramus, WETHERSPOONS does NOT have an "A" . If my son spelt like you I would ask for a refund!

23 Mar 2012 19:50

The Plough, Effingham

Fuzzy Duck, your posts are as informative as ever ,as an underage CHAV you are not allowed in pubs so why bother to visit this review site????

22 Mar 2012 20:02

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

You can't count, six now.

22 Mar 2012 20:01

The George, Croydon

Beerlover666 another internet troll no mark who has just about clung on to his boring job, uses the Oval and Glamorgan, two of the worst pubs for real ale in the Borough! You have never made a worthwhile comment in all the time you,ve been on here, SHAME !

22 Mar 2012 15:04

The George, Croydon

Most JDW's do not sell Tillingbourne and Kissingate ales as you stated in your post of the 20thMarch , I met both Brewers last week and they simply do not have the brewing capacity to supply MOST of a pub estate that numbers over 800 outlets nationwide. As usual you are wasting everyones time especially your own.

21 Mar 2012 17:46

The Rowbarge Hotel, St Johns

Fuzzyduck, what are " repairations" ???? You really shouldn't play truant, now back to school and try listening you A grade moron.

20 Mar 2012 19:42

The Plough, Effingham

Another great post from Fuzzyduck, what a contribution he makes! not.

20 Mar 2012 19:40

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Tradervic, No you were there tho', give me a dog anytime!

20 Mar 2012 19:24

The George, Croydon

So , Tillingbourne beers and Kissingate beers are available in the Sun at Redhill, its o.k. to be a troll but try to not puff the weed prior to doing so! Hilarious! The condition of the ales in the Sun are verging on undrinkable!

20 Mar 2012 19:23

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

One tiny typo is fine, Dementers posts are totally unreadable from start to finish.

20 Mar 2012 19:21

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

The Wibbas has stated to take ales from the nearby By the Horns Brewery, i've tried some of their ales and they seem to be very good indeed.

17 Mar 2012 20:33

The George, Croydon

For the next few days six ales will be available on stillage bringing the total number available to twenty-two ( plus five ciders), the two main Tillingbourne Ales will be on this evening but will doubtlessly run out quickly as the Brewer is there for a talk , the foregoing is not intended as a review but information for those seriously interested in matters brewing and rel ale.

15 Mar 2012 14:49

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

Dementer, I have had your post translated into English, EVERYBODY is one word.I suppose IGNORANCE is BLISS ! Keep up the unintelligible posts. Put a monkey in front of a typewriter and eventually you will have every one of your posts.

12 Mar 2012 14:45

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

Dementer, you have the right username , Breweries issue a price list, tenancies may be different as the bers are purchased thru' a Pubco , if you no nothing at all about beer and the pub industry then shut up and ask an appropriate adult sebsible questions and inprove your sadly negleted education, I do not live in Croydon so as per usual you have got everything totally wrong well done!

12 Mar 2012 14:39

The George, Croydon

The George are holding two events next week, Thursday 15th March there is a "Meet the Brewer" with Tillingbourne Brewery and a similar event with Kissingate Brewery on the following day (Friday 16th) both events commence at 19:30hrs. CAMRA members might find it useful to remember their card.

6 Mar 2012 17:18

The George, Croydon

Stargazer from Yeovil, Klingers old chap do you like it? The Yeovil ales are very sought after in the West Country. Not many good brown ales around, most are nowadays Pitch black or of a golden hue.

29 Feb 2012 17:17

The Star, Godalming

The Star for me is at its very best on a dark, cold evening when the lights seem most warming and welcoming on entering . The low hum of conversations can be heard in this most traditional of pubs. Last night no Greene King beers on the bar whatsoever, four on, a fantastic drop of Proper Job( St. Austell) and a lovely pint of Ruck'n Maul ( Harviestoun). Given the chance I could have happily stayed all night in one of the comfy armchairs but sadly had to move on.An Easter Beer Festival is being advertised on the blackboard.

20 Feb 2012 20:42

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

This pub stands next door to The Wheatsheaf, the village of Bramley supports two pubs which indicates that it is a destination for people to travel to which means that the pubs should be of a decent standard. The Jolly Farmers does not fall short in anyway whatsoever, a real ale drinkers paradise with seven handpumps, Palmers Copper ale as a regular and six rotating guest ales such as Silverback ( Brass Monkey Brewery) . The ales that i tried certainly indicated the standard that i expect for a regular GBG entry pub. A rather odd ceiling over part of the pub has a huge collection of beer mats held there by decades of nicotine, the mats are circa 1958 ish. Food seems to be a big draw here as i followed in a large possee of pensioners waddling in for more food, something their waistband clearly protested against . A timewarp of a pub the time you could easily find forty years ago but are now generally lost to us. A tropical fish tank sits by the bar watched by a stuffed European Eagle Owl. Without doubt this pub is worth a detour to get to.

20 Feb 2012 20:34

The George, Croydon

Sambrook's Brewery Powerhouse Porter, Kipling, Jaipur ( Thornbridge), three Dark Stars on the back bar namely Revelation, Festival and Hophead. Several guest ales on the front bar including the regular JHB and Twickenham Naked Ladies. All 'spoons are currently offering two meals for 6.49 from a selection of six selected meals.

12 Feb 2012 09:09

The George, Croydon

Normally the George have three or four Dark Star ales out of the SEVENTEEN handpumps, you really don't have to like Dark Star ales as there are clearly SO many others to choose from , Thornbridge , Oakham, Locales and others( Sambrooks, Twickenham, Surrey Hills, Hepworth, Hog's Back, Hammerpot, Alton, Dorking, Kings etc) and the Wetherspoons latest list( Holdens, Kelham, Cairngorm,Slaters, Caledonian, O'Hanlons etc etc etc) are prominent.Very few pubs showcase as many different ales as the George over the span of a year.I have never seen a Wetherspoons match this for range or quality.

28 Jan 2012 22:12

The Theobald Arms, Grays

My preference was the White Hart, The Theobalds had their four ales displayed on shabby bits of plastic on the wall, wiping and changing the various names as they were taken off. On my visits a couple of half pissed idiots had clearly never seen a decent suit before, in all fairness a suit would be slightly out of place in such a spartan pub.The pint of Vens Brewery beer Suze B was reasonably good and full marks to the pub for supporting a new local brewery, i've not particularly checked but Wickford isn't far.

13 Jan 2012 20:17

The White Hart, Grays

A typical workingman's basic pub where beer choice/quality count for an awful lot.The choice of ales encompasses beers from LocALES to further afield.Sports orientated with Sky t.v. on two screens showing different matches on my visit, they also have a variety of games such as darts etc.A beer garden outside has a portable shellfish trailer. The Crouch Vale was 2.75 a pint which seemed reasonable to me. I also visited the nearby Theobald Arms, bothpubs are goodbut the White Hart is the pick.

12 Jan 2012 09:53

The Star, Godalming

The Star have a lot of things that a good pub should have but the beer selection and range leave an awful lot to be desired, today is the 9th January and they had seven ales available, every one was a Christmas themed ale!! Not one ale was a LocALE.There are some really great Brewers very close to Godalming why not do the right thing and showcase them instead of tired ales from a wholesaler that have been picked up and settled so many times that the beer is less than average in quality.

9 Jan 2012 17:32

The Tichborne Arms, Tichborne

Several pubs in the area do not open on a Mondays so after reading the reviews and looking at the overall score I decided to pop in. Steaders review is accurate in every checkable detail,this is thekind of pub that we are sadly losing. The owners make a huge effort to get every part of the pub as good as possible, faultless in every respect i'd say. If you don't appreciate dogs or perhaps like a minimalist look then perhaps it might not be for your taste. I like dogs and a bit of antique clutter. Probably a 10/10.

9 Jan 2012 17:26

The Market Hotel, Reigate

You clearly enjoy the Male stripper Wealdman !!!! Not my cuppa tea but there you go !

8 Jan 2012 17:49

The Red Deer, South Croydon

They need bouncers because they knew stonecoat was coming :)

8 Jan 2012 17:43

Conqueror, Ramsgate

tradervic, a sad life trawling BITE for an arguement, just a miserable no mark troll.

7 Jan 2012 18:32

The George, Croydon

The George have ordered two new ales from Dark Star Brewery , Revelation 5.7%, apparently this is the extremely hoppy ale that the brewer has wanted to produce for years( for commercial reasons the A.P.A. was thought to be more marketable) and the fact that it is on the breweries permanently available list speaks volumes.The other is Milk Chocolate Stout 4.5%, both should be available as from Saturday the 14th January.2.55 and 2.40 a pint respectively, great value.

6 Jan 2012 15:44

The Skylark, Croydon

Not many pubs opened in and around Croydon on Christmas Day ,the Skylark did( Christmas Day lunchwas available), on my visit I noticed the great job that they have made of the refurbished toilets they look much nicer. The ale selection was excellent including two Dark Star ales( A.P.A. and Hophead) both were very good indeed, I took some of the A.P.A. away with me. Over the last few days I received their newsletter and they have wisely made Hophead a regular ale, it is the main seller in other local pubs such as the Green Dragon, it should sell very well indeed.

2 Jan 2012 10:17

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

Many pubs (the Shere area is no different) purport to be "a genuine Free House" but have tied agreements to take list only ales.If I was in your shoes I wouls ask for the local Tillingbourne Brewery Ales in my local (Shere area pub), namely Fall's Gold and Bitter Gem. The Jolly must be applauded for being quick off the mark, being a truly genuine Free House and selling ales at a reasonable price.I never give advice and fail to adhere to it myself, i'm asking for the Tillingbourne ales in my area.

14 Dec 2011 09:26

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

Well The Pilgrim you definetely missed the Tillingbourne ales and missed the fact that it is difficult for new unproven Breweries to get bar space in the pub trade, you have also missed the fact that according to the A.A. it is only 8.3 miles from Brewery to the"Jolly" and also missed that the " Jolly" is an award winning pub..... and missed the fact that the Shere area is very short of GENUINE Free Houses but the biggest miss is that the ale was utterly superb.

13 Dec 2011 13:58

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

Yesterday saw the launch of Tillingbourne Brewery at the Coopers, I was surprised at how good the beer actually was,a 4.6% ale called Bitter Gem,they will also produce a weaker ale called Fall's Gold. Tillingbourne are brewing at the Scotland Farm site at Shere which was previously the home of Surrey Hills Brewery.

11 Dec 2011 10:14

The Cricketers, Croydon

Three ales on gravity dispense, two from Twickenham and a seasonal Rosey Nosey from Batemans.The aforementioned ales are kept using cooling jackets.

8 Dec 2011 20:36

The George, Croydon

N.B. the Imperial Russian Stout 10.5% is usually found in bottles only, on Friday 9th December 2011 it will be on hanpump, I have seen it on gravity at the odd Festival so this is a very rare event indeed. It will ONLY be served in HALF PINT glasses, common sense really! Mark the head brewer at Dark Star drank the original Courage I.R.S. as a student and a few years ago decided to recreate the hangovers of former years, his version is better to my mind.

4 Dec 2011 08:58

The Bulls Head, Croydon

The Bull's Head have a beer festival this weekend,a dozen ales on stillage and three or four on handpumps. The Ginger Tosser (Skinners) was truly excellent, i've despaired of pubs serving beer at the correct temperature but my gravity dispensed pint was just perfect. The pub itself is a small "L" shape with a rather odd looking" bike shed" perspex smoking area outside where smokers huddle penguin like.An ale list is available to peruse on the bar for those who might be unfamiliar with some of the ales available a good geographical mix of ales from near and far i.e. Caledonian to W.J. Kings, I do not remember seeing any ales over 5 %.

4 Dec 2011 08:49

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

A far superior 'spoons , wonderful decor, exceptionally clean ,great young proactive staff and a complete tosser for a manager. So overall i'm ambivalent about the place , the ale is normally boring but today they had Adnam's Spice, Adnams are doing some really great monthly specials and this is the best by far if you include the fact that the temperamental, awkward ,cussed dwarf of a manager was absent this became albeit temporarily a wonderful pub. Tomorrow the Adnams will have been finished and the manager from hell will be on duty( life is like that).9/10 today but i'll drop it to 4/10 tomorrow!

1 Dec 2011 16:11

The Cricketers, Croydon

This community pub has just impoved, they have added Sky tv. It is a fairly safe bet that all televised CrystalPalace matches will be shown, trust me it would be a little foolhardy to ask for the Manchester United match if Palace are on the other side.

26 Nov 2011 20:20

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The seasonal Winter Warmer is now on at 3.35 which at 5% is reasonably priced. The taste is a little substandard on former years , it is a dark ale with a reddish hue but it is rather sugary sweet, most years the Brewer tinkers with the recipe on later brews which hopefully he will do this time. The timespan for Winter Warmer is shorter than it was when Youngs brewed at Wandsworth it is now approximately mid November until early February.

20 Nov 2011 11:15

Waxy's Little Sister, Piccadilly Circus

AWESOME, two "e"s please!

5 Nov 2011 11:35

The Cricketers, Croydon

Mines definetly a small one- Never ,I'm always inside pubs- D'oh!

5 Nov 2011 11:35

The Cricketers, Croydon

This is for information and is clearly not a review( trolls and knuckle dragging neanderthals please note); The Cricketers are holding a minibeer festival starting on Thursday the 10th November, they usually last four days,if the quality of the Jarl ( Highland) and Jorvick ( York) blonde ales are anything to go by then a real treat is instore. Currently the only pub to score 10/10.In the Borough.

3 Nov 2011 09:44

The Skylark, Croydon

The Skylark are hosting a "Meet the Brewer" at the end of November with an ale sampling, whenever I venture in the ale has been excellent of late.The Everard's Whakatu was surprising good during the recent festival. 8/10.

3 Nov 2011 09:37

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

I'm slighty depressed by the Coopers as they seem to have become a Surrey Hills tied house, everytime I venture in during midweek they have two of their ales on. Perhaps the wonderful Dark Star,Hop Back, Downton and Sambrooks go very quickly over the weekend and the Surrey Hills is what is left, a very nondescript Brewery for ales. I thought the idea of a free house was to provide variety and a discerning selection, perhaps the Surrey Hills beers are super cheap to buy in.Still, all ended well as the Timothy Taylor's ales in the Railway Guard were in very fine fettle indeed. 6/10.

3 Nov 2011 09:33

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

This is a toughie to review, an old style 1930's pub exterior but a clean and modern bar inside a rather incongruous start! Three hanpumps were on, Harvey's BB,Dark Star Hophead and Brain's SA, no one was behind the bar but after awhile a barperson appeared who started to serve me, only one other set of drinkers were waiting and they were offered my change.The ale was of a decent standard but the Hophead was 3.15, rather expensive as it is about 55.00 for a firkin ( under 80 pence a pint) to buy. The adornment above the bar was six twigs from a tree attatched with staples ( Answers on a postcard, i'm clueless). Overall the place is weird but not wonderful, i'd probably venture in if I was stuck in Dorking but it certainly would NOT be a destination pub.

3 Nov 2011 09:23

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

I went on a mini pub crawl of the Wimbledon area and factoered in the fact that the Trafalgar opens at15:00 hrs Mon-Thurs,only four ales on and the two I tried wereno better than average, fortunately I had spent an hour and a half in the Sultan which was on very good form indeed at decent prices.

30 Oct 2011 15:55

Milan Bar, Croydon

The 'spoons festival is currently taking place and the ales are 1.89 in here,the ale is in decent condition, they have five hanpumps but only three were on at the time of my visit.The place itself is as a Lloyds #1 a late night music venue, consequently it is as dark as a tunnel, clearly the increase in leccy bills is not a problem as they don't ******* use any.Whoever runs this place please put the lights on during the day, I couldn't tell wether I was handing over a ten or a twenty! 7/10.

18 Oct 2011 19:09

The Sun, Carshalton

A pub that would sit well in Chelsea, a wide variety of real ales ( six),the staff are ! on the ball" and a decent beer garden. The prices are 3.50 plus but that means that the less savoury types go elsewhere. It is obviously seen as a safe and clean place as there were a few toddlers in the garden. The beer quality was "spot on", in my opinion the beer temperature was perfect unlike the Hope which was just a tad too warm.Well worth a visit especially during summer.9/10

17 Oct 2011 09:42

The Hope, Carshalton

The Hope is in far better hands than it was on my previous visit, the new landlady has a wonderful manner that fits the pub perfectly, the ales were in good form ( if I was to be picky they were a fraction on the warm side) the beers are sourced from a very wide geographical area unlike some CAMRA beer festivals that concentrate on the same old stuff year after year. If there is a fault ,the prices are a little bit above the generally acceptable price level. I would venture in again if I was in the area.

15 Oct 2011 18:12

The Hope, Carshalton

k0536006,Ithought the food stopped at 15:00hrs. Whatever happened to secondary fermentation? Whisky maturing I understand! The ales i've had have been reasonable but not spectacular. I was given to understand by a shareholder that the purchase of the freehold was the next priority rather than an extension. I will give it another try and pop in two days running,possibly a Monday and a Tuesday to check wether there really is a wholesale change of the beer range.

11 Oct 2011 09:17

The Black Horse Inn, Byworth

Superb country Inn, rather small, in a tucked away location. The pub is a three storey Georgian building probably built as a house. Four ales, two were from Wells Youngs, one from Flowerpots and a splendid pint of Hip Hop from Langham. A rustic feel about the place.A fairly uncomplicated menu that covers a wide range of pricing.If you want a quiet pub with a few locals talking like a script from Archers this is for you.9/10.

3 Oct 2011 18:00

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

In Response to the 26 August 2011 post the pub have had a few problems after the riots, understandably. Yesterday the pub was very busy lunchtime and back to its best,I enjoyed a decent pint of Brain's S.A. It is not very constructive to complain matters outside of the pubs control. Well done to the Manageress and staff for bouncing back from a horrendous experience.

23 Sep 2011 11:50

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

A Beer Festival on Wednesday to celebrate 180 years of Young's, 1.80 a pint between 18:31 and 20:11.

19 Sep 2011 19:58

The George, Croydon

The previously mentioned Brewery trip is now fuly booked. The beer list below should have included four more Thornbridge ales-Brother Rabbit, Browne, Seaforth 5.9% and Raven 6.6%, the vast majority of thse ales have never been available in Croydon before and are well worth trying.The Oakham CITRA was on particularly fine form today.

17 Sep 2011 18:44

The Bulls Head, Croydon holding a Beer Festival 1st-3rd September 2011. Cotleigh , Ascot etc.

31 Aug 2011 16:05

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

Lessee would be the correct term but it is actually a tenancy Karen is a tenant. A pub that is actually in decline, no happy hour ,no sky sports formerly this pub had both.The ale is far too warm, employ a monkey as cellarman and sadly that is the result.The Fullers pubs charge a fortune, there are dozens of better pubs in Croydon, with cheaper and far superior beer.0/10.

28 Aug 2011 16:29

The Sun, Redhill

The majority of people realise that Wetherspoons outlet vary greatly,sadly the Sun is a prime example of how not to run a pub, the customers are the type that are generally found in a park with a tin in their hand, strangely Redhill has an awful lot of this type. The Garland which is nearby has a far better customer base creating a pleasant atmosphere and is well supported even though there is a huge price differential. Constuctively the Sun needs to get their staff to work in a proper manner, they are a slovenly disaffected crew. The service is dead slow and random, their scintillating social life dominates their conversation and time.The bar is smothered in beer and is as good as superglued. The real ale that I bought but did not finish was Grainstore Gold, normally a very decent pint but served in foul condition.The range of ales was particularly poor, much better Breweries locally are available,Langhams, Dark Star, Dorking etc.The overall impression that I gained was that no one in the pubs heirarchy can be bothered to improve the place even in the smallest way.Perhaps the Area Manager or the Manager should visit the Garland and experience how a pub SHOULD be run.Very rarely does a pub earn a zero but there is no light in the bleak Sun. 0/10.

23 Aug 2011 07:41

The George, Croydon

The George have a very special Beer Festival from the 10th-25th September2011, it will feature just three breweries, Thornbridge, Oakham and Dark Star,every possible ale from these three will be on over the two weeks. The other three Central Croydon 'spoons will be doing the same.Many ales that have never been available in Croydon before will appear.Some of the stronger ales will be an absolute bargain, such as the Dark Star IPA 6.2%.

18 Aug 2011 17:06

The Railway Guard, Epsom

A small pleasant corner pub in an older part of Epsom .They have four handpumps.Today the range included two ales from Tim Taylors The Landlord and Golden ale.The Golden was very good indeed.The interior has suffered a bit from modernisation bu tis probably better than many other pubs, it appeared to have a decent bunch of regulars who were of the welcomimg variety.Well worth a visit.

15 Aug 2011 17:12

The George, Croydon

The George have a Brewery trip to Surrey Hills Brewery on the 24/9/2011, the price includes a bacon bap on arrival at the George ,the coach trip to the Brewery includes beer sampling on a grand scale.The coach stops at the Jolly Coopers Epsom on return.On arrival back at the George a free pint on the house and and a few nibbly bits completes the day.It coste 25-00 per head and must be booked in advance at the pub ( numbers are limited so book early).This will be the third Brewery trip that the George have laid on and the previous two have been wonderfully successful.

15 Aug 2011 16:51

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

I must agree Stonecoat....but atleast this listed pub is still standing,which is very important.

11 Aug 2011 17:10

The George, Croydon

Next week the first ever fruit flavoured ale from Dark Star will be available,Seville ( yes, oranges) at 5%.

7 Aug 2011 08:25

The William IV, Leyton

They are serving Boddingtons ????

6 Aug 2011 09:13

The Globe, Brixham

This is very sad news indeed, I stayed in Brixham a few years ago and this was mt favourite pub, a few local characters two courage beers and a guest or two, a garden cut into the cliff and a relaxed olde worlde feel, I hope any closure is only temporary.

30 Jul 2011 17:56

The Barley Mow, Epsom

A cosy old Fullers pub with a very nice garden and a television showing Sky Sports,ideal for watching Test Cricket etc.This weekend they have a Beer
Festival with several guest ales( non Fullers).An owl display and BBQ starting at 13:00hrs on Saturday.

25 Jul 2011 20:16

The Red Lion, Weymouth

The barman was about as unwelcoming as it is possible to be. The pub itself is clean,the beer was reasonably good, the food was advertised on a silly pretentious menu. Pubs in Weymouth are closing fast unless the ambience/chip on shoulder attitude changes then this will become another closure. 5/10but reduced to zero for the silly attitude.

24 Jul 2011 16:07

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Poor pub on every level, often beerless and always cheerless, the barman is a grubby obese slob with manners to match, highly avoidable.

24 Jul 2011 16:02

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

A beer shop without any frills, real ale and Sky Sports are the attraction, today the range included , Dark Star Ruby Mild, Red Squirrel Redwood, Otley Number 3, Palmers IPA and a 5% from Mole Brewery.The first "proper" freehouse in Croydon, always worth a visit.

23 Jul 2011 18:01

The George, Charmouth

An average pub just off the sea front, nothing particularly good on the beer front,a couple of so so Otter beers, a really good garden( if you are aged four),inside a pool table and a typical early seventies time warp decor, mahogany bench table loads of red everywhere, a fruit machine placed strategically so that it blocks just about anyone who moves towards the garden or toilets,this could be a good pub but just about everything would need changing, different beers, a resiting of new decent furniture and staff that show a welcome and a steam clean.

20 Jul 2011 17:07

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

I have to amend my previous review, the temperature of the ales have improved from sub zero polar bears would need sensodyne toothpate to a much more acceptable just frozen( beer on a stick anyone?). rating revised upwards to one.

20 Jul 2011 17:01

The Bar, Instow

A very nice bar/pub with well selected ales and a barrel of strong cider perched on the bar.Very clean, reasonable service in a pleasant seaside( technically an estuary but there is sand etc) village whiich is probably known for its signalbox and 20 metres of track. The pick of the ales was the Forge blond ( a saucy handpump clip) followed by the Clearwater Dympsy.I imagine that two of the ales regularly change. The done thing here seems to be to cross the road and sit on the wall of the estuary.

18 Jul 2011 18:11

The William Henry, Weymouth

A very awkward pub to review.Two distinct levels,both manic with holidaymakers grabbing a breakfast/lunch, it is obligatory to bring at least sixteen children on your visit,they must have a bucket and spade and as much clutter with them as possible and create an authetic Bedlam like atmosphere (see Hogarth).Add in the fact that most of Weymouth nip in to use this place as the main toilet block.The staff and manager try to keep things afloat as best they can,one clear sign of the pressure that they endure is the fact that cutlery is shoved out with the condiments and not brought out with the meal( visions of Pinky in Brighton Rock came to me instantly, a ready made arsenal for any wannabe thug). Circumstances have created a living hell here,a couple of years ago I waited over an hour for a simple meal.A doorman regulating entry might sort out the traffic flow as this place is often over crowded.A corner cafe with beer in a nutshell.

17 Jul 2011 08:23

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I popped in here a few weeks ago en route to a Brewery tour of Sambrooks, this pub has many victorian features including narrow divides between bar area,many of the fat b*st*rds on the trip could not fit between the divides so they could only use the front bar,laugh I nearly died ! The beer/service/quality were all great, this is one of London's better pubs, the evening was even more enjoyable as I got to be the first served at the Brewery thus avoiding a long queue,so thanks Alph River for initiating the evening.

16 Jul 2011 10:26

Greyhound, Bridport

This pub has been very sub standard for many years ...but no longer ! The staff were friendly and did not get stressed when they were busy, I changed my food order and they smiled.I had a Jimmy Riddle an ale from Piddle Brewery which was in good condition so was the Deuce from Hunters Brewery Ipplepen,Devon.So my rating goes to eight from a previously well earned zero.

15 Jul 2011 17:37

The George, Croydon

I fully concur with Beerwulf,I went to the George last night for the cheap Tuesday steak deal and we went through several ales before trying the Kipling and we were very impressed with it ,lots of fruity flavours and at 5.2% not as potent as the Jaipur. The other 'spoons in Croydon have twigged the success of the George and are starting to stock some of the big selling ales such as Japur and Hophead. Interesting to see the price list displayed openly on the Real Ale board, in most pubs it is hard to find a price list and often there isn't one but at these prices proudly displaying the prices makes a lot of sense.

