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The Mad Hatter Hotel, Southwark

This is one of the best pubs anywhere. The draught beer is superbly kept - by the far the best beer in SE1 – it's never too busy and there's always a quiet area to sit in. The food is filling and toothsome and the decor - wood panelling, hats, ‘mural’ on the ceiling from Alice in Wonderland – only grows in interest after three pints. It only ever fills up with the crowd, always complaining about their wretched employer, from the nearby Daily Express, which give it a slight Fleet Street feel at times. I preferred the gents before it had been painted white and I hope that this attempt to ‘move with the times’ does not extend to the bar area. Did I mention the beautiful but moody East European women that serve behind the bar?

16 Dec 2007 02:49

Imbibe, Southwark

I made the mistake of asking for a Bacardi Breezer and recieved a sour response, as if I had committed some dreadful crime. Sorry sir, we only serve fruit-flavoured Polish vodkas that taste like tractor fuel and cost as much as a one-bedroom flat. This is a haunt of obnoxiously trendly people including the most unpleasant man who ever edited the Today programme. If they don't like the look of you, if you can squeeze past the sharp-elbowed flaneurs, bibulous adulterers and trendy half-wits who drink in this place, you won't get served. Oh and did I mention the city types, pretending that they have interests in life other than money and screwing each other. I would rather drink poison than go in there again.

16 Dec 2007 02:41

The Hogshead, Southwark

If you mean by soulless, polite friendly service, good food and a good range of beers including one, admittedly not very well kept draught beer, usually London Pride, then yes ...

16 Dec 2007 02:35

EV Bar, Southwark

Friendy convivial atmosphere. Trendy without being intimidating. Good service (Turkish owned (?) explains that) and delicious food

16 Dec 2007 02:32

Brockley Jack, Brockley

This is an object lesson in how to destroy a pub. When there were wooden booths inside and there were smoked glass windows and flock wallpaper, it was great. You could sit there and have a pint before seeing something a bit experimental in the theatre, pretending that you were in Camden. When they ripped out the ‘old fashioned’ decor they also removed all of the charm and atmosphere of the place, hence the negative comments

16 Dec 2007 02:06

Kentish Drovers, Peckham

If you like blue light and, yes, strange old men that look like characters from a William Burroughs novel you will love this pub

21 Sep 2007 00:46

The Railway Telegraph, Forest Hill

This is a cracking pub with well-kept beer (including the superlative Shepherd Neames Master Brew), a pool table that you can usually get to, plenty of space and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. If you want to watch a big football match in an unintimidating environment with a bunch of friendly locals this is the place for you.

21 Sep 2007 00:27

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Take your pont baggydave. I am a Pride drinker too and I have not had a bad pint at the Forest Hill Tavern and I reckon £2.80 is a pretty normal London price. I am not being “classist” by the way; my defintion of a good pub is simply one with a friendly atmosphere, where the people who own it ie locals allow other people who may be different to them into their space.

21 Sep 2007 00:15

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

This pub is now infinitely better. Before, it was inhabited by rude and unfriendly chainsmokers. Every other word was the f word; their Milwall and England flags were badges of ignorance and racism and they behaved towards incomers like the unfriendly villagers in a Hammer horror film. In short, it was a horrible, unfriendly, threatening and lung cancer inducing, “wot you lookin' at” environment. Now, it if friendly, the decor is pleasant, if a little bland (with art deco touches); there is a great decked eating out area; there is live music on Sundays and food other than crisps; the staff are friendly. It's a place you can go an quiety read a paper or a book without someone nicotine-stained moron staring at you. Congratulations to whoever had refurbished it and turned it into a normal community pub rather than a horrible dungeon.

9 Sep 2007 10:59

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