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Comments by tradervic

The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

One of the smallest UK pubs - for which the new distancing rules will be problematical.

Capable of accommodating only about 5 customers - permission to serve outside is critical.

Negotiations are going with the relevant authorities - and, hopefully, will prove successful.

28 Jun 2020 08:29

The White Horse Churton, Churton

Due to increasing costs and unfavourable market conditions - the current management won't be reopening this pub, after lockdown.

26 Jun 2020 10:43

The Sun, Redhill

correction - NO vertical drinking...

24 Jun 2020 19:48

The Sun, Redhill

Reopening on 4th July - after the coronavirus lockdown.

Like the majority - though not all - of Wetherspoons.

The refitting (signage, partitions, sanitisers etc.) Is in progress.

Vertical drinking only!

24 Jun 2020 19:44

The Lyric, Soho

Currently doing a very good trade in takeaway beer - like many other pubs in the area.

20 Jun 2020 20:32

The Perch Inn, Binsey

The pub appeared in Daughters of Cain - an episode of Morse, the TV series.

18 Jun 2020 18:47

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge

This elevated pub is well used to lockdowns and lock ins.

Because of snow making it inaccessible.

A cosy spot though - to spend a few days.

18 Jun 2020 18:20

The Kings Head, Lichfield

Now owned by members of the Staffordshire Regiment Association.

Members contributed to the purchase of the pub - where the regiment was formed, over three hundred years ago.

A veteran runs it - and the pub is well supported by those associated with the famous local regiment.

18 Jun 2020 07:22

Six Bells Inn, Bardwell

Six episodes of Dad's Army were filmed in this establishment - around 50 years ago.

17 Jun 2020 23:19

Pub du Vin, Brighton

Sadly now closed for ever.

17 Jun 2020 19:55

Fleet Street, Newcastle

Long closed - becoming derelict.

17 Jun 2020 10:13

Bridge Inn, Ilkeston

This pub is closed and derelict.

Went on fire last September.

Arson was suspected.

17 Jun 2020 09:37

The First and Last, Dunstable

Demolished - to make way for apartment blocks.

Been closed for about three years.

16 Jun 2020 18:39

The Twynersh, Chertsey

Over the past couple of days, travellers (with numerous vehicles) have taken up residence on the land surrounding this pub.

16 Jun 2020 16:57

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Open during the lockdown selling beer, spirits etc. - to take away.

Guildford's oldest pub.

15 Jun 2020 18:40

The Queens, Colchester

Closed a couple of years ago - planning permission now being sought for residential development.

15 Jun 2020 18:28

Three Crowns Inn, Walsall

After being closed and derelict for 13 years - this former pub is to be developed into 7 residential units.

15 Jun 2020 17:55

The Goose, Walthamstow

Large fines levied for mouse infestation offences here - but the pub eventually reopened.

15 Jun 2020 07:57

White Horse Inn, Rogate

Rodent infection has been a feature here - and convictions therefor.

15 Jun 2020 07:42

The Sportsmans Rest, Peterston super Ely

Flooded badly by the River Ely - just before lockdown.

14 Jun 2020 18:51

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

This very remote hostelry is hosting regular online music gigs during lockdown.

14 Jun 2020 18:38

The Black Boy, Headington

Many are wondering if this pub's name is now appropriate.

14 Jun 2020 14:37

The Romiley Arms, Romiley

Major affray outside, after closing time last year.

Several people injured - perpetrators still being sought.

14 Jun 2020 11:34

Mr Pickwick, Southsea

Closed - and derelict.

Planning permission given for flats.

Usual residents' objections.

14 Jun 2020 10:15

The White House, Guildford

Reopened - and hopefully in line for a good summer's riverside trade.

Ideal rustic location - but very close to Guildford town centre.

13 Jun 2020 18:51

The Kings Arms, York

Called locally - 'the pub that floods' - because of the frequent arrival of the River Ouse, through its doors.

13 Jun 2020 18:26

The Spinnaker, Colchester

Customer killed last year - when a car hit the pub, in the early hours.

13 Jun 2020 17:44

Mitre Hotel, Allenton

Planning permission granted for demolition.

And replacement by a Starbucks outlet.

13 Jun 2020 17:22

The Maple Tree, Doncaster

Amateur boxer murdered here, last year.

Shot through the window of the pub.

13 Jun 2020 09:34

The White Lion, Penzance

Recent drug bust occurred here.

With convictions for those involved, including barmaid.

13 Jun 2020 09:07

The Two Brewers, Ongar

Closed - after major fire, believed to be arson.

12 Jun 2020 19:22

The Robin Hood, Norwich

Sentencing is due in respect a charity fraud at this pub.

Funds raised weren't passed on to the charity, by the owners.

12 Jun 2020 18:40

Blackburne Arms, Warrington

Major drug bust at this pub - just before Christmas last.

12 Jun 2020 18:08

The Wick Inn, Hove

Became famous for a shooting some years ago - said to be drug related.

12 Jun 2020 17:57

Three Crowns, Stoke Newington

Not a pleasant place - another serious assault was published in the local press, a few months ago.

12 Jun 2020 17:47

The Leazes Inn, Newcastle

Burgled recently.

12 Jun 2020 13:18

The Black Prince, Kennington

The movie - Kingsman: The Secret Service - was partly filmed in this pub.

12 Jun 2020 11:48

Eric Bartholomew, Morecambe

By some distance - this is Morecambe's busiest pub, and is on the daily visit list for many locals.

Essentially the town's meeting place - for chat, food and drink. And not far from the fine seafront.

11 Jun 2020 09:56

The Royal Bar, Morecambe

This pub featured prominently in 'The Bay' - an excellent cop drama/TV series, set in Morecambe.

11 Jun 2020 09:46

The Melville, Stretford

Early last year, a young man was assaulted in this pub - and later died from his injuries.

11 Jun 2020 09:14

The Blue Boar, Southend on Sea

In the early hours of this morning, a serious stabbing occurred outside this pub.

The victim has life threatening injuries - and two individuals are being sought.

11 Jun 2020 08:47

The Rosewood, Burnham on Sea

A large fire - starting in the kitchen - badly damaged this pub, last summer.

10 Jun 2020 20:44

The Charcoal Burner, New Eltham

Major fire at this pub - last month.

10 Jun 2020 19:28

Secklow Hundred, Milton Keynes

Now a Draft House pub - former Wetherspoons.

10 Jun 2020 18:33

The Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton

Closed again - for good, it seems.

9 Jun 2020 19:06

The Hikers Rest, Brighton

Permanently closed.

9 Jun 2020 19:04

The Green Man, Ashbourne

Trading again - and recently made the national news.

After a petition, a statute - depicting a black man's head - was recently removed, from outside the pub.

Petitioners thought the depiction to be racist - and 28,000 joined in.

Many disagreed and felt that part of the town's history has been taken away.

9 Jun 2020 08:01

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Trading again - following an inactive period.

7 Jun 2020 19:52

Summoner, Sittingbourne

A vacant property - when I last passed by.

7 Jun 2020 18:33

The Lattice House, Kings Lynn

Former Wetherspoons, bought by a local publican.

As competition for the remaining Wetherspoons - the nearby Globe.

6 Jun 2020 18:21

The Duke of Wellington, Hounslow

Now - a Sainsbury's Local.

5 Jun 2020 20:02

The Cock and Pullet, Birkenhead

Was closed permanently for a while.

Now trading again - except during the virus lockdown.

5 Jun 2020 19:22

The Royal, Birkenhead

Now The Cock and Pullet - reopened December 2018.

5 Jun 2020 19:19

The Garibaldi, Redhill

As a community pub (run by locals), this establishment is doing well during the lockdown - with takeaway sales.

5 Jun 2020 09:02

The Last Post, Longton

No longer a Wetherspoons - but still trading under the same name.

4 Jun 2020 18:41

London Inn, Torquay

Now a Yates - former Wetherspoons.

4 Jun 2020 18:34

The Iron Duke, Pontypool

Former Wetherspoons - good hybrid option.

3 Jun 2020 18:36

The Coach and Horses, Harrogate

The pub was stopped, by the police, from selling takeaway beer recently - during lockdown.

Like a couple of other local establishments - due (apparently) to tables and chairs, arriving on scene.

2 Jun 2020 22:16

The Old Angel, Doncaster

The Angel and Royal - now.

Run by Anber Taverns.

1 Jun 2020 08:03

Skylark (T1L), Heathrow Airport

Gone - Terminal 1 disused.

31 May 2020 17:30

The Lambton Worm, Sunderland

Renamed 'Victors' about 18 months ago.

No longer a Wetherspoons.

30 May 2020 19:33

Isaac Wilson, Middlesbrough

Run by Tees Inn now.

30 May 2020 19:23

Greyhound, Maidenhead

No longer trading - sold, as part of a property development.

30 May 2020 19:15

East Gate, Northampton

Now - a Burger King.

30 May 2020 10:50

The Edward Rutland, Stourbridge

The Stourbridge Lion - now. An Amber Inn.

29 May 2020 18:34

Robert Ransome, Ipswich

Now a Yates - which it had been, before it became a Wetherspoons!

29 May 2020 18:28

Thomas Mildmay, Chelmsford

Now a Walkabout venue - since 2017.

28 May 2020 18:48

Capitol, Dundee

'The Market' now - no longer a Wetherspoons.

27 May 2020 20:01

The Robert William Loosley, High Wycombe

Now The Chitern Taps - another Wetherspoons takeover by Stonegate.

27 May 2020 18:59

The James Young, Bathgate

Now trading as 'The Foundry'.

26 May 2020 18:12

Paper Moon, Dartford

A Turkish restaurant has replaced this former Wetherspoons.

26 May 2020 18:07

The Milson Rhodes, Didsbury

Now 'The Botanist' - and no longer a Wetherspoons.

25 May 2020 18:31

The Gig House, Wokingham

No longer a Wetherspoons - but still trading under the same name.

25 May 2020 18:26

John Laird, Birkenhead

Closed now - part of local regeneration project.

25 May 2020 12:01

Zachariah Pearson, Hull

Now the Harry Pursey - and no longer a Wetherspoons.

25 May 2020 11:53

Linen Hall, Enniskillen

No longer a Wetherspoons, but still a pub - Granny Annie's.

25 May 2020 09:09

Edward Wylie, Glasgow

No longer a Wetherspoons outlet.

24 May 2020 18:52

Devonshire House, Crouch End

Now a Superdrug.

24 May 2020 18:23

The Baron of Hinckley, Hinckley

Ceased to be a Wetherspoons late last year.

Now trading as 'The New Baron of Hinckley'.

24 May 2020 18:19

The Almond Bank, Livingston

This former Wetherspoons property now houses two separate restaurant businesses.

24 May 2020 18:14

The Sir Percy Florence Shelley, Boscombe

This Wetherspoons closed in May 2017 - and is now a desert shop.

24 May 2020 18:11

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

Closed in April 2017.

