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The Cock and Bull, Sutton

Sad to hear Fullers are closing this pub down on November 14th.Always been a well run place with decent beer.

30 Oct 2020 13:02

The Falcon, Shanklin

Good locals pub friendly enough,2 beers on,doom bar,gales HSB.tends to fill up at 11pm,as last pub open in shanklin till 12 am

27 Sep 2019 11:47

The Crab Inn, Shanklin

Nice old pub,mostly for food,lack of beer on my visit,had to drink lager.

27 Sep 2019 11:42

The Steamer Inn, Shanklin

Nice seafront place ,serving good food.Enjoyed a yates Islander beer ,also on Ringwood beers.

27 Sep 2019 11:37

The Chine Inn, Shanklin

This place is amazing,lovely old pub overlooking shanklin chine.shut Mondays but managed to visit 4 other evenings and enjoyed the Yates islander beer,top condition at £3.50,other beers on were from hop back brewery.the old landlord is a character and he did struggle with his new electronic till:-)

27 Sep 2019 11:32

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Beer good at a bargain £1.99 in here.Trying to get served is a problem unless the older guys are working.Since the minimal refit seems more fights and trouble too.Lot of the old regulars now drinking in the Crown further down the high Street.Had a breakfast which was good,although square eggs are new one to me.

27 Mar 2019 10:08

The Albion, Epsom

Good irish bar,with live music,reminded me of how o"neill"s in Sutton use to be 8 years ago,good craic.Nice pint of Admams ghostship

29 Nov 2018 14:00

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

Enjoyed a good pint of Purity beer in here,busy with plenty of craft beers,bit posh and nice smoking area out back.

29 Nov 2018 13:57

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

Beer been in good condition lately,beer festival beers been better than last few festivals.Staff are excellent,although you don't see the invisible manager at night times.HE NEEDS TO INFORM ALL THE STAFF THAT PUNTERS SHOULD GET AT LEAST 20 MINUTES DRINKING UP TIME,NOT 5/10 MINUTES THAT SEEMS TO BE THE CASE EXCEPT WHEN THE EASTERN EUROPEAN GIRL SHUTS.As for the bouncer at weekend,stop pestering the punters to drink up at 12.55AM and wanting us out by 1.05AM!THIS PUB ALWAYS GAVE 30 MINUTES DRINKING UP FOR MANY YEARS,20 MINS IS FAIR!

25 Oct 2018 11:36

The Rose and Crown, Greenwich

Nice boozer,staff were great,greene king pub so peroni for me,disco on a Saturday night,nice bit of Kylie got the bar moving,has the rainbow flags and is welcoming to all,great craic!

22 Jul 2018 14:44

King's Arms, Greenwich

Greedy king pub,Chris kamara beer crap,miserable staff,awful toilet,worst of the day!

22 Jul 2018 14:32

The Coach, Greenwich

ok pub in the market,with outside drinking area,ok pint of Adnams Ghostship.

22 Jul 2018 14:25

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Nice sheps pub,excellent Whitstable bay beer!

22 Jul 2018 14:17

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Pub next to the Cutty Sark,good pint of Oakham citra £4.70

22 Jul 2018 14:15

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Beer choice needs to improve if it wants to attract the real ale beer snobs from the Grapes when it closes.Walked in and out last week because of the poor selection on offer,went down to the Grapes,the girl in charge of beer down their knows what the customers like!

17 Jul 2018 12:47

The Grapes, Sutton

Enjoyed the Twickenham Mosaic Pale over the weekend.Hearing that this spoons is closing on the 5th August!

17 Jul 2018 12:37

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

Visited a few times lately,enjoyed pints of Adnams Ghostship,Trueman Swift,Exmoor gold to name a few all in good order.Staff and service great.New manager hasn't been seen on night shifts but needs to sort out the drinking up time as it getting shorter and shorter,20 mins is fair!Dont appreciate bouncers coming round at 11.55,5 mins before last orders telling us to drink up,making us leave at 12.04 so they can get a McDonalds and their bus,this was on Wednesday night after England semi final.FRIDAY AND SATURDAY THE DOOR STAFF NEED TO BE TOLD TO GIVE THE CUSTOMERS 15/20 MINS DRINKING UP AND STOP COMING ROUND EVERY MINUTE TO DRINK UP!Know a few customers who go elsewhere because they are on!