13 Jul 2011 17:35

Swan Inn, Weymouth

A tip top Wetherspoons outlet ,the staff are the hardest and most welcoming that I have encountered. My first real ale was Brewster's Rutterkin a superb pint in excellent condition.Thank you !

10 Jul 2011 13:49

The Anchor, Seatown

The prices in here in the past have been above that for the area but have now dropped into line with the other pubs in the location, a little surprising considering the higher quality and the seaside views.If you park in the main car park it costs four pounds redeeemable if you spend twenty pounds or more in the Anchor.Sadly the Palmers Brewery ales are poor this year,the few I tried remain unfinished, fortunatelyother Brewers can be found in local Free houses.

10 Jul 2011 13:44

The Grampus, Ilfracombe

In a sleepy seaside village the Grampus Inn is dedicated to offering customers the best micro brewery ales found in the South West on its four hanpumps. Ales from wizard, Forge , organic plus many more can be found here. my pint of Forge was excellent, although this is an out of the way spot you will will find this a most rewarding pub to visit. Unbelievably this is not a current G.B.G. entry.

1 Jul 2011 15:09

The George, Croydon

I went along to the George last night for the CAMRA Pub of the Year presentation, the George won two awards the Croydon pub of the Year and The combined Croydon &Sutton Pub of the Year. I predicted great things for the George about eighteen months ago and some posters had doubts which have been proven false by the splendid range of eighteen handpumps and the pick of the best ales that the U.K. has to offer in fantastic condition. The new Greensands Way ale from Surrey hills was a tremendous success and was compared to a weaker version of Jaipur by a few people ( praise indeed). Including the pub of the Season last year three awards in a year, well done to the Manager and staff.

15 Jun 2011 16:32

The Cricketers, Croydon

Palace Ale is currently on, a Hophead type golden ale but with a sharp lager style bite, the comments so far have been very positive indeed.

12 Jun 2011 14:57

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

Two pieces of good news, the pub is under new management and the Maxim Swedish blonde was really terrific.

1 Jun 2011 10:48

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

A new manager called Liz has now taken the reins.

27 May 2011 10:03

Half and Half, Croydon

Actually we have evolved from apes but Wealdman you seem intent on confounding Charles Darwin and his"Origins of Species". If I think it is relevant I will post as much worthwhile information as I see fit.

25 May 2011 16:38

The Coach and Horses, Bideford

I've just noticed that the Coach and Horses has not had a review yet.Last year I had a couple of pints herethe first was excellent and the second was o.k. They tend todo a couple of local ales such as Clearwater Brewery ales. The pub itself is a wonderful timewarp, a barrel perched on the bar and pub games to play, a basic,pleasant place to stop on the Atlantic Highway.Well worth a visit.

23 May 2011 16:29

The Sun, Redhill

Wealdman, Why not go to another pub instead of bleating on,have you lost your Freedom Pass ?

23 May 2011 14:24

Half and Half, Croydon

Unlike Wealdman I believe in sharing information, this event is very welcome and it promotes Sambrooks a Brewery which until now has not had a regular handpump serving their ales in Croydon.Keep up the grumbling and moaning, to call your efforts on a keyboard "reviews" is hilarious.Perhaps a little thought before hitting the keys would be good even a simian like you can do it !

23 May 2011 14:20

Half and Half, Croydon

On the 9th June the "Half" are holding a Meet the Brewer,this time it will be Duncan Sambrook, this is planned to coincide with the launch of Sambrook's ales on the second 'pump the one that is NOT Hophead, a tough choice as the Cricketers in Addiscombe has a Beer festival, I will have to flip a coin.

23 May 2011 11:28

The Skylark, Croydon

Very quiet yesterday inj here, Dark Munro (Highland)and Audit Ale( Westerham) were in perfect condition.

22 May 2011 08:50

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

mdoc62, The service in the Ship of Fools is excellent and i can only imagine that the manageress has been promoted as the Ship has improved immeasurably under her guiding hand. I hope that this is not an onset of Wetherspoon's musical chairs with managers, a settled manager is crucial to every pub, a mistake that 'spoons have made far too often and it has alienated drinkers.

18 May 2011 09:51

The Partridge, Partridge Green

Dark Star brewery purchased this pub and opened the doors after redecoration etc.on the 25th February. I had not visited the pub previously, on Saturday after a tour of the Brewery i came here for a buffet, the buffet did not get even close to the one provided by the StandUp Inn the previous year.The ales were reasonably well kept,the service was a little odd as staff vanished and seemed slightly shocked that a customer required serving on there resurfacing, with fifty people there it should not really have been such a surprise. I found the Partridge adequate as a pub but with thew natural comparison to the Stand Up Inn I felt slighty disappointed but I think that progress will be made as it has only been open just under three months.5/10

16 May 2011 19:37

The Old Fox and Hounds, Croydon

Vicis Dico Totus ! I think that i'll make a more considered judgement!

11 May 2011 11:12

The George, Croydon


11 May 2011 11:00

The Cricketers, Croydon

Ray has ordered some very special alesfor next week, i'm sworn to secrecy but a visit would be very well rewarded, only a few ales are better than the Jarl which is on at present.

7 May 2011 17:47

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Whilst this is clearly the best pub in the area on my visit it lacked atmosphere and the prices (3,40 a pint of ale) were sky high. It is decorated rather like a gentleman's club but with bare floorboards. It is always difficult to make a judgement on just one visit so i must re-visit but I feel that S..,London Branch of CAMRA have much better pubs than this in their area.Beware it is now the local of "Mad Mike"!

6 May 2011 18:01

The Bull, Horton Kirby

The Bull should re-open this weekend with Sussana formerly of the Hope in Carshalton as manager, you are in very good hands!

20 Apr 2011 17:51

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Cricketers have been stocking Jarl from Fyne brewery recently, it is a cleaner tasting Hophead type ale,personally I( just) prefer the Golden Sands from Souithport and the Jarl to Hophead.

20 Apr 2011 16:50

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

I went shopping in Epsom today and having heard good things about this pub I decided to find it,it is just off of West Hill.Being a Monday just two ales were on and not the usual four, the two were Harvey's BB and Hopback Summer Lightning both ales were in splendid condition and were cheap for the area Hophead is a regular ale selection .Two big dogs were sunbathing outside.The right hand bar is a games room with a couple of quiz machines, a dartboard and a pool table,the other bar would be called the saloon bar two decades ago and has two remarkable clocks one is the melted Salvador Dali and the other is seilf emit a tempus fuegit joke.The landlord was very young and was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his ales.This is the Epsom CAMRA branches Pub of the Year .I haven't visited enough pubs in Epsom to give an honest view but I think this pub has the potential for even greater awards in the future. A pub that is well worth going out of your way for,superb.

18 Apr 2011 18:25

Half and Half, Croydon

The Half'n Half have five Dark Star ales on over Easter 22nd-24th April 2011, Hophead, Hophead Citra, Maibock, Golden Gate and American Pale Ale.there is 20% off real ale and bottles plus a chance to win a Dark Star minipin of a real ale of your choice.

11 Apr 2011 16:47

The Skylark, Croydon

The Skylark has a nice bright airy feel about it and benefits from having a pub garden ( Croydon pubs rarely have a garden).The ales here are as good as you will find,a gentle walk downhill from Sanderstead for me. Prior to the Beer Festival the range of different locales was quite astonishing,with the likes of Ascot, Dark Star plus three others and Jaipur from Derbyshire( Thornbridge have two breweries in that county).

11 Apr 2011 12:04

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

I went shopping in Wimbledon with the wife and suggested a pint in the Trafalgar,so as it was only 14:00 hrs,we spent a pleasant hour in the Sultan waiting for the 15:00 hrs opening at the Traf, I wanted to try the Ascot brewed Market ale which was brewed on an idea of the Traf's Guvnor Dave,I normally prefer golden ales ,milds, porters , stouts ,basically anything but an old fashioned brown ale,this was exactly that.the Market Ale was really good the best beer of this type i've ever tried, simply superb.So, well, done Dave ! the Market ale is exclusive to the Traf,it is apparently available in bottles, try it ,be open minded,not really an ale I would seek out but I must admit it is excellent.

9 Apr 2011 16:59

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

The Sultan is a brick built thirties style pub in a warren of backstreets, the backstreets feature names connected to Lord Nelson, the pub itself has two bars that seem to have stepped out of a time warp.The ales are reasonably priced for the area, it has been run by the same landlady for some considerable time.On my visit a few days ago I started on the G.F.B.which was superb as always,the turnover here is the secret, my second pint was Spring Zing a zesty lemon flavoured beer,one of the best pints i've had this year.I then walked the eight minutes to the Trafalgar,this area is very lucky to have such wonderful pubs.10/10

9 Apr 2011 16:47

The Cricketers, Croydon

I fail to understand the fascination with decrying the wonderful pubs that we have in Croydon, with the quality and range that are available where is there that is better? I am agog with anticipation as to the name of this real ale utopia ( sorry, Dale Sharp) ! You fail to mention wether you have actually graced the Cricketers with your presence and personally witnessed the labourious way in which the ale is poured.

7 Apr 2011 18:33

The Cricketers, Croydon

I have never set out to particularly review the Cricketers, I pass on news concerning beer festivals and special ales that people might wish to try.The CAMRA local pub of the year says it all really. As for pouring slowly,this is a joke,for whatever reason the real ale is poured extremely slowly indeed which was the cause of the guvnor seeking out lined glasses( due to the inordinate froth). Beersnotjustforboys manages to combine stupidity,rudeness and misinformation,overall a poor effort and worse than the attempted review of the Builders Arms, this sort of stuff is usual during the school holidays.

6 Apr 2011 15:25

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Today's range includes; Dark Star CITRA, RCH East Street Cream,a Kings ale,a dorking Ale and Blackwater's Impressionism plus the regularly available Palmers IPA.

2 Apr 2011 12:03

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Cicketers will have the three Surrey Hills Brewery ales on permanently. the Hammer mild has justifiably won a gold award.the Shere Drop is pleasant enough but the Ranmore ale is decidedly average.a bold move and giving the area exposure to a Brewery whose ales are difficult to find.

28 Mar 2011 17:40

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

I had an exceptional pint of Ascot's Alley Cat followed by a pint of the Caledonian Lemon Lipsmacker.This is a very clean pub indeed, the pine effect flooring really gleams.The Manageress was a busy bee and had a good rapport with the customers.This is a gem in an otherwise unprepossessing part of Croydon. Dark Star ales appear frequently alongside the Ascot ales, the Anastasia's Exile Stout was also on,every Handpump had an ale that was on.Sambrook's Junction will be on soon.

26 Mar 2011 21:09

Half and Half, Croydon

The two handpumps have been resited neare to the front door,this shortens the lines considerably( making for a better pint) and I enjoyed a very nice pint today.the guest ale was Festival.

26 Mar 2011 20:51

The Skylark, Croydon

Far too much of the Imperial Stout, Ouch ! Two Brewers and a cidermaker are at the Ship of Fools on the 31st March,sadly clashing with the local CAMRA A.G.M.

26 Mar 2011 20:48

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Hophead Citra, Gadds no.5. All six 'pumps have an ale, as ever.

12 Mar 2011 17:44

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Cricketers have a "Meet the Brewer " evening on the 15th March at 20;00 hrs.The invited brewer is Ross from Surrey Hills.As well as the cumbrian ales they also have on ; o'hanlons port stout,two Surrey Hills,JHB from Oakham and two ales from Dark star hophead and Six Hop Ale at 6.5% the last certainly not being the least in any way!

25 Feb 2011 17:37

Half and Half, Croydon

The Half and Half quite rightly won a place in the Good Beer Guide last receives rave reviews from the Croydon Advertiser in their PUBSPY column.The half does a fantastic range of continental bottled beers and has hophead and a Dark Star guest ale.Beerlager, you should get out more and troll others posts a bit less, adulthood can be yours, carpe diem !

21 Feb 2011 20:21

The George, Croydon

As I left the George today an Alton Brewery beer called Comfortably numb appeared,a 5.05 ale similar to Young's Winter Warmer at its very best.

19 Feb 2011 17:04

The Skylark, Croydon

It is obvious that you have never been anywhere near the Half and Half ,it is NOT a boozer,it is a bar.

19 Feb 2011 16:53

The Skylark, Croydon

Beerlover sick sick sick, hardly a review ,somewhat demented in tone.

19 Feb 2011 12:26

The Cricketers, Croydon

Cumbrian Beer festival starts on Thursday for four days.The Cricketers have Hophead on regularly and it is served on a swan neck dispense in a lined glass, the beer comes out very frothy but benefits from this method of serving,at 2.00 to takeaway this is the best value to be found hereabouts.Understandably Croydon CAMRA Pub of the year 2010.

18 Feb 2011 12:46

Half and Half, Croydon

On Monday the Half had Hophead and Dark Star Original on,I only tried the Hophead which was very good AND the correct temperature, at 2.16 a pint in a lined glass ( no short measures here!) I was happy indeed.

17 Feb 2011 17:58

The Skylark, Croydon

I went to the Skylark on Monday evening prior to a meeting, I was happy to see Jaipur(Thornbridge ) on the bar,unhappily this pub seems to lack the required turnover needed to support the number of ales they have on.To add insult to injury ,as part of the payment I offered a CAMRA discount voucher which was declined as the tills could not cope with a 50pence voucher on a 2.60 beer.The Jaipur was not of the quality that I and my fellow drinker expected.Whilst events and outings are very welcome a pub should at least get the basics right. As we left I thought of the old joke concerning the sandwich shop that does any filling but on request had ran out of bread ! 4/10.

17 Feb 2011 17:53

The George, Croydon

I spoke to a manager yesterday and the Dark Star ales will appear on the back bar, both bars will have an extra handpump which will allow four Dark Star ales,Hophead will be a regular and the other three handpumps will host a variety of their ales.Dark star do a vast number of ales which the brewery list as ; permanent, seasonal and monthly ales they also brew"specials" such as the Mellissa Cole/Mark Tranter collaboration M &M and Thornstar a collaborative beer brewed with Thornbridge.

4 Feb 2011 15:34

Crown, Shirley

The Crown is a peaceful upmarket pub which concentrates it efforts on good food and very reasonably priced real ale.The garden is probably the best in the Borough.There are always five real ales available,London Pride, Adnams Broadside, Harvey's Best Bitter appear regularly alongside guest ales such as Rudgate Ruby Mild and Ubu from Purity.Whenever I have stopped for a pint the Crown has been really busy, food probably dominates but not to such an extent that a drinker feels out of place.

25 Jan 2011 15:37

The Skylark, Croydon

Rather packed with customers either coming or going to Croydon's restaurant area. A nice pint of Caledonian 80 shilling for 2.05, several other interesting alesfrom Pilgrim, Kings and the Lomond Gold,. My next visit will be at a quieter time.

23 Jan 2011 15:52

The George, Croydon

Ossian ale from Inveralmond has gone. Dark Star Festival and Exmoor Beast are now on. The Dark Star Hophead has moved permanently to the back bar.A hundred seater garden is due to open on the 1st July 2011.

22 Jan 2011 17:16

Royal Oak, Purley

This pub has been viewed recently with a view to re-opening,the emphasis would be on real ale in one bar and live entertainment in the other .Nicely situated as competition is sparse in the area,Sanderstead ( just up the hill)) is pub-less and residents would welcome a decent pub.A potential goldmine for an enterprising pub manager.The timescale is six-nine months.

17 Jan 2011 09:19

The George, Croydon

Today the guest ales were,Jolly Good Wallop ( an exclusive ale to 'spoons) from Brentwood Brewery featuring a picture of Jimmy Edwards in spanking mode,Kipling,Beacon from Everards, Winter Meltdown and Festival both from Dark Star Brewery.Every ale that I tried was in excellent condition,the Meltdown was clearly a new barrel and the best ale of the day.On Wednesday(19/1/2011) the week long Burn's Festival starts with an amazingly good choice of Scottish ales, two from Caledonian, Raven,Wildcat, Lomond Gold etc.There is an offer on Haggis 'tatty and Neaps including a pint at 4.49 if memory serves me correctly.

15 Jan 2011 17:55

Half and Half, Croydon

Having arrived at 15:10 ( advertised opening time)the Half 'n Half ,will open at
16:00, thakfully Croydon is blessed with many really great pubs, so it is easy to go elsewhere.

18 Dec 2010 17:00

The Cricketers, Croydon

Merrie , a 5.9% abv ale from Thornbridge will be on over Xmas-Sweet, tangy and hoppy aroma. Plenty of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and winter berries. Great looking beer with an inviting caramel colour and a head that just doesnt give up. Flavour is full-on malt and a bitterness that lasts with its nutmeg and cinnamon spice.If you miss it here the nearby cClaret has some in the cellar as well !

17 Dec 2010 11:24

Half and Half, Croydon

The collaborative Thornstar from Thornbridge/Dark Star is now on, a black semi- porter style ale, not to be missed.

16 Dec 2010 19:06

The George, Croydon

The Dark Star ales have been popular, so further ales from them will be available.Winter Meltdown on this Saturday, a very pleasing offering at 2.15 !

16 Dec 2010 19:03

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

I popped in here a few days ago eagerly looking forward to my first sample of the new batch of Winter Warmer, it was in stock but it was upon tasting just an ordinary very dark ale,hardly worth slipping on rotten cabbages to seek out but in very good condition as are all the beer here of late.This pub is owned by Wells &Youngs and regularly stock a couple of welcome guest ales such as Butcombe or Deuchars Caledonian which are chalked up on a blackboard,the Winter warmer was also listed as a guest??? How can a tied house list one of their own ales as a guest, Fullers also do this and I personally think that this is a sly,deceptive and unnecessary practice,are they really that ashamed of their own brewing efforts?The service was rather "can't be asked" by a girl/boy with a ponytail who found Three P.M. far too early and who really wanted to be elsewhere.

8 Dec 2010 09:52

The George, Croydon

The George have added Dark Star Breweries Hophead and Festival to their other regular ale Thornbridge's Jaipur.

6 Dec 2010 14:38

Half and Half, Croydon

Green Hopped I.P.A. is on alongside the regular Hophead, Some of the Dark Star ales fail to hit the spot but the Green Hopped has a startlingly refreshing taste making this a truly wonderful ale.

6 Dec 2010 09:45

The Cricketers, Croydon

A new collaboration ale from Thornbridge/Dark Star lurks in the cellar, it may appear on the bar this weekend.

26 Nov 2010 08:09

The Cricketers, Croydon

the Cricketers has a beer festival on this weekend, fifteen well chosen ales with five from ; Wales,Scotland and England,every beer style is represented.The ales are reduced to 2.60 a pint, a beer menu is provided and the festival food menu appears on the reverse.Beers are available at ALL times at 2.00 for those wishing to take away.

20 Nov 2010 08:21

William Stanley, South Norwood

The Stanley are hosting a Westerham Meet the Brewer on Friday the 26th of November ( 19:30),so anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of meeting Robert Wickes can do complete the weekend they have the North Wood Morris Men from 13:00 hrs on Sunday the 28th November.A rather pleasant 'spoons especially on a Summer's day when the frontage is opened up.

17 Nov 2010 13:29

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

I've visited the Jack Phillips several times recently and I have come away even more impresssed each time. The ales were in perfect condition ( this is where Wetherspoons have really upped their game), the food was prompt, I had actually visited the toilet and on my return the barman was waiting at the table and said " Your food is under the hotplate,I will get it now" I said "Thanks" and he replied "No problem at all".The food was very fresh and very good indeed.The service at the bar was crisp,attentive and the staff were alert and coped easily when there was a flurry of customers. The cleanliness has to be seen to be believed.I can only think that this pub reflects the area,a different level of behaviour from both customers and staff compared to elsewhere.A truly wonderful experience.10/10.

16 Nov 2010 09:22

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Whathappenedtopubs10, you have clearly not read my post.My main point was that mdoc62 is the basis of some bizarre ethological experiment by Desmond Morris in order to see how a primate engages with a keyboard.I am ALL in favour of pub goers posting their experiences. This pub was an utter midden a couple of years ago,the Manageress has improved the place but has more to do.My question to you is - is this just a one off rant because you have an axe to grind or will you eventually review other pubs?As for the price of bread, my last purchase was in Waitrose,Sanderstead, it was a barley and sunflower loaf and retailed at 1.89, I hope that helps.

12 Nov 2010 08:56

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

With reference to the last post I have to say that my scant knowledge of the lady managerss of the Ship of Fools leads me to suspect that she is a "sharp cookie",anyone who can win "Best Bar None " for a pub situated where this one is must be a veritable genius ( I am actually still laughing over that one!) . Without being rude if you read mdoc62's posts they do fall somewhat short of the"sharp cookie" category. This pub has improved an awful lot ( you should have seen it before). As for multi postings concerning a pub, that is fine as long as the post contains updated information on for instance prices, the fabric of the building, Barbara Windsor is the new landlady etc. To imagine a pub stays the same for a long length of time is clearly daft, things change regularly and re-reviews are therefore necessary.

10 Nov 2010 10:50

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The Claret in Addiscombe is having a mini beer festival from 18th to 21st of


Beartown - Bear Skinful 4.2%
Blindmans - Siberia 4.7%
Bowmans - Quiver Porter 4.5%
Branscome - Brannol 3.8%
Coastal - Angelina 4.1%
Downton - Chocolate Orange Delight 4.5%
Frog Island - Fire-Bellied Toad 5%
Great Newsome - Jems Stout 4.3%
Humpty Dumpty - Norfolk Nectar 4.3%
Newmans - Wolvers Ale 4.1%
Purple Moose - Glasyn Ale 4.2%
Rother Valley - Level Best 4%
Spectrum - Old Stoat Wobbler 6%
White Horse - Village Idiot 4.1%
Wold Top - Wold Gold 4.8%

Palmers IPA will also be available as usual.

Thanks, Robert and 'appy birthday.

9 Nov 2010 08:57

The Hope, Carshalton

The Hope have a very special "Meet the Brewer" evening on Wednesday 10th November2010 at 20;00 ( a.k.a. eight o'clock). Former dark Star brewer toby has moved on to Kent Brewery and his beers will be available.

8 Nov 2010 13:03

The Wild Goose, Combeinteignhead

The food is very overpriced, the ales are not very good midweek they try to have every hand pump on and they do not have the sales to warrant that.If you ask a question they look at you in a blank fashion. The longer you spend in here the poorer the place becomes.Only one decent pint after a week in the village was a poor performance.

5 Nov 2010 22:18

The George, Croydon

The 'spoons Beer Festival is on until the 14th November, the ales are reduced to 1.79. I have tried the Caledonian Edinburgh Strong Ale 6.4 %, Brewdog Edge and Thornbridge Lumford (3.9%) which a bit like a weaker Kipling , certainly these were the pick. Bath's Ginger Hare was very similar to Dark Star's Summer Meltdown. I am still looking out for the Mordue Coriander Ale( which might be interesting).The beer that was not to my taste was the Lees Brewery Chocaholic it was like a liquid easter egg, truly an acquired taste, certainly one that I won't acquire ! I just know that someone will say that it's truly wonderful.

4 Nov 2010 13:52

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The Claret has a Beer Festival on the 18th-21st November2010. No details as yet but normally they have forty ales,biased towards those under 5.5%.The ales are from anywhere in the U.K. An event not to be missed.

31 Oct 2010 08:11

The Compasses Inn, Gomshall

A very scruffy pub compared to others in the area, it looks like it was decorated by over enthusiatic paint ball warriors.The 3.50 a pint was slightly expensive and the ale was nearly undrinkable a very poor advert for Surrey Hills Brewery..The barman was bored and continually asked wether we were dining/having another etc.A nice little river borders the car park( probably containing a better drink) and the garden look o.k. I will not be going back.0/10

29 Oct 2010 15:29

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Lovely pub, thanks for the wonderful buffet on Saturday, Ken !

25 Oct 2010 20:04

The Plough, Coldharbour

I visited the Plough last week, it is situated in the heart of the Surrey hills which have many wonderful walks.I chose to walk the Leith Hill Tower ( ouch !) very steep prolonged climb! this pub has long been a favourite of mine excellent home brewed ales, including the new Beautiful South, if it sounds like a pop group it is because they recently played here and it is brewed in their honour.the guvnor has recovered from serious ill health, he is a real gentleman who loves cricket.If you find the ales a tad dear just remember you CANNOT get them anywhere else.

25 Oct 2010 20:03

The Hope, Carshalton

The Hope has been bought by many members of the local community,it is a pleasant pub in every respect.The factors that lift the pub to iconic status are Susanna who is a truly fantastic manager,calm, equable and exceptionally hard working ( she makes a difficult job look effortless),the other wonderful feature is the ales- not just any old cheap rubbish from a wholesalers list- they carefully select the ales to provide the very best available and regularly offer a rotating choice.The staff in my visits follow the managers lead and are very pleasant( sometimes under provocation from the flotsam and jetsam that turns up in pubs as customers!).This pub just might not be for you if you like lager and a chavvy atmoshere or prefer a restaurant that serves frozen ale in an apologetic manner.I think it is a truly fabulous pub indeed.

19 Oct 2010 10:11

Whispering Moon, Wallington

Well bigbad d,I was going to mention the presence of Jaipur over the Beer Festival period but as an agnostic I will bow in the face of the almighty! i must admit that i've never tried GOD beers, must be good ! 3/10

17 Oct 2010 16:49

The George, Croydon

Cider drinkers, your prayers have been answered! The George now stocks five ciders, there is a cider menu located on the back , some are displayed on the handpumps but enquire if your chosen cider is not on a pump clip as it is quite likely to be available, I drank a pint of the strawberry flavoured cider the other day and it was only 2.20.The o.g. available ranges from 4.0%- 8.4%.

10 Oct 2010 17:24

The Hope, Carshalton

There is an obvious difficulty with this as he may already have 'em as a fixture without any requirement of an award.

7 Oct 2010 17:46

The Hope, Carshalton

This could catch on.... I've just started The Society for the Preservation of Bears from the Woods! The defecating in the woods would also explain the drain pong.

7 Oct 2010 10:39

The Hope, Carshalton

Rangyboy, Very scary, I never ever go to pubs if I know that there is a dark bear, polar bears are more my kind of thing.

6 Oct 2010 11:35

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

This pub wins virtually every award known to mankind but why? Well, fantastic middle of the market food plus several well chosen real ales and cider are the mainstay of the formula.Outside the Soaks is a long thin rambling old building with a large garden which houses a marquee when they hold their legendary Beer Festivals which are held over the late May and late August Bank Holiday weekends when the best and the most recent breweries are featured.I'm slightly surprised that the rating on this pub is so low -7.1 seems a bit parsimonious to me.Truly faultless.