24 May 2020 18:07

The Brierfield, Bolton

Plans are afoot to convert this building into an Islamic community centre.

24 May 2020 08:57

The Kimberley Arms, Norwich

Closed and sold in 2015 - now a cafe.

19 May 2020 20:48

Washington Hotel, Barrow In Furness

Closed as a pub. Sold in 2015 - and developed as a hotel, with serviced apartments.

17 May 2020 18:37

The Betsey Wynne, Swanbourne

Recently been refurbished in (what's considered to be) a post-coronavirus format.

With ample spacing between tables and chairs - and some partitioning. Seems just a bit clinical.

17 May 2020 17:41

The Black Lion, Northampton

Closed, a couple of years ago.

17 May 2020 08:37

The Anglers, Walton on Thames

Though closed (coronavirus), this pub's external furniture has been used by members of the public.

Many people bring their own booze - and sit down at the bolted down tables and chairs, outside the pub.

Loud merriment etc. has been frequently noted - and the pub management plan to soon unbolt the furniture.

16 May 2020 13:54

The Mariners Rest, Grimsby

Closed - future uncertain.

15 May 2020 18:07

Albion, Grimsby

Long gone.

15 May 2020 18:06

Blue Coat , Rotherham

Major extension and refurbishment - just announced by Wetherspoons.

14 May 2020 12:22

The Downview, Worthing

Bought by the local authority for housing - £4.4 million.

13 May 2020 15:24

The Elms, Broadwater

Now housing.

13 May 2020 15:21

The Robin Hood Inn, Knaphill

A year ago (today), a major fire occurred in this pub - which has since been demolished.

Currently the site is padlocked shut - and has been sold for development.

The purchasing company is part owned by the local authority - and residential accommodation is likely for the site.

12 May 2020 17:56

The Samuel Adams Brewhouse, Boston

Replaced by Boston Beer Works - Terminal C.

12 May 2020 09:30

Ring O' Bells, Kendal

Said to be England's only pub on consecrated ground - beside Kendal Parish Church.

Excellent food, beer and ambiance.

11 May 2020 18:19

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

One of the Bills restaurant outlets now occupies this building.

11 May 2020 18:02

The Boileroom, Guildford

The pub has now raised 90% - of its £35,000 crowdfunding target!

11 May 2020 10:00

The Crown and Sceptre, Feltham

Before this pub closed, it had a bad reputation for fights and violence.

Now a busy Tesco Express.

11 May 2020 09:40

The Airman, Feltham

Seems to have closed for about a year - but reopened autumn 2019.

Feltham has seen a lot of pubs going under.

11 May 2020 09:33

The Crown Inn, Lewes

This former historic and prestigious hotel and pub remains closed.

It's quickly falling into serious disrepair - and becoming an eyesore in Lewes town centre.

Probably unlikely to reopen - in any of its previous uses.

10 May 2020 20:47

The Shoulder of Mutton, Heworth

Now the Heworth Arms - following refurbishment.

10 May 2020 08:48

Railway Tavern, Luton

Closed permanently.

10 May 2020 08:19

The Beaconsfield Arms, High Wycombe

Closed a few years ago - planning permission sought for residential.

9 May 2020 17:05

The Holly Tree, Margate

Permanently closed - and gone.

7 May 2020 19:28

The Propeller Inn, Bembridge Airport

A unique pub that was near the airstrip - sadly no longer with us.

7 May 2020 10:10

The Tudor Rose, Kings Lynn

This historic15th century building is no longer a pub.

6 May 2020 17:29

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

On the market - and closed - last year.

A purchase price of £825k was quoted.

Now reopened and doing well.

Centrally located - on the High Street.

6 May 2020 14:22

The Oddfellows Hall, Shipley

Permanently closed.

5 May 2020 21:40

Lord Conyers Arms, Wales

The address in wrong. The pub, with this name - in Wales - has been closed for some years.

5 May 2020 17:54

The Jolly Farmers, Betchworth

Now - The Pheasant at Buckland

With large parking areas - on A25

Food is the priority; it's more of a restaurant

5 May 2020 00:23

Oddfellows Arms, Exeter

Was called The Thirsty Camel for a while - before reverting to its original name.

4 May 2020 23:51

Alexandra Inn, Oakengates

No longer trading - due to lack of customers.

4 May 2020 22:15

The Wetmore Whistle, Burton-Upon-Trent

Now - a car park.

4 May 2020 19:27

The Alamo Bar, Paisley

Permanently closed.

3 May 2020 18:19

The Croft Bar, Paisley

Permanently closed.

3 May 2020 18:18

The Turf Tavern, Paisley

Permanently Closed.

3 May 2020 18:17

The Bitter End, Romford

Permanently closed.

3 May 2020 12:13

The Fusion Inn, Lymington

Now - The Sail Inn.

3 May 2020 10:47

White Hart, Hopton on Sea

Error - this business isn't closed.

And continues to trade successfully, specialising in food.

3 May 2020 10:39

Gallon Pot, Great Yarmouth

Permanently shut.

3 May 2020 10:32

White Hart, Hopton on Sea

Permanently closed.

3 May 2020 10:30

The Tunnel Tavern, Neath

Long gone.

3 May 2020 10:18

The Lord Nelson, Dover

Reopened - just before the virus lockdown - after a £350k refurbishment.

It was closed for four months, and now again - probably for a bit longer.

2 May 2020 17:44

The Derby Arms, Ramsgate

Permanently closed.

2 May 2020 11:42

Disney's Olde Thatched Inn, Ilfracombe

Excellent for food - and not called after the movie/entertainment company.

But after Charlie Disney, a former owner.

2 May 2020 10:01

Old Colonial, Birkenhead

Now Molly's Chambers Bar and Kitchen - after reopening and refurbishment.

2 May 2020 00:29

The Navigation Inn, Kings Norton

Sadly, gone for good.

1 May 2020 17:59

Chapel an Gansblydhen, Bodmin

Now - off Wetherspoons' current disposal list.

Architecturally - a magnificent outlet - with the old chapel features, tastefully blending in the the modern pub ones.

Well managed, and ideal for a holiday sojourn.

1 May 2020 11:04

The Magpie, Norwich

Long gone.

1 May 2020 10:30

The Pack of Cards, Acomb

Demolished - and site developed for residential.

1 May 2020 10:24

The Jubilee, York

Closed for several years - with developers seeking to include residential units, with a smaller pub at ground level.

So far, objections by local residents (a petition was signed) have been successful - although the future remains uncertain.

1 May 2020 10:13

Hawthorne, Warrington

You're correct. Although this pub was posted as being closed for good - on a usually up to date site - it reopened, after a refurbishment.

1 May 2020 09:58

Hawthorne, Warrington

Closed permanently some years ago.

30 Apr 2020 18:20

The Kingsholm Inn, Gloucester

Closed for a couple of months last year - after a change of ownership.

Now reopened. Popular with rugby fans, with the stadium nearby.

30 Apr 2020 17:50

Forum, Lincoln

Disposed of, by Wetherspoons - a few years ago.

30 Apr 2020 09:04

The Green Dragon, Lincoln

Closed - permanently.

30 Apr 2020 09:01

The Harbour Lights, Peterhead

Recently, this pub's management publicly complained.

About the abuse their staff was regularly subjected to.

Both verbally and physically - by customers.

29 Apr 2020 20:06

The Barn Owl, Exeter

Now a steak house.

29 Apr 2020 18:36

The Scotchman and His Pack, Bristol

Sadly - long closed.

29 Apr 2020 18:01

The Windmill, Faversham

Permanently closed.

28 Apr 2020 09:42

The Lady Hamilton, Portsmouth

This pub continues to trade (coronavirus aside), although general standards are very low.

In such a historic/prime position - it really is a pity that the staff are such low calibre, as is the beer.

Many fine pubs nearby thankfully - and in the impressive Gunwharf Quays complex.

28 Apr 2020 09:28

Jenny Wren, Cambridge

Closed a few years ago.

After a violent episode.

27 Apr 2020 18:33

The Hopbine, Cambridge

Now closed - perhaps, for good.

27 Apr 2020 18:31

Nuffield Arms, Cowley

Now a supermarket.

27 Apr 2020 18:23

The General Elliot, South Hinksey

Listed as closed.

27 Apr 2020 18:13

Ring 'O' Bells, West Kirby

Undergoing major refurbishment - and expected to be reopened in the autumn.

27 Apr 2020 17:54

The Cottage Loaf, Llandudno

In mid-March, this pub announced its closure for five days - to allow for routine maintenance.

Before the forthcoming 'busy spring and summer' period ahead. Plenty of time for painting now!

27 Apr 2020 09:04

Lambton Worm, Chester le Street

Ideally located pub and hotel - specialising in B&B.

About 15 miles from Newcastle airport.

Currently closed, due to coronavirus.

26 Apr 2020 18:33

Picture House, Stafford

Last October, the local rivers - Sow and Penk - burst their banks, near this pub.

And caused serious flooding/water damage - and the pub has been closed since.

Remedial and refurbishment works have been ongoing - with the latest scheduled reopening date, in early May.

26 Apr 2020 18:11

Tom Taya Lewis, Newport

No longer a Wetherspoons.

26 Apr 2020 17:59

The Crown, Crown Square

Closed - after major flooding in the area, last autumn.

Was due to reopen around now - April 2020.

Before coronavirus stepped in.

26 Apr 2020 17:51

The Netherfield, Netherfield Centre

Permanently closed.

26 Apr 2020 17:34

The Cattle Market, Burnley

Closed for a few years.

Perhaps - as it's opposite the police station - the high number of police personnel, as customers, had something to do with it!

26 Apr 2020 16:48

The Angel Hotel, Preston

Now - The Angel 39 - after the major refurbishment of this central and old venue.

Live music, cocktails - and plenty of room. One of Preston's busiest entertainment locations.

26 Apr 2020 09:20

The Beltane Cafe Bar, Buxton

Now - 53 Degrees North.

25 Apr 2020 23:20

53 Degrees North, Buxton

Formerly The Beltane Coffee Bar.

25 Apr 2020 23:19

The Beehive Inn, Cheltenham

Sadly, the governor here has died (the Daily Mail reports) from coronavirus - having served at the bar, during the Cheltenham Festival in March.

25 Apr 2020 20:16

Ye Olde White Horse, Spalding

Closed - January 2020.

25 Apr 2020 18:28

Half Moon, Bridlington

Permanently closed - redevelopment submissions made.

25 Apr 2020 17:38

Pat's Bar, Belfast

Closed - site to be redeveloped.

25 Apr 2020 11:39

The Rotterdam Bar, Belfast

Pub permanently closed.

Site to be developed into mixed commercial and residential use..

25 Apr 2020 11:38

Royal Oak, Southampton


25 Apr 2020 10:14

The Village Gate, Wendover

No longer trading - due to major fire, last August.

Currently on the market - as 'redevelopment opportunity'.