13 Jul 2018 11:19

The Grapes, Sutton

Now called the GAPS, with 2 letters missing from the signage.Good quality pint of Titanic Nautical Mild yesterday!
Seems the power crazy staff have barred another regular,yet for years allowed far worse,very poor!

10 Jun 2018 11:10

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

New manager in last few months.Beer choice not as good and that's why the pint counter gone down by 300 a week!Beer quality a bit hit and miss too and since the sparklers have been used measures down!The table rearrangement I don't like,would have to be Twiggy to get into the space provided!
On the plus side all the great staff are still here,hard workers and all great with customer service,thanks!
The previous manager is a hard act to follow,but stick with,oakham,surrey hills,ELB,exmoor,cotleigh and drinkers will return!

22 May 2018 12:54

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Cant knock this place,49er beer ,ok service on my afternoon visits.Hope that doesn''t change when the Grapes down the road shuts,dont want their riff-raf.

13 Sep 2017 13:24

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

Excellent beer quality,whoever is doing the cellar well done.
Use this place weekends always seem to have good staff that work hard, apart from the S/African fella not the sharpest behind the bar.
Tried the food a few times which was great.

9 Aug 2017 12:15

Shinner and Sudtone, Sutton

Like this place,nice range of beer,nice punters.Open late at weekend.

31 May 2017 13:53

The Grapes, Sutton

Was in recently,beer in great condition,bit of a waste the lady tipping a pint over one of the bar managers head.

31 May 2017 13:48

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Decent beer and food at cheap prices.Better the daytimes in here,customers better behaved.Unlike the fight night evenings.

5 Oct 2015 20:53

The Grapes, Sutton

Rushed back from town thinking I would get a couple of pints in last night to find the grapes shut.Was in Saturday and there was no signs that pub would be closing early this month.Had to dash up the moon.Agree with the previous poster,pubs should be taken care of their punters.

8 Jan 2015 20:46

The Grapes, Sutton

Tried the grapes twice during recent festival,beer I had was fair.Seems to have slipped a little behind the moon in quality.Food still good here.Some of the better staff leaving the last year is a blow as they treated my family very well on visits.

18 Apr 2014 13:15

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Excellent beer and service.The moons beer during beer festival been spot on.

18 Apr 2014 12:54

The Lord Nelson, Cheam

You cant fault this pub,good beer ,staff and customers.

8 Jan 2014 12:56

The Prince Of Wales, Cheam

Excellent pub with good beer.

8 Jan 2014 12:53

The George, Croydon

Excellent beer,very good range.Got to be the best spoons in the greater London area.

2 Jan 2014 14:40

The Hand and Raquet, Wimbledon

Few beers in here before seeing the mighty palace at the bridge.Good beer and pub.

15 Dec 2013 13:15

The Grapes, Sutton

Excellent xmas dinner in here,good value with the drink deal.Good service,we left stuffed and happy.

15 Dec 2013 13:08

The Queens Head, Mitcham

With so many pubs closed in mitcham,glad this one is still going.Good sheps beer enjoyed.

29 Nov 2013 17:16

The White Lion of Mortimer, Mitcham

Good wetherspoons pub.Beer was good and one of the cheapest spoons around.

29 Nov 2013 17:12

Midas Touch, Worcester Park

Now called THE BROOK.Had a very good meal in here with the wife.Good service,fresh and clean place.Welcome addition to the Worcester park area.

16 Nov 2013 12:41

The Station, Stoneleigh

Good barras pub,with excellent beer and food.

7 Nov 2013 10:41

The George (Harvester), Morden

Typical harvester,does what it says on the tin.OK food but beer not the best.

7 Nov 2013 10:23

The Gander, West Sutton

Looking good after new refurb.Food was again excellent,as was my beer and the bar prices.Good for sport with plenty of screens.

7 Nov 2013 10:17

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

Ok spoons with good festival beers on.Few boisterous customers in.Climb to the toilets a bit much for us oldies.

30 Oct 2013 13:08

The H G Wells, Worcester Park

Excellent boozer,good beer.

30 Oct 2013 13:03

O'Neill's, Wallington

Watched England game here.Good beer and food.Did get busy.

12 Oct 2013 10:24

Whispering Moon, Wallington

Beer was ok yesterday.Not as good as the festival in wallington hall,but cheaper.

12 Oct 2013 10:19

The Grapes, Sutton

Was in with friends,beer was ok broadside and cocker hoop..Service was a bit slow.Always seems to be customers with bellowing voices,tone it down a bit please.