5 Oct 2010 08:16

Half and Half, Croydon

Ducking and diving in various real ale pubs/bars in Croydon today I finished up at the Half'n Half,the two ales were Old Chesnut and Hophead both were magnificent.Oh ! I wish there was a smillie icon !

3 Oct 2010 16:34

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Has anyone ever seen a guest ale at the Dolphin ? The pubs owner/brewer states in the London Drinker( October/november2010) that he has a "low" barrelage tie with the incumbent tenant, this seems to me to imply that the Dolphin regularly stocks an amazing array of guest ales.I regularly visit Weymouth and feel really unlucky to have missed out on this cornucopia of ales on every visit, am I unlucky or is this a chimera of his fervent imagination? It strikes me that the two Wetherspoons pubs in Weymouth enjoy a roaring trade whilst the Dolphin remains( by his admission ) "the pub with no beer".Pub goers are a funny lot ,they tend to drink where the beer is available, most shocking!!! 0/10

2 Oct 2010 16:55

The Star, Godalming

The Star ( seventeeth century) is in the middle of the Old part of Godalming, with Tudor shops and jettied buildings and the pub itself is in an unspoilt condition , as opposed to the new part which is an industrial estate with IKEA and HALFORDS ( neither probably have superstores there but it has that kind of crap). The Star had seven ales on today,two from the Greene King stable (there is clearly a connection) and five genuine guest ales today from the likes of Brewdog, Keltek, Batemans etc.the pub is a very tiny building outside but stretches back to an overspill bar/ function room,even further back is a very pleasant garden( it was pouring and my urge to explore was somewhat dampened ).A young barperson saw that I was in awe of the several hundred pumpclips that adorn the ceiling joists and he told me a few worthwhile tit bits about their festivals which as you are now agog take place at Easter and Hallowe'en.Look out for the Blackawton pumpclip that is a rarity!!! A superb pub in every way.

24 Sep 2010 16:03

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

This pub has twice won CAMRA London pub of the year,I look at pubs with a critical eye as many have glaring faults that can be easily remedied but are never put right.The Bricklayers is the exception it deserves its awards as the beer range,ale festivals and beer quality are always excellent.The food is exactly the kind of thing the customers want.It is a former boat storage facility for rowing boats that were used on the very nearby Thames ( so the pub is narrow but very deep).The Festivals are themed by County or Counties the current one being Norfolk/Suffolk,the beer menu was superb, the tasting notes were a bit scant but Becky explained the many problems she had putting this festival together,the notes concerning this are funny and give an insight into the many silly problems that can crop up when one is putting such an event together.A vast array of Timothy Taylors ales are usually available plus several from a featured Brewery.

23 Sep 2010 17:53

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Always six ales and four or five ciders actually on. Today there were two Dark Star ales, an ale from Bushy's I.O.M.the ubiquitous Palmer's IPA and two others that escape my inebriated mind.rather like those things to do before your thirty guides"Just do it" lesser pubs like the Trafalgar (South Wimbledon )win London Pub of the Year, Croydon now boasts several great real ale pubs.

19 Sep 2010 18:47

The Cricketers, Croydon

A choice of three ales today,Harveys, Hophead and Twickenham Naked ladies.

19 Sep 2010 18:41

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

Through adverse circumstances I landed up at the very worst 'spoons in Croydon, most of them nowdays serve at the very least a decent pint, sadly this is the exception.The choice of ales were, Proper Job - available soon, Kelham Island 45RPM -available soon, Wooden Hand- available soon.So after ignoring the "house " ales,the choice was Banks &Taylor's Dragonslayer( never much cop) or Hawkshead Red.The ale was served in a slightly wet glass so the creamy head disappeared just about the time I raised the glass to my lips,this would perhaps be understandable if the place was "rammed" so I only had the one.Wetherspoons needs an ale tester/taster to visit thier outlets and see the basic mistakes that go on occasionally.Wetherspoons have put in state of the art equipment in their cellars and have clearly spent time training staff in the art of cellarmanship( GBG number of entries testify to this),checking the delivered pint is surely the necessary last piece in the jigsaw.

15 Sep 2010 20:17

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Pooter, Is that the script for the next Wallace and Gromit ?

6 Sep 2010 17:13

The Moon and Stars, Penge

I had to go to penge today and so popped in here for a Sunay Lunch/drink offer at 6.59, I was allowed to choose ANY real ale,so settled for the Kelham Island 45rpm which was a delight.The lunch arrived after 15 minutes on a huge oval plate it had all the trimmings and was cooked for perfection.One stupid fat ***** was moaning at the staff about the service, like me she was served in 90 seconds! A beautiful garden at the rear with a car park at the back, internally the theme is the wizard of Oz.The pub was faultlessly clean throughout.In all honesty I cannot see how anyone could possibly improve upon this pub.10/10.

5 Sep 2010 17:00

The George, Croydon

The George have a truly wonderful selection for the next month or three, Caledonian Mellow Yellow and Deuchars IPA, Thornbridge Jaipur and Kipling,Kelham Island 45 RPM,Brewsters Hophead,Summerskill's Ninja, RCH Old Slug Porter, Greene King XX( runner up in the mild category at the GBBF), Woodforde's Wherry,St. Austell Proper Job,Inveralmond Lia Fail,Phoenix Navvy,Moorhouse's Blonde Witch and several locales from Dorking, Twickenham,Sambrooks etc.As you enter the middle pump of the left bank of pumps is always a dedicated Locale .Only eight on at anyone time!

4 Sep 2010 09:39

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

I was in a real rush when i visited this pub and did not have the time to do it justice, I should have taken longer. The hospitality was great, the ale choice was also great six very well chosen ales, two from Dark Star,Arundel etc.The quality of my ale was exceptional,. the pub has a suggestion box and is really spotless throughout. Do not overlook a visit to this pub!

3 Sep 2010 15:09

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

After vsiting the Brewery I popped in here to see which beers were on and decided to try the Beachy Head Original ( it has long been a test of mine to go to a pub very early and see if they pour off a beer) which was perfect,a lovely malty ale that improved as it went down.the Guvnor here is a sociable type who was very entertaining about breweries and beers and it must be said refreshingly honest.Ales from stroud Brewery and local micro brewery Ales made up the remainder on offer.A no frills beer shop,straight forward and fairly priced.

3 Sep 2010 15:06

The Sussex Ox, Milton Street

This former pub is now a gastro pub, you are allowed in to drink ale but only just.Some pubs manage to blend the two but not here. From the outside the pub looks like a Swedish sauna,the paint work is sea sick green, how any diner fails to puke looking at it is beyond me! Inside the interior has been kept intact.It has the air of a three star holiday camp for geriatrics.The clientele were nearly all very elderly people drinking cocktails.I tried the Oxhead ale from Dark Star which was actually Hophead, why do pubs do this? It must be some ego trip by the manager,why not try to serve the ales correctly! Is the message that Hophead is not good enough without this other guise? A stupid practice that should be outlawed( about as stupid as silly numberplates on cars).I would like to go minus ten but I can't.A ruined pub.

2 Sep 2010 21:00

The Ram Inn, Firle

I was very unhappy with every aspect of the Ram ,firstly I was greeted to one handpump with a Harvey's clip,upon enquiry the dopey barmaid had been to lazy to put the two other ales on and fetched a pint of Hophead in a glass full of bubbles lining the glass which meant that the glass was filthy and the beer was frigid cold , so cold, the fridge here must be the only thing working properly but still....a funny place to keep a pint. A cat paraded up and down the actual bar! The place was not very clean and the decor was chipped and faded.I asked the barmaid a couple of fairly straight forward questions, she relied "Dunno, dunno, I know nufink she's back shortly". There must be a school that teaches dumbness near here! If I ever go back it will be kicking and screaming.a long time since I encountered a disaster of this magnitude.This has to be a zero.

2 Sep 2010 20:46

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

The Tiger is the Brewery Tap for Beachy Head Ales which were in fine form. The pub is situated on a "chocolate box" village green,the nearby houses are flint knapped adding to the charm.Many local pubs have gone overboard towards food making ale drinkers feel squeezed out,admittedly it is difficult to strike the right balance but it is achieved here.The service was really good even though the pub was very busy.A nearby house had a blue plaque on the wall dedicated to Sherlock Holmes saying that the "consulting detective retired here to keep bees",as Holmes is obviously a fictional character I imagine that the address was used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in one of the stories.Worth a clear ten without a doubt.

2 Sep 2010 20:36

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Last night the Dog'n Bull had two guest ales which were Dorking # One and Butcombe Bitter.the Dorking had just gone on,both were in excellent condition.The front cover of the last London Drinker featured the Armoury in Wandsworth the point being that they had made an unprofitable pub into a profitable one by selling guest ales that were not brewed by Wells&Youngs, it seems as if the lesson has been learnt,provide great ales and they will sell.

1 Sep 2010 15:31

The Viper, Mill Green

Hogshead, I'm so happy that you did not transpose the phrase Wan from Bangkok.

25 Aug 2010 17:31

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

mdoc62,i'm trying too get "my head around" the rudenessof the staff in the George,as you know i've never had that experience.Is it personal against you or in your observations is it a general rudeness to all comers??? The wait at the George is understandable as it is VERY busy and popular pubs sometimes means a wait.For instance if I was to go into let us say enter The Ship in the High Street I will get served before reaching the bar as they will be shell shocked to see another human being, this manifests itself clearly in the fact that language has become alien to them and the last time that I intrepidly ventured in they were speaking in tongues.

18 Aug 2010 10:28

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Viking Kev, If you do decide to visit Croydon especially West Croydon move fairly swiftly ,the local robbers( there have been many incidents around here) "size up" targets ,loitering invites problems.As you work in the industry please try the George In George Street .All 'spoons NOW do decent ale-they were getting it badly wrong about five years ago( real ale was chilled) ,they have invested lots of money on a state of the art cooling system for each pub.I often visit them when it is very hot seeing if they cancope with the weather changes and I must say they pass with flying colours! The trouble is the old " give a dog a bad name" business still persists with 'spoons even though it is undeserved.Two other non 'spoons should be mentioned for quality and range The Claret and The Cricketers Addiscombe both very easily reached by tram.Like you I think Cask Marque is indicative of a decent pint but so many pubs now have the award it doesn't seem to have the same "value" as it did.

17 Aug 2010 08:10

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

There seems to be a little confusion in the previous posts, The Best Bar None Awards are given by the Council and the Police, thet cover customer safetyetc. they certainly do not check the beer quality! Camra check the beer quality by members scoring the ales that they try, the local branch have about 1,200 members who submit hundreds of reports each year, the GBG is partly decided by using this mountain of information. The George (George Street) won the last award handed out by CAMRA "Pub of the season"this was for the Summer that we are not getting.The local CAMRA Chairman was quoted in the Advertiser as saying that the award was for the excellent beer quality and enterprising ale selection. The ale in the Ship of Fools is absolutely fine but I cannot recall the Ship being awarded by CAMRA.I have rigidly stuck to the facts and have avoided giving MY opinion, except for acknowledging the Ship's beer quality.

16 Aug 2010 17:42

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Now re -opened.

9 Aug 2010 13:38

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The variety of real ales continues to amaze, the Alligator Ale (Ascot) was very good over the last couple of days.

8 Aug 2010 16:34

The Cricketers, Croydon

Several great ales on today such as Betty Stoggs Skinners, American Pale Ale Dark Star,Rudgate Ruby Mild,Harvey's Best Bitter,An Elland golden ale Savvanah and Hophead ( still dark and bitter).The pub sells containers for takeaway and charge two pounds a pint!

8 Aug 2010 16:32

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

This was a BIG SHOCK to me! This winner of many awards has really gone downhill, the ales I tried were barely drinkable, the service was slow and the attitude Was "you need us we don't need you !".It is very clear that they have given up on quality and service.Still help is at hand, the nearby Colliton Club had six splendid ales on at 2.30 and lunches at3.00, this local Council Staff club was terrific,show a CAMRA card or GBG for entry, they are VERY welcoming. As for the Raddle 0/10, in the pub trade people vote with their feet and this place will soon be empty.

6 Aug 2010 07:35

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

This place has a certain worn gentility about it, the kind of place where you expect to find Hercule Poirot exchanging case notes with Miss Marple over tea and muffin.The staff make every effort to give top hole sevice.I came here in search of the new Town Mill Brewery Cobb bitter,my teeth were still chattering from the ice encrusted ale served at the crappy Harbour Inn,yes , you have guessed it ! The ale was warmer than Brown Windsor soup! So not to offend the pleasant staff I read the Daily Telegraph for a short while and slipped the near boiling beer onto the window sill and made good my escape.

3 Aug 2010 12:14

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

This is a rather sterile kind of pub,the staff are about eighteen years old and stare blankly if asked a very simple question. The main sales seem to be tea and coffee which is understandable as no one in their right mind would EVER order a second pint of real ale as it is thouroughly chilled before serving, so much so that it hurts your teeth! Avoid at all costs as this place is more of a disaster area than an establishment that is inept but trying to do the right thing.

3 Aug 2010 12:08

The Royal Standard, Upwey

The pub has a new landlord who is completely opposite to the last one.absolutely "full of beans" ,he has so many plans - brewing, marmalade ,chutney,world domination etc,etc.brewing it seems will start in a month or two, but the guy did have the sense to admit that it would take some time before he could deliver ale of an acceptable standard,good luck to him, you get nowhere without enthusiasm, he just bursts with it ! the ales that were for sale were very good indeed ,the Yeovil ale was to die for.

2 Aug 2010 20:57

The Dolphin, Weymouth

No deliver No real ale to next week stated the barman.

2 Aug 2010 13:21

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

I am not overly fussy but I do wonder why the public health people allow this kind of hole to exist.A brisk turn of the heel the Boot is five minutes over the Town Bridge.

2 Aug 2010 13:20

The Woodman Inn, Bridport

Four real ales ALL DARk and MALTY, all around 4.1% -4.2% abv. Where do publicans like this get the idea that this gives drinkers a choice? Golden ales, milds stouts, strong ales, porters.A clue for the landlord there surely!

2 Aug 2010 13:17

Tiger Inn, Bridport

What a shame, in a pub that CRIES out for a genuine Free House with an ever changing ale range this pub puts on only three boring ales without change.Trade is dropping off and no wonder, a back street boozer needs to grab the attention of ale drinkers. A real lack of effort.0/10

2 Aug 2010 13:14

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Bridport

Sad that Ken has retired, the present lot are clueless.The pub itself is nice but not worth a visit.

2 Aug 2010 13:10

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

The Spread Eagle has an outing to Fuller's Brewery next week( Tuesday the 10th August) tickets available at the bar. the most complete pub in Croydon, outside drinking area ,a vast array of handpumps dipensing high quality real ale, London Porter an exquisite ale appears from time to time, swift friendly service, really clean throughout,splendid food, Sky sports showing all the big events.In all honesty the failing pubs nearby should take note.The George ( ever changing ales) and this one are now streets ahead of the rest.10/10.

2 Aug 2010 13:04

Half and Half, Croydon

The Summer Meltdown was very cloudy and had to be changed for a not quite so cloudy one, the pint had no vigour( a hallmark of any Dark Star ale normally) and was far to cold for me to taste any stem ginger which is an overwhelming taste in this ale.The virtues of a high turnover cannot be praised enough, it achieves a lot of a cellerman's aims,sadly the Half does not have the trade to stock two ales at all times and keep them in reasonable condition, a real shame as it is a walk from home and is well positioned for me as to avoid going in to Central Croydon

21 Jul 2010 08:24

The Skylark, Croydon

At the moment SOME of the 'spoons outlets have a Locale Beer Festival, the Skylark being one. A quick visit just to note the range available but the Ascot Alligator caught my eye, a rather wonderful 4.8 % golden ale which was in very good condition. The pub was fairly busy as it was Steak Night.

21 Jul 2010 08:16

The Ship, Croydon

The outside is being decorated, possibly prompting another visit,the improvement over the last couple of years has been vast but has gone unrecognised as it still falls a bit short on its peer group of pubs.

20 Jul 2010 08:24

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Lovely looking modern interia marble/ bare brick.The bad news is that the staff and manager just can't be asked,they hardly bother to go through the motions.As a child my parents banged on about " manners costing nothing" in here you would think that mild civility was a capital offence! I peeked to the side of the bar as I started to suspect that someone at their back was holding a gun and instructing them to act like disaffected automatons! The Ascot Alligator Ale was reasonably good .The food was cold but served on a plate that was hot! This pub has a rating of 4.6 out of ten, why so high ? I'll be fair and go for a two. On entering the place we wondered why no one else was in there, I am not wondering now!

19 Jul 2010 19:00

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

The GRAPE- VINE ( awful pun) says that it is currently closed.

19 Jul 2010 18:51

The George, Croydon

The George has a Locale Beer Festival starting on Monday for two weeks many ales previously not featured in a 'spoons OR Croydon Borough are available. food wise two pork sausages in a chiabatta roll at 1.99 complement the regular Oakham JHB and Thornbridge Jaipur.Yesterday the Brewster's Hophead was in excellent condition and completely unaffected by the extreme hot spell.The Acorn Barnsley Gold is also worthy of comment it was quite similar to the Inveralmond Thrappledouser which regularly features at The George.CAMRA's Pub of the Season this Summer continues to set the bar for Central Croydon with regard to real ale quality.

11 Jul 2010 17:10

The Cricketers, Croydon

A nice write up in the Croydon Advertiser this week which focuses on Ray's lager addiction and the wonderful community spirit that the Cricketers enjoys.

11 Jul 2010 16:57

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Extremely hot day today and as luck would have it my visit to the Claret was marred by a breakdown of the ventilation system. The available ales were, Red Squirrel Stout, a Weltons ale, the ubiquitous Palmer's I.P.A.and two from Dark Star Summer Solstice and Hophead.

11 Jul 2010 16:54

The Sandrock, Boundstone

I have been using this pub for nearly thirty five years and it is difficult to say a bad word about it.The first landlord that I remember was Andy who introduced some very rare West Midlandales to the South of England,this built the reputation of the pub.Sadly on this visit the current Landlady said that Bathams refused to supply then EVEN though she picked the ales up from them ! The pub is spotlessly clean ,as previously stated the pub has won awards for their food and have replaced the longed for midland ales with Bowman's Swift One. The end of an era.

6 Jul 2010 19:30

The Crossways Inn, Churt

I have a feeling that the ale quality and service on my visit did not quite live up to the experience of others,one visit is really only a snapshot and it is very unfair to be overly judgemental on that basis,I will try again later this year but I did not think this was remotely anything like a pub that would ever win any kind of award ( other than for slothishness). My fellow drinkers were far more critical !!!

4 Jul 2010 19:55

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

After visiting Southampton on Thursday morning I decided to try an alternative route to the M3. Only using the M3 as far as Winchester I turned off and found this gem of a pub. After parking the car I was immediately greeted by the unmistakeable aroma of ale brewing,the pub itself is laid back from the road with ample parking at the front.Entering the Flowerpots I was struck by the polished wooden interior, the walls are festooned with awards for the pub, the ales etc.I tried the perridge als first which was a straw coloured 3.6% gravity ale with an unbelievablly overpowering fruity taste, absolute nectar! The pub has FREE containers for two and four pint takeaways,it would be almost rude not to use one.Sadly the flowerpots ale was at the end of the barrel.The food was of an extremely high standard and value at about ten pounds a throw.

4 Jul 2010 19:48

The The Rail View, South Croydon

I was given to understand that "The View" was holding a beer festival this weekend,as this was the first time that such an event has taken place hereI did not expect much and was not disappointed.Walking towards the pub I saw so many notices advising of forthcoming events etc.that reading them all would take up a ridiculous amount of time,I was not overly bothered when Cameroon played Denmark.The festival boasted five ales.I chose a pint of B.G.Tips from Blue Monkey Brewery which was drinkable but did not persuade me that I should order another.The service was poor,the barman and guvnor were put out by my appearance as I disturbed their conversation( customers always wanting to be served!) The outside garden has a huge decking area which looks decidedly"chavvy" a horrible thing to do not what would otherwise be a decent garden.I will make a point of not bothering this place with my trade again.

19 Jun 2010 20:52

The George, Croydon

It's nice to hear from two illiterate ex-patrons! I promise to keep you updated as and when anything newsworthy takesplace. O'Hanlons Firefly a particular favourite of mine is due on very soon.Don't forget the PUB of THE SEASON will be awarded to The George next week, worth being in Croydon just for that!

11 Jun 2010 13:13

The George, Croydon

Personaly I do not wish to turn this into a SOAP opera, unlike your unfullfilled promise of brevity I will try to be extremely brief ! The facts are that the George has been voted Pub of the Season by CAMRA,the local branch have about 1,200 members and some of those voted to award the George this prestigous accolade. you clearly had a disturbing incident with a barperson,I have had no such experience, I have encountered the best range and quality of ales for many a mile.I have met CAMRA members from further afield who ask me " Why is it that thier local 'spoons fails to match up to the George?",I honestly do not know the answer.The usual channel for a complaint like yours is to contact the Duty Manager,if you are not satisfied at that level contact the General Manager.Perhaps you should abandon the place as a watering hole,if you still in some masochistic way insist on using a pub that is so fundamentally abbhorent to you then perhaps you should contact- Dear Diedre in "The Sun". On balance i'd rather you NOT " seek me out" as I have only just managed to evade my last stalker.

6 Jun 2010 16:46

Half and Half, Croydon

Sorry to be "ubiquitous" but I thought that B.I.T.E readers might like to attend the " Meet The Brewer Evening" planned for the 29th of June 2010 at 19:30. Pre- booking is essential( very limited availability) and may clash with a game of football which will NOT be shown.The aforementioned brewer is the second brewer at Dark Star, Mark.

5 Jun 2010 18:36

The George, Croydon

A very nice if rather overlong post Mr.soap, I hope you don't mind if I don't read it all. I got lost just after the Chinese Takeaway on Wardour Street.I greatly look forward to your second post ( if of course there is one) perhaps you should review in order and now try the SECOND most successful pub in Croydon ,seeing that you do not like the service in the most successful.As for bar staff attitude and your crowd perhaps you are one of those lascivious old men who do not use SOAP and p*ss off the young ladies there, personally they are very pleasant to me.As for your crowd going in there over the years I have to say that the new manager has made the pub far more convivial to the majority,one or two ex patrons have departed for the Goose on the Market and are, to be polite NOT missed.If Wetherspoons make any blandishments to try to coax me from my happy retirement I will resist,trust me! Please read my review of the Sun at Redhill and THEN tell me wether you think I work for 'spoons! As for freebies I make a point of not accepting them, at 1.90 it is nearly free anyway.I will concede that at very busy pubs a wait may entail but that is the price of popularity.The point of "second home to me" I use the George twice a week and several other pubs twice a week,I am hardly a fixture of the place as I have reviewed over three hundred pubs.

2 Jun 2010 13:38

Half and Half, Croydon

Yesterday the guest ale was Sunburst, the next on soon will be Summer Meltdown.Worth remembering that in good weather tables and chairs appear outside,not many pubs /bars have outdoor seating in Central Croydon .

1 Jun 2010 14:01

The George, Croydon

In a couple of weeks time the George will be awarded CAMRA's Pub of the Season award for Summer 2010.The Quality,range (eleven) and selection of their ales( milds, stouts,golden ales and award winners) clearly beats the local opposition. The vast improvement here is truly amazing.There is an ales/CAMRA blackboard on a pillar facing the Gent's toilet exit which will carry news and facts of interest.The largest television that i've ever seen has een installed in the middle section of the pub,I presume ,in order to show the forthcoming World Cup matches.I've never thought much of the food menu but this one is much better than previous ones.The guest ale price of 1.90, especially for Jaipur(5.9%) is quite unbelievable. 10/10

28 May 2010 07:07

The The Rail View, South Croydon

This has been the "VIEW" for sometime No railway, you can't blame Doctor. Beeching for this one. A Beer Festival is due on the 19/20th June. Not many ales but seriously well selected-Jaipur Thornbridge, BGSips Blue Monkey,Hoopa doodaldoo Brewsters,Lifeboat Titanic etc etc.If the weather is good the garden here is rather nice.

24 May 2010 09:52

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

After attending the beer festival I have revisited the Claret and I found a wonderful range of ales and well kept .The attention to selecting the very best possible ales is due to Don who like John the previous guvnor is a dedicated real ale enthusiast.The price is kept to a minimum which ensures that the Palmers IPA is the Borough's most sold ale from one handpump.A very honest establishment which suceeds on doing what it"says on the tin". A time capsule of a beer shop.

23 May 2010 17:28

The Rose and Crown, Halstead

After a visit to the Polhill Nurseries I decided to visit the Crown which is a pub that I have frequented over many years but not as often as I would like.On this occasion I was very unhappy with the food,which was sausage(2) very coarse,Smash (reconstituted mash) and a cloying gravy for 7.50! On the plus side the ales were well kept but an unimaginative selection was on offer.After many years of ale drinking there is an unmistakeable smell about a pub that is on the slide, perhaps easily rectified but the WILL to do it needs to be in evidence.One of the problems with reviewing out of the way pubs is that you only get a snapshot on the day, let's hope i've hit a bad day.Rating lowered.

23 May 2010 17:18

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The kew gardens Golden Ale has returned in the guise of London Gold.A very nice drop indeed, the garden here attracted an awful lot of drinkers yesterday.

16 May 2010 09:37

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

STAN DUPINN has commented on just ONE pub his own!!! I travel widely and review many pubs with honesty. The staff are very rude and this is NOT a pub worthy of a return visit.Being rude to beer drinkers is his way of running a pub, it speaks volumes! Childish outbursts do not help trade, repeat several times a day,it might help you realise that you are the unimportant part of your establishment, the customeris are the important part.

13 May 2010 16:26

The Old Fox and Hounds, Croydon

I popped in over the weekend and the pub and the area quite suit one another an air of decay pervades both.I can see the attraction you have for the place Alph, I imagine that you slot in in a seamless way.The Greene King I.P.A. was drinkable.I will not be rushing to repeat the experience though as other pubs in the borough have a better range of ales that are better kept and cheaper.