25 Apr 2020 09:54

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Just before coronavirus, this unique Wetherspoons closed for internal refurbishment.

The listed building has many delicate features to be maintained - such as the intricate plaster work, on the walls and ceilings.

On reopening, hopefully, the work will be fully completed - as Tunbridge Wells has no other pub in this league.

25 Apr 2020 09:40

The Velvet Coaster, Blackpool

One of Witherspoons' finest and most successful - as well as one of the largest.

Called after a fairground ride - this venue has had a serious impact on the trade of other Blackpool pubs.

Right on the beach - with excellent service, food and beers. I believe the Wetherspoons in Ramsgate is their only larger establishment.

25 Apr 2020 09:27

Friar Penketh, Warrington

Listed for closure by Wetherspoons, last year - and placed on the market. Then taken off, a few months later.

25 Apr 2020 09:06

The Green Man, Edney Common

Permanently closed as a pub - building still stands.

25 Apr 2020 08:45

The Cricketers, Kingston Upon Thames

Closed - for sale.

25 Apr 2020 07:53

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

Currently on the market, for £1.5 million - freehold.

25 Apr 2020 07:41

Monkey Tree, West Bridgford

Permanently closed.

24 Apr 2020 18:27

The Dunkirk Inn, Dunkirk

Long gone.

24 Apr 2020 18:23

The Fox and Goose, Southport

Permanently closed.

24 Apr 2020 12:19

The Sands, Ainsdale

Permanently closed.

24 Apr 2020 12:19

King Lud, Ryde

This place has opened - and closed - several times, recently.

24 Apr 2020 09:31

The Moletrap, Tawney Common

Permanently shut.

23 Apr 2020 22:57

The Beach Bar, Lossiemouth

Demolished - following a fire.

23 Apr 2020 19:59

The Shakespeare, Scarborough

Permanently closed.

23 Apr 2020 18:21

The Malt and Hops, Leith

Opened recently, during the lockdown - for social distancing pints!

Much to the displeasure of the police, and local authorities.

23 Apr 2020 09:01

The Blue Anchor, Blue Anchor

Permanently closed - perilously close to the sea.

22 Apr 2020 19:14

Budz Bar, Aberdeen

Permanently closed.

22 Apr 2020 18:56

Enigma, Aberdeen

Long gone.

22 Apr 2020 18:50

The Hornblower, Newport

Demolished actually - to make way for a block of flats, for the over 55s.

22 Apr 2020 18:31

The Hornblower, Newport

Closed again!

22 Apr 2020 18:26

The Swan, Maidstone

Permanently closed, as a pub.

22 Apr 2020 08:57

The Dog and Gun, Maidstone

Permanently closed.

22 Apr 2020 08:53

The Lord Palmerston, Tottenham

Permanently closed.

22 Apr 2020 08:40

The Elmhurst, Tottenham

Permanently closed.

22 Apr 2020 08:36

The Jolly Sailor, Wakefield

Now the Wharfside.

18 Apr 2020 20:42

The Bird In Hand, North Curry

Correction - only closed because of coronavirus.

14 Apr 2020 13:20

The Bird In Hand, North Curry

Permanently closed.

14 Apr 2020 10:44

Duchess of Kent, Islington

Permanently closed.

13 Apr 2020 17:51

The White Hart, Erith

Was the 'Potion' - in recent years, which had a very fraught history.

13 Apr 2020 17:38

The Church Inn, Bury

Permanently closed.

13 Apr 2020 13:13

The Llandoger, Bristol

Closed. This very old building is in need of a major refurbishment. Future is uncertain.

13 Apr 2020 12:37

The Old Vic, Scarborough

Charles Laughton - the actor - was born here.

13 Apr 2020 11:40

The Cricketers Arms, Leamington Spa

Closed last Christmas.

12 Apr 2020 20:46

Baron Cadogan, Caversham

Hasn't been a Wetherspoons for a year, or so.

12 Apr 2020 13:38

The Blackfriars, Inverness

Reopened after major refurbishment, costing £1.4 million.

12 Apr 2020 13:22

The Masons Arms, Eastby

Closed - site acquired by property developer.

12 Apr 2020 10:48

McArthurs, Ayr

Permanently closed.

11 Apr 2020 20:39

The Tim Bobbin Hotel, Burnley

The banning of mobile phones at the venue - forced customers to vacate the premises, to answer calls - was a reason for the closure, adding to the uncertainty. Many joined a boycott.

11 Apr 2020 14:59

The Happy Frenchman, Folkestone

And now reopened as the Radnor Arms.

11 Apr 2020 09:11

The Happy Frenchman, Folkestone

Permanently closed.

11 Apr 2020 08:13

The Pennsylvanian, Rickmansworth

Wetherspoons have decided to sell this unit.

10 Apr 2020 22:43

The Tim Bobbin Hotel, Burnley

Closed - future uncertain.

10 Apr 2020 22:21

Gullivers Tavern, Kinson

Closed for a while - now reopened as The Acorn, and run by the former governor of a nearby pub.

10 Apr 2020 22:09

The Rose and Crown, St Albans

Closed - a few weeks before the lockdown.

10 Apr 2020 13:13

Bay Horse Inn, Meanwood

Permanently closed.

10 Apr 2020 09:01

The Black Lion, Nantwich

Genuine 17th century pub that appears to have turned the corner - after going into administration last summer, and closing briefly.

9 Apr 2020 21:30

The Six Bells, Lymington

This Wetherspoons has been broken into twice - since the coronavirus lockdown, just over a couple of weeks ago.

Metal sheeting has been applied to the outside of the closed outlet - which JDW confirms has no stock or cash, on the premises.

9 Apr 2020 20:38

Time Piece, Dewsbury

Sold by Wetherspoons a couple of months ago.

9 Apr 2020 20:28

The Crescent, Salford

Closed - future uncertain.

9 Apr 2020 20:13

The Happy Hour, Watford

Permanently closed.

9 Apr 2020 20:06

The Alexander Bain, Wick

Was on Wetherspoons 2019 list, for disposal.

9 Apr 2020 18:28

Isaac Merritt, Paignton

On the Wetherspoons disposal list.

9 Apr 2020 18:24

Chapel an Gansblydhen, Bodmin

Wetherspoons plan to dispose of this unit.

9 Apr 2020 18:20

Rhinoceros, Rotherham

On Wetherspoons' current list - for disposal.

9 Apr 2020 18:17

Hen and Chickens, Bolton

Permanently closed.

9 Apr 2020 17:51

The Brierfield, Bolton

Permanently closed.

9 Apr 2020 17:50

The Annfield Bar, Leith

Now Basils...

9 Apr 2020 17:47

Welcome Inn, Blackpool

Please understand - the Welcome Inn no longer exists.

That's the only message applicable to my post.

And an indisputable one.

9 Apr 2020 17:33

The Linden Tree, Swansea

No longer exists - now a Co-op.

9 Apr 2020 17:24

Welcome Inn, Blackpool

No longer exists!

9 Apr 2020 17:19

Welcome Inn, Blackpool

Permanently closed.

9 Apr 2020 11:53

The Cock Inn, Sibson

Permanently closed.

9 Apr 2020 09:55

The Grapes Hotel, Coventry

Closed - residential development likely.

9 Apr 2020 09:53

The Charlotte, Leicester

Was a major music venue.

Acts included - The Cranberries, Pulp, Radiohead, Artic Monkeys etc.

Now a supermarket.

9 Apr 2020 09:36

The Corner Pin, Tottenham

Closed for good.

8 Apr 2020 23:52

Cheshire Cheese, Doseley

Closed last year, permanently.

8 Apr 2020 23:46

The Fountain, Aberystwyth

Been shut for some time.

8 Apr 2020 19:01

The Vale of Rheidol, Aberystwyth

Closed - uncertain future.

8 Apr 2020 19:00

Sir Norman Wisdom, Deal

One of the better Wetherspoons; well located and well run.

Called after SNW - because he lived in Deal, as a lad.

8 Apr 2020 18:44

The Rodwell, Weymouth

Permanently closed.

8 Apr 2020 18:28

The Waverley Arms, Weymouth

Gone for ever...

8 Apr 2020 18:22

Wardwick Tavern, Derby

Closed - may return....

8 Apr 2020 18:10

The Kings Head, Yarmouth

Closed - may reopen, again!

8 Apr 2020 10:36

The Pedestrian Arms, Carlisle

Permanently shut.

8 Apr 2020 09:45

The Harraby Inn, Carlisle

Reopened as The Harraby Pub and Kitchen.

8 Apr 2020 09:41

Robinswood Inn, Matson

Still permanently shut.

8 Apr 2020 09:33

The Famous Pint Pot, Gloucester

First review - permanently closed.

8 Apr 2020 09:29

The Barn Owl, Exeter

Permanently closed.

8 Apr 2020 09:19

The Pottery Arms, Brentford

Permanently closed.

8 Apr 2020 08:55

The Linden Tree, Swansea

Permanently Closed.

8 Apr 2020 08:49

The Rhyddings Hotel, Brynmill

Permanently closed.

8 Apr 2020 08:48

The Horse and Groom, Horsham

Reincarnated as the Brewhouse and Kitchen.

7 Apr 2020 21:10

The Rising Sun, Horsham

Permanently closed.

7 Apr 2020 21:08

The Queens Head, Horsham

Permanently closed.

7 Apr 2020 20:57

Little John Inn, Ravenshead

Closed permanently, at last orders - this past Friday.

7 Apr 2020 20:42

Top End Bar, Ashton under Lyne

This excellent business didn't break the law/rules.

Unfair for an old board warrior - to make false allegations.

7 Apr 2020 20:17

The Five Swans, Newcastle upon Tyne

Just reopened, before the coronavirus lockdown.

After tasteful and expensive refurbishment.

One of about a dozen Wetherspoons in the area.

7 Apr 2020 20:07

The Crockerton, Cardiff

Permanently closed.

7 Apr 2020 19:17

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, Brighton

Permanently closed.

7 Apr 2020 19:00

The Steamer, Fleetwood

Syd Little (ex-TV comedian) runs the restaurant here.

2 Apr 2020 18:42

The White Swan, Swinton

Paul Gascoigne's current local.

2 Apr 2020 11:17

Oblivion Bar, Preston


2 Apr 2020 09:35

Withy Trees, Fulwood


2 Apr 2020 09:33

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

Soon to incorporate the Heritage Centre of Wetherspoons - including a museum.

1 Apr 2020 20:38

The Bridge Inn, Lydd

Permanently closed.

1 Apr 2020 08:48

The Old Duke, Bristol

Homeless chap convicted last week - of stealing cash and booze (worth £3k) from this pub - in October of 2019.

31 Mar 2020 11:58

The Spring Meadow, Droitwich

Permanently closed.

31 Mar 2020 08:36

Sportsman, Lodge Moor

Permanently closed.

30 Mar 2020 10:24

Double Gloucester, Longlevens

Permanently closed.

