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The Zetland, Huddersfield

Now reopen - decent enough place, Pool table good range of lager and has Vedett on tap, alos does food with a great Burger challenge.

13 Jan 2013 15:06

The Gun Inn, Findon

Really like this pub , went in recently whilst staying in the village friendly service and a good range of both lagers and bitters.

15 Nov 2010 15:11

The Black Horse, Findon

Really like this place, has come on leaps and bounds since i last visited a few years ago. great food and definitely try the hot rock cooking, friendly staff and a good atmosphere.

15 Nov 2010 15:08

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

Called in last night on the way back to the station - Great range of beers both ales and lagers. Staff friendly and efficient especially as they were short staffed. Decor seemed nice enough.

14 Nov 2010 11:40

The Square, Leeds

A right old dive - full of oiks. The toliets stink as well. Avoid

14 Nov 2010 11:28

The Lockwood, Lockwood

Now under new managemnet and the change has been fantastic - a great range of ales also very tasty looking food being served, i haven't tried it yet but intend too. All very promising will definitely be calling in more often.

30 Jul 2010 12:04

Shoulder of Mutton, Lockwood

Nice traditional pub - landlord seems a bit unerving at first but oce he knows your face is friendly - great games room wth darts and dominoes and also teh best pub pool room i've seen upstairs.

30 Jul 2010 12:02

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Service can be poor and it can seem to take an age to get your order in. Also a bit pricey - go to the Kings head or teh Sportsman round the corner would be my advice.

30 Jul 2010 12:00

The Plumbers Arms, Huddersfield

It's ok - good pool table

30 Jul 2010 11:49

Commercial Inn, Huddersfield

Very cheap samuel smiths beer - friendly but intresting characters too be found here.

30 Jul 2010 11:48

The West Riding, Huddersfield

Now reopen as the Barking Spider - nice trendy decor and a good range of lagers both on tap and bottled.

30 Jul 2010 11:47

The Lockwood, Lockwood

After a great brawl in the the other saturday well worth avoiding.

30 May 2010 20:41

The Wellington, Huddersfield

Drug den, Chavs, scummers horendous cavern of a place.

22 Nov 2009 16:58

Fountain Inn, Huddersfield

Good range of beers at good prices nad by far and away the best boozer in Newsome way ahead of teh Wellington ( drug den) and teh Clarence ( benefit boys boozer)

22 Nov 2009 16:57

The Lockwood, Lockwood

Good to see it back open - nice pub - good ales and prices

22 Nov 2009 16:54

Vox Bar, Huddersfield

bit pricey- but good

22 Nov 2009 16:52

The Lord Wilson, Huddersfield

cheap beer- that's about it.

22 Nov 2009 16:51

The Zephyr, Huddersfield

Home to teh fabulous Erdinger however my last visit had teh shine taken off it somewhat by having a barney with the missus.

22 Nov 2009 16:50

The Stone Roses Bar, York

Went in again recently on a day out with teh girlfirend had such a good time ended up staying over in York teh night as were comfortable on the sofas relaxing to the music.

26 Apr 2009 13:31

The Moorings, Leamington Spa

Been in the once mate lives in the developmet - food is good - althouigh you have to wait a while for it but bombadier on tap so happy with that.

19 Jul 2008 14:54

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Went in again on teh way home from work the other week - Budvar dark on tap, and some other great imported lagers including a cherry lager- ver nice good friendly pub, that nevre fails to disapoint.

19 Jul 2008 14:48

The The Melting Point, Huddersfield

Bit pricy to be honest but a pleasant enough place and the food is good.

17 Feb 2008 18:24

Chicago Rock Cafe, Huddersfield

Went Saturday was half empty but drinks were cheap - still poor though ended up down centre folds.

11 Sep 2007 11:56

The Vulcan, Huddersfield

Went insaturday seemed ok to me - busy and friendly enough.

11 Sep 2007 08:59

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Popped in again on Saturday night- beer festival on - fantastic!

11 Sep 2007 08:57

The Zetland, Huddersfield

Now back to it's original name of Zetland - it's ok but that's about it.

4 Sep 2007 10:13

Yates's, Huddersfield

Now called " the other rooms" nowt special to be honest.

4 Sep 2007 10:12

The West Riding, Huddersfield

Very much a dark and dingy little pub - One for Rock music lovers - looks a bit scary at first but once your in everyone seem sfriendly enough - reasonably priced drinks - but what that large statue of the Deveil is all about in the centre of the pub - Toilets are awful as well.