12 May 2010 11:07

The Good Companions, Warlingham

This pub is clearly under new management.I left home in sanderstead for a long walk today through Sanderstead ,via the OM.W. grounds to Kingswood which was a sea of bluebells.At the end I took a rihgt into Kingswood avenue and crossed the road ( alongside the duk pond) and entered the Good Companions presumably named after the novel by J.B.Priestley.I had a "heads up" that things had taken a major turn for the better here and was more than surprised ! Three guesta ales on , namely Deuchar's Caledonian, Adnam's Broadside and Shep's Spitfire.The place was empty as it was just noon and i took the opportunity to ask the manageress a few questions ,basically the ales continually rotate,ales such as Hobgoblin,Doom Bar and E.S.B. Have appeared. Quality wise the ales were very good to exceptional.The service was very pleasant.A vast menu on offer,a large outdoor area,many events are held including celebrating the recent cask ale week.I am looking forward to returning next week for another three guest ales to try.

10 May 2010 16:00

The Crown and Pepper, Croydon

At one time the Crown stocked Adnams Best Bitter,this has ceased and it no longer stocks a real ale.For a decent and RELIABLE pint in quiet suroundings the Skylark is south of here and the Royal Standard perches just behind.

8 May 2010 17:31

The Old Fox and Hounds, Croydon

I have just read the previous post by Alph River and failed to understand his claims concerning Greene King I.P.A. thinking that Alzheimers had affected my ancient memory I checked to see wether this famous much sought after ale was so really unappreciated.In 2004 Greene King IPA won the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain award.I rather like it on a hot sunny day( yeah, o.k. rare .I know!) Perhaps personal palate has something to do with it! It is good to know that it is in such good condition in the F and H and wil enjoy some soon.

8 May 2010 17:05

Crown, Shirley

Now a wonderful real ale pub. The list for May includes Brewster's Marquis ale,three milds. Harvey's B.B., Meantime L.P.A. Adnams are on regularly.Prices from 2.10 up to 2.65.The gareden is the best in any pub in the Borough, well kept in every respect.

6 May 2010 17:31

The Skylark, Croydon

Arrived here last Saturday on a scheduled visit with a party of real ale enthusiasts.The service was quick but at 11 A.M. in a deserted pub that is not a particularly noteworthy event.Ale quality wise it was typical of Wetherspoons good to very good, the range was five from their Festival list plus the usual suspects G.K. IPA and Ruddles.Sadly there was no sparkle about anything the cleanliness,service etc.Hard to put a finger on it but it had that" only going through the motions" attitude that SOME chain pubs have, I encounterd this in a Yates and an Ember Inns recently.You must have encountered it yourself ,the delight at meeting a customer being extremely well hidden,so much so as to be totally imperceptible.Customers go to pubs in order to enjoy themselves a truism that would come as a big surprise to the Manageress and staff here.On leaving I felt the overwhelming depression that pervades this pub.

30 Apr 2010 08:25

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Huge PLASMA screen T.V. has been delivered for the garden.

28 Apr 2010 20:54

The Cricketers, Croydon

On the evening of the13th May The Cricketers will receive the2010 Pub of the Year award from CAMRA. The intended ales for the evening are Golden Sands Southport Brewery. O'Hanlons porter stout, APA Dark Star,Red Dwarf Black Hole and two more.

27 Apr 2010 19:50

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Thanks REDJIM, starts Friday30th until Monday the 3rd.

27 Apr 2010 07:30

The Moon and Stars, Penge

I am a CAMRA member and do NOT look down my nose at 'spoons pubs like the previous poster suggests that we do.Over the last few years 'spoons outlets have really upped their game( some more than others).Gone are the days of ordering two pints one to rub like a demented Onanist and the other placed on a radiator to warm up! I visited this outlet on saturday and had the good fortune to meet the Manager who clearly knew his stuff, the staff were quick and polite ,the ales were in good nick and the locals seemed reasonably civilized. Three criteria for a decent pub for me ,good ale, a good choice of ale and decent staff that serve me before I have another birthday whilst waiting, the Moon and Stars passed my tests and more.Alan br12df.join CAMRA it is cheap with the 'spoons ale vouchers thrown in, nothing to lose except a little predjudice.9/10 a very high mark indeed.

26 Apr 2010 17:12

William Stanley, South Norwood

I visited several 'spoons on Saturday and the Stanley was one of the better ones.The service was outstandingly quick and four guest ales all in decent condition were on offer and I enjoyed a reasonable lunch.This is a much smaller pub than most 'spoons , as the day was fairly hot and sunny the windows were open giving a continental bar feeling to the place.Conversation led me to understand that the current guv'nor was fairly new and is working hard to improve the place( reading earlier reviews he is obviously suceeding).Perhaps the cosiness made the locals more affable than is usually the case in a 'spoons outlet but whatever the reason they seemed to be reasonably welcoming.The toilets are so far away I think they might actually belong to another pub in another town but in all honesty that is a minor gripe and only a worry for those with bladder problems.Clearly an asset to S.E.25 and worth 8/10.

25 Apr 2010 18:07

The Royal Standard, Croydon

The best garden within seven miutes of East Croydon station is at the Builders Arms (Fullers) it has a very large Connect Four and a Large Chess set, if you thought chess was not aerobic try moving their pieces! The Crown @ Sceptre has a reasonable patio area back and front of the pub and fairly high standards for food at a decent price.Croydon pubs really do lack a decent gardenas Grovetown quite rightly states the best Central Croydon garden is easily the Dog'nBull.

23 Apr 2010 16:53

Tiger Inn, Bridport

Fantastic pub ,very clen nice food, lots of real ale but i take the last posters point that a VARIETY of ale styles and gravities would improve the place. i had the pleasure of watching Stuat Broad bowl us to the Ashes in here so i have a real soft spot for it! the fruit machine is a pain and should be removed,it spoils the ambience and can make it difficult to get to the toilets, especially if a really F** B****** is playing the machine!

20 Apr 2010 16:22

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

The real ale, particularly the G.F.B. hit new levels,so good as to be unbelievable.closest i've been to a perfect pint for many a long year.I won't bore you witless about the decor and other irrelevant s**t! Just superb.10/10.

17 Apr 2010 20:15

The Garibaldi, Redhill

As the previous poster could not offer an opinion on the real ale, I would say that both the quality and range are excellent! I had the best pint of Pilgrim's Progress that I have had for a very long time in here yesterday.The two other ales that were available were Dark Horse from hepworths and the almost obligatory London Pride. a very nice garden at the side and situated opposite Redhill Common. the garibaldi seems to attract nice punters possibly due to its being well out of town.The place has a nice feel and is a genuine pub of some age, I know they have had problems in the past but they now seem a distant memory.My pick in Redhill for a nice quiet time and a pint.

16 Apr 2010 15:51

The Sun, Redhill

This 'spoons is strategically placed opposite the Redhill Job Centre, a wonderful euphemism for what is actually joblessness.whatever you care to say about wetherspoons they surely know their marketplace! Having gone in several of the VERY best pubs in Redhill the best pint by a street was here, a lovely pint of Brew Dog Trashy Blonde, the barmaid did give me a look as I enounciated the vowels of "trAshy blOndE" but she took no outward offence.On sitting down to read my newspaper the nearby tables were populated by various sub sects of Chavs boasting to their ilk of twocing, the obvious common sense in wearing a friends jacket ( suitably labelled with their name, the idea is that as the local constabulary " feel one's collar" they are left holding a jacket with a misleading name tag.A very nice outlet for real ale but sadly populated by an underclass that think Shameless( channel four) is aspirational !

15 Apr 2010 16:04

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

A typical 'spoons in a nice area.The staff varied between brain donor stupid and those putting in an effort.A very restricted guest list choice(three) fortunately alton pride from Triple fff was on, not i hasten to add in award winning form.The biggest shock for me was that children were allowed to use the bar as a climbing frame,kneeling on it and crawling around!!!! Dangerous for the children. The Area Manager needs to check the Cctv for this lunchtime.Several children came in at various times messed about at the bar and the staff did not give a stuff!!!I am obviously used to the more eagle eyed Croydon 'spoons.a disgrace.Service 2, ale range 4, ale quality 4.Child supervision and maintaining the law minus 20.

6 Apr 2010 16:35

The Green Dragon, Croydon

The Green Dragon is holding a Spring Beer Festival starting tomorrow until the 11th of April.A wonderful list of over thirty ales,a mixture of award winners, new and obscure ales for your imbibing pleasure.A nice twist is that the Cathedral Brewery ales are brewed at the Green Dragon in Lincoln.

30 Mar 2010 09:25

The Bulls Head, Croydon

The Bull has a beer festival starting on the 15th of April lasting three days.roughly sixteen ales and a cider. a mild will be included. the ale list includes Woodforde's Wherry and Hog's Back A over T (9%) it means Aromas over Tongham ( yeah right!). It would be rude not to go along and sink a few methinks.

27 Mar 2010 17:35

The Bulls Head, Croydon

The Bull has a beer festival starting on the 15th of April lasting three days.roughly sixteen ales and a cider. a mild will be included. the ale list includes Woodforde's Wherry and Hog's Back A over T (9%) it means Aromas over Tongham ( yeah right!). It would be rude not to go along and sink a few methinks.

27 Mar 2010 17:35

The Hope, Carshalton

The Hope has a Beer Festival from the 1st.-5th. April, an excellent list of ales including an ale from Art Brew.

25 Mar 2010 15:29

The George, Croydon

A few great ales coming next week, -Thornbridge Lord Marples
Lancaster Red
Oakleaf Hole Hearted
York Centurions Ghost
The first ale has never been on in Central Croydon as far as I am aware.

24 Mar 2010 09:28

Half and Half, Croydon

During Cask Ale week and continuing througout April the Half has a splendiferous offer- Buy five pints and get one FREE! So five Hopheads at 2.16 and a free pint of..... well today it was Winter Meltdown in fantastic nick as a freebie!That cannot be that shabby!

20 Mar 2010 16:13

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

A very enterprising Fullers ale @ pie pub, Sky Sports means a packed house when matches are screened.Real Ale wise a special offering like London Porter or Gale's Prize Old ale( yes,in a cask!) make an occasional appearance.A lovely central location,a former National Westminster Bank branch. The upstairs section has a lot of charm with views of Croydon's bustling shoppers.I went to sample the new Bengal Lancer (5%) a very malty offering indeed! If you are a devotee of Fuller's ales look no further. Very clean throughout , a rather rare thing in itself !

19 Mar 2010 11:17

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Cricketers have been declared Pub of the Year for Croydon by the local CAMRA branch( nearly typed umpires!). Late in May Ray will receive his second award of the year, having only just become Pub of the Season for Winter 2010.Too few drinkers make the pilgrimage to this real ale oasis.Usually five or six ales and a cider, mini festivals with hand picked ales are a speciality, no sticking a pin in a list or picking cheap old dross here!Huge garden and large car park are also a feature as well as three real fireplaces.

18 Mar 2010 14:08

The George, Croydon

The Wetherspoonn's Beer Festival is from the 7th April through to the 25th.Several really good ales on the list- Kelham Island, oakham, Atlas,Holdens and four International brewers come here to brew. I mention this as one of the Breweries is.... Zululand Brewery ( this is not my April fool), I suppose it must be better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick.A VERY rare ale is on on St.Patricks Day - a beer from Hilden's Brewery which hardly ever visits the mainland.

16 Mar 2010 09:18

Half and Half, Croydon

Very packed on Monday night for the farewell "do" for Karel and his wife, he is returning home for a little while in order to resettle his family.As well as fantastic HOPHEAD the Six Hop Ale was on, it bore no comparison to the Hophead and as February has gone we will not see the stuff for another year( yipee!).Dark Star's beer for March is Saison which was not overly good last year but fingers crossed!

10 Mar 2010 15:38

The Hope, Carshalton

I have just noticed that the Hope have announced that they are the Pub of The Year for Suttton 2010 ( on Facebook) ,congratulations to Susanna and her wonderful staff! Soon the Croydon P.O.T.Y and the Hope will be voted on to find the overall Croydon and Sutton CAMRA winner.I really cannot see anyone seriously quibbling with this decision, if ever a phoenix arose from the ashes it is indeed the Hope.The hard work that has transformed this pub is eye watering.Rumour has it that an Easter Beer Festival is on its way.

10 Mar 2010 07:19

The Garland, Redhill

I have previously not been a big fan of this pub, the former landlord was a great big fat tub of lard who only welcomed his chums and had a f8ck you attitude to the rest of us. now that my gripe has been aired i must say that the daft old tosser has gone and two charming ladies have taken his place, they looked after the ales in such a painstaking way and with such good effect that I wasmost impressedindeed. This pub usually boasts the entire range of Harvey's beers.Keenly priced excellent food complements a wonderful offering of ales! An unhesitating 10/10!

6 Mar 2010 19:51

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

A wonderful pub situated very near the large duck pond in one of the south east's nicest villages. the pub resembles a dickensian shop. On entering it has bare wooden board flooring, the bar has an array of Dark Star ales plus several guest ales and three ciders, all of which are in tip top condition. If i have to quibble ( you know I will) the pub was REALLY busy two functions, the one I was part of and another. Due to the congestion the staff got a bit above their station rather brusquely telling drinkers to mind out of the way etc. This is a fine pub but a lesson in common courtesy would not go amiss!

6 Mar 2010 19:45

Half and Half, Croydon

The "Guest" ale was Golden Gate last weekend with Six Hop Ale to come on soon 6.5%.

1 Mar 2010 16:18

The Cricketers, Croydon

A fantastic range of ales today! Many on only due to customer requests,Hophead, Winter Meltdown Wolf's Remus ( they must do a Romulus) I'm sure most will get the obvious connection, Harvey's B.B.iIchen Russian Winter and Homecoming.So far this pub has only received two awards this is unbelievable! I bet it gets more! Fully booked is the outing to Dark Star Brewery to enjoy their legendary hospitality.If you decide to eat here be warned the portions are very big indeed.

28 Feb 2010 16:50

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

This is a nice PUB friendly stuff and good service and a good pint of youngs. This is one of the better pubs in croydon i have found so far ???? What kind of STUFF . Freebies??? Is the STUFF inanimate,so how if so can it be friendly? Yours sincerely, super confused!

25 Feb 2010 07:44

The Dukes Head, Croydon

Just about to reopen as a Cactus Jack, a southern red neck stle "dukes of hazzard" rubbish reportedly with women dancing on the bar! Not very hygenic for ale methinks! My interest is very limited but I did notice a brand new pump with a London Pride clip, more Pride in Croydon - two cheers! I will not be found any nearer than the Half'n Half ( 1 minute north).

20 Feb 2010 12:08

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

I took my eighteen year old son here for a meal and to show him pub etiquette before going to university later this year . pubs it must be said are not his kind of thing. We sat upstairs and studied the menu,after a few minutes iwent to go to the bar to order and WALLOP ! A fight breaks out,my son then said ! "Does this happen in pubs all the time?" I actually have seen something similar only once in the last decade. Looking back I wish that I had taken a little more trouble and not opted for a two mile drive to this ultra chavvy hole.I saw the funny side but at least this will stop number one son from dying an alcoholic!On the way home I was treated to his views on the lack of policing, the lower classes ,macro economic theory and his intention on becoming Prime Minister( no one else for the job according to him) of closing all pubs with immeadiate effect.So stay away unless you are intent on fifteen three minute rounds with a builder who is violently drunk and overly keen on exposing his back crack for the world's delectation( or otherwise).0/10

20 Feb 2010 08:40

Half and Half, Croydon

I went to a meeting last night in the "Funky Den" that's downstairs to the uninitiated. The ales available were Hophead and Winter Meltdown both were in excellent condition.Temperature wise the ales were exactly as they should be. A very busy bar last night and deservedly so.

16 Feb 2010 12:07

Half and Half, Croydon

I went to a meeting last night in the "Funky Den" that's downstairs to the uninitiated. The ales available were Hophead and Winter Meltdown both were in excellent condition.Temperature wise the ales were exactly as they should be. A very busy bar last night and deservedly so.

16 Feb 2010 12:07

The George, Croydon

The list below was available today, plus Holden's Golden Glow ( a fabulous golden honey ale). The guvnor is climbing Mount Etna in May for the 'spoons charity C.L.I.C.hoping to raise 5,000 , already one thousand has been raised. Bye the bye, Etna is actually an active volcano!

13 Feb 2010 17:37

The George, Croydon

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA
Oakham JHB
Oakham Bishops Farewell
Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted
Orkney Red McGregor
Inveralmond Ossian
Exmoor Beast
Will feature ( and others) in the George next week according to an e-mail from the local CAMRA branch.Eleven pence change out of two quid per pint purchased.The first and last ales mentioned are very stong so treat with due caution! TWG -that was a truly great review, it makes a wonderful change to read such a balanced report.

5 Feb 2010 15:55

The Cricketers, Croydon

This pub has a Mini Beer Festival starting on Thursday. The local CAMRA Branch will award this pub the pub of the Season for Winter, this award is clearly deserved as the ales and food are normally tip top and if a roaring log fire is your thing then look no further as they have.. wait for it... THREE ! Pub games and banter proliferate.

31 Jan 2010 16:33

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Thanks Grovetown, that came from a local Camra committee member.Sometimes pubs do an inhouse festival and I feel that it is a bit cheeky to say the least.

21 Jan 2010 16:05

The Royal Standard, Croydon

The "Festival" I have been told will ONLY feature Fuller's ales, the one that sold out featued ales from across the u.K. So I will make a point of not going to hear John Keeling again!

20 Jan 2010 16:37

Half and Half, Croydon

With all due respect even in my wildest imaginings I do not see how the Half can be classified as a PUB !!! It is the epitome of a BAR!! Even down to the muzzak,schmaltzy jazzy kind of stuff that never ends.

3 Jan 2010 17:38

The Green Dragon, Croydon

As always a lovely pint in nice company.A truly festive atmosphere in Croydon's best pub.The staff worked hard whilst everyone else enjoyed the season.

23 Dec 2009 17:55

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

Greene King brew a wonderful beer called Abbot Reserve only the one mind.The Huxley had the beer on today, it has a reputation that it is very hard for even for the most inept of pubs to screw up,this was no exception a truly great drop of beer.

22 Dec 2009 16:00

The Cricketers, Croydon

Harvey's Xmas ale 8.1% is on now,gravity dispense. Avoid at all cost.Far too b****Y strong! Hic !

20 Dec 2009 16:46

Half and Half, Croydon

APA is now on. Job done KODL !

20 Dec 2009 16:37

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Hmmmm Alph River mentioned that he was mightilly impressed with the W.W. So like a good little soldier I thought that I should try the stuff again! Lo and behold it was vastly improved.A rather expensive ale for the area but well worth the effort. I cannot get used to the spick'n span new look of the Dog.

9 Dec 2009 16:11

Half and Half, Croydon

Festive is not only on, it is top hole! 5 for 1 offer starts in January.After Xmas saunter along to this place instead of sticking in the town centre , well worth the exertion of a few burdensome calories.

5 Dec 2009 18:43

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

A very worthwhile visit today, three ales from Dark Star. the Hophead was on supreme form1 as our xmas treat a beer from Tyrell is due.Otherwise everything is exactly as it was, after all that is what you'd expect from such a timecapsule of a pub as this. It really does have overtones of " The Iceman Cometh".

3 Dec 2009 19:55

Half and Half, Croydon

Yep ! I popped in had a pint and asked but the staff were clueless, still a mystery offer! Anyone trying to decipher this might like to read the current London drinker.

3 Dec 2009 19:47

The Cricketers, Croydon

Strangeest visit to a pub in nearly 40 years ! A good first pint followed by a frothy pint that tasted of dishwater , inexplicable!

3 Dec 2009 16:55

The Varsity Bar, University Of Surrey

I visited the campus yesterday and thought it would be a little on the rude side not to take a saunter to the bar.The campus is quite large which meant a fair old was pouring and giant puddle jumping is now a new sport for 2012! on my eventual arrival ( I found the place as the sports fields are a giveaway) I found a typical Uni Bar but with the added attraction of an obvious devotion to real ale. The ales were from Tring,Springhead and Oakleaf,the stokers Stout being the pick. I am marking this as a club as you cannot expect the pub type atmosphere. 8/10

3 Dec 2009 07:50

Half and Half, Croydon

Another handpump for a guest ale( non Dark Star) is due soon.There is a buy five get one free (BFGOF) , perhaps KODL would be kind enough to explain the t and c's on the offer.It is astounding how far this place has come in ten months. The seating is mainly very low, some comfortable seating without requiring the skills of a professional limbo dancer would be good.Sadly many real ale devotees have failed to discover this place,when i've taken one or two here they are always suitably impressed.Exceptionally clean throughout.Hopefully a real cider and a beer festival will materialise in the future, a festival would bring in those stragglers who are yet to visit.The Half has a lot of potential .

30 Nov 2009 11:39

Half and Half, Croydon

Pubsignman,the Belgian beer tastings DO continue at something like monthly intervals , for a token amount ten beers are sampled plus snacks the tasting is tutored by a knowledgeable expert not by a publican who is clueless as has recently happened in another Croydon pub.The Dark Star ales are the cheapest available in the locality by a considerable margin.10/10 and still going forward.

25 Nov 2009 08:35

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

It is a case of good news and not so good news.W.W. is now on. Slerpy has been a devote of the stuff for thirty -six years.On my first try this does not seem to be a vintage crop! A rather powdery taste accompanied a rather sweet red dark ale, the effect was of a fairly low alcohol ale. Oh well ! there is always next year, unless this was a rogue offering!

18 Nov 2009 16:59

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Winter Warmer should make a belated appearance next week.Sadly the season for this fantastic ale is being restricted even further! Last year nearby Free Houses made the unforgivable error of stocking it! It just has to be tried in a tied house!The price will be outlandish but sometimes the price has to be paid.Last year it was really great, I will report next week , fear and trepidation are my watchwords.In passing this traditionally busy pub was rather sparsely populated,without being too judgmental ( sorry guvnor not a pun) it is very different from the wonderful working man's Ale House of my teenage years (be kind do NOT ask).

15 Nov 2009 17:08

Half and Half, Croydon

Crikey! I managed to log in! Well! I did tour of the very best hostelries that Croydon has to offer today and the half came out tops.The second string ale was Winter Meltdown which had not been on very long, It was superb without a doubt! One or two drinkers have yet to stretch their legs this far south, the execise and ales are a worth it! 10/10.

15 Nov 2009 16:57

The George, Croydon

Thanks Colonelflay, I do not think that we are miles apart concerning this pub, the service is not everything that I would particularly wish for either but I honestly thought that you were a little over the top.Busy pubs have stressed staff. For a 'spoons in Croydon it does what it says on the tin with the quality of the ales being exceptional.The gentle sarcasm was meant to make a point but obviously struck an unintended cord.Hopefully the management will read this and act.You can always message me as many B.I.T.E members do rather than post as I think that users have now got a fair idea as to what to expect when they visit the George.A year ago the place was shambolic and is improving but not perfection......yet.

12 Nov 2009 16:07

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The upcoming beer festival has a wonderful list of ales and ciders, Thomas Sykes( a festival favourite) from Burton Bridge at 10% , Orange Wheat from Green Jack and many others far to numerous to mention ( also my diminished memory due to over indulgence). Today's beer menu included Hophead, APA, Anastasia Stout Ascot, etc.

7 Nov 2009 19:14

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Addendum , Stonecoat is one of those annoying one time posters !!!!

5 Nov 2009 17:30

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Stonecoat, yes I did ,I was one of the fortunate ones who turned up on thursday whilst there was still ales available the rest of the WEEK long festival, well, actually lasting a day and a half!!! There was only ONE cloudy beer, namely Pale Rider! Complete waste of time.

5 Nov 2009 17:29

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Beer Festival starting on the 12th of November 2009.It will last four days ( or as is more probable until the ale ceases to flow) .I'm sounding like Alph River,decent length of rope anyone?

5 Nov 2009 10:56

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Cricketers have a beer festival starting on the 5th November for four days. Several great ales, including Brother Rabbit Thornbridge, APA and Hophead from Dark Star, Cotleigh Nutcracker and Harvey's old.

4 Nov 2009 14:04

The George, Croydon

This is obviously a silly campaign as the George have not sold London Pride for several eons!!!! Mind you i have quite fancied myself with big mammaries for sometime.

2 Nov 2009 07:41

The George, Croydon

The username " bacardiandcoke" tells everyone what we have here.I have never been in a wethersponns(sic) .Illiterate garbage.The simple truth is that the George is in the Good Beer Guide , and the Ship of Fools is not. I'm just surprised that this neanderthal cretin has dragged his knuckles along the ground from deepest West Croydon to a decent pub.

28 Oct 2009 10:21

Half and Half, Croydon

Kodl, Over the Moon is a mild.Traditional dark mild ale, fully hopped and very quaffable.

22 Oct 2009 13:39

The George, Croydon

I know that it is a weird phenomena but Hudge, POPULAR pubs where people really want to drink do tend to be crowded.Personally I go to a pub for a decent range of ales served in perfect condition.Those two criteria are met at the George, if the barmaid gives a little smile that to me is an extra.As far as the ale that your beer knowledge failed to decipher correctly , I imagine that you were reffering to Thornbridge Hall Jaipur I.P.A., i'm sorry that it was not to your taste, perhaps you were not to the taste of the barmaids in the George!I digress, the aforementioned Jaipur won gold or silver at the first seventeen beer festivals that it appeared at. I tried a pint today and thought that it was absolute perfection! It might not be your taste though, you mentioned the porter stout as being to your taste that comes from O'Hanlon's Brewery and has many fans, though it is exceptional of its type it is not to my personal taste. A funny thing real ale everyone has a preference! If and when you venture in grab the manager or an assistant and complain about the staff and ale range they do, after all welcome suggestions, anything else would be trolling!

21 Oct 2009 16:59

The Ship, Croydon

Spiritandmixer, I'll forego a visit to the Ship if they are pouring back the spent ale into the Bank's Bitter, the effect on my system would be catastrophic, ..erm you could say i'd prefer to remain anally retentive than risking a visit.

16 Oct 2009 11:41

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Croydon's top pub once again hits the high notes, with several excellent ales from Celt Experience , Dark Island etc.Hophead is now a permanency.the Dark Star Ocktoberfest ( very Germanic clip) was in fine form. A beer festival is in the offing for November.Chilli is a stupid 1.99 !!!