30 Mar 2020 10:19

Dowlings Irish Bar, Nottingham

Battering ram used by the police to gain entry to the pub premises - at 7am recently.

29 Mar 2020 10:39

The Shakespeare, Farnworth

Customers welcomed via the back door, say the police - after the coronavirus legislation.

27 Mar 2020 09:10

The Billy Goat, Mossley

A pub - said by the local police - to have allowed customers in, through the back door, after the coronavirus ban.

27 Mar 2020 08:36

The Orient Hotel, Liverpool

Perhaps - when the pub license is up for review - the police may well bring up this defiance of the law!

26 Mar 2020 23:14

Postal Order, Crystal Palace

Graffiti attack recently on this Wetherspoons.

'Pay your Staff' - daubed all over the front of the closed pub.

26 Mar 2020 09:07

The Gloucester Old Spot, Elmstone Hardwicke

Still selling booze at the weekend.

Served through a window to customers - in the courtyard.

25 Mar 2020 17:15

Treaty of Commerce, Lincoln

Temporarily closed as a pub (coronavirus).

But selling takeaway beer.

Bring your own container - washed out milk cartons suggested!

£2 a pint...

25 Mar 2020 08:19

The Trafalgar Bay, York

Coranavirus causality - but now providing a takeaway service for drink.

Including beer - bring your own container!

23 Mar 2020 08:09

Blind Jacks, Knaresborough

Closed (coranavirus), but now doing beer/wine delivery via their new website.

23 Mar 2020 07:55

The Bristol Bar, Glasgow

Stayed open until late on Saturday night.

Despite the official closure order.

Issued, by the government, because of coranavirus.

22 Mar 2020 18:30

Legends Bar, Greenock

'Cheers' - this pub is now called. It was one of the few UK pubs to refuse to accept the coronavirus closure order for pubs , recently.

It stayed open - trading away - causing a mass brawl outside the pub, between supporters and protesters.

22 Mar 2020 18:08

The Boileroom, Guildford

Closed (due to coranavirus regulations) - and have set up a crowdfunding campaign, to cover overheads during the closure period.

22 Mar 2020 16:49

The Swan, Lewes

Closed temporarily as a pub - due to coranavirus.

Already trading now, as a farm shop!

21 Mar 2020 20:31

The George, Old Oxted

Now has the same ownership as the nearby Crown. The George's food and cocktails are excellent.

20 Mar 2020 11:00

The Wheatsheaf, Stanwell

Permanently closed.

20 Mar 2020 10:36

The Victoria, Woodham

Permanently closed.

20 Mar 2020 10:08

The Sun Inn, Englefield Green

Permanently closed.

20 Mar 2020 09:56

The Kings Head, Chertsey

Permanently closed.

20 Mar 2020 09:47

Two Rivers, Staines

Permanently closed.

20 Mar 2020 09:43

The Fox Inn, Bisley


20 Mar 2020 09:32

The Rose and Olive Branch, Virginia Water

Reopened after major (and excellent) refurbishment - with new management.

20 Mar 2020 08:41

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Currently closed due to coranavirus.

20 Mar 2020 08:15

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Closed - coranavirus.

20 Mar 2020 08:09

The Blue Anchor, Reigate


19 Mar 2020 16:15

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate


19 Mar 2020 16:15

King Harold, Harold Wood

Faulty electrical fittings, at this pub, caused the death of a child - not long ago.

The legal case is ongoing - against the irresponsible/greedy/culpable owners.

19 Mar 2020 14:33

The Swan, Cheltenham

Interesting. Many locals think it's to take a break - after the busy Cheltenham Festival.

19 Mar 2020 09:52

The Railway Inn, Cheltenham


18 Mar 2020 14:00

The Swan, Cheltenham


18 Mar 2020 13:54

The Dolphin Inn, Penzance

Not on here gog - join a history site...

17 Mar 2020 11:53

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

Landlady in the press, about the freeholder's (EI-formerly Enterprise) insurance policy.

It doesn't cover her pub's loss of earnings, due to coronavirus - although she's paid into it for 20 years.

As it's compulsory - by EI. Not good news for her, or those running pubs for the UK's biggest pubco.

17 Mar 2020 11:05

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Arguably the finest Wetherspoons pub - in the country.

Where operas are still performed, occasionally.

One of the bars is on stage!

Seemingly this listed/historic building is in need of some TLC.

No reopening date was posted externally.

7 Mar 2020 15:40

The Dolphin Inn, Penzance

Posted as closed - five and a half years ago....

7 Mar 2020 09:35

The Prince of Wales, Haslemere

Closed for a deep clean - after a coranavirus customer visited.

2 Mar 2020 11:08

The Treasury, Sutton

In there today - Ebb and Flow. Was served ice in my drink, by hand!

Barmaid categorically denied - what I saw her doing, three feet in front of me.

Only 3/4 in a large establishment - so she wasn't even busy.

With Coranavirus - is such unprofessional service even legal?

1 Mar 2020 14:24

The Treasury, Sutton

In there today - Ebb and Flow. Was served ice in my drink, by hand!

Barmaid categorically denied - what I saw her doing, three feet in front of me.

Only 3/4 in a large establishment - so she wasn't even busy.

With Coranavirus - is such unprofessional service even legal?

1 Mar 2020 14:24

The Commercial Hotel, St Just


Black Flag, Bearded, Driftwood Spar, Sharps, Skinner's, Padstow.

Just a few of the many successful Cornish breweries.

1 Mar 2020 11:38

The Swan, Ironbridge

Like most pubs around the area - closed.

Because of devastating flooding, from the Severn.

29 Feb 2020 15:58

The Yew Tree 'Time well spent', Reigate Hill

For Sale sign up now!

29 Feb 2020 14:16

The Star, Ruthin

Fine. They whined about a closed pub, denigrated the landlord (on hearsay evidence) and quoted a derogatory post from another site.

Then say - it's the worst pub visited. Not one positive comment, even vaguely. In fact, this is an ideal pub - for the younger 2020s.

23 Dec 2019 20:55

The Star, Ruthin

Why return to a pub you dislike - and then tell us about it, twice?

22 Dec 2019 18:31

The Dog and Partridge, Preston

Frequented by many posing and pouting yuppies though!

Who don't wear flat caps, breed whippets, drink real ale or read beer guides.

Some are even verbally abused by locals, who think lager is both rubbish and unpatriotic.

But they move with the times, enjoy music and modern interaction.

And don't ask for a little egg cup, to taste the new Horse Water Ale.

3 Dec 2019 18:59

The Dog and Partridge, Preston

Closed! No-way¡

This is Preston's best music venue, and open until late every night - particularly at weekends.

Major bands, great service after thorough refurbishment. Well kept beers - Jennings Cumberland Ale and Wainwright.

Be early 'for all the jolies.....'

3 Dec 2019 13:54

Roscoe Arms, Liverpool

Yes, you - and the snarling lady - are a hoot in the Head!

If you could both wait a few years - before telling us again, that a pub posted as closed, is still not a pub anymore - it'd be appreciated by many.

Happy Xmas.

3 Dec 2019 13:05

Roscoe Arms, Liverpool

Get out more Nog - Wetherspoons was new, 40 years ago. With no - pool tables, dart boards, music, sitting at the bar etc.

The B&G type outlet is the future now. Forget about old beer guides and real ales; have a few cocktails and some brightness in your life.

And some fun - in the strategically located beer garden, for example...

3 Dec 2019 07:46

Roscoe Arms, Liverpool

The Butterfly and The Grasshopper - recently opened after an extensive renovation and refurbishment - is what a modern eating and drinking venue should be like.

Innovative in every way. Design, decor, atmosphere and character - all unique. Over three floors - the ground floor is a traditional pub; the second opens out to a magnificent beer garden.

Cocktails, great food and beer - and excellent food. Well worth a visit, if you can get in. Though not suitable for Camra flat-cappers or traditionalists!

2 Dec 2019 09:37

The Royal Oak, Worthing

Renamed after refurbishment to - 'Cow and Oak Freehouse and Terrace'....

24 Nov 2019 09:41

The Sun, Redhill

Nog - why support a pub site, and rarely comment on them? Other than to remind us, for example, that one - which was posted as closed over 12 years ago - remains so.

24 Nov 2019 07:16

The Sun, Redhill

Visited here this morning around 10.30am - and counted 57 customers; these would have started arriving from 8am.

All having breakfast, coffee or alcoholic drinks - mainly shoppers. The only other pub, in central Redhill, hadn't opened yet.

Excellent food and beer quality here, at very reasonable prices - and served efficiently. To a captive market - with few other options to this Spoons.

Replicated in towns throughout the country, every day.

In recent years, 5 pubs in central Redhill have closed because of Wetherspoons' dominance.

23 Nov 2019 12:20

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Amazingly busy place, for drinkers and diners. Like other Wetherspoons, it's trading for 3/4 hours before the competition has opened; it also closes later.

Pubs around it are dying/closing and this pub just gets busier. When will the other operators even try to compete with Spoons - who also lead the way in nearby Horley, Redhill Leatherhead etc?

22 Nov 2019 16:26

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Yes, the elbow of the L is the only spot to stand - when ordering here, or you could wait 15 minutes.

Arguments (customer/customer and customer/barperson) are as common as the shout - from inside the bar - 'who's next?'...

19 Nov 2019 17:55

The Glan Aber Hotel, Betws-y-Coed

Posting about unlisted pubs, on a pub's page, is confusing and foolhardy - as nobody knows what outlets are being referred to.

Similar to telling us a former pub building (or site thereof) is now an undertakers or a McDonald's.

Even though, many years before (sometimes, more than ten), it was posted as closed - often several times.

19 Nov 2019 09:08

The Herbert Wells, Woking

Scrump - why bring a notebook into a pub?

18 Jun 2019 20:54

The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

Dead place - which wouldn't be missed if it closed again.

Nothing to offer. Bored staff, few customers and mediocre beer.

18 Jun 2019 20:43

The Rock House Inn, Dulverton

It's open m8 - sober up!

29 Jan 2019 21:58

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Sitting outside the counter, a bored and loudmouthed barmaid yesterday moaned about her job - on her phone. My visit was brief, and my drink pricey.

28 Jan 2019 12:21

Seven Stars, Brighton


27 Jan 2019 12:45

The Wishing Well, Hounslow

Was also named - Snug, Tommy Flynn's, Hand in Hand etc!

18 Jan 2019 17:55

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Closed - for refurbishment.

18 Jan 2019 15:19

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

This place is always mobbed after work by the legal and finance brigades, working locally - and because of the numerous transport stations nearby.

16 Jan 2019 11:53

The Red Lion, Moreton in Marsh

I saw Shergar in Balham; this is a pub site.

Not for celebrity watchers.

Who is Bake Off?

1 Jan 2019 19:44

Turmeric Gold, Tudeley

Posted as such, over ten and a half years ago - why tell us again?

