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I'm a huge football and rugby union fan - I've also been know to watch a bit of cricket too.
Just recently had some golf lessons, so I'll now probably be staying over at a few pubs that provide B

Username: Westie

Age: 51

Sex: female

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The Frog and Orange, Shatterling

This pub is run by a lovely couple, Trevor and Laura, and their Daughter Louise also works there.
My partner and I stayed over there very recently, as we were in the area for other personal reasons.
It apparently used to be called The Green Man, but I can't find that registered on this site either.
I googled it, and you will see from there that although it doesn't look much from the outside, it's nice inside.
The landlord told me that he's not going to paint the outside until he's got the windows replaced, and the chap who he's ordered windows from has broken both his arms - I didn't ask!!!
I did say that if he threw in some free food and board, I might come and help him paint it in the summer, can't be hard, I did my parents house exterior after all
The food is just lovely, and my partner assures me the ale is good. They gave me a 'tick box' sheet for breakfast to say what I wanted, and I hand wrote on it, bubble n squeak with a smiley face, and they actually served it too.... chef very friendly, and they also do a nice port, with your choice of cheese if you have cheese/biscuits, rather than there being one on the board you don't like, a reason I very rarely order this in any restaurant!

ONLY downside, you can only really get there by car, so unless you stay over, or have a 'dedicated driver', it can be difficult. It's not far from Canterbury though, and so I would happily stay over in the week and get a train to London for work, just to be somewhere different.

Advise you check it out..

13 Jun 2008 07:09

The Blackbirds, Hertford

Haha, totally agree with 'scottjediknight'. I worked in Hertford for a few years, and this pub is simply awful.
I complained about the food, and was sent a letter with a voucher to go back there, but I threw it into the bin, even though it meant a free meal.
Nothing about this place is worth going back for!

26 May 2008 18:55

The Portrait, Sidcup

Some very interesting reviews. Not one to drink bitter at all, and lager only occasionally, I can't comment on how often it's available.
I like the landlord and his wife, but although I've been in here quite a bit in the past, one thing to note is their absence, it's happening more and more, and generally, their staff are quite poor, aside maybe one of the girls.
The food is 'OK', sometimes the portions are a bit stingy, although I know this is more to what they're probably told to served.
The comments about the age of the regulars is very true, and is the main thing that puts me off having this as a local, as apposed to the Alma.
Sorry to the landlord/lady, but as much as I think you're a nice couple, you don't spend enough time in this pub. I know you run another one elsewhere, perhaps you've taken on too much!

26 May 2008 18:51

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