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The Bull, Sonning

Unfortunately since a well known celebrity moved into the area The Bull has really hit rock bottom although obviously not financially. Queues outside the door, an outdoor festival vibe and the rowdiness that ensures means a once quaint venue now resembles an after match footie pub. Awful in other words. Why the chav hordes and council estate mentality think celeb spotting is a UK pastime is beyond belief; clearly they have nothing better else to do.

28 Dec 2014 11:11

Thatchers Tavern, Woodley

Quite easily the nicest pub in Woodley and actually has removed the need to venture into the dubious third world slum that Reading town centre has become.

28 Sep 2014 18:33

The Retreat, Reading

I have now seen it all; a regular urinating in the sink bold as you like. This sort of thing wouldn't have happened in the Bernie and Jane era although sadly he was a regular then also. It is a disgrace I tell you, an absolute disgrace. I've never seen the like!

29 Jul 2014 18:17

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