1 Jan 2019 13:24

Dew Drop Inn, Hathern

Please concentrate on the pub, in hand...

31 Dec 2018 20:13

Shinner and Sudtone, Sutton

Different only because it hasn't been refurbished. Not unusual though, with minimum wage staff with little interest.

30 Dec 2018 20:35

The Sutton Arms, Sutton

Acceptable establishment, with mediocre and disinterested staff. Survives because it's on the main drag - near shops, bookies and food places.

30 Dec 2018 20:32

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Staff make little effort to serve customers in order.

And shorts very often have the mixer filled to the brim, without any consultation.

Could do much better, with a higher calibre management - and staff training

30 Dec 2018 11:28

Slug and Lettuce, Epsom

Well, the place is still going - but the last poster's comments remain valid. Mediocre staff with loudmouth clientele. And invisible management.

29 Dec 2018 20:25

The Black Bull Inn, Darwen

Opens at 4pm - as their website says: It gives all the opening times like closed on Monday and Tuesday.

28 Dec 2018 21:52

The Malt Shovel, Coventry

Why post about a former pub, closed for over ten years?

25 Dec 2018 07:56

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

The Falcon - longest bar in the world? No, not by a long shot.

24 Dec 2018 09:34

Acorn 30, Epsom

Closed - boarded up, with steel hoardings.

23 Dec 2018 15:29

The Albion, Epsom

McCafferty's - the new name.

23 Dec 2018 15:26

The Bloomfield Inn, Arno's Vale

Third closed listing (below) for this pub - which has now been gone for over three and a half years!

15 Dec 2018 14:54

The Admiral, Reigate

Trading well now, under fairly new ownership.

Good local with pleasant atmosphere, and good beer.

Much improved - since some longterm regulars were barred!

30 Nov 2018 13:50

The Mansion, Feltham

Posted as closed for a few years, over a year ago. Why tell us again?

29 Nov 2018 09:51

O'Neills, Sutton

Currently closed for refurbishment - will reopen shortly.

27 Nov 2018 14:13

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

Good food - but untrained staff make ordering difficult.

Staff seem to be mostly student types, who don't stay long.

A pity - because, on this side of town, the only real competition is the Wetherspoons.

11 Nov 2018 23:02

The Sun, Redhill

Home to a band of regulars - individuals who sit daily in the same chair.

At the same table.

Virtually all day, drinking the same beer - and eating before they leave.

They meet their friends and keep warm. A series of little social clubs really.

Wetherspoons now have a significant place - in the lives of many.

1 Nov 2018 09:30

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

Last post; simply - rubbish!

6 Jul 2018 10:31

The White Horse, Hertford

For posters wlth the good fortune to be able to travel around - the intended purpose?

No, it's not; as these chaps usually (and feel it their duty, when on a new pub crawl), pontificate expansively on a town's hostelries - after a pint in each.

What's much more valuable are the views of regulars on their local pubs - without the ubiquitous 'pub number 4 on our tour'.

From day trippers, with too much time on their hands - saying similar things about all.

6 Jul 2018 09:53

The Kings Head, Guildford

Who (the bleep) is Gavin - £5 for a good pint of lager is normal!?

5 Jul 2018 17:55

The White Horse, Hertford

To review saying it's spotlessly clean, that you've lost your tongue - and that the only reason to visit is a person called Jed - is of little help to anyone.

30 Jun 2018 19:17

Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, Swiss Cottage

Most 'superficia'l pub in London - made to look like a Swiss cottage!

29 Jun 2018 16:48

The Abbey, Liverpool

What a post by wirral - confirming the name change, already posted!

And telling us that an unknown ale was good...

26 Jun 2018 17:19

The Stoke, Guildford

England were playing today - in the World Cup, live on TV - and most pubs in the UK were similar. Init?

24 Jun 2018 18:05

The Bulls Head, Dorking

New management - again.

24 Jun 2018 11:29

The Cayo Arms Hotel, Cardiff

You're writing 'for the community'...see your vet...!?

20 Jun 2018 21:14

The Cayo Arms Hotel, Cardiff

Your historical facts are inaccurate. Views on what a 'jolly wheeze' - infantile.
Why not just type about pub standards, beer etc. - it's what this site is about.

20 Jun 2018 17:33

The Brewery Inn, Ashtead

Business is business m8.

More staff costs, as well.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

It's the real world.

18 Jun 2018 17:51

The Cricketers, Swindon

Your second closed posting!

12 Jun 2018 10:21

The Grapes Hotel, Swindon

Already posted twice as closed - 5/6 years ago!

12 Jun 2018 10:16

The Bear, Horsham

Quiet a small pub - so, when attempting to buy a drink at the bar - a local ape took exception to me invading his space.

I drank up fast and left, never to return. Seemingly, the place has a high tolerance level for the great unwashed of Horsham.

A pity - as it's a nice little pub, in a central location; the ape seemed at home though - on friendly terms with the staff.

2 Jun 2018 14:51

Pursuit of Hoppiness, Bridport

Yes - slerpy is a bizarre suspect alien!

31 May 2018 15:33

The Hatch, Shaws Corner

Fine establishment in the Redgate area - with good food, beer and atmosphere.

Numerous buses pass outside, and this different type of place is well worth a visit.

29 May 2018 14:01

The Joseph Conrad, Lowestoft

All posts - with the exception of the last incomprehensible one - confirm this as a fine establishment, which is illustrated by the large levels of patrons.

The best and busiest in town, with well kept beer and good food. Service is efficient and management have a firm hand on things.

29 May 2018 10:32

The Junction, Redhill

Run by amateurs - and only making a living because it's the only opposition to the nearby Wetherspoons. The other town centre pubs - the Abbott and the Eagle - have closed.

Service is slow, with untrained staff. Hygiene standards are suspect, and prices are dramatically higher than The Sun - which is open 4 hours earlier, at 8am.

28 May 2018 17:26

Talbot Hotel, Ledbury

snooty too is?

27 May 2018 23:06

The Baron of Beef, Cambridge

For the Champions League final, it was the only city centre pub showing the game. Manic, but civilised.

27 May 2018 20:38

Kings Head Hotel, Beccles

Simply couldn't cope this weekend. Customers had to queue to order food - and the overworked staff became rather twitchy! A fine establishment physically, and is really the centrepiece of the town.

26 May 2018 13:34

Castle, Farringdon

Decent = kind or obliging; moderate or respectable. This place must be exceptional¡

20 May 2018 18:01

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Good local type pub - where I even met the dog mentioned in previous posts! Her name is Mia; owner, Alan. Nice beer garden, good food and beer - with friendly staff.

1 May 2018 06:15

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Most pleasant beer garden which gets very busy! Same management as the Red Cross, nearby which concentrates on music and TV sport. Excellent food at the Blue Anchor, good beer, quiz nights and friendly staff.

28 Apr 2018 15:01

The Limes, South Merstham

Now run by a community group.

9 Feb 2018 08:43

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

Concur with the last post. There was a female barperson here who was abrupt and mannerless; happy to serve regulars, she had an apparent hatred for occasional drinkers. Thankfully she's gone (or fired) and the place now has a friendly atmosphere, full of all types.

8 Feb 2018 11:32

The Seymore Arms, East Knoyle

This pub is closed for 5 years - why tell us that again, 5 years later?

5 Feb 2018 15:34

The Sun, Redhill

Until relatively recently, there were five pubs in the centre of Redhill - now there are two; and the Sun trades for 4 hours before its sole competitor even opens - and well after it closes!

Not just a pub - it serves breakfasts, morning coffees, lunches, afternoon teas, dinner etc. And it's busy throughout the day - with locals and shoppers (a massive new Sainsbury's is just opposite).

Food and beer are of good quality and the place is well run. Six nations rugby will be shown - as are other major sporting events. In this area - there is no busier pub/restaurant.

3 Feb 2018 09:59

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Reopened on the High Street by Stonegate, who did an excellent job on the tasteful refurbishment of this historic establishment.

24 Mar 2017 08:19

The Peter Cushing, Whitstable

Why mention a Nottinghamshire pub in a thread/post about a Kent one?

It's so easy to comment on that other pub's own BITE page.

22 Mar 2017 17:35

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Slerpy - on the white powder again.

Typos even make him even more odd.

Old age is catching him badly...

14 Feb 2017 21:30

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

All the pubs in Victoria are jammed m8, all the time.

10 Jan 2017 14:13

The Haycutter, Oxted

Been closed for a while - but new owers have just got planning permission for a £2 million redevelopment, which is to start soon.

10 Jan 2017 10:50

The Organ Grinder, Newark

Odd post - pub of the day/4.5/three questions....

6 Jan 2017 21:49

The Venture Inn, Reigate

Now doing tapas - lovely jubley.

5 Jan 2017 10:11

The Vale, Birkenhead

Posted as closed, 5.5 years ago.

Try to keep up found m8.

3 Jan 2017 17:11

The Tower, Redhill

Yes, saw something in the publicans' press about Wetherspoon's interest - for a Lloyds outlet. Makes sense in view of existing entertainment licences, and the demise of the only nightclub in the area.

Could be acquired cheaply and JDW often have more than one unit in the same location. Two in Worthing - across the road from each other. I - for one - hope JDW come in again - as the other pubs are dire.

28 Dec 2016 18:14

The Garibaldi, Redhill

salient* nearby*...(numerous outlets)

21 Dec 2016 12:42

The Blue Ball, Walton On The Hill

Pub of the Year - 2016

21 Nov 2016 09:26

The Jenny Lind, Hastings

12 - what's the pub like?!

20 Nov 2016 19:30

The Rifleman Inn, Epsom

Sussexfox's post is accurate.

Too expensive, for a basic boozer.

Pubs, the other side of the Clock, are much better - and cheaper.

20 Nov 2016 11:02

The Junction, Redhill

Slerpy - great that you've stopped reviewing pubs.

Pity that you're a bitter old man, reduced to insults.

13 Nov 2016 16:42

The Junction, Redhill

Closed - on Sundays...

13 Nov 2016 16:21

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Closed 3.5 years ago - and idiots are still posting about it!

12 Nov 2016 14:21

The Split Chimp, Newcastle

the most idiotic post ever - (never been, 'obviously'')....

11 Nov 2016 23:32

The Crown, Capel

Open again - after a £300k+ refurbishment.

9 Nov 2016 12:58

The White Lion, Redhill

Was closed, but reopened last week - with new management.

Redhill's oldest pub.

9 Nov 2016 10:10

The Yew Tree 'Time well spent', Reigate Hill

Most pleasant restaurant/pub - run by friendly management and staff.

Nice beer garden at rear, and ample parking at front.

Well kept beer and first class good. Ideal for drink or meal before joining/after leaving the M25.

Junction 8 is less than1,000 yards away.

8 Nov 2016 16:29

The Royal Oak, Brockham

The Oak was taken over a while ago by a local pub group, with about a dozen outlets - manly in East Surrey.

