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Flares, Harrogate


25 Aug 2016 18:42

Alberts Bar, Harrogate

Closed. Ages ago.

25 Aug 2016 18:40

The Ackhorne, York

Good beer - well worth a visit

16 Jan 2010 17:27

Ellis Vaults, Rhyl

I knew I was back home in Rhyl - 15 minutes in Ellis' and a scrap started. What's new?

16 Jan 2010 17:23

Square and Compasses, North Rigton

Avoid this place. Food awful (I mean really awful). Dire service. 'Couldn't care less' attitude - couldn't care until I refused to pay the bill that is. I was threatened with the police but they backed down when I offered to call them on my phone. This was in 2008 so perhaps things have changed.

16 Jan 2010 17:17

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

Awful service - bar staff have no idea who they should be serving. Even when it's not packed you can be waiting for 10/15mins + before being served.
I saw Shed Seven and the Bluetones here a (good) few years ago. Pity it is not a venue for bands today.

16 Jan 2010 17:07

Tap and Spile, Harrogate

Expensive beer. Odd clientele. Try the Coach and Horses, Old Bell or Hales Bar for good beer and a friendlier atmosphere.

16 Jan 2010 16:57

Slip Inn, Harrogate

As welcoming as the Slaughtered Lamb

16 Jan 2010 16:50

Shoulder of Mutton, Harrogate

May well have changed but last time I was there were were served a grim 'boil in the bag' meal

16 Jan 2010 16:47

Montey's Rock Bar, Harrogate

Certainly not a typical Harrogate bar and all the better for it. Loud & busy. Music generally good but a little too much Foo Fighter style American rock for my taste. Excellent bar staff. No good here if you are a cask ale snob. Top up on the best beer in Harrogate at the Old Bell then on to Montey's for a great night.

16 Jan 2010 16:41

Lure Luxe Bar, Harrogate

Cross the road to Montey's Bar - it's much better

16 Jan 2010 16:26

Hotel Du Vin and Bistro, Harrogate

Worth a visit just to have a snigger at the WAGS

12 Dec 2009 13:05

The Black Bull, Harrogate

stinks of grease

12 Dec 2009 12:54

The Coach and Horses, Harrogate

Good pub - staff and beer are great. It's a pity about the idiots that hog the bar. Try the Old Bell Tavern if you prefer polite rather than arrogant customers.

12 Dec 2009 12:48

Millbank Inn, Rhyl

Not the pub it once was - it's like drinking in a motorway service station now. A great pub - ruined.

12 Dec 2009 11:50

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