4 Sep 2007 10:11

The Slubbers Arms, Huddersfield

Was once the hang out af the local pimps and prossis now been cleaned up and is a fine ale house just watch yourself round teh local area - not the best part of Huddersfield.

26 Aug 2007 17:33

The Albion, Portslade

Bit rough and ready - but drinks at fair prices locals seemed friendly enough and for this area thats a rarity landlord decent enough chap and a bar billiards table and pool tabel in teh same establishment.

26 Aug 2007 17:31

The Riverhead Brewery Tap, Marsden

The reason why i take my 3 year old son to feed the ducks so often at Marsden. in teh summer he can throw them bread over the fence and i can sit on one of the outside tables enjoying a quality pint.

26 Aug 2007 17:19

Brasshouse, Bournemouth

Chavtastic! but it's chepap get in early down a few then head off before the main band of scummers arrive.

26 Aug 2007 13:32

Daisy O'Briens, Bournemouth

Love this place m,any a night have sat in there getting tanked up on the Caffreys.

26 Aug 2007 13:27

The Tapp & Hobbit, Bournemouth

Used too like this place - pity to hear though it's becoming a tap[s bar - another one bites the dust.

26 Aug 2007 13:26

The Woodman, Primrose Hill

Closed down another pub bites the dust.

26 Aug 2007 11:12

White Hart, Holmfirth

First pub i visited in Holmfirth - Good food quick service as well considering the pace was packed at lunchtime.

26 Aug 2007 11:11

The Lockwood, Lockwood

Now closed down another pub bites the dust!

26 Aug 2007 11:10

The Aspley, Huddersfield

Has just had a refit as mentioned below - and the bastids have put the prices up!

26 Aug 2007 11:05

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Good pub spoilt by not so good bar staff.

26 Aug 2007 11:00

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Suffering from too much publicity and seemds to be drawing in the dregs a bit, Last visit when back in Lewes - was not what it was - Better place sin Lewes now - Green King have killed it, not completely but it will never be the same. Shame - big big shame.

26 Aug 2007 10:50

The Goose, Camberley

Good price beer large and airy pub.

26 Aug 2007 10:42

The Bar Aquarium, Old Street

seemed alright to me - next door to teh nightclub - convenient service pretty quick for a saturday night - San miguel not overly pleasant though.

19 Aug 2007 20:24

The Old Star, Westminster

Enjoyed a pleasant pint or two in here one saturday afternoon away from the crowds up teh tube at westminster - very pleasant and friendly would always call in if i was in need of refreshemnt in that part of london and very convenient straight across from the tube.

19 Aug 2007 20:21

The Albert Hotel, Huddersfield

Gave me a right old dodgy pint of Fosters - apart from that though nice old decor and it had some good beers and lagers on probably serves me right for ordering Fosters.

18 Aug 2007 19:35

The Wheatsheaf, Worthing

Id it true Mr Stafford has just bought the sheaf? Is so get some decent Euro Lagers such as Budvar Dark and Staropramen on tap.

23 Jul 2007 14:12

The Junction Inn, Marsh

One of Warwick of Marshs favourites - must be good.

19 Jul 2007 14:49

The Crescent, Huddersfield

As below now a tapas bar -

7 Jul 2007 14:36

Cherry Tree, Huddersfield

As Wetherspoons go this is one of the better ones to be honest - usual fare - can be plagued by the towns alkies though as just up from St peters Church.

7 Jul 2007 14:35

The Parish, Huddersfield

Quite like the place quiet enough to have apeaceful coouple of pints - and like the silver bucket urinals.

7 Jul 2007 14:28

The Star Inn, Lockwood

This and the Rat up the road are the two best pubs in Hudds, Strange location but well, well worth the visit - friendly and relaxed. Good range of beers.

7 Jul 2007 14:27

The Sair Inn, Linthwaite

Superb value for money great atmosphere even a bunch of southeners like us were given a warm welcome.

7 Jul 2007 14:21

The Golcar Lily, Golcar

Cracking little bar area with ales and lagers - decent food as well on offer a family run pub and all the better for it.

7 Jul 2007 14:19

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

A gem in a town that lacks the real feel good pub atmosphere this is one of the best pubs goinfg along with the star up the road .

7 Jul 2007 14:15

Grand Central, Brighton

great in the summer on the roof terrace after work.

7 Jul 2007 13:16

The Evening Star, Brighton

Now with the smoking ban this place is even better - you can breath easy and enjoy a good few pints

7 Jul 2007 13:15

The Sussex, Brighton

been in a few times, my Dad likes it, nuff said.