15 Oct 2009 17:00

The George, Croydon

Colonelflay, welcome to B.I.T.E. it is wonderful to have a NEW contributor on board, your FIRST post is very thoughtful.I look forward to your future posts with eager anticipation.If of course there are any.The point that perhaps you did not touch on was the QUALITY of the real ale which is dear to my heart, i'd appreciated an apraisal of the standards that you encountered here.I have come across really poor service in 'spoons pubs but my luck has held as far as the George is concerned so far.Perhaps you will find a utopian pub somewhere that we can all enjoy, personally I can't wait!

9 Oct 2009 10:13

The Cricketers, Croydon

Apparently ALL real ales are now 2-00 Momday to Friday between 10A.M. and5 P.M.( to fans of Biggles that would be 17 :00 hours).The Golden Sands from Southport Brewery is outrageously good.Hobgoblin from Wytchwood is on currently.

4 Oct 2009 11:07

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

It is very sad to have to write such a negative review as this one but here goes............. the main problem here is that the beer tasted very strongly of cleaning fluid, I was in the company of a coach party of drinkers some with more drinking years behind them than i've actually lived ,our party also included a very long serving landlord who has a pub that wins awards for his ales and his pub is a G.B.G. regular.We tried all three ales on the optomistic belief that they might not all be total cr*p! Not one beer was even close to drinkable, this was the only duff pub of the day.I await accusations of trolling etc.Trust me I would have had greater joy encountering a superb pint ,alas it was not to be.

28 Sep 2009 19:37

The Hope, Carshalton

This was our last port of call on Saturday after a strenuous days drinking.The Hope never disappoints with three offerings from Dark Star and a wonderful ale from King's Brewery ( jmb???).This is a very traditional pub that has been reinvigorated by Sussanha and the local CAMRA branch.If you are ever within travelling distance it is an absolute must.Outside there is a more than adequate car park and a surprisingly spacious garden.This pub has a soporific effect on me as it is so cosy.

27 Sep 2009 18:32

Woodies, New Malden

This apparently is the only converted pavilion that is now a pub. The barmaid yesterday was of Eastern European origin and had about as much charm as an unfed boa constrictor, i'm never overly impressed by women wearing stomach revealing tops and the aforementioned stomach wobbling all over the place as they waddle around.Seven beers were available, four were the typical ubiquitous regional stuff. Every ale was a darkish malty beer, it was like Ashes to Ashes 1973 and golden ales have not been invented as of yet.Well, I had an Ascot -" off the rails" it was drinkable without being enjoyable.The outside seating area is the big draw here with at least an acre of well tended sports field to look at.A Mini Cooper car rally was obviously taking place.The place is an absolute shrine of sporting memrobilia which would take roughly a month to a shrine it is somewhat dusty cough cough! if I saw the recapturing of the Ashes here it would be dear to my heart as it is in John's, that in my case is the Tiger Inn in Bridport- not easily forgotten !

27 Sep 2009 18:12

The Bat and Ball, Boundstone

The Bat'nBall is hard to get to, it is by road found after traversing an unmade private road.By foot it is found on a footpath off Sandrock Hill.Cricket bits'n pieces adorn the walls( no surprise there then). Six beers of no particular distinction grace the bar. The ales were good but without any claim to greatness. This pub is clean and functional but without that vital spark that distinguishes a truly great pub from the merely ordinary.As the lunchtime wore on a few families showed up bustling around searching for high chairs and settling their brood for the epic trials and tribulations of feeding time!A pleasant sunlit walk along the riverside path took me to the Sandrock........

26 Sep 2009 20:25

The Sandrock, Boundstone

Seven ales on today all from the south- east.All were in very good condition. the pub is in the publican finals for both food and ale, not rally a great surprise. I make a point of visiting here every two years or so. do not misunderstand me but this wonderful pub once had Andy Bojack as manager and customers like the late British gentleman actor Gerald Flood . I would walk into the pub and be welcomed warmly by all and every pump would boast a pumpclip proclaiming an impossibly rare Black Country ale, many have gone ( Simpkiss, Wem and Davenports), some still exist ( Holdens ,Bathams)but for a young real ale enthusiast this was heaven on earth,so i'm not being curmudgeonly or overly nostalgic when I rate this pub as an eight.

26 Sep 2009 20:12

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Crick have put there Hophead on stillage and are charging 2-00 a pint! This is due to a number of factors such as higher anticipated volume and less wastage as this beer is always very frothy.hophead from the barrel is an absolute revelation.Southport Breweries Golden Sands will be on hopefully next week.

23 Sep 2009 14:48

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

I was told that this place was improving so being a glass half full type I took a chance and popped in for a sneaky one on the premise that I was out shopping at Sainsburys.A generous Half of an Itchen Valley ale was poured out in a pint glass, this was meant to be a pint, on tasting the stuff I was sorry that I troubled them for the top up! "Anything to replace it sir?" Was the response on the beer being thrown back."Yes, i'd love a coffee" was my reply. the coffee was wonderful.My score was zero , no change there then.

20 Sep 2009 17:33

The George, Croydon

I visited yesterday, it has quite frankly taken all day to recover! The range of ales was utterly superb! O'hanlons Poter stout, a Twickenham ale or two, Oakham Mompesson's Gold, Jaipur Thornbridge Hall 5.9%. As I was leaving ( well oiled) in pops Imbiber,so a few more Jaipurs went down the hatch! Beware treat Jaipur with maximum respect! The hair of the dog has not worked! On the 1st of October a brewer from Twickenham will hold a chat withQ's 'n A's( start time 5p.m.) ales will be 1.69 , Some of the aforementioned beers will be on. If you attend and keep the till receipt and go to the other three meet the brewer evenings planned in Croydon a t-shirt is yours buckshee! Now how good is that! The other featured brewers are Pilgrim, Weltons and Hog's Back.Slerpy is going but will avoid Jaipur with an iron will ( I think).

20 Sep 2009 17:16

The Crown and Pepper, Croydon

I walked passed yesterday and saw a notice proclaiming" Under New management" . The pub has been closed for a revamp and did look ultra clean yesterday. The grand opening( how grand I don't know) took place at 4:30 Yesterday.We will soon see if there is life after death.I wish the new incumbents well , thet need all the help they can get.Not only has the place become a notorious cess pit, it is also stuck between two of the best pubs in Croydon!

10 Sep 2009 12:47

Half and Half, Croydon

The Half recently won the CAMRA pub of the season award for Summer'09. Anyone wishing to view this prestigous award should venture no further than the gents urinals where it hangs in pride of place.I suppose the females can view it by prior arrangement.

9 Sep 2009 20:16

The George, Croydon

G.B.G. fell through my letter box on Friday. Congratulations to the George on being selected for the first time in a decade.the improvement has been astonishing, yes at busy times there is a wait but at 1.89 for ale to die for I for one a happy to wait my turn.On the !st of October there is a "Meet the Brewer Evening" .Which brewer I hear you cry, Twickenham is the answer. Ooh! Kick off is at 5p.m.

6 Sep 2009 16:49

The Royal Standard, Croydon

the world is FULL of surprises. the Standard has a beer festival coming up in October expect the full range of Fullers beers with a few guests from their list. not a lot to get excited about.

6 Sep 2009 16:44

Half and Half, Croydon

The ales have been excellent recently. A truly great addition to Croydon's growing list of real ale outlets. They always stock Hophead and another D.S. ale.The service is quick and friendly. The oversized glasses are always full to the brim.

3 Sep 2009 14:18

The Hope and Anchor, Bridport

This pub has a clearly false rating it is being artificially boosted. Dark forces are at work 7.5 my ars*!

31 Aug 2009 21:27

The Ropemakers, Bridport

Somerfield has been gentrified it is now a Waitrose, you will not find a Somerfield in bridport!

31 Aug 2009 21:25

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Bridport

Very clean and tidy. Fantastic Palmers usually I do NOT rate Palmers but this year is a vintage year ( that is if I can use a pompous word like vintage ).The newish management have branched out into hot food, it is very cheap and worth trying. There is no listing for the Tiger It is located in barrack street , walk out of the Nelson cross the road and it is in the street opposite on the right. the tiger has everything a great garden Sky Sportsand five great real ales to choose from.

31 Aug 2009 21:24

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

A fantastic real ale pub, lovely garden.Every year two beer festivals are held in May and August, around seventy beers are available.The snag is it very hard to reach without a tough train journey ( from london) and a lengthy walk.The food is actually HOME cooked( a lot of pub claim to produce home cooked food but clearly do not, the price reflects this but is well worth it.The guvnorKen is a long standing CAMRA member who became a publican. The range and quality of his beers shines through.A utopian pub in all respects.

31 Aug 2009 08:44

The William Henry, Weymouth

Strategically placed in a wonderful spot ,in the shadow of George the Third ( or turd as the local wags seem to prefer). I visited at 9:30 on a recent Saturday morning , not i hasten to add for a beer!My seventeen Y.O. son was suffering starvation pangs after the two and a half hour journey.The pub was packed to the rafters mainly with breakfasters.The service was incredibly slow, the staff comprised of a few teenagers who were totally unintrested in serving, I waited for fifty minutes before enquiring as to the E.T.A .of our meal, we were told that it would be another fifteen minutes, being a patient soul I waited another twenty five minutes before making a further enquiry and then had a further ten minutes to wait!!! The upshot being that it had the merit of saving me a lunch as our breakfast bacame lunch! Highly avoidable. I did not try the beer and i am unlikely to do so in the future.

30 Aug 2009 18:39

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

Slightly , only slightly disapointed with this place. the long serving couple who lifted this to perfection have gone. no problems yet but the "see your face" in the tables is not the same. Beer wise Palmers is on top form, the best for possibly thirty years.The pub is now open all hours god sends and food is availablea virtually all times.I am crossing my fingers on this place, it is/was one of the top three in Dorset , a county that is truly blessed when it comes to pubs and according to my sore feet very big hills.

26 Aug 2009 17:50

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

This summer the Standard served the best pint in Lyme, the back garden backs on to the beach.Palmers is actually rather good this year!

24 Aug 2009 21:12

The George Hotel, Bridport

The George has an air of neglect about it.Last week the barperson was very quick toserve and she was exceptionally polite, the beer was i'm afraid mediocre.this pub probably survives as it is at the hub of the two main streets in Bridport.Having mentioned the streets in Briddy it soon occurs to a visitor how straight and very long the streets are, the reason for this is that the main industry was rope making ( it had to be twined and stretched), rope was called when used to hang someone a "Bridport dagger" oooooh! Gory stuff!

24 Aug 2009 19:42

The Woodman Inn, Bridport

Four real ales, two at two pounds a pint. All four were malty dark beers about 4.2% . This does not give the customer much choice. This pub is exceptionally long and thin. A pleasant garden at the rear and chairs and tables on the pavement.

24 Aug 2009 14:41

The Woodman Inn, Bridport

Four real ales, two at two pounds a pint. All four were malty dark beers about 4.2% . This does not give the customer much choice. This pub is exceptionally long and thin. A pleasant garden at the rear and chairs and tables on the pavement.

24 Aug 2009 14:41

The Woodman Inn, Bridport

Four real ales, two at two pounds a pint. All four were malty dark beers about 4.2% . This does not give the customer much choice. This pub is exceptionally long and thin. A pleasant garden at the rear and chairs and tables on the pavement.

24 Aug 2009 14:41

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

A delight for real ale drinkers and probably others. the raddle is an alehouse with an ever changing beer menu, the empthasis is on west Country ales but on my visit Goose eye Barm Pot was the next ale on.The Blue Raddle is a shep marking so the walls are festooned with sheep information, six photo frames list every sheep type in the u.k. Some I must admit are so ugly it would take a mother to love 'em.The toilets are a bit weird you enter you are greeted by a booming voice belonging to John Cleese or Tony Hancock giving one of their famous comedy sketches T.H.... "A pint that's an armful!" this is loud enough to wake the dead, I imagine that the unwary might quite easily piss down their trouser leg! The beer is excellent, I had a pint of Piddle ( no, not that it is a locale Brewery!)

23 Aug 2009 17:55

The Royal Portland Arms, Portland

A strange place, firstly this is clearly the best pub on Portland, the range of real ales that HAVE been on is clear testimony to that. Sadly ( yes , they did apologise) only one beer was available. fortunately the beer was Yeovil's Summerset which is truly great! The pub itself is a weird, you do not know wether they are just moving in or just about to move out, it looks like an unpacked jumble sale! Thedominatrix like female who ran the place wafted through giving the locals just enough time to tug on a forelock before confiding the fact that she was on some important mission or other.It seemed all a bit like a top hat with a label marked ten and sixpence and a daft rabbit doing aerobics.

22 Aug 2009 21:46

The Wellington Arms, Weymouth

This pub seems very clean now, it has some of thethings that make the Boot so good, it is genuinely an old fashioned pub, it does very good Ringwood beers, the service is good, it simply lacks the atmosphere that the Boot has in such abundance.friends recently visited this place gave this a rave review, I can see why but I do not connect with it - it is probably because it is over shadowed by the Boot.

22 Aug 2009 21:36

The Boot, Weymouth

Probably the best pub anywhere it is that simple. Normally anything that one rates very highly suffers on returning but not the Boot! A great welcome , this is a quiet pub but a convivial well conceived joke is well appreciated.I still cannot recover from the fact that the majority of the pub seem to be drinking Tango! No they are not..... it is the local cider but damn me it is the same colour as Tango!This is truly a pub not to be missed.Ultra clean, super service, wonderful atmosphere, top hole ale. When I visited last Wednesday Several huge fish were floating around outside roughly ten feet by six, I had not had a drink so some other explanation was required, the local children had prepared giant fish for the Carnival ( the following day) in the old town Hall opposite the Boot. The adults and children did a fantastic job.

22 Aug 2009 21:27

The Dolphin, Weymouth

I was intrigued to read on B.I.T.E. that the Dolphin had temporarily closed, therefore I feared the worst.I visited the Dolphin four times last week , not in any research capacity for you lot ! Simply because the ales were bl**dy fantastic ! ALL ales were a flat two pounds a pint, which did I must admit add to the charm of the is still a magnet for the Celtic hordes that inhabit Weymouth( they are a bit like Manchester United fans but are clearly a sub species).Slerpy realised that Celtic were playing on E.S.P.N. on Saturday and made a timely escape, as I made my way out I passed a stream of green and white wasps entering the place. the lesson being timing is everything.Free takeaway containers are avalilable- yes seriously!

22 Aug 2009 21:12

The Anchor, Seatown

On Friday I walked to this pub , the beer tasted very good indeed but after those hills lager would have hit the spot! This really is a choclate box pub with the formidable Golden Cap as a background ( all 622 feet) . This pub has a large ships anchor outside, a river flowing by and is six steps from the beach with fabulous views. The food is really good, the crab sandwich is to die for. In summary this is paradise on earth.During summer several hundred tourists descend on seatown down the narrow lanes from Chideock. During Winter the electoral role boasts seventeen voters !

22 Aug 2009 17:04

Greyhound, Bridport

What are Wetherspoons doing? Last Friday only one beer namely Ruddles best was available. The service is dire , the food inedible. Someone needs to get a grip on this place. 0/10

22 Aug 2009 16:57

The Five Bells Inn, Whitchurch Canonicorum

This pub is rather hard to find, it is located after negotiating three and a half miles of winding single track lanes with typically high hedges. On arrival ( if you do) the awkward journey is fully repaid by a delightful pub which shows no signs of change from the passing of seventy years give or take electrically dispensed lager.This village is famous for the fact that the church holdsthe bones of a saint, the only saint to be buried in Britain ( you are lucky to get that information as Slerpy was very close to nodding off when this was imparted at some length.The pub is a Palmer's tied house , at the moment their beer is going through a very good patch ! I really don't know much about religious experiences but this pub is worth the pilgrimage.

22 Aug 2009 16:55

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

This pub after a long while in the doldrums is now on the up. A few weeks ago i paid a visit and was served quickly with a FULL pint of delectable ale from EvanEvans Brewery.The locals were rather boisterous at a rather early hour.I had just visited someone in Mayday Hospital , this is a reasonable distance to walk to afterwards. I will try again soon.

11 Aug 2009 20:59

The Plough Inn, Blundeston

This pub has connections to Charles Dickens, not only was he known to have visited this pub he also had Barkis the carter in Nicholas Nickelby depart from here.The reason Dickens camehere was due to the plough's proximity to Lowestoft which is about three miles to the South.As you may well imagine the plough makes an awful lot of the Dickens link, a sign outside proclaims the Barkis information and inside the walls are festooned with picture of Dickens characters and places( too numerous to list here). Mr.Micawber, Dotheboys Hall etc. The pub has a pool table , a well presented garden and a couple of real ales, one of which was woodforde's wherry. The downside of the pub is the intense coldness of the beer, I waited over twenty minutes for mine to warm up without any luck!Even though this pub is listed in the G.B.G. I could not recommend it to a real ale enthusiast, a Dickens enthusiast possibly,so my visit was not completely wasted.

10 Aug 2009 19:24

The Fishermans Return, Winterton on Sea

This pub is an old favourite of my mine. The nearby beach is a maze of dunes where people can get lost, I had an embarrasing incident a few years ago, I did not realise that people would do that kind of thing in the dunes( oh well I digress). A truly great flint knapped pub, the service is a tad slow, the resteraunt extension is called "Tinho" it is quite upmarket know with a patioetc. Years ago it was just an old tin hut.Norfolk Square Stilletto was on when I visited, a very nice beer, a humpty dumpty ale was also on.

7 Aug 2009 20:00

The Fishermans Return, Winterton on Sea

This pub is an old favourite of my mine. The nearby beach is a maze of dunes where people can get lost, I had an embarrasing incident a few years ago, I did not realise that people would do that kind of thing in the dunes( oh well I digress). A truly great flint knapped pub, the service is a tad slow, the resteraunt extension is called "Tinho" it is quite upmarket know with a patioetc. Years ago it was just an old tin hut.Norfolk Square Stilletto was on when I visited, a very nice beer, a humpty dumpty ale was also on.

7 Aug 2009 20:00

The St. John's Head, Great Yarmouth

Situated on North Bank this is a very friendly pub with a strong real ale following, within a minute or so of entering the locals involved me in their banter. The service was really good.With all this good cheer I spotted a rather unusual item, it was a meter that took twenty pence piecesand provided five minutes heating for the smoking shed outside.I discreetly said to the locals how odd I found this! The reply was in unequivocal unison that the landlord prides himself on ( their words) his skinflint reputation. The ales were lovely, a few guest beers from breweries such as Humpty Dumpty and Iceni.

7 Aug 2009 15:45

Half and Half, Croydon

Near perfect Dark Star ales at the cheapest price , what more could one ask? The atmosphere is really relaxing. Croydon and Sutton CAMRA use this venue for their committee meetings , good judgement!

5 Aug 2009 19:07

Gallon Pot, Great Yarmouth

Two real ales, a slightly defeated air pervades the place.the service was very polite. The ale I had was Wherry but NOT in great nick.I was struck by the average ordinariness of the place. The only strange event was that the barmaid reached the door about the same moment as i did and so i stood aside for her to go first, her reaction was complete shock, manners must be very rare here abouts!

1 Aug 2009 20:30

Red Herring, Great Yarmouth

A sharply unfriendly feel at this pub, it was my second visit( I made a swift visit a few years ago).The ales were fine but made a quick exit.

1 Aug 2009 20:26

Mariners Tavern, Great Yarmouth

This is easily the best real ale pub in Great Yarmouth, six beers at least in top notch order.The service was friendly and care was taken in topping up my pint.A cosy library feel to this pub that was very relaxing, I had several pubs to do and as this was my first i had to shake off a desire to curl up and stay ( very tempting).Later on after a pint in the John's Head I passed by and the barman was having a fag , he enquired if I needed directions and went out of his way to guide me to my next pub, whilst this was happening the landlady joined in the conversation and was a real delight, I cannot wait to revisit!

1 Aug 2009 20:23

The Green Dragon, Bungay

I have been here several times in the past.A very spartan boozer but none the worse for that. The Chaucer ale 3.7 % was supreme, the service was ever so friendly. The clientele were a bunch of old moaners( but not to bad).The shelves were rather bare which worried me as to the pubs future( a lack of stock is never healthy).Several Green Dragon statues (some fire breathing some not) festooned an upper shelf.Bridge Street and Gold were the other ales available on my visit.

1 Aug 2009 20:17

Artichoke, Bungay

It is just too easy to rate this pub a ten, it is CAMRA's Norfolk pub of the year. It is run by two CAMRA members who show a real dedication to this pub, when they took it over it was in a poor state , now the place is thriving. Two ales at 2-00 a pint, a choice of eight beers which are carefuly selected.The pub is ultra clean. The cellar can be viewed through a window. Four beers on handpumpthe others are brought across from the cellar/taproom.Unmissable!

1 Aug 2009 20:10

The Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft

A very good pub it seems to be wood everywhere. The beers on my three visits were a bit variable.The service is a bit haphazard.

31 Jul 2009 17:22

Norman Warrior, Lowestoft

This pub is on an estate ,Slerpy entered with a certain foreboding but that was soon forgotten when the guvnor welcomed me with genuine cheeriness, he soon realised that I was enthusiastic about real ales and we had a pleasant chat. in August this pub has a beer festival ( my glass was embossed with an advert for last years event). A community local , very clean and has recieved a CAMRA award for the best pub in N.E. Suffolk . If you are within a couple of hundred miles try it, I would be proud to call this my local inspite of the loud creeky guest beer pump.

31 Jul 2009 17:20

The New Entertainer, Gorleston

I instantly fell deeply in love with this pub. It is shaped like an ocean liner( Geldeston is a small port).They have seven real ales at weekends and about five on during the midweek period.I tried Swallowtail fromHumpty Dumpty Brewery and congratulated myself on an excellent choice. I had a long chat with the guvnor who has undertaken extensive research of the pubs chequered history.The pub is a 1950's timewarp, only a large television and extractor fan intrude.I spent far to long in here, time has no meaning, it is so comfy and soporific that I had to drag myself away ( any remake of the Iceman Cometh would do well to use the place).The regulars were almost drinking Real Ale to a man, the guvnor admitted that at least half of his trade was Real Ale.Look out for Lacon Brewery signs ( windows, brickwork etc) the rounded end of the pub advertises Woodfordes, Iceni and many other brewers.totally unique in every way.10/10 at least!

31 Jul 2009 17:13

Locks Inn, Geldeston

A truly great pub, the main whitewashed older part of the pub does not have any electicity but a generator does provide electric for the annexe when bands play.How do i review such a fantastic pub . well, guttering candles provide the only lighting in the pub "proper", the pub is owned ( seemingly0 by the Green Jack Brewery from Lowestoft tho' the pub does guest beers from other breweries most notably Oakham ( the two breweries have some kind of pact). The pub itself is very small and is hard to locate and is often in accessible by motorised vehicle ( flooding),the customers are mainly walkers and canal boat users.the service is top hole. Usually six beers are available from Green Jack plus a guest.This pub just has to be visited to be believed.

31 Jul 2009 17:01

The Cricketers, Croydon

Jaipur on stillage , slerpy is going on holiday- woe is me!

23 Jul 2009 18:40

The Cricketers, Croydon

Yes - Alph I found out yesterday, I did NOT get the date wrong -Ray changed it at the last minute.

13 Jul 2009 08:32

The St Pirans Inn, Holywell Bay

In all honesty this is now a resteraunt, the beer is FAR TOO cold !! This will never be a GBG entry . lovely location .

12 Jul 2009 17:31

The St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre, St Austell

Wow ! Five quid for a CAMRA member, seven quid for others. A fantastic brewery tour followed by samplings and a pint of your choice! The visitor centre is free of charge and so is the pub! For anyone visitinG Cornwall and wants a standby for a rainy day look no further.. Ask about the wonderful Columbian lady, a rather nice lady indeed !!!!!

12 Jul 2009 17:28

The Star Inn, Crowlas

The home brewed beer was quite nice. The Potion number nine was easily the pick of the beers. I took a container and the landlord was very put out by this,I suggested that I did not want to trouble him ( the pub was deserted).He suddenly swept into action in order to fill my container ! The laid back attitude was reminiscent of a Welsh Sunday- " Oh my goodness we could not possibly sell you that boyo ! " Four seconds later - Hmm.... but i will!

12 Jul 2009 17:22

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

Beer is fairly decent , the service is rather not bothered. Any reasonable enquiry is seen as an imposition.It is one of those pubs where the guvnor thinks that he is more important than the pub itself.I am really not keen to look at a fat bast*rd who thinks he is god's gift to the pub trade.

12 Jul 2009 17:14

Treguth Inn, Holywell Bay

Splendid thatched pub the beer quality is o.k. It caters for locals and holidaymakers in equal measure. An outside small barn has a few entertainment things for kids.Slerpy suggested this one ( and it isn't in Croydon !).

29 Jun 2009 11:36

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Cricketers have a Beer Festival starting on the 16th of July until the 21st of July . The festival is themed as North .v. South.The beer list that I have seen is very promising, the Crick will invite you to vote for the beer of you preference and will come to a conclusion as to wether North or South produces the best beer!

25 Jun 2009 17:18

The Cricketers, Croydon

Jaipur will be a regular gueat about once a month, Ray will order at least 3x9's as it flew out the door in record time.Please remember it is 5.9% and is obviously NOT to be disrespected.I took a 4pt. container away and was very happy.^O^ ^O^ ^O^.

22 Jun 2009 16:55

The Cricketers, Croydon

The Jaipur hit top form today, Alph River eulogised about it!Ray has scored a major coup, Jaipur returns in four weeks time, it is the Cricks fastest ever selling beer!The other beers (as if anyone cares !) were Icarus (Blindmans) Mandrill ( Brass Monkey) Hophead ( Dark Star) Harveys BB. A mild from Burton Bridge.Their cider had just gone.

