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Username: zaparoski

Age: 66

Sex: male

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The Angel, Angel, Islington

'And full of disgusting, unhygienic and socially uninhibited old men'.

I do my best to get around.

Returned there the other day and was pleasantly reassured of how tacky it still is. No pretension here, just refreashingly earthy Dickensian grime fine tuned by the GOBs (Grumpy Old Men)to create a seedy atmosphere of pure delight. It would be improved with stale straw and piped farm noises.

3 May 2005 08:44

The Dog House, Kennington

Another local of mine. This pub used to be called the Roebuck and is next door to where Charlie Chaplin was brought up. It still retains a Victorian splendour, although somewhat altered, and is frequented by locals, students and bohemians. The ambience is friendly and laid back and there is good ale on tap i.e. very good Bombadier. Upstairs, there's a cosy room where alternating Tuesday nights of live jazz and salsa is played with enthusiastic relish. The standard is very good and you'll be snapping those fingers before the first sip.

11 Mar 2005 12:39

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

This pub is has always been a favourite of mine, however, lately, there has been a gradual deterioration in service. Last saturday lunchtime, I ordered two pints of Youngs Special from an attractive barmaid who presented me with what can only be descibed as a half measure. On requesting that she fill to the correct pint measure, she rolled her eyes and puffed and blowed as if I was asking an unreasonable request. Her reply was that it should have a head on it. I let her rudness go and watched her pour another punters pint. Same thing. He complained as well. Now I'm not sure if it's a policy of the management to save beer ergo, more profit, or it's just the ineptitude of this particular barmaid, but this is just the sort of growing apathy I'm seeing insinuating its way into all our cherished waterholes. That said, this pub has good ale and certainly retains an 'old world' atmosphere.

21 Feb 2005 09:12

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