9 May 2007 18:00

JBs, Worthing

Cheap - tatty, pub fun, toilets however are like going for piss at the old Goldstone ground.

9 May 2007 17:52

Toad At Presshouse, Worthing

Not a "Toad" anymore but you used to wait and age to be served - but it was full of totty. But that was about all it had going for it.

9 May 2007 17:45

The Grand Victorian Hotel, Worthing

Used to be a regualr stop on the way into town - typical railway pub - mix of people and always seemed friendly enough - attatched nightclub aswell if that's your bag.

9 May 2007 17:45

The Mulberry, Goring By Sea

Great beer garden in the summer suitable for families as well, Decent value food, sjows sporting events and has a decent pool table.

9 May 2007 17:41

The Golden Lion, Goring By Sea

Used to spend many a lunchtime afternoon in here when i was studying at the sixth form college across the road, decent enough pub, quiet good pool table and a haven for students and the guys from Lloyds registrars

9 May 2007 17:39

North Star, Worthing

Always liked the North star pub food is standard fair but decent enough , good beers and has staropramen on tap which is a bonus - would have been my local when i lived in Worthing.

9 May 2007 17:35

Cafe Central, Worthing

As these sort of pub a decent effort - plenty of space - large bar - top totty in droves well worth a look in.

9 May 2007 17:19

The Rat and Parrot, Crawley

Another Chav spot in teh town overun by chav scum, truely dreadful.

9 May 2007 17:09

The Bedford, Horsham

Good sized pub , bit dear on the drinks, but can't be that dear as one of the lads spent haldf the night puking outside after knocking back a bit too much.

9 May 2007 17:01

RSVP, Camberley

Been here just the once on a belly full of lager and pizza - ended up vomiting dwn the side and on teh arm of one of the sofas near the back of the pub - No one noticed. Fair enough sort of place - haven't been back though - just n case.

9 May 2007 16:55

Bar Med, Crawley

Dreadful bar, dreadful people, dreadful town , the arsehole of Sussex.

6 May 2007 16:21

The Snooty Fox, Three Bridges

Seemed alright during the day - couple of nice looking bar maids.

30 Apr 2007 02:30

The Harp, Covent Garden

Not bad but overrated

30 Apr 2007 02:21

The Pilot, Southwick

Nice size pub - clienetele can be a bit rough and ready but friendly enough and decent pool tables.

30 Apr 2007 02:11

The Pressure Point, Brighton

Used to be the Richmond rooms and once hosted the now legendary Stone Roses been in decline a while now, pity as it was once the best live music venue in Brighton

30 Apr 2007 02:00

The Eagle, Brighton

Good range of Lagers and in an area full of top class pubs - you can do a good 6 pub mini crawl without even getting near the centre of Brighton round this way.

30 Apr 2007 01:59

The Office, Brighton

used to be the Green Dragon i think - lack of character now - bit dear aswell. Plenty of better pubs in the area.

30 Apr 2007 01:58

The Three Jolly Butchers, Brighton

Lager bar - slightly gay maybe - nice enough for a few drinks but suffers from regualrs blocking access to the bar.

30 Apr 2007 01:56

Greens, Brighton

Chavs and chislers unite the wannabe trendy types absolutely dreadful just like the Shark bar down the road.

30 Apr 2007 01:54

The Bright Helm, Brighton

Big pub used to be McKluskys now wetherspoons change for the worse really - but beer is cheap just a pity it's on the dreaded West Street run, steer well clear of West street in general unless you want to be brawling with Sherman wearing chavs - unfortunately due to location this Wethersppons suffers these types as it's clientele.

30 Apr 2007 01:53

The Regency Tavern, Brighton

Is this a gay pub? Other than that nice enough pub real ales on tap.

30 Apr 2007 01:50

The Prodigal, Brighton

Easy to get lost in especially if half cut.

30 Apr 2007 01:48

The Fortune of War, Brighton

Rip off sums it up one for the wannabe trendies from London.

30 Apr 2007 01:48

The Pump House, Brighton

Used to lve this pub would always pop in on a night out as never over crowded could allways get a table up the back - friendly staff.

30 Apr 2007 01:46

The Druids Head, Brighton

Pop in on an alldayer - nothing remarkable but like the stone floor.

30 Apr 2007 01:44

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, Brighton

Cheap drinks for Brighton - always had a good laugh in here.

30 Apr 2007 01:40

The Mash Tun, Brighton

Small very crowded pub, decent range of Lagers always enjoy visiting this place.

30 Apr 2007 01:39

The Battle of Trafalgar, Brighton

Steep old walk up from the station - small but friendly and teh garden is a real sun trap in the summer. Another good reason to stay up by the station when drinking in Brighton.