21 Jun 2009 16:47

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Maldenman, this pub used to have dark Star beers on regularly but several times this year they have not been available this is possibly as they are so widely available in the locality. The Half'n Half sells loads of Hophead and should have two more pumps ( for more D.S. beers) delivered this week. The Cricketers(Shirley Road) has Hophead and a D.S. guest,The Claret usually has a or two. The Hope Carshalton always has Hophead and often a guest.The Trafalgar (tram in20 minutes) always has Hophead and often another.Soon two other freehouses in the nearby vicinity will stock Dark Star beers.So I suppose the Dragon wants to remain true to its alternative ethos and looking at that list is offering a lot more choice to Croydon, certainly a real cider is unusual to the town centre.9/10

21 Jun 2009 08:00

The Cricketers, Croydon

Ahhh ! Lovely Jaipur ,probably Britain's greatest beer, the only problem is ,is its quaffability! I'll be sober tomorrow.

20 Jun 2009 19:47

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Hophead today was in excellent form. the summer Ale from Hornbeam was a real revelation. Don seems to be around more often which is good news.The menu extended to a cheese roll, possibly made today.

20 Jun 2009 19:34

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The Dog'n Bull has had a makeover, everything is shiny ,slightly 70's disco style fake leather, with an untouched feel, to be honest I felt as if I shouldn't sit down encase I untidied the place! Thirty -six years ago when I used this place as an under aged drinker there was sawdust on the floor ( don't ask!) and its appeal was the lived in look.Please bring back the lived in look, the present look has the conotations of a Harlem pimps dive bar, this is Surrey Street and it really does NOT fit with our market traders who have been grafting selling spuds etc.Wells& Youngs PLEASE get a grip you should be running community locals this property speculation lark has turned your heads.

20 Jun 2009 16:35

The George, West Bay

I've visited this pub every year for about seventeen years, I have always felt that this is a pub where things could kick off at any minute.Quite often twenty or more motorcycles adorn the forecourt, at weekend a cruise takes place with a discreet police presence. The pub has some erm... well oiled patrons who are a tad noisy.To be frank a very swift half prior to climbing the steep hills suffices for me.

19 Jun 2009 22:05

The Ropemakers, Bridport

Near to Somerfield. A fairly ordinary pub, the ale is a tad worse than GBG standard.A pool table.Slightly faded air about the place.If a grockle enters heads tend to turn but all is well if you smile and participate.

19 Jun 2009 21:57

The Pymore Inn, Bridport

The management has recently changed. A difficult pub to find.

19 Jun 2009 21:54

The Woodman Inn, Bridport

Lovely small freehouse, very deep possibly a former wooden skittle alley.Many pubs in these parts retain a skittle alley. The nearest pub to Palmers brewery, the pub does not sell Palmers beers! Sometimes esoteric beers such as Sherborne appear. Very hospitable ,packed on Saturdays when the market outside is in full flow ,there is also a midweek market.large portions of reasonably priced food are a feature.if you fancy a crawl leave here and visit the Nelson hotel and the Tiger, three very good pubs in a five minute walk.

19 Jun 2009 21:50

The Cricketers, Croydon

I joined Ray and his "very merry men" for the breakfast club yesterday. Thornbridge Jaipur is on today and Saturday, he has 2x9's so get a move on! I am prepared to be proven wrong ( wife's speciality) but believe that this is the first time this multi award winning beer has been served in a pub in South London.Knock down Slerpy time! Ohhh! Remember that it is 5.9%.

19 Jun 2009 13:36

The George, Charmouth

This is the seasiders pub , prams, babies crying and hectic, a garden full of kiddies entertainments like swings , table football etc. If you are a member of the grumpy party the Royal Oak further up the hill would be a better choice but this caters for a lot of families who are hot and bothered with kids who are sunburnt and hungry.

16 Jun 2009 16:59

The Cricketers, Croydon

A beer festival will take place in July,fear not ,Ray has a state of the art cooling system which is used on the stillaged beers.I've seen the list of beers and there will be a mix of golden and dark ales.More info shortly.

15 Jun 2009 12:52

Half and Half, Croydon

Sample a few Belgian beers- 15-00 .

13 Jun 2009 11:15

Horse & Farrier, Carlisle

This is NOT a review. According to the morning Advertiser this is the first pub to be bought by TESCO, they are denying that they wish to enter the pub market but then they would wouldn't they.Clubcard points with every pint, there's a thought!

10 Jun 2009 14:33

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The Claret receives the P.O.T.Y. award tonight, from the Croydon & Sutton branch of CAMRA.Not quite the place it was in truth.

9 Jun 2009 15:09

Yates's, Croydon

This is not a review as such. Just a heads up that this Yates and indeed EVERY Yates pub are selling Birthday beer ( 'tis their 125th) for 1.25.It is from Wells &Youngs.This will last for the whole of June, as there is a recession/credity crunchy/downturny thingummy bob I thought that "Biters" ( well,one or two do seem to have sharp teeth) might want a half price slurp.I thank yoooo.....( Arthur Askey).

9 Jun 2009 11:09

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

You have to laugh, the Friday that the Dog 'n Bull reopened. The manager was on leave...odd, the stand in manager was not the relief manager, he was the relief for the relief.The way Wells&Youngs treat this flagship boozer is disgusting, I really fear that it wil become part of the Dabner's empire "Europe's biggest petshop".

8 Jun 2009 15:11

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

visited this pub after the Battersea beer festival, it had everything that I could wish for MINUS the warm welcome ! The landlord seemed a little smug and far too important to offer any kind of welcome, compare this to let's say the Bricklayers in Putney where Becky is always very welcoming and then the difference in customer service is obvious. Sadly zero out of ten. I must admit that this was my experience, Trainman has disagreed , I will give it another try. My ONE existing parent seemed safe and sound in Shirley,Surrey about half an hour ago but obviously Arctral is an omnipotent being who clearly know all, all hail the Arctral ! Arctral only seems to post on a small area of S.W. London, I will send you some bus fare to get out a bit more.Lastly on my visit to the Eagle the beer was o.k. without hitting any high notes roughly 3 on the N.B.S. scoring system.

7 Jun 2009 16:34

Half and Half, Croydon

The Hophead was very cold and a tad cloudy today.

6 Jun 2009 16:55

The Barley Mow, Tandridge

I stopped here as the halfway point between Godstone and well.. erm Godstone ! Twas a circular walk.The service was a tad slow, the beers were indeed Badger. now for the good points, the beer could not be better kept. A happy FOUR hours between 3pm and 7pm, Mon-Fri.During that time all beers and many other drinks are 2.20! A typical Good Pub Guide style pub. olde worlde, loads of mock tudor beams, ancient looking teak like wooden chairs. A fabulous garden, which is something of a suntrap. The barman was the best i've encountered for many a year, full of good manners and helpfulness.One very nice touch was the wonderful glasses,they had a picture of the dorset coast and proclaimed "Beers from Dorset".Well worth a visit.

4 Jun 2009 16:42

The Green Dragon, Croydon

A lovely pint of Summer Meltdown from Dark Star today,the stem ginger was exactly the same as last year which is a wonderful testimony to Dark Star's recipes.

2 Jun 2009 17:23

The Cricketers, Croydon

Happy birthday Ray ! A mere youngster ! Different size takeaway containers, 4 pints 8 pints and a very durable 10 litre container for hire. huge discount on takeouts.Superb Hophead, HPA Wye Valley, Harveys, Dorking Mild, Brass Monkey and Old Rosie cider.

31 May 2009 17:30

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

I went to Croydon yesterday and was greeted by Bananaman ( stall holder) by bl**dy pub's shut innit! This meant the Dog'n Bull without much doubt, upon further enquiry Slerpy elucidated that it was for refurbishment purposes. Bananaman then told me that Lesley the guvnor had left . Later in the day i was told that the Dog was due to re-open today. As I went by two workmen ( a rather loose term i'm afraid to say) were painting the outside wall with a blurb probably extolling the inner delights to be had.I'm srarting to think that the Dog should have a revolving door just for managers!

29 May 2009 19:09

The Boot, Weymouth

I'm really looking forward to my August holiday in the area.The Boot is up there with the Vine Pamphill and the S&Q Worth Matravers.Probably better for service and comfort, I'm starting to come around to the idea of buying a bungalow within walking distance as I feel this is the pub that I want to drift into imbecility and dribbling down my shirt in, I must purchase a gnarled old stick and perhaps polish up my grumpiness ready for my dotage.At least I will be comforted by the fact that I sup in Britain's best boozer !

25 May 2009 16:54

The Hope, Carshalton

Wonderful pub a delight in every way. Hophead, Brewsters Kiyo ( might not be the word, I might have drank a little too much of this), Alton Moondance and a Wolf mild. The pub was busy getting ready for the first anniversary of Susanna's presence, hopefully many more years of her stewardship will follow.

23 May 2009 20:07

Half and Half, Croydon

Should have read two, drinking and typing obviously don't mix !

22 May 2009 21:55

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

Today is the start of the Beer Festival with usually a fine selection of ales.Numerically over 40!

22 May 2009 15:10

Half and Half, Croydon

More news - I have been told that there will be to more pumps installed in June. All praise to these guys they don't do things by halves!

21 May 2009 10:55

Half and Half, Croydon

Belgian beer fanatics ! 15 tasting sessions with expert guidance 28th May and 25th June 2009. 7:30 pm. until 9:30 pm.a light snack is included in the price.

19 May 2009 18:38

The Rose and Crown, Croydon

It looks like this pub will re- open shortly with SIX handpumps, three ales from Dark Star. the imagined timescale would see the doors open before the end of June.It is pre contract at the moment so it is possible it might not happen but it is odds on at this stage.It will be in very capable hands.As the project progresses I will update.

17 May 2009 20:23

The Kelly Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Oldcortina, Sorry I hope I am not having a pedantic moment but cheap gold is that not an oxymoron? It was $933 an ounce on Friday !

17 May 2009 20:12

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Things are coming together now. Don the Cheam guvnor is in charge fairly regularly, the wide ranging beer choice is being upheld, Quench from Crouch Vale was on last week it was virtually the first brew as Beermad has only just reported that such a beer exists ! The Hophead was a brand new barrel today and as you would expect in top order.Four ciders are available at all times.

16 May 2009 17:13

The Ship, Croydon

Millay's Croydon reviews are superb. The only one that I very slightly disagree with is the Ship. I understand that it has some way to go but at least a baby is being passed around rather than appearing on the menu ! The real ale was totally undrinkable a year ago and is now good, the range has been extended. A casual outsider would not see the changes but this pub has transformed itself,yes some way to go but now in Physio rather than on the critical list.Whilst not the only genuine pub in town certainly "beer barns" predominate.The Ship is now sailing in the right direction and has found a compass.Whoever nicked the figure head please return it as it added character.

14 May 2009 19:31

The George, Croydon

Every 'spoons started a new menu today, as you would expect the George is NO exception, one major difference is that the 2.99 value range has 14 dishes after due consideration ther are one or two that I might eat. Ale wise Caledonian XPA was a real delight, Bateman's XXXB was its usual fantastic self. Wickwar, Springhead,St.Peters and several more were available. The George surpasses ones expectation of a 'spoons.

14 May 2009 18:18

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

I visited this pub after the Battersea beer festival, it had everything that I could wish for MINUS the warm welcome ! The landlord seemed a little smug and far too important to offer any kind of welcome, compare this to let's say the Bricklayers in Putney where Becky is always very welcoming and then the difference in customer service is obvious. Sadly zero out of ten.

14 May 2009 17:24

The Rose and Crown, Halstead

I visited the Rose & Crown today, the first time for quite a few years. Six ales in total, the pick was the Newby Wyke Red Squall. The service was exceptional, the food was cheap home cooked and plentiful. The regulars were friendly.The pub comprises of three differing bars, the busy right hand bar with several tables, a middle bar for locals wishing to read and the Pool Bar. The pub was much cleaner than under the previous owners.sadly the weather was quite horrid and i could not venture into the well maintained garden , though I spied a few nice children's playground apparatus.A real village local festooned with posters for village events making this a pub that Prince Charles would see as a "hub" in other words clearly the focus of village life.In summation an object lesson in exactly how to run a pub and give drinkers exactly what THEY want.A 10/10 seems a little mean.

13 May 2009 18:02

The Royal Standard, Croydon

London Pride at 95 pence on Wednesday 13th of April. Lagers at 1.25.

11 May 2009 18:43

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Rumour has it that the Traf doesn't open until 3p.m. Monday through to Thursday. I know that the Traf is not in fear of closure so if this is true why take what looks like such a retrograde step? As a lunch time drinker I am unhappy( if it's true).

8 May 2009 19:26

The Dolphin, Plymouth

I visited the Dolphin last year when I took my son to the National Aquarium ( very close by) the service was top notch, they only served Bass but i have to say in best possible condition. the pub itself is a bit like the Dog'nBull in Croydon without the benefeit of the Mr. Sheen.In other words as basic as it could possibly be , the word spartan springs readily to mind.Sadly there are now to few pubs like this and far to many "beer barns ". The drunks were surprisingly friendly as well !

6 May 2009 17:22

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

I visited the Rock on Saturday with a coach party, the general feeling was that "Mine Host" lacked that certain something, in all fairness possibly he thought that perhaps one or two of our esteemed company also lacked the plummy vowel sounds that bray loudly around these parts.A wonderful pub which is a tied Larkins house. Beer wise the traditional was very good, Platinum Blonde exceptional and the Best was fruity and the absolute pick of the three ales. Home made (art and craft) Handpumps caught the eye.Ring the Bull is available to play, don't worry the poor creature died a long time ago and the RSPCA need not investigate.The outside is half tile hung and though the building is smaller than my house the tiles are identical to chez Slerpy a real twilight zone moment for me.The garden is exceedingly small, I could do the lawn with shears ! All in all a delightfully twee pub, a living time capsule.

4 May 2009 15:22

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Marsh Green

Our coach was refused an early entry to the Royal Oak in Crockham hill so I suggested the Wheatsheaf as an alternative. I have known the guvnor Neil for nigh thirty years, it was nice to see that he was keeping well. Six damn fine beers on pump, Knots of May ( Harvey's Mild) and the Roosters got the vote as being unsurpassably excellent. Brian the funniest barman in Britain has sadly left and has had serious health problems.

3 May 2009 19:00

The Old Eden, Edenbridge

Our coach trip landed up here yesterday and i was most bemused. This pub is not worth a visit if I was caught short i would find somewhere better to pss in ! The beer was fairly good and was nearly a saving grace.

3 May 2009 18:55

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

afullpint, yep , an honest review , this pub is badly over rated. The service is a BIG problem. The location is its biggest draw. Thank you for your complete honesty.

3 May 2009 18:52

Queens Arms, Edenbridge

Only one or two pubs left like this in the South of England. Firstly, the pub is untouched since victorian times, the pub has remained in the same family for three very long generations. elsie the current owner is in her eighties and though not particularly enjoying the best of health she is more than happy to show any unruly customers where the door is! our coach party recieved wonderful hospitality, the pub opened early and wave after wave of sausage rolls appeared as if by magic. Most of the party were keen CAMRA members but one or two lager drinkers came along, sadly elsie has NEVER served lager and the mere mention of "That noo fangled stuff " is enough to earn a life time ban, which having known the lady for thirty plus years will extend to any off spring that you may have.An experience that should NOT be missed. It is very hard to get to without some form of transport.I must just add that it tickled me pink to watch the lager drinkers standing outside with their hands deeply in their pockets whilst we enjoyed Elsie's beery offerings( unconfined joy ! ). 10/10 PLUS !

3 May 2009 18:17

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Well to answer your latest critisism, something that you are very good at ! When John Rann ran the Claret the beer was usually in superb nick. due to family illness sadly john will not be back this has created an hiatus in the normally smooth running of the place, for awhile the ale has not ,quite frankly been up to the mark. more recently things have steeped up again, lets face it the place is a beer only outlet as I have mentioned before. As to wether I choose to submit thirty posts or three thousand it is really non of your business, if the administation staff on B.I.T.E. feel that I have posted too frequently I am assured that they would indeed let me know ! One other factual error that you have made was to suggest that the Claret was a potential POTy when what i actually stated was that the Claret has WON the Croydon and Sutton CAMRA POTY.

29 Apr 2009 16:20

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Blackpropaganda,I did not vote for the claret as POTY ,I am just relating the fact that it won. Seriously NOT my choice ! As I am already retired it would be difficult to retire twice. I hope I did not use any sesquipedalian words that would confuse you.

29 Apr 2009 08:30

Half and Half, Croydon

The Half'n Half have placed an advert in the next copy of London Drinker, i have been given to understand that the advert will contain a 20 % off offer for card carrying CAMRA members at ALL times. So.... that's Hophead at 2.16.Currently Hophead is 2.70 Fri-Sun.

28 Apr 2009 16:01

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

2009 winner of Croydon and Sutton pub of the Year. Now The Claret goes forward to the London POTY finals.

27 Apr 2009 12:07

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

I meant season not summer... d'oh !

17 Apr 2009 19:23

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

I just cannot get along with the Dark Star beer Saison ( french for summer) it is a cloudy(delibrately so) wheat beer i adore everything they brew but however much i try i cannot like this beer. it sounds a bit like Sarson's ( no it was not vinegary ) ! Don from the Cheam pub is looking after the beers at the moment.

17 Apr 2009 14:08

Greyhound, Bridport

This is a 'spoons house, i've been in quite a few ( a shame faced addmission ) . This is easily the worst ever, the service is delibrately slow the staff are the most demotivated i've ever seen. They actually take pride when a customer gives up and leaves . I have waited ages upon ages to get served just so the staff have to serve me. My son insisted on eating in here a little while ago and boy did he learn a lesson ! The food was cold , the portions miniscule.0/10

8 Apr 2009 17:22

King Charles Tavern, Bridport

A tiny back street boozer , a longish march from the town centre, the natives/lanlord are friendly. They have one regular beer and an out of area guest. Throughout the West Country pubs tend to source their beers from the area. A couple of tables outside, the ale is in good nick, but it has no really outstanding features. Hidden behind the busy road to Beaminster.

8 Apr 2009 17:16

The George Inn, Chideock

The A35 bang outsie makes access and egrss to and from very difficult, this puts me off venturing in more than I do. A solid pub if uninspiring, a bit tooo easy to find in summer so it is often full of other tourists ! I tend to frequent the out of the way pubs in darkest Darzet.

8 Apr 2009 17:11

The Anchor, Seatown

This pub has appeared on the cover of many publications, rightly so. When I stay at eype( at least annually) the best way to get here is over the cliffs an undulating walk if ever there was one ! This is one of Britain's best pubs, beer, food, service , clientele, view and ambience make this a must if you like pubs.not too pricey nowadays.

8 Apr 2009 17:07

The Hope, Carshalton

Mini fest starting on Good Friday for two days.

8 Apr 2009 17:02

The George, Croydon

April guest beers have arrived ! Holden's Special was on yesterday. Oakham White Dwarf ,Thrappledouser, Otter, Brewsters and Woodfordes Admiral ale to follow.

5 Apr 2009 19:13

The Hope, Carshalton

Trainman, I'd love a tenner on this to recieve more awards in the next couple of years ! A true phoenix from the ashes job if ever there was one, I understand that it WAS Carshalton's only non real ale pub! I get the feeling there is even more to come . As the rating is so low i'll go for an equalising 10/10.

4 Apr 2009 11:40

Milan Bar, Croydon

I posted regarding this pub in November,. It has had a really boring range of real ales since.The cheap prices are an attraction but it is soooo dingy I might as well be in one of those rather forlorn tunnels created by Dr. Beeching !

30 Mar 2009 18:29

Crown, Shirley

Real ale is very much improved, Morrisey-Fox blonde, Harveys, Mordue Etc.8/10 Ale from1.99- 2.40

27 Mar 2009 21:57

The George, Croydon

The beer festival is coming up on the 15th Aproil- 4th May. Ales will be 1.69 a pint . the good news is that the beer list ( this time around ) looks very good !

27 Mar 2009 16:40

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The Dog 'n Bull are organising a community street party in June, Surrey Street will be closed for this event. stalls will be available to various organisations. the landlady has got off to a running start.

27 Mar 2009 16:37

The Hare and Hounds, Waytown

Idyllic country pub ,not easy for a tourist to find or even to negotiate the narrow lanes but well worth the effort. My boy spent hours contentedly playing in the garden,. It had an ariel ride and a small menagerie. Both food'n beer were wonderful on my visit last year.

26 Mar 2009 22:08

The Ship, Croydon

The ale served seems to be from the Marston's range which is prolific. Ringwoods , Jennings Banks. Ringwoods 49er is one of my all time favourite beers and the Ship keep it in the best possible condition. Probably The Ship is the best pub in Croydon for quality at the moment.The Ship is the cleanest it has ever been it used to be a bit dirty.The new upstairs function room will boost trade no end.9/10

26 Mar 2009 13:25

Half and Half, Croydon

The Hophead is getting better all the time. They will stock London Drinker magazine alongside Wired in future. Getting busier every time I go in.

26 Mar 2009 08:34

The Fox and Hounds, Carshalton

This pub is hilarious ! The Dante's Inferno version of a 'spoons ! The staff are so disaffected one expects a mutiny to break out. An object lesson in how NOT to run a pub. Other than the Hope Carshalton pubs lack any of the basic requirements of a decent boozer.

26 Mar 2009 08:31

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

The service is DOG slow in summer you have NO CHANCE of a second pint ALWAYS moving on to the next pub is the only option. More time warp than serious boozer.Choccy box tack!

24 Mar 2009 11:39

The Hope, Carshalton

John the Jester, How strange that you should so coincidentally happen to be on the premises when the local branch dispense such a worthy award ! Next you will say that you were not drinking !

23 Mar 2009 16:20

The Cricketers, Croydon

Today the Crick excelled itself. Several great beers on including Brass Monkey Brewery Mandrill 4.2 % A spanking new Brewery ( it's not often monkey and spanking can be fitted into a review !) ! Other beers included Hophead and A.P.A. from Dark Star, Harvey's BB and Summer Lightning from Hop Back.A new Cask Ale club is about to be formed please ask Ray about it, discounts and other features make this a wonderfully innovative idea.

22 Mar 2009 08:29

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Believe it or not but beer prices have gone up in the dog ! amazing for a pub that was already one of the more expensive places in Croydon. As a young drinker I respected both Youngs and Fullers for a decent well priced pint, how things change. With the global economy in deflationary mode this is NOT a step in the right direction.

17 Mar 2009 11:42

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

It tends to shut when folk want a drink the service is at S L O W W W Darzet pace I.E. tomorrow will be fast enough, if you wondered why Darzet folk are thought of as slow lazy lumps then come here ! Seriously NOT worth the gruelling walk up the hill.The beer is normally cr*p as they try to keep six pumps going instead of the two that trade warrants.

16 Mar 2009 19:50

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

Nothing really grabs you about this place it is functional slightly dishevelled in a Dorset kind of way.I pop in for a quick one but would never want another as Lyme has other boozers that are better.

16 Mar 2009 19:44

The Angel Inn, Lyme Regis

Twenty years ago this was a REAL gem of a pub, the decline has been gathering pace over the years. It is off the main thoroughfare and is easily missed. to exacerbate its problems it closes at 2:30 just as people leave the beach and fancy a pint ! A decent guvnor would make a fortune running this place properly but I feel that is now to late to turn this place around.

16 Mar 2009 19:42

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

Nicely situated on the harbour (cobb) watch the French Leiutenants Woman to see how scenic the position is.Everything else works well without ever being better than good.

16 Mar 2009 19:38

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

The service is a very bad joke, the beer is like muddy effluent, it tries to theme itself as an oirish blarney bar, the toilets should be reported under hygiene regulations, the locals try to block the bar. in essence an unfunny Fawlty Towers kind of place.Very grim ! Probably the GBG 's biggest EVER mistake and I've drank in a few ! Any SERIOUS publican would laugh themselves silly at this nightmare of place !

16 Mar 2009 19:35

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Hal Davies, Every word of your review is eloquent and perfectly true, however the Claret have subsequenly put some of the beers that had been at room temperature into the cellar and tasted like tepid chicken soup. i do admit to being a tad fussy over beer quality but i feel justified as at the end of the day we do pay for the stuff ! If my BMW was to conk out regularly I would be equally unhappy and complaining.End of rant !

16 Mar 2009 17:29

The Royal Standard, Upwey

Reading the reviews I was left to wonder over Drunken Ducks assertion that he found a mere cat ! Was it just a bog standard tabby or a Meeerkat a member of the mongoose family ? This pub as you will gather is ANYTHING BUT a chain pub, if Wetherspoons , Slug@n Lettuces or Yates's are your thing you will not like this, but if you like well kept beer in quirky surroundings with half a zoo and an eccentric lanlord this is the place to be. Take care if you are a stranger as the Weymouth- Dorchester road outside is very busy during the summer months and four miles can take literally hours ! I say VIVA the real pub !

16 Mar 2009 09:12

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Firstly , Many barrels of festival beer were left in the bar at about 72 degrees farenheit, virtually every regular ( a knowledgable crowd drink here) were complaining about this and avoiding the overly warm beer . John the guvnor was called away due to serious parental ill health, the owners I am reliably told have taken the dimmest of dim views of this. the assistant Manager (recently appointed) happily admits that he knows absolutely zip about real ale. John is 68 years old and obviously well past retirement age, the owners are octogenarians. it really does not require a tremendous leap of ones imagination to picture a for sale board perched above the front door lintel, twenty -five years ago this place was called Jesters Wine Bar as you can well imagine a very nasty feeling of deja vu went through my mind ! I really could not bring myself to post this over the weekend as the Claret and the Cricketers are the only pubs in the area where you can obtain a really good pint of ale. let's hope that when the dust settles that it is a smooth landing and not one of the bumpy variety.

13 Mar 2009 08:25

The Boot, Weymouth

I cannot add to the reviews below except to say that the Boot is near damn perfect, the atmosphere is just superb. the first time i visited i looked at the orange concoction that the majority were drinking and thought 2blimey the beer must be pi$$ poor there all on tango ! " lo and behold it was the weirdly coloured cider ! D'oh ! A real gem of a pub.The head barman is a sheer delight, a gentleman the type of which I am afraid they no longer make.his salutations and care for detail and comfort astound me.

12 Mar 2009 17:23

Half and Half, Croydon

Karel (the joint owner ) is drinking the Hophead and loves it ! Always a good thing when that is the case,everything about the Half is improving rapidly. I'm really shocked at the amount of Hophead that is being sold, great beer at a great price is an unbeatable formula ! 9 and a half /10.

12 Mar 2009 10:51

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

A bit of bad news here, dave has moved on, it worries me that the beer quality might plummet. they are selling some superb regular guest beers ( NO NOT BOMBARDIER ! ) like Deuchars.