Standards, including those for food, are high. And the beer quality has never been better.

Lovely village green pub - with friendly staff and ample parking.

7 Nov 2016 14:27

The Arkle Manor, Betchworth

Reopened - after 5* refurbishment. Fixtures and fittings are very high standard.

Ample staff, and although I didn't eat, the food looked top quality - as was my lager.

There are now 4/5 food oriented pubs on the A25 - between Reigate and Dorking - all raising the stakes.

Good for the customer and this - and all the other venues are gearing up for a busy Christmas trade, offering a variety of deals.

7 Nov 2016 12:02

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

The last poster didn't have a drink - but opines that it probably is a good beer pub!

Why not try it, and tell us after?

4 Nov 2016 17:45

The Shakespeare, Victoria

Worst pub in London? Undoubtedly.

Opposite Victoria Station, and fails under all headings.

Including staff (untrained), hygiene (awful) and beer quality.


4 Nov 2016 16:02

The Bell, Reigate

Good little boozer

3 Nov 2016 21:36

The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

Oriental welcome, of the cold and disinterested variety.

With slow service.

Food was available at lunchtime yesterday - but nobody was eating.

2 Nov 2016 07:30

The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

Oriental welcome, of the cold and disinterested variety.

With slow service.

Food was available at lunchtime yesterday - but nobody was eating.

2 Nov 2016 07:30

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Might well be the best of the Wetherspoon 1,000.

Historic, well run and very busy.

Was bombed during WWII.

30 Oct 2016 08:09

The Guinea Butt, Tunbridge Wells

Untrained staff - and not many of them - are the problem here.

As you will wait for service.

Mediocre outlet, under all headings.

30 Oct 2016 08:05

The Crystal Palace, Tunbridge Wells

Closed - and boarded up.

30 Oct 2016 08:01

The Jolly Farmers, Betchworth

Old Gam is reviewing closed pubs again - and dreaming.

20 Jul 2015 14:47

The Tower, Redhill

Oen today - Sunday.

And doing food during the week.

10 May 2015 22:30

Leadbelly's, Newquay

Blue - this pub closed about 2.5 years ago.

Why tell us what has been posted before, 2.5 years later?

5 May 2015 23:29

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

Accurate. All the old biddies want is to sell standard (sub) food to families. Better profit margin. Avoid.

13 Apr 2015 22:13

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Quite right bright - these chaps are living in the past. There's nothing wrong with this pub - its just become a hub for Camera type moaners.

17 Jun 2014 07:20

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

CLOSED - now a cookery school.

15 Jun 2014 21:25

The Prince Of Wales, Westcott

CLOSED (learn Gam, simple - no need to review a dead pub)

15 Jun 2014 21:23

The New Prince, Surbiton

Is Bill Butler still working at the New Prince?

24 Feb 2014 14:58

The Queens Head, Bradfield

But apart from that Keith, do you recommend the place?

9 Sep 2013 13:30

London and County, Eastbourne

'Full of unpleasant old men'....

Slerpy, this place seems made for you!

6 Sep 2013 10:37

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

Closed - for refurb; passed by the pub today.

14 Aug 2013 14:32

The Glamorgan, Croydon

More pub staff news from old slerpy. Who cares about these people?

13 Aug 2013 10:06

The George, Croydon

Old slerpy feels he must update us on pub staff changes.....

13 Aug 2013 10:03

The Rifleman Inn, Epsom

Excellent and tasteful refurb completed; the pub is now much bigger and has the best beer garden in the area - all new, with a BBQ. Food is now served and the new governor is a pleasant/friendly chap. Beer is well kept and this place will give other Epsom pubs a big run for their money. Not before time....

12 Aug 2013 15:47

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Now for tim-dims and tory-boys, says the last poster but one. And for those fashionable/wine bar types who like paying over £5 a pint!

Rubbish. This is a just a normal/nice local boozer with good beer, excellent food - and a lovely beer garden which has fine BBQ's in the summer.

Local celebrities Tony Tobin and Alfie Moon are quiet regulars. Not sure about Kate Moss!

8 Jun 2013 13:15

The Cricketers, Croydon

Over 50 posts here now from slerpy - all positive about this pub. Well known local OAP with a major vested interest.

29 May 2013 11:16

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

For blackdragon (who often just types 'looooooooool' - whatever childish significance that has!) to give advice on posting is as silly as someone telling him to wash. Known in Sutton as 'scratchy'.........

29 May 2013 10:11

The Tower, Redhill

Maybe...but, I think the hoardings may be for safety. The building is in a bad way after the fire.

28 Feb 2013 10:53

The Admiral, Reigate

Almost worth a visit. Ian the Scots owner (often in the background) watches Lesley - his partner and the name on the business (!) - and Dawn, the patsie. Closing soon we hope locally in NL, before/after the court case. Ian - greed at all costs - who cares about neighbours or anything else?

4 Jan 2013 22:42

The Royal Oak, Rusper

TWG's last comment was more an 'ad' than anything else - for this pub which he also continues to campaign for, against CAMRA. Briefer, at least; sadly more biased.

2 Jan 2013 09:44

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Yes weald - many on this site seem to have a vendetta and can't cope with a different/positive view on this pub. They have to resort to ridicule, attacks and accusations of us posters who think there are more good things about the JF, than bad. But we are not serious beer drinkers and have vested interests, etc.

26 Oct 2012 10:07

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Great post?

TWG will always type 1,000 word when 10 is enough; BITE seems to be his hobby, sadly.

A nice pub; c7 rating is accurate.

1 Oct 2012 22:48

The Hatch, Shaws Corner

Mediocre pub - usually empty because of a difficult location (on a bad bend/between Reigate and Redhill). A bus crashed into it a couple of weeks ago; demolished the pool room. Good beer though.

1 Oct 2012 22:29

The Inn At Kew, Kew

There are (still) over 40,000 pubs in the UK. I don't like those with loud music, TV sport, pool, strippers, unhygienic toilets etc. I just avoid them - why don't you (kev) - just stay out of those that cater for kids?

A pub is an outlet which trades on a business model - no entry after 11pm; no trainers; no groups. Some allow children; some - as typed already - do not. Darts are for 'oldies' - should I ask my local to get rid of the board and ban dogs and OAP's ('cause EYE don't like them) ?

1 Oct 2012 22:23

The Abbot, Redhill

The friendly landlady does not look like a witch - and the pub has Sky, starting today; the only one around to have it?

16 Sep 2012 12:08

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Quaint little place with friendly staff - but as brewmason says, spirits are vastly overpriced.

16 Sep 2012 12:01

The Elephant and Castle, Lewes

Good beer, friendly staff and ideal for sports fans; plenty of plasma screens showing different sports - and the food is well above average.

16 Sep 2012 11:56

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Excellent pub and Harveys (brewed nearby). Friendly staff and good food. Only complaint; it gets very busy!

16 Sep 2012 11:52

The Crown Inn, Lewes

This fine building houses a truly awful pub where, it seems, every Lewes chav hangs out. Bad language and behaviour are the norm and there seems to be no management whatsoever.

16 Sep 2012 11:44

The Volunteer, Lewes

Nice pub - but very poor staff who have little interest is even being vaguely pleasant. Everything seems a chore, except chatting to their mates.

16 Sep 2012 11:37

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

me240's March 2012 comment is apt! Grumpy woman - no, an awful one. Clearly, in the wrong job, she ruins a decent boozer and should retire; she's old enough!

As a result, the 7+ rating is inaccurate; 5- with this dreary person on board, who also was mentioned in Biggles' March 2012 post. We go to Lewes for a pleasant pub crawl; until this witch vacates, this pub is off the route.

16 Sep 2012 11:21

Lamb, Lewes

No review for a couple of years - during which period I've called in a few times. VERY quiet; usually I was the only customer.

16 Sep 2012 11:05

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

healy7 is correct. This is a pub review site and not a forum to discuss a private dispute. tmich is miffed he didn't get a job; so what? Looking at his vindictive comments, he doen't deserve one. BTW, the pub is now a pleasure to visit: I'll be having lunch there today.

16 Sep 2012 10:05

The Market Hotel, Reigate

At the Fuller's 'do' tonight in The Market Stores. Lovely refitted pub which will do well. Its open to the public on Sunday and has everything (infrastructure, facilities, ambience, character, decor etc.) to make it the best pub for miles. Staff are great and it'll be a big addition to the town. Invitation only tonight!

14 Sep 2012 22:29

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Don't trust Camra or the GBG (or other people's opinions?) - says TGW, in his awful longwinded post(s). The ale/beer is average here - but certainly not worth the trip from Streatham!

12 Sep 2012 22:28

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Very expensive (for tourists) and mediocre; barstaff just come and go, frequently.

12 Sep 2012 10:53

Crown Inn, Westcott

Bertram Bees - a cafe/restaurant is here, and the site looks great. After years of sheer neglect; no wonder the pub is gone.

10 Sep 2012 11:16

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Peer - 'WE should be suspicious' gives the game away by this blatant multi-name poster. Its an old trick, but sad and boring and top/1959 has been reported to BITE. IMO, the Jolly Farmers is an average boozer, nothing more, nothing less and, no, I have no interest in it except for its well kept beer on the way home.

13 Aug 2012 12:50

The Sun, Redhill

A month later - still no ice!

28 Jun 2012 09:44

The Monks Retreat, Reading

When working in Reading, I always visit this fine Wetherspoon, close to the station. Beer and food quality are excellent and the service efficient. It can get very busy, a good sign - but some of the customers can leave a lot to be desired, as can be seen from the biased comments on here. Well above average spoon.

27 Jun 2012 11:16

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Moi aussi, kev.

14 Jun 2012 09:35

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Well said susie! But similar posts (including mine) have been deleted.

13 Jun 2012 13:15

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth


8 Jun 2012 23:30

The Wall Tavern, Whitstable

We knew you'd be in Lad. Our slops were ready fo you, as well some old 'grub' which our sow Sophie refused at Christmas (2010). Glad you enjoyed it and sorry for short-changing you again....

6 Jun 2012 11:04

The Plough, Coldharbour

Fairminded's view is accurate, unlike the longwinded benzo - who seems to want to rearrange the place and give advice! And also, to type on behalf of fellow hill walkers.

Many, like me would not agree; this is a fine pub in a great location - with good food, service and beer. Like most busy pubs, it is not perfect - but the same management, quite rightly, have run this pub very successfully for many years now.

Their way......

Over this Bank Holiday, all could see the obvious and great demand for this well run establisment which can afford to say 'no, that's not available today, sorry' - when it suits the pub and/or its army of customers.

5 Jun 2012 18:35

The Sun, Redhill

they have turned on another tv, with captions! the other one is still broken - no captions. just work out which way to face your head......

and, the barmaids and barmen are all falling in love! unfortunately, they have to visit each other when one is off duty and the other isn't - increasing waiting times.

its even worse when they chat together, on duty.

no ice today and the wifi is dodgy - on it now.....

