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The Royal Oak, Harlesden

Closed briefly in early 2016; now some sort of gastro-affair, run by Urban.

6 Jul 2016 10:24

The Royal Oak, Harlesden

Now redecorated outside and the bar's had a bit of a spruce-up too.
Real Ales in rotation : Bombardier/London Pride/Spitfire/Hobgoblin, and the pub's got an award from Guinness for the excellence of their pint of the black stuff.
Much more mixed clientele than used to be the case including lotsa teachers on a Friday afternoon.

14 May 2014 06:45

The Royal Oak, Harlesden

At long last! Real Ale! Good Real Ale at that! (If you like Charles Wells Bombardier, that is).
guvguvguv 's comment about younger professionals is true, but they are coming in earlier and more often than used to be the case. All good.

29 Dec 2012 21:32

The Royal Oak, Harlesden

Redecoration now underway (and not before time) and (gasp) Real Ale (although only in bottles!) in the shape of Charles Wells Bombardier.

11 Dec 2011 19:30

Angies Freehouse, Harlesden

Now half the size it used to be, and all the better for it.
Very popular, so it can't be that bad.

23 Oct 2011 16:45

The Royal Oak, Harlesden

.......and it wasn't that Walsh character.

23 Oct 2011 16:39

The Royal Oak, Harlesden

Glorious wedding reception in the function room last night; the place looked fantastic;that Irish bloke off the X Factor was there too.

23 Oct 2011 16:38

The Shawl, Harlesden

The last time I was in this establishment the smell of the drains made me leave. Awful.

30 Apr 2011 17:33

Harlesden Labour Club, Harlesden

This boozer hasn't existed for over ten years !

30 Apr 2011 17:32

The Royal Oak, Harlesden

Much improved since the untimely demise of the previous gaffer. Excellent Guinness, according to friends who partake of it. Redecoration planned and to be happening soon. Looking forward to that. This pub could be awesome; at present it is merely O.K.

30 Apr 2011 17:31

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