12 Mar 2009 10:47

Saints and Sinners, Croydon

Exceptionally clean and most welcoming pub, the landlady gives according to the regulars a consistently warm welcome.Far to many publicans treat the pub- goer as someone in desperate need,. iI have stopped going to any pub that thinks it can do without trade.

11 Mar 2009 18:24

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

The best way to sum up the Cat is to say that It is a bit "odd " to develop the theme somewhat the attitude is best thought of as sort of take us as you find us. On a good day yeah I can live with it , on a bad day it is REALLY irritating.

11 Mar 2009 18:16

The Cricketers, Croydon

Ray is running a beer festival from the 7th April through until the 10th. it will have a "light 'n Dark " theme, if it is half as good as the January one it will be spectacular.

9 Mar 2009 12:51

The George, Croydon

I noticed that the price of guest beers here is down to 1.79 ! I can only think that this is in EVERY 'spoons. the Oakham JHB was to die for ! The Ossian was v.good, White Star Titanic is turning up over the next weekend.

9 Mar 2009 12:48

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

I quickly popped in to the Claret today, my worst fears are coming to fruition, the rumours do not bode well for the future. Hopefully when the smoke clears things may turn out better than anticipated. The events of Thursday were merely a prelude.

7 Mar 2009 22:04

The Goose on the Market, Croydon

The cheapest pint in Croydon. The problem is it is just another "beer barn" of which there are too many in Central Croydon.7/10.Any pub trying to keep DOWN prices is good, not far away the beer can be as much as 3.05 !!!!!!Any pub charging 3-00 + deserves to go out of business !

6 Mar 2009 21:36

The George, Croydon

The Oakham JHB is the best pint in Croydon for both price and quality. A shame more customers who have previously given up on this place don't return and see the massive improvement.9/10 the other mark is pending.

6 Mar 2009 21:28

Half and Half, Croydon

An engineer came out on Tuesday to alter the temperature in the cellar, the Hophead whilst magnificent was a tad cold. The owners seem very keen on their first foray into real ale, if the sales continue to rocket they are looking forward to installing further handpumps. At this level of quality and price the Half'n Half is heaven sent.10/10 my flabber is ghasted !

6 Mar 2009 21:22

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The Scottish beer festival is a bit of a damp squib ! The beer on stillage in the pub is at 72 degrees and sweltering, if you HAVE to go have a beer from the cellar.

6 Mar 2009 14:12

Blackboys Inn, Blackboys

I have not been here for a couple of years but this to me is a very fine traditional pub. difficult to think of twenty better pubs in all the thousands that i have drank in.

6 Mar 2009 14:09

The Coach and Horses, Danehill

This pub is very close to being my best pub ever. Sitting outside in the large garden watching the sheep graze as the hours whizz by is one of lifes great joys. Entertainment for children, superb food. i used to visit harvey's brewery regularly for a polypin and this was always my first port of call returning home. My son when he was small just could not wait to get here.

6 Mar 2009 14:07

The Cat Inn, West Hoathly

Hard to find for a non local. the Cat has always had an undefinable great ambience, a restful pub completely gimmickless, great service and great beer. Very unlike the Sqare and compasses Worth Matravers which goes out of its way to impress upon customers an i don't need you hostility.

6 Mar 2009 14:02

The Hope and Anchor, Bridport

A tad on the dirty side the owners don't give a fcuk and the beer quality is p*ss poor.To get a mark of 7.5 their friends and relations are voting.

6 Mar 2009 13:36

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

I look forward to drinking in here in August, i can't wait ! I hope the new tenants are polishing the place !

4 Mar 2009 19:40

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

i have a soft spot for this pub, it suffers from too many tourists in summer ( like me !) it does a good job real ale decent food quickly served , and on the beach.

4 Mar 2009 19:35

The Alliance, South Norwood

Gunner1, i hope your wrong, when i lived in Norwood this was always a convivial pubby pub, as in not a central Croydon big beer barn.mind you the stench of nicotine was unbelievable, as a non smoker I must have inhaled eighty fags a day!

4 Mar 2009 19:30

Tiger Tiger, Croydon

The Tiger now serves Real Ale to a very high standard. Normally three ales available at 'spoons prices.If one of the other Croydon pubs is not on form I am happy to have a pint in here, a tad dark for my liking, it must be those energy saving light bulbs that the sun gives away, about ten watts methinks.

3 Mar 2009 19:01

The Five Bells, Chailey

One of the fiorst pubs that i ever drank in ! fremlins I believe. T'was a Charrington house.

3 Mar 2009 18:53

The Open Arms, Chillington

A smashing little boozer a tad dated but the beer is spot on and varied.I was welcomed with....... you guessed it !

2 Mar 2009 16:37

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

The tourist pub next to the big car park, tip top all the same.

2 Mar 2009 16:34

The Blue Peter, Polperro

The reviews have this superb pub bang to rights, my mate lives in Polperro and the temptation to stay at his in the summer is too strong, he writes for a living so I usually go to the Peter on my jack of a lunchtime whilst he scribbles.They give away Blue peter badges ! The seagulls here have a bloody good aim!

2 Mar 2009 16:32

The St Pirans Inn, Holywell Bay

This pub is virtually on the beach, and WHAT a beach ! A great pub that is deservedly busy in summer a cracking guvnor fronm Nottingham.I'm staying next door in July(planning to spend my time here and on the beach)

2 Mar 2009 16:27

The Peter Tavy Inn, Peter Tavy

I LOVE this pub, Blackawton beers from Saltash are a big attraction.Very relaxing, the food is expensive , the situation nestling in to Dartmoor superb, after a stiff walk just the thing.loads of well picked guest ales.

2 Mar 2009 16:24

The Trout and Tipple, Tavistock

I,ve been in a few times over the years, it shouts real Ale boozer with its multitude of beer mats9 similar to the Claret freehouse addiscombe ) but the beers are anything off of the cheap list and drinkable without being super ,smashing, great.the food is lacklustre. If i lived in tavvy i suppose it is the pick of a poor bunch.

2 Mar 2009 16:20

Towan Blystra, Newquay

A superb 'spoons, full of a younger set of surfers. The Towan has an open airy feel to it and tends to have a variety of local cornish micro brewery beers, I will not get down here again until early July.

2 Mar 2009 08:09

The Rake, London Bridge

Normally i'd say the Market Porter but as Melissa Cole uses this one it sways things in the Rake's favour.

28 Feb 2009 11:21

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

I believe they have recently won the West Dorset pub of the year again. the Dinosaur museum a few steps away is really good for the kids, in a town bristling with good not do the military KEEP unless very fit, stairs 'n more stairs !

28 Feb 2009 08:37

White Hart, Hopton on Sea

I've booked a holiday at the nearby Potter's , can anyone post the real Ales that the white hart serves . Many Thanks.

25 Feb 2009 16:45

Half and Half, Croydon

I forgot to mention that the Hophead is served in Lined (oversize) Dark Star glasses and for the price of a smile the young Polish barperson happily tops it up to the gunnels ! The toilets can now be approached without any fear of catching a horrible infectious disease, in fact they are now quite swish ( the mens anyway ). All bar snacks are 20% off from Monday through to Thursday.

25 Feb 2009 14:57

The Skylark, Croydon

I know of the promotion a month in advance as all local CAMRA members have been notified, the Festival starts on Thursday to Sunday this week.I will try to resist the temptation to work for 'spoons however enticing ! The wages would not pay for the upkeep of my car or the school fees!

24 Feb 2009 11:47

Half and Half, Croydon

Now selling Dark Star Hophead at 2.16 in excellent condition. A VERY cosy bar! A bit to easy to nod off in here ! Hophead is obtainable in many outlets locally, in the Beer Circus days it was rare.

23 Feb 2009 14:48

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

A few years ago i was a regular, this pub is an institution( of the best kind ).

22 Feb 2009 19:08

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Alongside the Cricketers, five minutes walk away Addiscombe has the best two real ale pubs in the borough. The Dark Star Hophead is far more regularly available in the Claret, but other top rate breweries beers appear at intervals, Dorking, Twickenham , Beachy Head, Ascot, Surrey Hills,Bushy's,Crouch Vale, I could go on the list is endless ! The company is always warm and welcoming, everything one looks for in the perfect pub.

22 Feb 2009 16:49

The Green Dragon, Croydon

the Dragon had lots of new ales on today, a breath of fresh air ! The inventiveness of the beer menu is only exceeded by the wonderful choices on the scrumptious food menu ! My rating for this pub has lifted to 7/10.

21 Feb 2009 18:24

The Cricketers, Croydon

the Cricketers have started a special offer on takeaway real ale, any beer is only 2-00 a pint. they sell special ( pressure release valve ) reusable containers at 2-00 a go !This is very handy when you are having a B-B-Q or simply wish to avoid drinking and driving ! The response so far has far exceeded the guvnor's expectations.Apparently we have another beer Festival to look forward to in early April, the last one was nothing but sensational !

18 Feb 2009 17:16

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Sorry , apologies all round, on my pilgrimage to the Dog today I noticed that it is 3.50 for a two pint takeaway container of ordinaire and four quid for anything else 9 two pints in a hopper).Takeaway beer is catching on as the Cricketers in Addiscombe is offering a four pint container with a special pressure valve FULL to the gunnels for only 8.00 , the special container is 2-00 but can be used ad infenitum.

18 Feb 2009 17:09

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The Dog'n Bull is selling take away beers in hoppers, the price of two pints of ordinary bitter is 3.75 a much cheaper price than the 2.55 a pint normally charged. Other pubs are catching on to the take away trend.

16 Feb 2009 10:18

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I hadn't been inside the falcon for a very long time, yesterday on my way to the battersea beer Festival i spotted a Sambrook's wandle ale pumpclip. the beer was nothing special but the Italian couple ( licensees ? ) were doing their utmost under a welter of real ale 'erm fanatics. eight beers to choose from such as Cropton Brewery american. A very aged interior which I would assume is listed ? the toilets though had the same charm as the Dog'n Bull in Croydon ( please don't ask!). very 'appy.

12 Feb 2009 16:20

The Green Dragon, Croydon

The best pub in a VERY competetive area.the Dragon had every handpump on yesterday , during the bad weather other pubs are not utilising every pump. The quality of the ale was nothing short of magnificent.The latest food offer is sausage'n mash with peas for 1.99 ! A 6.5% beer from Dark Star is sitting in the cellar (six hop). When pub crawling around Croydon it is a question of which others to include as the Dragon is always a must do.After the demise of the beloved Beer Circus this is the pub Real Ale drinkers in Croydon so badly needed, it has more than filled the gap and then some !

5 Feb 2009 11:21

Crown, Shirley

The food here is cheap and plentiful, the real ale lacks imagination and is very average.My aged mother likes it so her keeness is tempered by my ambivalance. It does what it says on the tin, without any sign or desire for bells and whistles.6/10

1 Feb 2009 17:09

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Several very good beers on last night including a wonderful choice of Dark Star ales. As usual a 10/10.

1 Feb 2009 17:06

The George, Croydon

Dark Star to feature more regularly. Customers can now vote for the beer of their choice !

31 Jan 2009 10:48

The Skylark, Croydon

At the end of February a beer Fest. Will be held 1.49 a pint, 99p for CAMRA card holders.The pub has improved of late.

29 Jan 2009 20:38

The Evening Star, Brighton

Better each visit erm... can I give 11/10 ? please!

29 Jan 2009 20:36

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

A beer Festival starts on the 5th of February iIam told it will be 1.49 for guest beers, 99p for card carrying CAMRA members.( it should last four days ).

22 Jan 2009 17:46

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The food is really good., I tried one of the daily specials the other day and i can only conclude that this pub is turning around very quickly.

22 Jan 2009 17:43

The Cricketers, Croydon

Riach, You will have to wait until May for the next one, the crick will feature at least five milds on the next one.

22 Jan 2009 17:41

The Evening Star, Brighton

A truly great pub ! Many of the Dark Star beers are not getting up to Croydon so in future i will have to jump on the train every week (45 minutes) for my favourite tipples.10/10.

19 Jan 2009 16:13

The Inn On The Pond, Nutfield

2.95 ! that's expensive !!!!! Most Croydon pubs are 2.50 or below !

19 Jan 2009 16:09

The White Horse, Croydon


16 Jan 2009 21:12

The Cricketers, Croydon

I'm gonna share this, i am just back from the crick, try the Great Orme Celtica, Dorking Ruby, Hidden,Burton Bridge,Oakleaf. I could go on but suffice to say that the Festival is Real Ale heaven ! You want proof ! even the wife smiled !

15 Jan 2009 19:05

The George, Croydon

Steve is just starting to improve the George .Oakham ales are now regularly available, one of the best beers in the country! at 1.99 this could become my regular haunt. 9/10

15 Jan 2009 10:11

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

A new landlady already making a mark, the food looks very good.Whilst the W.W. is on worth a visit. 9/10.

15 Jan 2009 10:08

The Ship, Croydon

Beer quality has improved considerably, previously i had not ventured over the threshold for sometime, now worth a visit on my Croydon pub crawls.

15 Jan 2009 10:06

The Cricketers, Croydon

A Beer Festival starts here on Friday 16th January . A very good range of beers, including a few esoteric brews. Sixteen beers on at any one time.

14 Jan 2009 11:04

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

More from the LEMON PARTY !

5 Jan 2009 10:39

The Albert Tavern, South Norwood

Formerly a real ale bastion, now toppled.Clean rather clinical. the management seem to be going throufgh the motions instead of driving the pub forward. Possibly this is the effect of running a pub for G.K.

19 Dec 2008 13:04

The Albert Tavern, South Norwood

Formerly a real ale bastion, now toppled.Clean rather clinical. the management seem to be going throufgh the motions instead of driving the pub forward. Possibly this is the effect of running a pub for G.K.

19 Dec 2008 13:04

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

Simwilliams and mapwizard always travel together, both are members of the Reigate chapter of the LEMON PARTY !

19 Dec 2008 11:46

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

Very few drinkers have tried Golden Pride on draught ! The chance to try this magnificent beer will be available on Saturday ( 13 th )! The London Porter has to expire first !Serious drinkers will make a beeline for this greatly under estimated pub.

10 Dec 2008 16:31

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Poor service ,poor beer, a real disaster of a pub.

8 Dec 2008 19:16

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Great Summer lightning on Saturday! The G.F.B. was pretty hot too ! Priced at 2.60 and 2.30 respectively.

8 Dec 2008 19:14

Tiger Tiger, Croydon

Tony Harrison's experience is most strange, the majority of Croydon's pubs are busy throwing punters in !

4 Dec 2008 18:35

The Cricketers, Croydon

When the reaL ALE IS SOOOO GOOD IN CROYDON why go to Reigate to meet Mapwizard and the sycophantic biker and williams ? Reigate has not had a GBG entry for many a year and remains a real ale desert.

30 Nov 2008 19:17

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

beerlover 666, I would tend to see your point but having met the guvnor of the Glamorgan I would have perhaps gone for corpulent instead of corporate !

30 Nov 2008 19:13

The Cricketers, Croydon

Beer supper, I can readily assure you that this Pub Of The Year 2007 is going from strengh to strengh, I post regularly on here ( too regular if Alph River is any kind of judge). Ray a very nice guy has had an extra handpump fitted and has a polypin of cider ( any other dispense such as through a handpump does not appeal. O.K. some kind of bandwagon is rolling but justifiably journey here is long and hard , a two mile walk to the bus stop a diversionary inspired sight seeing trip around Croydon followed by a mile walk from trinity School, the trip has become a pleasure!

28 Nov 2008 11:55

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

Golden Pride 8.4% is due on soon , only one barrel so be quick !

27 Nov 2008 17:35

Milan Bar, Croydon

Best pint of the day. Springhead's Rupert's Ruin. I must spend more time here , the beer is in really top nick and cheap!

26 Nov 2008 20:59

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The next Festival will be February. The Dorking Brewery Ruby was simply fabulous! The Princetown IPA spectacular. The range and choice are always breathtaking. As I was about to leave John shouted out " Don't leave "yet another beer was about to come on, but sadly I had my fill.

22 Nov 2008 20:22

The Glamorgan, Croydon

Having had a meal here recently I must say that this is the pick of Croydon's pubs for food ( o.k. a tad pricey), a few decent real ales as well !

21 Nov 2008 13:26

The George, Croydon

gdm, in George Street you are more likely to be hit by a tram.

21 Nov 2008 13:23

The Builders Arms, Croydon

gareth1011, was the landlady who left called Karen if that is the one she now does a great job running my local , the Crown &Sceptre (South Croydon) the Crown is a proper pub not some inner town beer barn.

21 Nov 2008 13:07

The Skylark, Croydon

I tried three third pints all seemed to be in good order, the supervisor who served me made an extra special effort, a rather wonderful experience .Perhaps I should polish up my Polish !

8 Nov 2008 19:50

Milan Bar, Croydon

I've never entered the place before but the enticement of three real ales at 1.69 was too good to miss, I chose the Titannic Last Orders it was really superb, the place itself was a bit dingy. The service was top notch.Overall a very happy visit.

8 Nov 2008 19:44

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Well, the Claret came up trumps today,great Hophead followed by Dark Star Smoke, a really great range in top condition. I do not know what the other four were but who cares !

8 Nov 2008 19:39

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Two ciders will soon be available, as I have been on a crawl it is well beyond my comprehension to remember details! But W.T.F ! Get in there and try 'em otherwise they will fade away.

6 Nov 2008 17:22

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Oh dear ! Slerpy is responsible for the last four posts oh well ! the good news is Winter Warmer is now available ( i had the first,( thank you Dave !) It was perfection ! The old ruby coloured W.W. has resurfaced! Oh la la !

6 Nov 2008 17:19

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

London Porter is now on, a great beer makes a big difference ! Upstairs is quiet and relaxing.

4 Nov 2008 16:51

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

No pub in Crodon and Sutton have EVER had a glass deposit system, the festival was reasonable but a tad overly complicated.I have Saturday's beer list and it had THREE different coloured bandings for beers! Why oh ! Why ! overcomplicate buying a beer !

28 Oct 2008 11:14

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The Palmer's offer changed slightly, yesterday John said it will be 1.20 per pint and will be available throughout the day on the 31st of October.

24 Oct 2008 15:23

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

A reasonable beer festival today but most people found it over complicated, four different coloured zones for beers with tokens for outside and cash for inside the pub, a glass rental of 2 and some beers selling out in the first hour. This was not quite a shambles but seriously close to it, for a pub of the year for London CAMRA a little on the dis appointing side .

18 Oct 2008 20:09

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Yesterday I spoke to the guvnor who with typical kindness showed me the beer list for the forthcoming beer festival ( starts next Wednesday).Many of the beers are exceptionally good, Purple Moose Snowdonia, Crouch Vale Brewer's Gold and Kelham Island Pale Rider caught my eye, thirty beers in total over two weeks.

16 Oct 2008 16:44

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

A big sorry to everyone, the Claret beer festival will NOT take place, as a replacement the Palmers ( ?) IPA will be buy one get one so 1.20 a pint ! you can always try the Green Dragon in Central croydon which has a wonderful beer list.

15 Oct 2008 18:58

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

A wonderful pint of Goddard's Ale of Wight on Sunday.

13 Oct 2008 11:38

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

On Saturday( I am told) a smallish T.V. was placed on a chair for the football which was on a terrestial channel.

13 Oct 2008 11:37

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Itchen Pure Gold was on yesterday, it was not up to the usual standard, a tad cloudy. Whitstable beers seem to feature at the mo.

13 Oct 2008 10:17

The Purley Arms, South Croydon

Well normally the Crown &Sceptre but I do not think it would be your taste as MORONS are not allowed.

12 Oct 2008 17:56

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

The last two guest beers have been Castle Rock Nottingham Ale and this weekend Goddard's Ale of Wight both of which have been excellent !

12 Oct 2008 17:54

The Skylark, Croydon

The T.V. seems to be turned off permanently,Sky Sports is no more.My visits to the Skylark will be few and far between in future.

10 Oct 2008 16:17

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

the Claret Beer festival starts on Friday the 24th of October, Surrey micro beers will be featured,

10 Oct 2008 16:14

The Purley Arms, South Croydon

Grovetown, not the type of news that anyone likes to hear but my comments were honestly meant.The outside could NOT be scruffier, this is NOT a pub that attracts my custom.

1 Oct 2008 21:05

The Greyhound, Carshalton

Yes ! Alph River our thoughts coincide, Wells and Youngs are clearly an ex -pub company and now an out and out property developer.

1 Oct 2008 17:49

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

the T.V. has disappeared, this is rather sad as it was well watched by the regulars.

30 Sep 2008 14:51

The Green Dragon, Croydon

The Green Dragon Beer Festival starts on the 22nd of October for two weeks, an unmissable event!

29 Sep 2008 19:07

The Earl of Eldon, South Croydon

I tried the Eldon on Saturday , the previous posters have got it right it is in excellent hands, I tried the Bonkers Conkers, a decent beer.

7 Sep 2008 20:09

The Green Dragon, Croydon

The range was Hophead and Equinox from Dark Star, Two beers from Westerham and two from Hog's Back on Saturday.The Real Ales I tried were perfection. this pub goes from strength to strength.10/10 at least !

7 Sep 2008 20:06

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Frank has gone, a new lady guvnor has taken his place.The beer is Soooo good in the green Dragon I cannot be asked to forefeit a great pint of Hophead for some Wells 'n' youngs rubbish.

1 Sep 2008 19:22

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Bridport

well, Ken has indeed gone, a fine landlord , he has been replaced by a younger guy called Keith. The place is perfectly spotless, the beer is unbelievably good.A real shock to see a great pub step up a notch !

30 Aug 2008 20:46

The Weatherbury, Weymouth

On my visit last week the beer was very poor, the service worse, why in tarnation is this pub an entry in the GBG ? A real mystery.

30 Aug 2008 20:42

The Boot, Weymouth

Still Dorset's BEST pub. Beer, service and ambience, this pub has it ALL in spades.

30 Aug 2008 20:40

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Last week I spent a considerable time here, the beer is top rate the jocks are sufferable and the service is very good.

30 Aug 2008 20:38

The George, Croydon

Slowly but surely Steve is working his magic , in a few weeks time this pub will be unrecognisable.The front bar has ben a disgrace for quite awhile, soon those days will be gone, my prediction is that this will reassume its position as the best pub in Croydon.8/10

16 Aug 2008 19:39

Old Surrey Hounds, Caterham

Recently I had to pop my son to his school and wait whilst he sat an exam, Morrison's soon exhausted its many charms and a visit to a pub was called for,so I visited the Surrey Hounds , the beer was good, the garden was GREAT and the food looked a picture, the service was impeccable.If this pub was a little nearer to Sanderstead it would be a major boon.a 9/10.

16 Aug 2008 19:34

The Skylark, Croydon

On my last THREE visits the beer has been very disapointing, 3/10 for the moment.

16 Aug 2008 19:26

The Crown and Pepper, Croydon

I visited this pub recently, the Adnam's bitter is 3.15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What makes them believe customers will pay that kind of money? The best cheap pint is obtainable in the Skylark('spoons) five minutes further down towards South Croydon, 1.99 and 1.59 Wednesdays.

15 Aug 2008 20:58

The Goose on the Market, Croydon

The breakfast on offer here is 1.95 and includes , one of everything a breakfast should have. Much cheaper than the local 'spoons who charge 2.59.The Dragon opposite does a BIG breakfast, it is TWO of everything and only for the mightily hungry.usually the breakfast here suits most people considering the price.

15 Aug 2008 20:54

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

CHICK, did you mean Beckhamian by any chance ? As it is not particularly near to Croydon.Croydon does not have a pub as good as the Jolly Woodman.

14 Aug 2008 12:46

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The " only" special thing about the Claret is the wide variety of Real Ales they sell every month, it is about one a day. Six ales available at any time, if you stay here two or three hours probably a pump will change. Oh ! I nearly forgot, also four ciders at all times.Real Cider is VERY hard to find in Croydon.

14 Aug 2008 12:42

The Skylark, Croydon

The beer was far to cold this weekend ,not normally a problem but this was ultra cold.

12 Aug 2008 17:25

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The entire range of Ascot Ales is due on during August,this should be enough to keep the Claret in second place on BITE ! A beer festival is due in late October.

12 Aug 2008 17:24

Victoria Cross, Thornton Heath

A gem of a pub , dirt cheap beer a nice wood pannelled interior( listed I believe). Lots of real ale is sold here. A refreshing change from the ugly big ex- bank buildings converted to pubs in Central Croydon. A bit of a stroll from Mayday Hospital.

8 Aug 2008 11:50

Coombe Lodge, Croydon

This place is all about food. my aged mother likes it ! Which probably means that it is more of a Joe Lyons than a pub.

7 Aug 2008 17:56

The Lion, Croydon

I am not a fan of the beer range here,i often visit Mayday but use the Victoria Cross instead. though if you like Hepworth's look no further !

7 Aug 2008 17:54

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Frank ( the guvnor ) has retired, a very hard act to follow, I actually thought that I would leave Croydon before him , it will be another eighteen months before I move to the seaside ( can't wait ).10/10 for now.

7 Aug 2008 17:51

Arkwrights Wheel, Croydon

This boozer suffers from Croydon Syndrome, when it opened they had decent real ale, fast service etc. They had an awful LOT of trade, this made them take their "foot off the gas", so much so that it is now a hopless "dive ". I can see other pubs in Croydon doing the same thing, customers vote with their feet.

7 Aug 2008 17:47

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

There is a secret to John's success ! He revealed this recently. ( Drum roll please ) He has discerned that beer tastes better in an 18 gal. The simple reason for this is there is more "middle" and less end.It is true as the Hophead here yesterday was much better than elsewhere.One or two people complain that they are not keen on the Claret but the atmosphere is much better since the smoking ban, I estimate that I inhaled about 40 fags a week in here and I have never bought the darn things !10/10 Can I give 12/10 bite people ?

5 Aug 2008 11:00

The George, Croydon

I know the ambiance WILL change. Though this may take a month or two.I would bet good money that this will be a GBG entry after the changes.At the moment I rate this pub a 6/10.

4 Aug 2008 16:49

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Gareth 1011, Your reviews seem a little on the kind side , i have not ventured in here for a little while, the last time I drank here it was "between trains".I had thought just about everything was sub standard.The Glamorgan is a few minutes further slightly pretentious but the Harvey's is to die for.