31 May 2012 23:52

The Priory, Reigate

Now looking good - with a new dark grey exterior. Looks like a new pub venture is on the way...

22 May 2012 10:03

The Clifton Arms, Caterham

Demolished - flats on the way.

19 May 2012 22:36

The Waggon and Horses, Hartley Wintney

Good pub, but NOT 10/10!

Isn't CAMRA a bit dated - even my father thought they were a dull lot?

A lot better ways of finding good beer........

18 May 2012 22:51

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

Again, Bateman tells us to ignore first time posters - who are just as worthy to comment as the rest of us. Youngs did a fine job on the refurb - and eatimg and drinking here is a pleasure.

18 May 2012 11:15

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Recent negative posts deleted!!

18 May 2012 11:09

Auberge, Guildford

Again Eye - why repeat what has been said already?

You seem to like saying what has been said before - about several closed pubs!

14 May 2012 22:53

The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon

No beers on toilets - you ok, kling hing?

4 May 2012 10:53

The Grapes, Sutton

'vomit stinking' ? yum, both are wetherspoons - with the same food and drink. often, with the same staff who share locations. get a grip woman!

17 Apr 2012 11:18

The Market Hotel, Reigate

kev...I think any glory was before our day! market taverns (previous owners/London based) just left this place to fools - the managers. not very bright ones. all usually on line via mobiles and not with any work ethic - and all still there!! fullers must have a plan - do they? its easy - all management must go and some of the 'regs'

fullers - please TRY and get a return on your c2m investment....

21 Mar 2012 22:00

The Bulls Head, Dorking

This pub has gone down hill - at the famous pump corner in Dorking...

During the day, a bored barman grunts as a welcome - but the food is reasonable.

Sad, because its a fine pub in a fine location. Management and staff just have other priorities - not related to running a good pub.

21 Mar 2012 20:24

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Yes, recently, this place has had no lager OR London Pride. And Fullers paid 1.8m!

21 Mar 2012 10:42

The George, Croydon

Yes, fine examples of Kissingate and Tillingbourne (brewed at nearby Shere) are available at The Sun - and, Dementer, I see what you mean!

21 Mar 2012 10:08

The George, Croydon

All of the beersmentioned in the last (half dozen or so) posts are available at most JDW's - includind The Sun in Redhill. JDW already shove this information down our necks; why repeat it all on here? Just in case we miss it in the pubs, magazines, newspaper ads and websites?

20 Mar 2012 13:20

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Great lunch here today. No dogs.

8 Mar 2012 18:52

The Black Horse, Climping

box says a seat can't be got - all summer! what rubbish? often been in there on my own in the middle of the day. as 'ale ' says, food of low quality; change needed.

14 Feb 2012 21:44

The Oast House, London Bridge Station

This pub should be ignored - it is a very basic station pub which will be gone soon, because of the London Bridge redevelopment. Always has agency staff!

14 Feb 2012 21:30

The Coach and Horses, Whitstable

Yes lad, you are barred from the Wall. And a lot of Whitstabe pubs will follow. Village idiots are vaguely interesting - for a brief time, only.

1 Feb 2012 18:11

The Coach and Horses, Whitstable

See you on 020212 in the Wall Tavern. Good curry there, if you're not barred.

26 Jan 2012 10:56

The Coach and Horses, Whitstable

Lad ain't a bad bloke who competes with his mental issues - and fails....

15 Jan 2012 15:06

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Just before Christmas, I spoke to a very capable barperson from an agency, behind the bar at the Dolphin - nothing wrong with that. All pubs have to get staff quickly in an emergency - 'flu, weather etc.

14 Jan 2012 09:34

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Agency many in the Lanes. Good and bad - the owners know service quality is not important. Only profit. About 20% more expensive than those pubs nearby. Hygiene levels low (agency) - ever seen the governor? He/she is agency too......a sad lottery.

4 Jan 2012 22:36

Conqueror, Ramsgate

Sober up bourne....

15 Dec 2011 15:37

The Peter Cushing, Whitstable

who cares paul - and that lad is on the white stuff again?

the fact is this is an exceptional spoon in a prime spot - and named after a famous gentleman who lived nearby

standards are normal - but the decor/fitting out are above the JDW average

14 Dec 2011 21:26

The Royal Oak, Brockham

levmac and grim are wrong - this place is very good.tho' not magic. ales? posters talk about whatever they want.......

13 Dec 2011 21:25

The Tower, Redhill

Extremely poor management - and, now, the food has stopped (didn't last long!)

21 Nov 2011 10:17

The White Lyon, Worplesdon

white? that's interesting, ale......

17 Nov 2011 21:46

The Star, Dorking

Yes, this minute pub is jammed by anything over 50 people who, when they bring their own take-away food, make space problems even worse. Not the place to avoid someone. On the plus side, its quirky and the service is obviously fast - although the beer somewhat mediocre. A rating of almost 7 is silly.

26 Oct 2011 11:47

The Sun, Redhill

Credit where its due. The attitude of staff has improved in terms of service speed and general approach, but, still more work to do.

26 Sep 2011 13:08

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Change here? Recently, I didn't get any! 10 for a pint?! Had a row with the small baldy fellow. I work in Debenhams acrosss the road and, now, when I hand in a note, I memorise its last three digits to verify my note in the register. Even then, I have frquent arguements - they seem to think its a trick! Well known rip-off spot.

25 Sep 2011 22:29

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

This is a fine pub - in terms of location, hospitality, beer keeping/ brewing knowledge - and food. Did a few ex/current publicans get their due - from Ken - on a boozy day out. Probably.

14 Sep 2011 21:53

The Bulls Head, Reigate

England v Georgia/World Cup Rugby - with breakfast - at 7am on Sunday! Great pub, well run, good beer and food.

14 Sep 2011 14:47

The Sun, Redhill

Tom, I wish you well in your efforts. But, I feel the problems have been allowed to continue so long that they have become deep rooted and endemic; mainly, they relate to staff training - and attitude.

Just one example! A while ago, I saw a chap politely complain about his drink - to a barman who derided the chap for his comments and would not even acknowledge the possibility of a sub-standard drink.

It seemed as if the barman was programmed to defend JDW's honour - instead of either taking the customer's word for it - or going away to see what might have been the underlying cause(s).

At least Tom, you have acknowledged faults; that is a good starting point in your efforts to improve standards.

12 Sep 2011 10:51

Crown Inn, Westcott

Good news, at last. Now, hopefully, the village will soon have two decent pubs again and the sorry saga surrounding The Crown in recent years has come to an end. However, the years of neglect will require a fair investment to put right.

2 Sep 2011 15:01

The Plough, Coldharbour

agree with roy. good pub, food and service - and doing a cracking summer trade in one of the finest areas in the uk.

2 Sep 2011 14:32

The Jack Horner, Worthing

Stumbled into a gay 'cabaret' here centered on an old bloke calling itself Sally Vate! I very nearly vomated...stay away to avoid low pub standards and nits.

2 Sep 2011 13:43

The Sun, Redhill

In a town devoid of a decent pub, the local JDW management don't seem to even make an effort to run a reasonable outlet. The Sun is tired and dated, with a staff who have no interest. Standards are low and the place just ticks along because of its location near the DSS office, bus stop, supermarket and Corals. One of the worst JDW's I've been in; it fails under all headings. Those in charge (!) have given up the ghost and its seems ironic that JDW continue to rapidly open new pubs (though mostly away from the South East) when they are inept at running some of their current batch. Cheap beer isn't the only way to attract customers.

2 Sep 2011 13:25

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Up for sale...again.

31 Aug 2011 12:20

The Priory, Reigate

Now, up for sale.

31 Aug 2011 12:17

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Expensive - even for the lanes. Micbinks is spot on.

30 Aug 2011 15:39

The Sun, Redhill

Now, this pub is even getting adverse comment on Wetherspoon's own website!

Management is very poor and a 4+ rating is far too high.

30 Aug 2011 12:50

The Royal Sovereign, Brighton

Nothing positive! Expensive, bored staff and low hygiene standards. Better standards up the street.

29 Aug 2011 22:40

The Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon

I agree Tony. Slerpy just promotes his own Croydon pubs (see list) and has little regard for people's feelings. Don't take him too seriously as he has had his own problems - mentally, and drinkwise. A sad case really; we avoid him in The George - he always has an ususual theory....

29 Aug 2011 22:36

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

Over the top prices, coupled with utter mediocrity in food, sevice and beer.

8 Aug 2011 15:23

The Bulls Head, Reigate

best pub food value in the area

good quality, variety and portion sizes

5 for two (no, I only eat there!)

3 Aug 2011 22:34

Half and Half, Croydon

Where is the slerpy PR?

In here today. Atmosphere - nil; Beer - just about ok; Service - stunted; Customers - 1; Prognosis - death.

3 Aug 2011 22:23

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

There's also a bloke called Stuart, a nut regular. I heard he lives there with a dog,

3 Aug 2011 21:50

The Sun, Redhill

Whilst a questionaire can be an informative and helpful tool, many of the Sun's questions are badly worded - but the real mistake is to leave the forms on the counter. This method is unlikely to provide an accurate sample/result.

A cross section of customers should be approached - 'we would be grateful if you would help with our survey' - to ensure a broad range of comment. These individuals should include regulars, dinners, shoppers, office workers etc. - so that the end result will be meaningful.

Most organisations target their customers. The Sun just does it by lottery. At least, they seem to accept that improvements are required.

28 Jul 2011 15:00

The Albion, Epsom

Rainlight must have taken some of the white powder frequently being used in here. Awful pub - with low standards of hygiene and beer. Customers are unemployed and unwashed and staff just grunt. Accurate rating - 1; could be the worst pub in Surrey.

28 Jul 2011 14:18

The Tower, Redhill

Now, this newly refurbished town centre pub is serving food for the first time in decades!

28 Jul 2011 13:53

The Dolphin, Betchworth

She does have a nap in the afternoons...

11 Jul 2011 11:18

Horton Inn, Horton

About 10 bad reviews in the last six years - just keep driving. Awful management; dire staff.

26 Jun 2011 11:17

The Plough, Coldharbour

A good and accurate post Richard. But, no doubt fullbelly, or one of his mates, will point to your recent joining of BITE - and suggest that you're biased! Yes this imperfect pub is absolutely fine.

22 Jun 2011 11:19

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Which side? I was there today!

5 Jun 2011 16:16

The Dolphin, Betchworth

wot rubbish...'might even change from our current village local!!'

'the team'......idle and brain dead

current local......Mars?

2 Jun 2011 22:54

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

I, too, saw John/landlord in the Nutley as usual (yesterday). The last poster, but one, refers to 'the large amount of cocaine found in the toilet' - what rubbish?

NO cocaine was found. Only the small evidential traces that can be found in a very high percentage of UK pubs were apparent and the matter was dropped.