2 Oct 2013 15:14

The Cork and Bottle, Southampton

Another wetherspoons pub called the admiral sir Lucius Curtis.Beer was good and like this building.

29 Sep 2013 12:40

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

Had a few pints of good beer in here yesterday.Normal selection of beers that most spoons serve.Very busy.

29 Sep 2013 12:29

The Morden Brook, Morden

A pub I have used now and then as daughter lives opposite.Has had a bit of a bad reputation over the years.On my latest visit over weekend, have to say much improved.Good service,beer and the food with its large helpings excellent.Was a busy pub back in the 70s and 80s.Use to have good carvery there.Worth a visit if in area.

10 Sep 2013 14:12

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

Enjoyable evening in here last night.Sheps beer and a very entertaining fun band made for a fun night.Busy and friendly as good pubs should be.

1 Sep 2013 15:06

The Two Brewers, Croydon

Enjoyed a few good pints of master brew yesterday before the palace game.Excellent pub and customers.

1 Sep 2013 14:55

The Woolpack, Banstead

Excellent beer festival on last weekend.Was in sunday and enjoyed it so much,took some friends there Monday.Sun jazz and great beer.Well done to the woolpack.

29 Aug 2013 12:00

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Has improved allround.Beer was excellent lunchtime yesterday.

29 Aug 2013 11:49

The Little Windsor, Sutton

Fullers beer well kept but a bit expensive.Older well behaved customers than most pubs in Sutton..Beer garden for the warmer weather.Worth a visit,also dog friendly.

16 Aug 2013 18:59

The Lord Nelson, Sutton

What was once a very good youngs pub is now a very poor shadow of its former self.Lack of customers,its doomed.

15 Aug 2013 17:31

The Little Windsor, Sutton

Expensive fullers pub.Well kept beer.Good beer garden for warmer weather.Good place to visit with older decent customers.

15 Aug 2013 17:26

The New Town, Sutton

Youngs pub as ever expensive but beer good.saloon bar is the place to relax away from the rather boisterous public bar.

15 Aug 2013 17:22

The Grove Tavern, South Wimbledon

Was always a very busy irish pub 30 years ago.Now a Tesco express.

21 Jul 2013 19:23

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Very good back street pub with good beer.

21 Jul 2013 19:18

The William Morris, Merton Abbey Mills

Enjoyed a few beers friday night.good place to visit during the good weather with outside seating.busy with the abbey fest on at moment.

21 Jul 2013 19:15

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Still a good range of beers,maybe a change of staff but improvement still happening.Lady from grapes working in here,as well as some of the north cheam staff.The beers that I had over the weekend were all very good.In good hands at last.

9 Jul 2013 16:40

The Waterfront, Streatham

Modern bar opposite Streatham common.Me and the wife enjoyed the 2 pizza and a bottle of wine for £20,last night.Very good pizza.Service and cleanest fine.

9 Jul 2013 16:24

The Cock and Bull, Sutton

Clean and friendly pub.Wild river beer was excellent yesterday.Expensive,but all fullers pubs are.

8 Jun 2013 17:05

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Improving all the time.Good beer selection.Going in the right direction at long last.

8 Jun 2013 16:56

The Nightingale, Sutton

Enjoyable few pint in here yesterday.Beer was up to standard.Good garden space.All what a pub should be.

8 Jun 2013 16:49

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Brewmason,can I suggest that we all report itchy and scratchy to BITE and get their accounts revoked.They are spoiling this site.

26 May 2013 13:38

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Sorry to interrupt the itchy and scratchy show.Rumour doing the moon yesterday lunch time that number 1 has resigned.

20 May 2013 14:53

The Gander, West Sutton

A stonegate pub.Excellent mix grills in here at £7.99 and wine at £6.99.Not a place ive been in for a long time,but was recommended by neighbours and glad we tried it.Think their monday club is even cheaper then a weatherspoons.

15 May 2013 12:12

The Watchman, New Malden

Good visit last night,good range of beers.

30 Apr 2013 14:46

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Popped in last night with mate,good beer on.

23 Apr 2013 07:35

The Bell Inn, Cheam

Now called the grumpy mole,good food but pricey.Beer ok.

23 Apr 2013 07:30

The Harrow Inn, Cheam

Went for family meal in here sunday,and we all thought the food was excellent.Few beers on as well,will be back.

8 Apr 2013 14:37

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Enjoying whats going on in moon.Will try and get in thursday to meet the brewer.First time there has been a beer festival and the prices not reduced.

