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Username: jennaj

Age: 34

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NB's, Northampton

been going to nbs for years - i remember when it was tabasco jazz, and then decadance...ahh, them were the days....

nbs is pretty good, especially if you're into your typical chart music (although the djs are usually dying to try out something different, given half the chance).

there aren't three rooms playing a different type of music - there is two rooms with a different DJ (although one room isn't always open) and the cocktail bar which is a separate room, but has no music of it's own.

The cocktails are great, especially if there's a few of you as the more you buy the cheaper they are. The drinks aren't too badly priced, and the staff are generally pretty sound.

It's a good place to get into the mood for a club, or on a Sunday it's a perfect alternative to those who don't fancy the dreded Time and Envy.

11 May 2005 17:19

Goose, Northampton

i go to goose quite a lot - it's good for a quick drink (or three) after work, lunch when you're out shopping and for meeting everyone in on a night out on the lash. i agree you couldn't stay there all night at the weekend, but in the week, three or four friends and I will quite happily curl up for an evening in one of the booths.

the alcohols cheap, the foods pretty good and the staff are ok, if it a bit dull.

11 May 2005 17:13

Around Town, Wellingborough

I'm really startin to feel this pub now, it was quiet for a while but it's startin to pick up, and I've had a few good nitesin there now. The girls behind the bar are laid back, the drinks are well priced and on a Friday night it's probably got the loudest sound system I've heard! Other nites i've been in tho, it's been quiet - and they always show the football. Guess some people like that but not me!

I think y'all should check it out!

11 May 2005 17:03

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