30 Apr 2007 01:34

Bulls Head, Goring By Sea

Used to be my local - decent enough food , nce ber garden range of beer and lager is good.
Invaded by the revenue on alunchtime and gets very busy.

30 Apr 2007 01:33

The George and Dragon, Tarring

Home of the Tarring clique - ok but you feel like an outsider when you enter the pub.

30 Apr 2007 01:29

The York Brewery, York

Not a bad little spot worth a visit with a pint of beer included in two halves if you take the tour - Can honestly say though is one for the real ales fans as too much of the stuff would make me sick - very froiendly surroundings and brewery staff make a good spot.

27 Apr 2007 22:53

The Zephyr, Huddersfield

Plenty of good euro lagers including Erdinger, well wortha visit and a decent change in music to teh usual happy hardcore of the Huddersfield strip.

27 Apr 2007 22:45

Warehouse, Huddersfield

Cheap and cheerful good mid week hang out.

27 Apr 2007 22:37

Bar Amour, Huddersfield

Awful, awful, awful

27 Apr 2007 22:34

The Vintners Parrot, Worthing

Remember it as teh Thieves just - under the days of LLoyds managemnet it wasn't a bad pub - until the dreaded DJ box arrived - i even remeber him asking my mates and i what we thought of teh DJ box - think we were to polite/sober at the timne to say we thought it was a shite idea - needless to say we soon started giving the place a miss.

27 Apr 2007 21:51

Warwick Arms, Worthing

Was great in the last months as Hogshead under the managment of Bernie. after the refit went steadily down hill - a pity as another one bites teh dust.

27 Apr 2007 21:41

Sir Timothy Shelley, Worthing

As Wetherspoons go allways found it ok - good meeting point before doing the other chain bars on Worthings strip. Beer is cheap as well so you can't knock it to much. Not as much scum as people make out in here most of them are in Yates.

27 Apr 2007 21:31

The Hare and Hounds, Worthing

Always liked this pub - how a pub should be and one of the only if not the only traditional pub in a sea of chain bars that is Worthing town centre.

27 Apr 2007 21:22

The Brunswick, Worthing

Needs a lick of paint but afriendly - value for money pub - you get what you pay for which is good thing in this pubs case.

27 Apr 2007 21:21

The Kings Arms, York

Another one i had to visit during an all dayer - lager seemed ok - some Sams Smiths stuff seemed to do teh job though - nice atmosphere and ideal in teh summer to sit on the riverside.

27 Apr 2007 21:11

The Stone Roses Bar, York

Decent venue not at all what you expect from teh outside - being a big early-mid ninties indie fan in my late teens just had to visit even though just notched up my 30th - service ok - there was a band setting up but others in the party wanted to move on - beer wise nothing special but standard fair and what i would think a good night out if it's your bag.

27 Apr 2007 21:10

Yates's, York

Big, brash , cheap beer though and all in all not bad at all. Nothing exceptional.

27 Apr 2007 21:06

Coopers, York

Typical station pub - in it's defence it's clean and tidy which is a plus on most station pubs - but no real atmosphere and the beer was a bit dear then again if people pay for convenience but well worth a couple of minutes walk to go elsewhere.

27 Apr 2007 21:04

The Maltings, York

Went last wednesday during an alldayer around York including an earlier tour of the brewery.

Not quite what i expected - very small inside but enjoyed the atmosphere and the range of european lagers - Erdinger, Budvar dark and Liefmans Criek a cherry beer which just half a pint of hit teh spot - would definitely return.

27 Apr 2007 20:58

The Clifton Arms, Worthing

Chavs living room , say no more

20 Apr 2007 22:00

The Prince Albert, Brighton

Great old pub - plenty of great lagers, another one up for the Brighton pub scene.

20 Apr 2007 00:59

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Used to work over the road from it - great pub, great times.

20 Apr 2007 00:58

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Great pub and a sighting of Chapmans the Saviour.

20 Apr 2007 00:57

USB (Urban Style Bar), Huddersfield

Now a lap dancing bar - bit of tit you can't beat it!

20 Apr 2007 00:55

The Wheatsheaf, Worthing

Best town centre pub in Worthing, Spot on.

20 Apr 2007 00:53

The Assembly, Worthing

Was far better back in it's days as the Fountain - fell into teh Firkin cahins hands and was still a decent pub all be it a tad chainy - Assembly though still passble but not a pub i'd visit to often. No good if you want a conversation far far to loud on the music front.

20 Apr 2007 00:48

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