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Sawyers, Kettering

WARNING!! Check you're charged right before you hand over your money.

Ordered three bottles which should have totalled 5.50 but as we mixed them together (ourselves but did ask for a jug), the beautiful barmaid charged 7. As we didn't realise straight away we paid and asked her about it later but was told that it was dearer because it was a cocktail! At no point were we advised that we were paying 1.50 extra for a jug.

We were the only customers in the bar at the time.

On further questioning the price we were told we could not have a refund, but if we were to order two more jugs we could then have them at the proper retail price - outrageous!

While waiting to speak to the owner who arrived later we were acknowledged and then both the beautiful barmaid and the owner busied themselves to avoid us. After waiting patiently 10 minutes (still no other customers in the pub) we left disgruntled and ripped off by 1.50.

We feel as though we were overcharged deliberately because we hadn't been in the pub before and whenthey were rumbled we were fobbed off.

4 Oct 2011 11:00

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