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The Plough, Earlswood

The pub changed hands at the end of last week (late September). Popped in there very briefly on Sunday. Was really pleased to see it returned to what it ought to be like - a trad pub with decent beers and no overpriced food. Only had some chips so can't judge on that, but the new folk seemed friendly enough and conscious that they need to rectify their predecessors mistake. I really hope that they can get the punters back. Good luck to them.

2 Oct 2007 22:05

Whyte Harte Hotel, Bletchingley

2.90 for a pint of London Pride? OMG!

No other complaints though...seems like a decent place to sink a few, if you can afford it!

20 Oct 2006 22:52

The Plough, Earlswood

I'm very interested to read the comments about the changes brought (or should I say wrought?) by the change of ownership earlier this year.

I am not for a moment trying to defend those changes, but I do think that the comments are overwhelmingly negative and OTT. Whether or not Nick knows how to change a barrel, his beer is actually pretty good and he often volunteers to give you a sample when he has a new guest beer.

I agree that he tends to be too pushy with his food (which I have had once - and never again!) but I don't agree that he treats drinkers only like scumbags. That said he does have a rather unfortunate manner which I think is unintentional, but does certainly alienate people.

I don't wholly disagree with many of the comments made, and I would have the previous landlord, Gary, back tomorrow if I could, but I just wanted to bring a bit of balance to the comments below.

I for one will occasionally pop in as it's not as bad as all that.....I don't know how long Nick will still be there though for the reasons previously expressed, so maybe these comments will all soon be irrelevant.

20 Oct 2006 22:41

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