4 May 2011 13:28

The Prince Of Wales, Dorking

Rousey is entitled to his/her views - and has hit the nail firmly on the head with the first sentence regarding the Prince.

The later analysis of the boorish customer base is also, sadly, accurate. Most of the jobless and deprived (of Ladbrokes) customers have nothing better to do but comment on new faces.

As most of these oldish blokes are single/divorced, female visitors are closely scrutinised/analysed - by these witless idiots (not all) who fall into the categories mentioned by Rousey.

5 Apr 2011 14:02

The Market Hotel, Reigate

My comment of March 16 was accurate; Zizzi have pulled out of the frame.

5 Apr 2011 13:20

Dukes Head, Brockham

I live locally and have eaten at the Inn, three times; for lunch (once) and for dinner. Food quality was high, and varied - with an efficient and friendly service.

With the new beer garden and car park, this newly refurbished pub/restaurant is one of the best in the area - as evidenced by the large number of customers. Beer was good and now Brockham has fine pubs, at last.

Both have high standards are are totally different. The Dukes Head had had its day!

2 Apr 2011 14:05

The Market Hotel, Reigate

The Zizzi deal has hit a problem; this place may well survive as a pub, without Market Taverns.

16 Mar 2011 10:34

The Woolpack, Herstmonceux

Your last 4 posts made no mention either TFA.....anything relevant to say?


15 Mar 2011 01:05

The Royal Albion, Hastings

The staff are untrained, uninterested idiots and the place is filthy. Probably , Hastings' worst pub - and that's saying something!

14 Mar 2011 13:52

The Dolphin, Betchworth

What does the highly articulate fred mean?

10 Mar 2011 19:44

The Bulls Head, Reigate

The couple of blokes mentioned by kevmac were on their way to another local establishment to watch the Sky lunchtime football - which is not shown in the Bulls Head and which has a hard working landlady (only). The place is a nice/busy and cosy town centre pub where food and beer quality is excellent.

7 Mar 2011 11:31

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Knowing the place is closing down - the staff have got even worse! Hard to believe, I know.

1 Mar 2011 09:46

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Thank you for your advice, bitter; I, however, tend to believe posters'comments when the threads are consistent and when the problems are a matter of local record (and even made police records, on one recent occasion recently).

26 Feb 2011 10:12

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Well, I have seen 'untoward behaviour from the landlady' - just last week, as well as the usual gutter language from the louts. Two complaints have been made to the pub's Youngs site; neither have been even acknowledged - nor posted.

21 Feb 2011 15:39

The Cricketers, Dorking

Open again - but very quiet.

11 Feb 2011 20:20

The Egremont Hotel, Worthing

Served yesterday (lunchtime) by the loud, blond and drunk barmaid - who confirmed that this place is to close again soon.

16 Jan 2011 11:01

The Dolphin, Betchworth

The last poster (two names) says that 'the public bar - wherever that is - early doors is a male sanctuary' and that there is some 'rough talk' but 'none ot it is malicious.' Is this an attempt to justify lewd, crude and ignorant behaviour by loud/foul-mouthed louts?

Despite itself, the Dolphin remains a fine pub which has been tastefully renovated - but, to ignore, justify or condone the language of a dozen or so idiots is pure folly. Such chaps are not tolerated in the Stars, Red Lion or Royal Oak. Neither should they be at the Dolphin. Would the last poster allow such 'conversation' in his/her home?

13 Jan 2011 15:14

The Market Hotel, Reigate

VAT up three days early...desparate times for a dying pub; this place has nothing to offer. New menus are tried and last a few days. Ben has had another personalty bypass and Monica still sends texts intead of serving. Please leave Reigate (that includes you - JB).

3 Jan 2011 22:42

The Dolphin, Betchworth

5555 simply tells it as it is; the foulmouths have been allowed to remain. Thankfully, they don't frequent the Red Lion!

30 Dec 2010 16:35

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Most expensive pub in the lanes area. Pint of Kronenburg - just under 4 and a double (50ml) vodka with a dash of coke - 6.30. Better and much cheaper pubs nearby.

27 Dec 2010 09:51

Half and Half, Croydon

With about 20 very positive posts on this rather average outlet in the last 12 months or so, it would seem that slerpy is now the pub's PR chap; its a pity that an old BITE critic has had to resort to this (paid?) role; I, for one, am bored with his 'not to be missed - truly wonderful - magnificent' comments, when mediocrity is the norm under most headings - particularly beer quality.

18 Dec 2010 17:39

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Well kept beer with good service in a nice village. (What happened to Mr Grumpy? - Nothing, he's a regular).

13 Dec 2010 10:41

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Well, I for one, will be in today. But - if those louts restart their antics - I shall never return on the natural assumption that Youngs don't care about standards. Thankfully, the competion is good in the area - from the Royal Oak to the Seven Stars.

13 Dec 2010 09:36

The Bulls Head, Dorking

Reasonable town centre pub - which can sometimes resemble a creche (with very young kids being looked after on site). Beer is good; so is the food and plasma screens show sport. One of the better Dorking town centre outlets.

10 Dec 2010 13:39

The Albion, Epsom

This pub has a history of violent incidents - which is no wonder given the type of individual who uses it. It has been closed recently and fails under every heading; service, beer and facilities are plain awful. I agree with the last poster - years of neglect take their toll and investment (not music) is called for.

10 Dec 2010 12:41

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Many have voted with their feet and no longer drink in the Dolphin - but in the nearby Red Lion and the two fine Brockham pubs. The reasons are the drunken louts (not seen in the other pubs!), the drunk/rude landlady and poor quality food and beer. Yes, Youngs are currently spending a lot of money - but will they address the real problems?

30 Nov 2010 10:43

The Egremont Hotel, Worthing

Unlike the last poster, I don't go into pubs to meet the locals - I go in for good service and beer; neither were available last weekend. Hygiene standards are dire and another closure (a long one) is inevitable - as every post, except for the last, tells it as it is.

30 Nov 2010 10:30

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Seems closed for refurb.

7 Nov 2010 10:31

Dukes Head, Brockham

Perhaps alan (last poster) might wait for the place to open before passing judgement - by looking in the window of an empty/closed pub?

7 Nov 2010 10:20

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Is this site FULL of idiots and half wits?

28 Oct 2010 12:29

Dukes Head, Brockham

Closed - for major refurbishment.

22 Oct 2010 10:09

The Plough, Coldharbour

Good pub, location, beer and food. Friendly saff - can be very busy.

21 Oct 2010 11:48

The Hope, Carshalton

Mr Slerpy. I shall only join TSPBW if bogobilly is black balled; this chap is obviously a fibber - saying he never even saw a bear in the Hope!

7 Oct 2010 10:55

The Hope, Carshalton

But, Mr Slerpy - the Hope's dark bear is very freindly and not fissy who he drinks with; unlike bongobilly, he doesn't spend his time harnanguing people.

6 Oct 2010 11:59

White Horse Hotel, Dorking

The bar in this fine High Street hotel is very expensive; perhaps to keep the typical pub drinkers out. Much cheaper and a typical boozer is the little White Hart around the corner.

5 Oct 2010 16:12

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

Despite this pub having planning permission for convertion into three flats, it seems that it is to remain open and to be refurbished. This is good news indeed for Reigatians and for John - the genial governor - who works all hours.

5 Oct 2010 15:52

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Angela usually drunk, foulmouthed regulars (which is worse?) and invisible management; hoards of old regulars drinking elsewhere. Now - the 'come on people' brigade!

28 Sep 2010 11:52

The Running Horses, Mickleham

The dog/children sign is specific. Neither can you smoke. Why not just follow the rules - and simply go somewhere else? This 'amazed attitude' - to pub rules - is akin to disliking a pub not selling food, say after 8pm; it is entirely the pub's choice. (The 'Mccann' reference of the last poster is perplexing).

28 Sep 2010 10:23

The Dolphin, Betchworth

The 'XXX' of cpotatoes adds a very worrying dimension to this gathering of 'tradsmen and pesents'.

It could be yet another misspelling though; maybe he meant 'BYE'.

20 Sep 2010 11:07

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Thank you charlie for clearly illustrating the type of chap that posters have been talking about - although your inability to spell made some points vague. However, you did confirm the existence of the loud Irishman and seem to agree that the behaviour described by numerous posters is the norm for the Dolphin's real 'drinkers'.

I have considerably more than one pint a week at the Dolphin - though not as many as before; I have to ensure that that my presence does not coincide with that of you and your friends (early retired tradesmen!). No doubt, the Red Lion - and others - are dreading the Dolphin tradesmen's arrival during the forthcoming closure. Many of us are - and bored with their foulmouths!

17 Sep 2010 10:39

The Tower, Redhill

It would be hard to find a worse pub.....

14 Sep 2010 10:49

The Market Hotel, Reigate


5 Dec 2009 23:28

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Nobody would deny the Dolphin's character - but the frequent recent management changes have take their toll. 'The food is incredible' says the last poster - rubbish. Just a few days ago, the current management appologised for their sad offerings (and refunded our money) saying that they - understandably - were just finding their feet.

As stated by several previous posters, the 'locals' are not from Betchworth - just foulmouthed blow-ins (not 50 year veterans!) who further detract from this former gem; beer quality is mediocre at best and it would seem Youngs have little interest in this unit which, because of it location, will always make a living.

7 Nov 2009 11:33

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Although it is hard to believe, the Market is owned by the same company that owns the fine Market Porter in London - and the Principlal of that company is John Beecham. JB visits his dire Reigate investment regularly (e.g. last week).

JB's modus operandi is to praise and encourage staff openly and, seemingly, to ignore their obvious shortcomings; his company is probably doing well in London. This doesn't help us Reigatians.

Standards are as low as they can get here - from hygiene to beer quality to staff calibre. Just two examples (from dozens) - the taps in the gents toilet have been broken for months. And just last evening when the place was virtually empty, a new customer had to seek out the lone barman outside having his fag break, ignoring everything.

The worst pub in East Surrey? Very likely.

29 Oct 2009 09:44

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Yesterday afternoon, there was a large private function in the upstairs bar; this is about 3,000 square feet and rarely open. Unfortuately, the staff/management simply could not cope.

There was no sign to say it was a private function and when we attempted to go upstairs, two of the 'private punters' made the point to us, graphically. I have never seen the Market staff move as fast - running up and down stairs (like headless chickens) to stock the upstairs bar. Obviously, the upstairs bar was both under-manned and under-stocked - begging the question, why? For a pre-booked function!

Downstairs was'nt much better with the lone Polish barmaid busily texting. Beer quality was awful as usual and if this is how your Christmas function is to be ran here, it might be worth having a chat with the Market management and not have them changing barrels and optics at the cost of an even lower service quality.

19 Oct 2009 12:38

The Egremont Hotel, Worthing

This pub (not a very pleasant place, offering cheap B&B) was closed when I passed a few weeks ago.

25 Sep 2009 09:28

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