3 Apr 2013 11:00

The Grapes, Sutton

Beer festival starting today but not dropping the price of the beer for it boo.

3 Apr 2013 10:55

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

A visible improvement in the moon on my visit yesterday,selection ok,service ok,beer ok but little bit on the cold side,but cant have it all so soon.Will see if i can get the wife to give it another go.Keep this good work up fellas.

19 Mar 2013 11:13

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

S31CUK,having seen that your previous posts have been about the beers in George Croydon,hoping that you worked there and are new in the moon.Dont want my other 2 post to sound like a witch hunt on the current staff they just need to be trained in customer service and how to pull a pint.Beer list looks exciting .We as customers of 20 years care,so should the workers.Onwards and upwards.

10 Mar 2013 13:18

The Grapes, Sutton

So much better in here than the morgue on the hill.Service and beer so much better.And the wife enjoyed it in here.Thank the lord there is 2 spoons in sutton.

6 Mar 2013 10:52

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Does anyone care in here anymore?Customers deserting,the better staff leaving.In general very depressing and number 1 needs to sort it fast ,and that includes the beer or im off to the very well run spoons down the road.

6 Mar 2013 10:41

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Blackdragon,you are spot on.Using thispub since 1st opened, it is now at one of its lowest points.When the current manager took over there was a real improvement in this place.But once she fell in love with another member of staff,she doesnt seem to care about the customers or the the staff by all accounts.cath,charlie,alex and some of the others are good,but the rest seem hopeless.Turn over of staff gives the game away,if you are not liked you are out.I observe and hear lots of bitching,which isnt great.

27 Feb 2013 14:25

O'Neills, Sutton

Food in here is excellent.London pride ok.Me and wife stuffed.Service and back ground music excellent as well.

13 Feb 2013 12:39

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Me and my wife were in sunday,and it has to be said what is happening here.It was so empty,sure when the door opened some tumbleweed got blowen in.

13 Feb 2013 12:32

The Sutton Arms, Sutton

Very good roast in here yesterday,washed down with nice pint of IPA.

5 Nov 2012 15:00

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Wasnt best pleased sunday afternoon,after being dragged round the shops by the wife we tried to get a roast dinner in here and was told at 4pm that they had run out of veg.When i suggested morrisons was still open, i received a blank look.Anyway wife said there was a sick smell around the bar.I have cold so didnt notice.Went to the sutton arms to eat.

5 Nov 2012 14:58

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Very enjoyable halloween night ,very much enjoyed the festival ales with great company.Must say some at the bar blended in with the costumes theme

1 Nov 2012 17:27

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Someone must read on here,as selection and full choice has been much better on last 2 visits well done.

20 Sep 2012 12:35

The Grapes, Sutton

Tried the steak club in here tuesday with family,and the food was very good indeed.Surrey hills ipa was excellent.Only down side was wife going on about the dirty seats,she sat on a magazine,which gave my kids great amusement.

20 Sep 2012 12:30

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Can anyone tell me that during my last 6 visits in 3 weeks,why only half the guest beers pumps have been on.Not impressed with the selection either ,too many adnams.If you dont like certain brewerys,you are stuffed.why put 2 or 3 beers from same brewery on in one go?is laziness creeping in?

8 Sep 2012 11:22

The Grapes, Sutton

Took my wife and daughter in grapes yesterday and we were very impressed by the lunch we had.Enjoyed my pint of dorking beer.Current guvnor seems to be bringing this pub up to scratch.Wife would like the seats cleaned.

24 Jul 2012 14:44

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Been going downhill,and needs to start pulling its socks up.At least the big girl behind the bar has returned,which should help beer and atmosphere .

17 Jul 2012 11:02

The Grapes, Sutton

Went in grapes friday night and it has improved since last visit.If they get in a strong manager and could stop the smell in the toilets,could become maybe best pub in sutton,not much to beat is there.As for the hope,yes great beer,but very clicky,with too many self opinionated people.The railway cheam is better.The spoons pubs are the best for value for money,and my beer in the moon,has been spot on,as was the grapes friday.

30 Apr 2012 09:02

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Very true cockneypaul,been drinking in pubs for over 40 years,so ive seen all types of drunks.And as ive got older and seen the introduction of fruit flavoured alcoholic drinks (shots)people do get so drunk.i like the moon and i have to say some of the staff are good.Maybe im just a grumpy old man.Saying that if off duty staff get so drunk,its not a good example to the customers of pub.

1 Apr 2012 14:40

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