4 Aug 2008 16:44

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

An enthusiasts pub. Easily in London's top ten.No pretention whatsoever, it reminds me of the best pub in Croydon The Claret, in both pubs the Real Ale is centre stage.

4 Aug 2008 16:33

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

A very good setting, lots of cider. A very poor staff attitude, very expensive and low quality pasties that run out early.I am mightily pleased not to have to have this as a local.So over rated as to be farcical. For a REALLY GREAT pub try The Boot in Weymouth or The Royal Oak Charmouth , both of which are classic pubs givivg great value and attentive service.

4 Aug 2008 16:29

The British Queen, Locksbottom

Blimey ! What Reviews ! Without any pre knowledge of the place I left Farnborough Hospital urgently needing a reviving pint ( don't ask ) This pub is the nearest. An average place no sexual preference was discernable, though I wouldn't notice anyway. A reasonable pint of Harvey's Best.It failed to lift the mood.

3 Aug 2008 19:46

Bridport Arms Hotel, West Bay

Once a great pub the developers have spoilt it. Overpriced beer in not very good condition, I tend to have a pint before going up the cliff towards Seatown.

2 Aug 2008 21:33

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

A back street pub ever so well run. They have a switch as you enter the toilets that kicks in a vintage comedy clip in a very loud voice " A pint that's a bloody armful ! " Cheap food and a good selection of cheap beer.They genuinley check wether you have REALLY enjoyed your meal. Dorset's best pub for many very good reasons. 10/10

2 Aug 2008 21:30

The Castle Inn, Combe Martin

If you are prepared to meet them half way they are fine. I was welcomed like a long lost son.Great beer.

2 Aug 2008 21:25

The Pack O Cards Inn, Combe Martin

Proper Job is a St. Austell beer and very good ! Whilst I do not want to enter a row North Devon pubs are never erm quite pristine.

2 Aug 2008 21:23

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

Popped in for a meal last Friday.They had a Osset ale on as a guest at 3.00 ! It was really top hole but too expensive. The quality food is the best value in Croydon. It is very useful to have a car park as my teetotal designated driver found.N.B. I do not drink and drive as spillages are inevitable.

1 Aug 2008 14:53

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

A great pub with cheap real ale I sometimes visit on a Saturday lunchtime to hear the latest news from the SW CAMRA crowd.If this pub moved to Croydon you would need dynamite to get me out ! The Summer Lightning is formidable ! 10/10

1 Aug 2008 14:47

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

London's SECOND best pub, simply light years in front of anything Croydon 9 my nearest town) has to offer! Quality beer though a tad expensive.

1 Aug 2008 14:43

The Croham Arms, South Croydon

The problems started here when Eamonn left his new girlfriend to run the place single handed, so that he could concentrate on his other pubs.Very sad as two years ago a decent pint of Harvey's was available for 1.80 !

1 Aug 2008 14:11

The Purley Arms, South Croydon

The next door Red Deer is enjoying a resurgence, it is clearly affecting "The Purley " as it is empty whenever I drive by.My money is on closure ,probably sometime soon. This will be a pity as the great Dave Curtly- Lawrence worked miracles here not many years ago.The days of lunch and dinner for a penny, regular beer Festivals and the best beer in Croydon have sadly gone.Still I am fortunate in that I still see Dave, the man who has forgotten more about running a pub than most learn in a lifetime.

1 Aug 2008 14:08

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Northlondon, the drawback here is the toilets ,I believe they are so subteranean that they are on a tube line somewhere, I have now perfected my water retaining abilities to the standard of a camel. People do look astonished as I rush into the Dog and Bull screaming "Gangway !". Sadly the other issue is the lack of a garden, in Summer this is a much needed facility.The beer is usually good and the fried breakfast is cheap and plentiful.

1 Aug 2008 13:38

The Dukes Head, Croydon

This pub is now open ! Revamped as a Tapas bar, it seems to have Adnams on. It has a preposterous name in spanish. I really cannot be bothered to go in as when I am here I am going to the Skylark for a perfect pint.Unrated.

1 Aug 2008 13:27

The Glamorgan, Croydon

If food is your thing then look no further, you pay a premium price for fantastic food, the real ales are not to shabby with Harvey's on at all times. A great atmosphere and super friendly service.If only I could be bothered to walk here more often 10/10.

1 Aug 2008 13:23

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

Really friendly service considering how busy they are.A tad expensive with a tiny bit of pavement seating,outside drinking in Summer is worth paying a small premium for in Central Croydon.ESB in this condition is a favourite of mine. 9/10

1 Aug 2008 13:19

The Goose on the Market, Croydon

I ventured in recently in fear and trepidation. I prefer the Dog and Bull in Summer for the nice garden.A pleasant surprise, dirt cheap beer in a drinkable state a tentative 7/10. I will check this again soon with the wife who will doubtlessly inspect the ladies toilets !

1 Aug 2008 13:15

The George, Croydon

Steve the manager from the Skylark will return from holiday to manage the George,I expect this pub to rocket forwards over the next couple of months. Service, quality, customer care will change beyond recognition. The other central Croydon pubs will struggle to keep up. In Steve's eighteen months at the Skylark I never once had to take back a pint, everyone has been superb. I cannot say that of any other Croydon pub.

1 Aug 2008 13:11

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Summer is awkward in central Croydon to few pubs have a nice garden, the garden here is a wee bit small but beats sweltering in one of the bank conversions nearer to the centre. Be warned the prices here are on the dear side, but as you are probably aware Fuller's are synonymous with dear beer.8/10

1 Aug 2008 13:02

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

On a hot day the wonderful Garden is the only sensible pub to drink in. Stteped in history this has been a justifiable long term entry in the GBG.

1 Aug 2008 12:58

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Ha Ha ! Trainman that passes for ambience in Croydon !When I go on holiday (like last week ) I have withdrawal symptoms over the Claret.The most homely pub for many a mile and it is small and so unlike the great big beer barns that deface Central Croydon.As for John it is a relief to have a guvnor who is so knowledgeable on real ale, and he always gets the beer temperature spot on,and the beer has exactly the right head.!10/10.

28 Jul 2008 20:08

The Skylark, Croydon

Probably equal with the Claret as the best Croydon pub. These two leave the rest miles behind for price and quality.The cooling system that Wetherspoon's introduced is fantastic. Perhaps we vote for the local CAMRA pub of the year at the wrong time of year.10/10.

28 Jul 2008 20:02

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

god food
beer not allways good
landlord a bit troppy
Report this for removal prs - prs are you posting from a dyslexic school ? This pub is terrific ! Food and Real Ale to die for, a breath of fresh air compared to the big beer barns of Central Croydon.

28 Jul 2008 19:55

The George Hotel, Bridport

This pub is very dirty, it has been for years ! Anyone eating in here must have some kind of death wish ! The beer is none to clever.

28 Jul 2008 19:51

The New Inn, Eype

My slight quibble is the fact that they allow glasse and plates to build up over the course of the day when it is busy. When I stay in Bridport , I tend to walk here, the lane is very narrowand dangerous.

28 Jul 2008 19:48

Shave Cross Inn, Marshwood Vale

Now run by a mad load of Rastafarians, unusual for leafy Dorset!The menu is West Indian .

28 Jul 2008 19:41

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Croydon's best pub by a mile, well worth the journey ,much better than the the beer barns of central Croydon.The quality and variety of real ale is not matched elsewher in Croydon. The Shardlow Mild was top hole last week.

26 Jul 2008 22:18

The Rock Inn, Georgeham

Sadly on my visit the beer was very poor. Fuller's London Pride and Greene King Abbot were available.Anyone who thinks FIVE real ales available will be very deluded ! The King's Arms opposite has changed it's name to the Lower House and is just plain awful.

26 Jul 2008 22:11

The Chichester Arms, Mortehoe

I visited this poor excuse for a pub at two minutes to twelve (midday ) the landlord who is a big fan of Fawlty Towers bellowed at me" O.k. what are you doing here , we open at twelve y'know".I said that I was sorry for not being encyclopeadic on the pub opening hours of EVERY pub in the u.k. I then told him that his Good Beer Guide entry read as earlier.After tasting the CR*P that he considered to be a pint I left for something nearer to a pub.Avoid this place at ALL cost.

26 Jul 2008 22:07

The Crown Inn, West Down

I have drank here several times over the years and have never understood why it is such an infrequent entry in the Good Beer Guide ! The garden is one of the best in the country.The range of real ale is good and well kept. The food is fairly cheap and a varied menu is available.I am really baffled ! Will any North Devon CAMRA member post why this is not in the guide ?

26 Jul 2008 21:59

Black Horse, Braunton

This is a spartan pub , with gravity only dispense, a very warm welcome was given by a landlord commited to real ale.I felt so at home here, the locals were chatty and well informed, I could imagine moving next door.My next visit to Devon will include another pint here.It cannot be so perfect again ! I can only mark this TEN! A great pity that 20/10 is impossible.A REAL PUB.

26 Jul 2008 21:53

The Royal Oak Inn, Great Wishford

This pub has changed hands, of the three real ales available barely one was drinkable, as a non regular the welcome was frosty. I will contact the local CAMRA branch and pass on my view,this pub is a serious embarrasment to the Good Beer Guide.0/10

26 Jul 2008 21:46

The Thatch, Croyde

This pub was converted into a pub in 1978 (it was formerly a barn !) The surfing crowd predominate, much to the benefit of the pub, their enthusiasm and joy at a great day out on Croyde Bay has an infective quality that puts everyone in high spirits. I was luckier than most, my holiday let was two minutes away from the beach.Two regular real ales plus a guest ,which is either from Clearwater,Jolly Boat or Wizard.

26 Jul 2008 21:40

The Tarka Inn, Heanton

this is a serious bird watchers pub, the estuary has some of the best mud flats anywhere, wading birds are plentiful and easily viewable. Below the vast garden is a cycle track leading into Barnstaple. Three real ales are available from Cotliegh, St. Austell and a local micro.

26 Jul 2008 21:35

The Black Venus, Challacombe

A seriously GREAT pub attentive service, excwllent food and fantastic beer ,all to be found on Exmoor. My local conurbation which is sadly Croydon dearly misses having a pub of this superb quality.10/10.

26 Jul 2008 21:30

Rolle Quay Inn, Barnstaple

A st. Austell house the beers are much better than average, a contender for the GBG surely. Outside is amassive council car park where you can always get parked. The town centre is two minutes away.

10 Jul 2008 20:04

The Reform Inn, Pilton

I feel very much at home here ,the regulars accept you straight away. A lovely conservatory at the back is a wonderful feature. Barum Brewery beers are brewed here and make it nigh impossible to leave.So goooood !

10 Jul 2008 20:02

Panniers, Barnstaple

A much better than average 'spoons. Country life brewery beers dominate the handpumps.

10 Jul 2008 19:59

Marshals, Barnstaple

An old fashioned local's local. A hubbub of chatter greets you on entering.

10 Jul 2008 19:58

The Rock Inn, Georgeham

I will be going there next week , at least five real ales from micro breweries, my wife is keen on this pub as it is strong on the virtues of cleanliness and good manners. The King,s Arms opposite is better than average.

10 Jul 2008 19:46

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The Palmer's beers have a distinctive taste that is hard to get used to , many West Country beers have a slight nod towards cider. The Claret is the best pub for many a mile for beer , o.k. maybe not for food or other facilities. The Recent beerfestival was a roaring sucess after the recent rubbish that was served up in other festivals, the beers were selected micro breweries of distinction not the cheapest beers from a wholesaler who has frozen the beer and is therefore devoid of taste. I have rated the Claret even higher at TEN and I have had to drop my mark for other local pubs that just play lip service to Real Ale.

21 Jun 2008 18:02

The Harrow Inn, Warlingham

A typical "chain " pub the real ale is served frozen stiff, Ranulph Fiennes would beg for mercy it is THAT ice cold. Food is the priority,service is exceptionally poor.The decor is faux country house inn of yester year , if this was in Disneyland as Ye olde English Inn it would make sense.

13 Jun 2008 17:57

The Skylark, Croydon

Oakham Bishop's Farewell, Atlas Three sisters, and Brewster's Rutterkin on. This pub goes from strength to strength. Forget that it is a 'spoons, it is way above that. The beer is always superb.

12 Jun 2008 18:13

The Red Deer, South Croydon

Now serving Real Ales at 1.50 a pint. I really cannot be bothered to go in to this cesspit of a pub,I have friends who venture in and will ask them if there is a serious improvement with regard to cleanliness, uncouth yobs and excessive noise levels.As soon as you go passed the Crown and Sceptre heading south you will not find a half decent pub until you get to the Feathers at Merstham ( a way up market hotel style eaterie with prices to match.

26 May 2008 15:56

The Good Companions, Warlingham

A Westerham tied house, the beer is very cheap and in good condition. The food looks exceptional ( I haven't tried the food yet ). Although a big pub it has a really cosy feel, the sort of place that you can forget the time and almost nod off in the deep pile sofas. Very handy for my walks across Riddlesdown.It is on the London Loop walk series.

26 May 2008 15:48

The Skylark, Croydon

Oakham Bishop,s Farewell was on yesterday ,also available was caledonian XBA 4.3 %. The Oakham was exceptional. In a couple of weeks time Steve (the guvnor ) has ordered Brewsters's Rutterkin 4.6 % which is easily one of the best beers available ( in my honest opinion).

25 May 2008 10:43

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

The (late ) May bank holiday beer festival is on again this year.Unmissable ! Ken works hard to obtain esoteric beers from all over the U.K.

14 May 2008 20:56

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

The guest beer today was Highgate Special. As the Crown only ever has one Gueast beer they are carefully chosen.

12 May 2008 17:07

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Aromas Over Tongham , that's the breweries version but they only brew the stuff, i've seen the results!

11 May 2008 18:20

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Rainlight did you actually enter the place ? It looks like a typical old fashioned wine bar ! the secret is that it not.The beer festival has been delayed until the 6-9 th of June, the beers wil be from small micro breweries.

11 May 2008 17:02

The Green Dragon, Croydon

The A over T is often called various things, I think it stands for acrobats and tumblers. It always has that kind of result.

11 May 2008 16:59

The Skylark, Croydon

Westerhams Black Eagle 3.8 % was the pick of the real ales today.

10 May 2008 16:38

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Alph River and one or two others , Hophead was generally agreed to be on the best form ever. the A over T ( Hogs Back) had the expected affect on old Hooky, even at a half serving it catches up with you !

10 May 2008 16:37

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Bridport

Ken has left, I really do wonder what i will find ?

9 May 2008 20:14

The Hope and Anchor, Bridport

very poor.

9 May 2008 20:11

The Boot, Weymouth

This has been Weymouth's top pub for a very long time.The fly in the ointment is the takeover of lil' old ringwoods by those unutterable bullies at Marstons.if the Ringwoods beers go it will never be the same again ! try the Cheddar valley cider whilst your here, it looks like Tango.

9 May 2008 20:10

The Weatherbury, Weymouth

Great beer if you can get to the bar! In season it is manic.

9 May 2008 20:07

The Sandrock Hotel, Shirley

Recently redecorated. The outside livery is that of Harvey's or St Austell, black and white with gold lettering.It is empty at all times as the beer and food are absolute rubbish, my elderly mum used to rely on this place for food ( she is strictly teetotal ) but not any longer.

9 May 2008 20:03

The Green Dragon, Croydon

A new menu has just started, so far I am not encyclopedic on its contents but I believe it is fair to say that the Winter meals have been removed and replaced by Summer items, I had the Ploughmans which I shared it was three quid well spent, I had a choice of Ham, Cheddar, Brie and another item.

9 May 2008 19:52

The Skylark, Croydon

In this hot spell it is hard to get the temperature just right, no problem here though. Oakham's Bishops Farewell was a delight.

9 May 2008 19:44

The Swan and Sugarloaf, South Croydon

Four real ales all at 1.50, this pub has still to be rediscovered by the masses, their loss I have to say.

9 May 2008 19:41

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

I popped in mid- week to find a very pleasant surprise ! Castle Rock Harvest Pale in the BEST possible condition. b*gger the price we agreed to continue drinking and did not want to go home.

9 May 2008 19:39

The George, Croydon

I pop in occasionally and to my surprise I have had some excellent real ale. The thing about this pub is that it is normally heaving with drinkers.

9 May 2008 19:35

The Swan and Sugarloaf, South Croydon

The most improved pub in the area . Hobgoblin is on a typical wholesalers list real ale. Courage Best, London Pride and Flowers. All in reasonably good nick.

25 Apr 2008 11:54

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Cheap beer was available on St.George's Day. Erm ! only 363 days 'till the next one.

25 Apr 2008 11:46

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

The last weekend of May sees the start of the Claret Beer Festival, it is unique in the fact that the beers are selected rather than just any old thing from a wholesaler , the beers are fresher as well. In one word UNMISSABLE.

23 Apr 2008 18:50

The Green Dragon, Croydon

I visited this pub today ( the Hophead was on TOP form ), On Monday (21st April ) they start their Beer Festival, beer will be 2-00 a pint, they are also promising that it will be spring ! Nah ! great beer that's cheap is possible but they will not be able to control the weather ! Or will they ........?( cue Twilight Zone music).

19 Apr 2008 20:07

The Royal Standard, Croydon

rumours abound that the lease is up for sale.

17 Apr 2008 16:18

The Swan and Sugarloaf, South Croydon

Re- opened , redecorated , a new landlord, 4 real ales. Far to early for a clear judgement. The beer is 1.50.

17 Apr 2008 16:16

The Purley Arms, South Croydon

Oh dear ! A pub on the slide, the outside decor is tired, the beer is poor . Hopeless !

17 Apr 2008 16:14

The Lion, Croydon

still good.

16 Apr 2008 18:50

The Sun, Redhill

Imagine assembling all the crooks, alcoholics, tarts and rogues from the area and incarcerating them in one plca. Yep. The Sun o.k...... but was the beer any good ? I am really not interested in the clientele , what's the beer like ?

12 Apr 2008 19:37

The Garland, Redhill

He will be a hard act to follow - "Send in the clowns ".

12 Apr 2008 19:35

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

One of the critical things that makes one pub welcoming and another NOT is the warm welcome consistently given by the publican, John uniquely always gives a warm welcome, regardless of the vagaries that life throws up.This makes the Claret stand out from its peer group.

11 Apr 2008 20:40

The Earl of Eldon, South Croydon

This pub suffers from a phobia when topping up a pint. I have voted with my feet and will not use this pub again.A little cliquey for most people taste.

11 Apr 2008 20:32

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

Wealth warning, the London Pride has increased 25p to 2.85.

11 Apr 2008 20:27

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Britains best pub.

11 Apr 2008 20:24

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Not a bad pub but the service was poor.

4 Apr 2008 13:58

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

It is so high oxygen required. you do not know what remote is until you have climbed and climbed to get here. A great boozer !

4 Apr 2008 13:57

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

It is impossible to say anything nice about this pub.The Manager and staff are extremly rude and do not want to serve, how Wetherspoons have let this pub descend to this level I do not know.possibly they put all their worst staff in one pub and forget about it.The Fawlty Towers of the pub trade but without the laughs.Who the **** voted to give this 4.7 ? MINUS 4.7 would be about right !

4 Apr 2008 10:12

The Skylark, Croydon

The skylark has erected eight barrels on stillage giving a choice of 18 beers ( until the festival ends 14/4/08 ) some last about an hour ! Well 1.49 is cheap ! Wetherspoons posted vouchers out which gave a 30 p reduction ! Last night beers such as Titanic, Elgoods and Springhead were available.

2 Apr 2008 13:35

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Claret beer festival will be at the end of May. Over 30 beers, the CAMRA members that I was drinking with were agog at the rare beers being mentioned by John, many of them will be available for the first time in London.As usual a good choice of ciders will be on offer. At the last Festival (November 2007 ) Thomas Sykes 10% was 2.00 !

31 Mar 2008 18:44

The Builders Arms, Croydon

Highly under rated , the beer is very good and the service speedy.

31 Mar 2008 18:10

The Royal Standard, Croydon

A nice change from the "beer barns " that dominate central Croydon. It is the right place for a quiet pint whilst reading the newspaper.

31 Mar 2008 18:07

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

the beer is superb, the Gale's Festival mild was to die for.

30 Mar 2008 18:03

The Skylark, Croydon

The recently introduced brewster's Hophead is a real treat, comparison with the Dark Star version is inevitable and a source of hot debate.

30 Mar 2008 18:01

The Green Dragon, Croydon

They now have Dark Star Hophead on. It may become a permanency if sales are good. I had a few yesterday and thought that it could not be bettered. After the sad loss of the Beer Circus this pub has " stepped up " to become central Croydon's leading Real Ale pub. Three other guest beers ( Bath Gem was one ).

19 Mar 2008 18:53

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

The garden is to die for, easily Croydon's best summer pub.My only fear is that the bean counters at Wells@ Youngs will flog it ( they simply don't like pubs) !

14 Mar 2008 21:19

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

London's BEST pub without argument. Though very pricey.

14 Mar 2008 21:13

The Cricketers, Croydon

This pub iritates me due to the constant need to ask for a top up , after the third request my pint is at least 8% less than a full pint.

14 Mar 2008 21:06

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

John came back on Thursday this week so most of the problems will vanish, simply Croydon's best real ale pub.The range , variety and quality of the real ale is just superb. food runs to a cheese roll or maybe a corn beef roll on Saturday lunchtimes.

14 Mar 2008 21:02

The Glamorgan, Croydon

Probably the best choice for mid priced food in Croydon, always stocks Harvey's BB.

14 Mar 2008 20:57

The Skylark, Croydon

The best 'spoons I have been to, great real ale and FAST service.

14 Mar 2008 20:54

The Market Porter, Borough

A real ale buff's dream 15 beers on , lovely service.

14 Jan 2008 19:59

The Green Dragon, Croydon

The real ale, food and staff rate ten out of ten, believe me that is rare in Croydon ! CAMRA members can avail themselves of the Green Dragon card which gives 15% off drink and food but does not include any offers. The improvement in this pub is astonishing,Esther is working damn hard to ensure that it continues. I have to give a TEN particularly as the rest of Central Croydon's pubs are light years behind.

11 Jan 2008 19:26

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

It is babyish to USE CAPITAL LETTERING !!!! The service here is dreadful, the prices are the most expensive on earth, a long way of the beaten track , a waste of time, money and effort.

17 Dec 2007 12:33

The George Hotel, Bridport

Health hazard !

20 Aug 2007 20:07

The Royal Standard, Upwey

Top beer, menagerie, a bit quirky.

20 Aug 2007 19:57

The Lugger Inn, Chickerell

yobby, bad service.

20 Aug 2007 19:54

Old Rooms Inn, Weymouth

The staff are the worst I have experienced in 40 odd years !

20 Aug 2007 19:38

Swan Inn, Weymouth

I do not like wetherspoons... but this is as good as they come !!!

20 Aug 2007 19:34

The Queen's Hotel, Weymouth

I felt endangered by the drug dealers.Did I walk out sharpish !

20 Aug 2007 19:32

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

One of Weymouths top three pubs, civilised, friendly and good beer.

20 Aug 2007 19:30

The Wellington Arms, Weymouth

Poor poor poor ! I prefer a CLEAN pub !

20 Aug 2007 19:29

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Hey youse jimmy, the scottish ghetto of Weymouth.Do NOT enter if you cannot tolerate drunken jocks!

20 Aug 2007 19:27

The Boot, Weymouth

A safe bet for a good pint, a real gem.

20 Aug 2007 19:25

The New Inn, Kilmington

It lacks something..... atmosphere !

20 Aug 2007 19:23

The Hope and Anchor, Bridport


20 Aug 2007 17:55

The Hope and Anchor, Bridport

Highly avoidable !

20 Aug 2007 17:55

The Angel Inn, Lyme Regis

Many years ago this deserved to be in the guide but it has gone down hill FAST now it is a veritable DUMP!

20 Aug 2007 17:52

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

This pub is really quiet, a good place to avoid the beach crowd, take a book and enjoy. This pub is in my top twenty !

20 Aug 2007 17:47

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

still far to DEAR !!!!

20 Aug 2007 17:44

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

I don,t know the price of the cider but the beer is bloody dear as a retired person, i would like to look like colin farrell, but i need to drink elsewhere too DEAR by HALF.

15 Sep 2006 18:11

The Boot, Weymouth

Terrific my beer was good but very slightly cloudy I had happily drank a half the landlord looked at the cloudiness and replaced it with a new pint from a fresh barrel, i said just a half i've already had a half, he would not hear of it! he insisted on a pint an apology and apromise that he only serves beer in top quality. I went back Two days later and sat outsidein the sunshine , he was right. A ten out of ten.

7 Sep 2006 14:08

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

The service in this pub is so poor one wonders how it can stay open, the staff try to take the piss out of every customer! AVOID. The prices are higher than Central London. The next time I am in the area I think it will probably be closed , which seems to be their objective.

7 Sep 2006 14:01

Greyhound, Bridport

I never expect much from a wetherspoon's outlet, chilled real ale and poor service are the norm, but this pub is in aleague of it's own the worst service ever! Allied with vinegar replacing beer. DO NOT Go THERE! I've given this pub nought i must be in a good mood!

7 Sep 2006 13:56

The Hope and Anchor, Bridport

On holiday two weeks ago I went to the Hope&anchor the beer was undrinkable the food was VERY POOR. Yes it is cleaner. Avoid.

7 Sep 2006 13:51

The Purley Arms, South Croydon

Up and coming the beer and food are of a good standard. this is a pheonix that has risen from the ashes.

31 Jul 2006 17:24

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

It does not come better than this!!!!!!!!!!

31 Jul 2006 17:22

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Bridport

Yes a good basic boozer lots of pub games.

26 Mar 2006 19:03

The Garibaldi, Redhill

The real ale is very good, the beer range has become very uninspiring, I feel this pub needs to make a decision very quickly in order to atract the pub goers that it lacks a more esoteric beer policy would help.

26 Mar 2006 18:57

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

If you like real ale in a genuine pub look no further the town with its lakes and cathedral make this a very worthwhile day trip.

26 Mar 2006 18:52

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Yes, You have just found one of Britains greatest pubs plus a lovely free museum. I live in London it is worth walking to a true and rare gem.

26 Mar 2006 18:47

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